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    CD Reviews : Seven Channels - Seven Channels

    Debut - New Artists you should know about : Seven Channels

    CD Reviews : Seven Channels - Seven Channels

    Debut - New Artists you should know about : Seven Channels


    News September 2017 : Katy Perry Launching Her Own TV Channel For 'Witness' Tour

    News August 2017 : 'Hollywood Medium' Channels Notorious B.I.G. with Lil' Kim

    News May 2017 : The Beatles Channel Coming To SiriusXM

    News November 2016 : Taylor Swift Getting Her Own Television Channel

    News September 2016 : Rolling Stones Legend Keith Richards Take Over TV Channel

    News September 2016 : Rolling Stones' Keith Richards Taking Over TV Channel

    News July 2016 : MTV Going Back To The 90s With Classic Channel

    News March 2016 : Drake Channels Rihanna, Jackson Browne On New Songs

    News February 2016 : ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons Previews New Discovery Channel Pilot

    News June 2015 : Mickey Guyton Channels Heartbreak For The Masses

    News May 2015 : Goatsnake 'Channels Flag And Sabbath' On New Track 'Grandpa Jones'

    News April 2015 : Josh Gad Channels Olaf from 'Frozen' on The 'Late Late Show'

    News September 2014 : Bruce Springsteen Looks Back At 57 Channels As Playful Misfire

    News September 2014 : Fripp Launches YouTube Channel For All Things King Crimson

    News August 2014 : Lil Wayne Channels One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest In Krazy Video

    News July 2014 : Beyonce Channels 'Rosie the Riveter' on Instagram

    News June 2014 : Bleachers Trys To Channel Springsteen Classic On New Single

    News June 2014 : The Walkmen's Hamilton Leithauser Channels Sinatra on Solo Debut

    News April 2014 : Tantric Expand 37 Channels Tour Plans

    News April 2014 : Young Thug Channels Lil Wayne on New Track 'Chickens'

    News March 2014 : Broad City Channels Drake and Missy Elliott in Fantasy Sequence

    News February 2014 : Rick Ross Channels Notorious B.I.G. On New Song

    News January 2014 : The Space Elevator Channel Classic Rock With Debut Video

    News January 2014 : Charles Bradley Channeling James Brown On New Tour

    News October 2013 : David Bowie Channel on SiriusXM Launching This Week

    News September 2013 : Ashley Monroe Channels Gram Parsons & The 1970s In New Video

    News July 2013 : The 1975 Channel John Hughes Spirit For New Album

    News May 2013 : Selena Gomez Channels Rihanna, Bollywood In New Video

    News December 2012 : Taylor Swift Channels Stevie Nicks (Top 12 of Jan. 2012)

    News September 2012 : Sammy Hagar To Appear On History Channel's American Restoration

    News July 2012 : Video Of Ashton Kutcher Channeling Steve Jobs

    News June 2012 : Linkin Park To Broadcast Upcoming Concert on MTV Channels Globally

    News March 2012 : Countdown to Diggy Part of New Warner Sound Video Channel

    News February 2012 : Discovery Channel Star Arrested

    News January 2012 : Taylor Swift Channels Stevie Nicks

    News January 2012 : Mother Says She Was Assaulted at Disney Channel Taping

    News July 2011 : The Black Keys Channel The Clash and The Cramps On New Album

    News April 2011 : Police Nab Man Who Threatening To Shoot CNN Employees

    News December 2010 : Will Farrell Channels David Bowie

    News 2010 : Decemberists Channel R.E.M. On New Album

    News 2010 : Dish Ditches Fuse For Another MTV Channel

    News 2010 : Hootie & the Blowfish Golf Channel Special

    News 2010 : The Temper Trap Member Injured While Channeling The Who

    News 2010 : Neon Trees Channel Tim Burton For New Video

    News 2010 : Limp Slash Zombie on the Range- Paramore Temp- Indie Phoenix Rises- Music Fans Choice Channel Coming- Sabbath 40th Anniversary Special- MGMT and more

    News 2010 : Teen Group Channel Classic Rock For Coming-of-age Anthem

    News 09 : Allison Moorer Sets Album Release, On History Channel Doc This Weekend

    News 09 : The Red Channels Release Ghetto Cooking

    News 09 : A Vh1 Channel To Actually Feature Real Live Music

    News 09 : An MTV Channel With Music? What A Concept

    News april 08 : Quicks: Clear Channel 66 Million Poorer, Korny Game, Head Roll At EMI, Mike Patton

    News Feb 08 : Clear Channel Settle Great White Fire Suit

    News Sep 07 : Clear Channel Sold

    News June 07 : Clear Channel Pickpockets

    News May 07 : DIY Navarro

    News May 07 : Panic Channel Carry On After Leaving Capitol

    News May 07 : The Panic Channel on Hold

    News May 07 : Clear Channel Clone Myspace?

