Maiden Vs Clear Channel

(blabbermouth.net) The Spanish edition of Metal Hammer magazine recently conducted an interview with IRON MAIDEN bassist Steve Harris. [on part of the problems that led to the Ozzfest 'egging' incident:

Steve: "Whenever we go to the USA, Bruce is very vocal in those things because there are things completely wrong in that country. The fans are great and loyal and I feel sorry they understand the message in a wrong way and think that we do not enjoy playing in the USA. The problem is with the venues. They sell the front-row tickets to people that do not even care for the band. The real fans are in the 20th row and the people from the front rows have been invited or have the money to get those seats and sit there eating f***ing fried chicken. Imagine playing in front of those people. You get really upset!

Q: The problem is that most venues are owned by Clear Channel and one cannot fight against the elements.

Steve: "One can, and we will. We will see what happens." [he has some choice words for MTV and $haron as well, check out the full story for more on this and a lot of info on the new CD] - Click here for the Full Story

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