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    Reviews 06 : Kylesa - Time Will Fuse It's Worth

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    Buzz or Hype? : Stereo Fuse

    Reviews 05 : Iommi - Fused

    Buzz or Hype? : Stereo Fuse


    News August 2016 : Tesseract's Offshoot Voices From The Fuselage Ink Deal

    News March 2016 : Major Lazer Releases 'Light It Up' Video Featuring Nyla and Fuse ODG

    News September 2013 : Fall Out Boy Helped Keith Urban Embrace New Producers on 'Fuse'

    News September 2013 : Keith Urban Opens Up About Fuse

    News September 2013 : Keith Urban Wouldn't Change Anything on Fuse

    News December 2012 : Fuse TV's Top 40 of 2012 Premieres Tonight

    News April 2012 : Boyband The Wanted Appear on Fuse

    News March 2011 : Fuse To Air Mad Genius Specials on Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie Tonight

    News 2010 : Motion City Soundtrack, Say Anything, Thrice, OK Go Stars Fuse Music and Toys with Tony Thaxton's Analog Playset

    News 2010 : Fuse Viewers Take Over

    News 2010 : Dish Ditches Fuse For Another MTV Channel

    News 2010 : Muchmusic Video Awards To Be Broadcast in the U.S.

    News 2010 : Mariah Carey. Lady Gaga and Beyonce Getting Fused for Memorial Day

    News 2010 : Paramore Taking Over Fuse Today

    News 2010 : Britney Spears Taking Over Fuse

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    News 09 : Fuse To Countdown The Top 40 of '09

    News 09 : Shadows Fall Takes Over Fuse TV On Demand

    News 09 : Man Punches Leona Lewis- 80s Video Star Dies- Avril Files For Divorce- Oops, Britney Spears Does It Again- John Mayer Fused- Jackson Kids Reality TV Denied and more

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    News Feb 08 : Talking Metal On Fuse

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    Day In Rock 3/9/05 : Britney Topless?- al Qaeda Vs Crowe- Zep Sues Bar- Dee Snider Takes on School- KI$$ Apprentice- New Nile Bassist- Slash Helps Addict- R.Kelly Trial To Proceed- Ozzy Makeover- Yahoo iTunes- Jacko Witness Lied- Kazaa Assets Frozen- Kid Seger / Stevie Henley- Mastodon Maiden?- Priest No 12- Anthrax Reunion- Throcult Add Axe- Clutch Working on New CD- Elton Calls in Sick- Jeff Buckley Studio Fire- SOAD Souls Concert- The Get Up Kids Break Up - Supergrass UK Tour- All American Rejects Tour Crazy- Fuse's Vid IQ- Mars Volta Dates- Jamiroquai Set Release- British Sea Power Open Season- Intangible To Preview Debut- Bottom Line Add Dates

    Day In Rock 12/21/04 : Teachers Vs Label- Love 'Dirty' Book- Sillier News: Drug Diet For Pop Singer- Libertine Riot- Mars Volta Leaks- Danzig Vs Fans- Godsmack Bio- Cobain Love Letter Sold- Wanna Sing for Exodus?- Young Buck Charged- Gov't Mule 05 Tour Plans- Rare Nick Cave- Odd Couple- Gang of Four Reunion- Tom Waits Actor?- Pixies DVDs- NFG Go Backwards- Silly News: Spears Homework Earns $1900- Jacko Delay Rejected- Tyler Rejects DVD- Chavs Vs Chavs- Hatebreed UK- Stutterfly Kills- Still Remains in May- Janet Bates Debut- Fuse This Week- Best of 2004 Countdown

    Day In Rock 12/14/04 : Dimebag Public Service- DMX Paternity- Lit Dissed- Punk Karaoke - Kylie Minogue Injured- Rock Hall 05- Pantera Were Planning Reunion?- Top Tours 04- Metallica Killer Denied By Supremes- Priest CD Details- Crue Reject- OuKast Finish Film- Dick Won't Drop Ball- Marley Natl Hero- WMG At A Loss- Wilco Tour- Circle Jerks DVD- Honoi Rocks Hostile New CD- Dimebag Fund- X Factor Losers Biggest Winners- Final Snapcase- Norma Jean Set Release- Cursed Soundtrack- KSE Special Edition- Fuse Daily Download- Red, Black and White- The Music Tour- Ask Brian May- Best of 2004 Countdown