    News April 07 : Clear Channel BamGoogled

    News April 07 : Clear Channel Sell Off

    News January 07 : Clear Most Channels

    News January 07 : Clear Channel Sell Off

    News January 07 : Siggy's Addiction

    News December 06 : Panic Channel Tour Plans

    News November 06 : Bids for Clear Channel

    News November 06 : Google Clear Channel

    News Rocktober 06 : Panic Channel Charity Gig

    News Rocktober 06 : Navarro Lingerie Party

    News September 06 : Panic Channel Supernovas

    News September 06 : Maiden Vs Clear Channel

    News September 06 : Navarro FX Drama

    News August 06 : Jane's Addiction Reunion Unlikely

    News August 06 : Panic Channel Leak

    News August 06 : Panic Channel on Lotsa Channels

    News July 06 : Video Panic Channel

    News June 06 : Clear Channel Sued

    News April 06 : Panic Channel Set Date

    News April 06 : Panic Channel Tour

    News Jan 06 : Panic Mixed

    News Jan 06 : Clear Channel Vs City

    News Nov 05 : Navarro's Panic Channel Update

    News Sept 05 : Bright Eyes Vs Clear Channel

    News May 05 : Clear Channel Split

    News July 04 : Fox Reality Channel Coming Soon

    News May 2004 : Al Gore TV? Veep Plans Cable Channel For 20-Somethings

    News April 2004 : Clear Channel Target 'Shock' Jocks - Stern Down, More To Go?

    News April 2004 : Howard Stern Earns Clear Channel $495K In Fines

    News Sept 2003 : Bad News For Clear Channel

    News Aug 2003 : Feds Look At Clear Channel For Anti-Trust

    News April 2003 : Clear Channel To Drop Indie Radio Promoters.

    News Jan 2003 : Senator Calls For Anti-Trust Probe of Clear Channel

    Day In Rock 2/25/05 : Jay-Z School- Whitney Hospitalized- Staind Sued- Double Pixies - Philly Rockless- Jacko Trial Starts Monday- Sterns Settles With Clear Channel- Priest in Japan- King's X Riot- Scorp DVD- Thrice DVD- Slipknot Wedding- H.I.M. DVD- Rock Hall Inductors- Sevendust Tour- Daft Punk Set Release- MP3 Site Probe- Jack White's Side Project- Edwyn Collins Brain Injury- Roach Dates- SOAD Delay- Motown Digital- Beyond Silly News: Durst Loves Paris- Breaking Benjamin Go 3 Doors Down- Morrissey DVD- Horse Dreams- OK Go Dates- Lisa Marie Presley Dirty Laundry

    Day In Rock 12/02/04 : Suge Brawl Suspect- FSF Van Crash- Hopefall Take Action- Imbruglia Stalker Insane?- Metallica Film Award Nom- Nugent Vs Deer- Dope DVD- Tommy Lee Cave Man- New Video Channel from Universal?- Franz Illness Update- Hot Hot Heat Hire New Axe- AC/DC Best Band- The Doors Aussie Debut- Joe Lamadrid RIP- Shins Down Under- Piracy Raid Nets 28 Arrests- U2 Bombs Chart- Mars Volta Mute Tidbits- Halford Plan New CD- DVieD- Post Jane's Panic- Mastodon UK- Brian Wilson Honored- Post Atreyu Cold War- Former Fight Members Form New Band- Taste of Chaos- Morrissey Deluxe- Diary of a Corpse / Casey Jones Split CD- With Honor / The Distance Split CD- Vernon Neilly Does UPN- Steven Mark Hits A Classic Mark

    Day In Rock 11/17/04 : Vibe Stabbing Suspect- Em Tops Charts- Franz Vs Franz- Noise Ratchet Split- Eagles Bash Idol Contests- Silly News: Norah "Judas Priest" Jones- Maiden Beast Single- AC/DC Lane Sign Modified By Fan- Benefit For Iced Earth Guitarist- Motley Gig- U.P.O. Guitarist Diagnosed With Brain Tumor- Dog Fashion Disco Lose One- Reel Big Smack?- Double Frank Black- Jhonn Balance RIP- Clear Channel Web- Diamond Dave 911- Uni Go P2P?- Attila Returns To Mayhem- Microsoft Garage Bands- Ashlee, EM, Jacko Weasels- Interpol Tour 05- ODB Autopsy: Inconclusive- Eagles DVD- TV on the Radio Shortlist Win- Styx Cover Beatles- Green Day American Idiot Concert- Stereo 360 Do the MTV2 Dew- Ray Charles DVD- Chevelle Top Chart

    Day In Rock 10/15/04 : Clapton Speed Bust- MTV Won't Whack-o anti-Jacko Eminem Video- Slipknot DVD- Every Time I Day Plan Benefit Show- Cat Stevens Returns- Bowie Rocks Space- Wyman Retires- Velvet Revolver Fall- Godsmack Add Unplugged Shows- Simple Plan Club Tour- Cirque du Beatles- Isley Bro Tax Bust- E. Town Concrete CD Release- Bruce Dickinson To Host Discovery Channel Special- Metallica Up For IDA Award- Ozzfest Battle Plans- Nirvana Box Named- UK MP3 Victory- Jacko Still On the Hook- Eminem Radio- Rancid Unplugged- Clash Bio- AC/DC Opt To Record- Parent Benefit This Sunday- Transcendence Release Clothing Line- Halos Hot Carl Fund- Chevelle Rock Leno- Vixen Return- Dry Kill Logic HBB Debut- 2 Cents: Why I Hate Eminem

    Day In Rock 7/21 : 73 Ozzfest Fans Arrested in Ohio Undercover Op- Members of Floyd, Maiden, Eagles, Bad Co Celebrate Fender Strat 50th Birthday- Clear Channel Sues Stern?- No NAFTA For Bands- Kings of Leon Go for Online Live EP- Launched- McGrath Tribute- Ozzfester Clarifies Arrest Reports- Unearth Miss Ozzfest Date- Placebo Hits- Ozomatli Charges Dropped- Solo Corgan CD Coming Soon- Silly News: Partridge Family Hunt- The Velvet Teen Release Soph Effort- Indies May Fight Sony BMG Merge- New MTV Boss- Dems Drop The Dead- Ex-GNR Bio- Gwar Rocktober Release- Mushroomhead Insane Clowns- Chariot Debut- Asia Return with 'Silent Nation'- DMB Benefit Show- Streets Denies Nicking- Mercury Prize Shortlist- Shatner Rocks!- Gene Simmons Lecture on DVD

    Day In Rock 5/26 : MTV Plans Gay Channel- Courtney Pleads Guilty- Green Day Opera?- Gone Phish'ing- Madonna Denies Death Threats- Cancer Hits Velvet Teen- Telsa Scorpions Tour?- Van Halen- Lars Bio- Wes Borlan- Sw1tched On- Boy Hits Car- D12 Sans Eminem- Aerosmith Orchestra- Libertines- Doves – more

    Day In Rock 5/12 : GNR Riot Trial- Abba Maiden?- Artists Vs. RIAA Lawsuits- Rush Trial Date- Meat Puppet Faces Prison- 100 Most Metal Moments- Phantom Planet Lose One- Clear Channel TV?- Pearl Jam- Linkin Park- Roger Waters Speaks- The Beautiful Breakup- The New Clash- Sonic Youth- Mudvayne -more

    Day In Rock 5/03 : Bizkit Shopping Channel?- The F**king Virgins- Liam Gallagher Supergroup- Motley Kutcher?- MTV Bans Anthrax- Randy Rhoads Bio- Lars Drums Sound an Accident- Disturbed- Clutch- The Cure- Courtney 'Innocent'- Arch Enemy Cancel- Sparta- Matchbox DVD- Incubus- more

    Day In Rock 4/21 : Clear Channel On Trial- 36 Crazyfists Vs. Cops- Oasis Splitting?- Chicks With Attitude- Fugazi Bootlegs- Corgan- Sheryl Crow- Lost Testament Guitarist- Solo Staind- Godsmack- Outkast Influence- Blur- Pink Sues Pol- Joey Ramone- Converge- Apex Theory- Soilwork- more

    Day In Rock 4/09 : Avril Stalker Arrested- Prince Sued By Fan- Love Lashes Out- 100,000 Join SOAD- Weiland Ok To Tour- Antitrust Channel?- Jim Croce- Vince Not So Motley- Exodus- Tool- Carson Daly Award?- Pam & Tommy Pt II- Allman Bros- B-52's Return- Tori Amos- Get Up Kids- more

    Day In Rock 2/26 : Sum41 Sued- Avril Mall Tour- Stern Banned- BioPornHazard- Flaw-Oasis- Juliana Hatfield- Sevendust Unplugged- Velvet Revolver- GNR, Aerosmith, Sex Pistol Go Corporate- Beck- Sixpence Split- Stax Founder Dies- Clear Channel Censored- Nonpoint- Ra- OutKast Hendrix- New Who- more

    Day In Rock 11/05 : ICP Inspired Suicide?- eBayica- The Calling Sue Each Other- Elliot Smith Tribute- Oasis Cold Shoulder- Ca-Ching Channel- Bigger Day Out- Jane’s Incident- Zack de la DVD- Rush to No. 1- Slipknot Rarities

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