    Day In Rock 12/08/04 : Marine Kills Rocker- Lohan Lip Sync- Metallica Book Monster- Paris Does Bowie- French Police Vs Metalers- Papa Roach USO- Silly News: Ghost Sold on eBay- Mary Travers Battles Cancer- Marianne Faithful Collapses- The Ghost Split- Final ODB CD- Kills 2nd Effort- New Order Return- Duran Duran Take No America- Zakk Wylde's New Deal- Pearl Jam Molo CD- Motley Dissed- P.O.D. Do 60 Minutes- JEW Not Emo- Sterophonics New Drummer- Motley Tracks- Grammy Nominations- Steriogram Grammy Nom- Slipknot 05 Tour- Daily Fuse- AHC Tour- Cool Dylan Tribute- Wanna hang out with Shinedown?

    Day In Rock 11/22/04 : One Reason Member Shot- Vandals to Rock Iraq- Young Buck Surrenders- Vines Brain Disorder- RIAA Target Students- Axl Made Slash Suicidal - Darkness Summer- Cure Blast Ticket Gouging- Slipknot Folk?- Kreator Tour- NIN Twiggy?- Metal Assault In Iraq- Radio Stations Recovers Stolen Guitar- Lemmy Solo CD Packed With Guests- Camp Freddy CD To Feature Cantrell and Duffy- Silly News: J.Lo Got Too Much Back- Ozzy Awards Host- Snapcase Swan Song- U2 Open for Clinton- White Stripes DVD Theatrics- Nirvana Record Breaker?- Fox MP3 Store- EMI Post Loss- Jacko Legal Circus Continues- Terry Melcher RIP- Rare Elvis Auction- Cannibal Corpse on the Mend- Shadows Fall Pass 100K- Macca Recording- Taste of Chaos - MxPx Nix Tour- Death By Stereo Mystery Bassist- DMB, Pixies, More for American Way Auction- Fuse Daily Download- Kottenmouth Kings/Pepper Tour- A18 Return- Rhino Bucket Horror

    Day In Rock 11/19/04 : Ozzy Cancels TV- Slash Figurine- Jake E Lee Returns- Metallica Killer Spared- Stabbing Charges Dropped Against Bouncer- Biohazard Lost Album in Fire- NIN Bonus- Megadeth Europe- Franz Drop Harry Potter- Band Sid Snubs Westlife- Madonna Kabbalah No Fad- Wilco Net Gold- Offspring 9 Day World Tour- Tenacious D Movie- Rival Records No More- Cyst Derails Death Cab- Crow Stalker Trial- Song BMG Layoffs- Outkast Top MTV Award- Another Jacko Suit- Lennon Top Icon- Cure Revival- Atreyu/Unearth Tour?- Hatesphere CD- KROQ Xmas Night 2- Patti Smith Tour- Manic Hispanic Xmas- Dylan Museum- Scissor Sisters DVD- John Mayer TV- Springsteen Flood Benefit- Shinedown Connect- Fuse Holiday Guide- Goatwhore On Hold?- Karl Returns to Bolt Thrower - Phantom Planet DVD- Killswitch Engage Chaos Tour- Incubus Court Debut

    Day In Rock 11/16/04 : Bon Jovi Parties- Ashlee Wants SNL Do Over- U2 World Tour- Cobain Letter Auction- £1 Million Band Aid Wager- U2 Vs Darkness- Lou Pride Hospitalized- White Stripes Record New CD- MSG Singer Attacked- Devildriver Recording- Gwar Apologizes To Anselmo- SOAD Release Date- Red Chord Hire Drummer- Ska Is Dead- Isis Delay- Trivium Add One- Epitaph Tour - Max Weinberg Injured At Kerry Home- Something Corporate Tour- KROQ X-Mas- Rod DVD- Daily Download on Fuse- American Head Charge Tracks- City Bans My Chemical Romance- Underoath Vinyl- Soil Hire New Singer- Greatest Neil Young- Waxapples with X

    Day In Rock 11/12/04 : Minnelli Sex Slave- APC On Hold- Sum41 Doll- Gwar Vs Anselmo- Slayer Rap- Tommy Lee Clears Hall- Anathema DVD- Simmons Bio on A&E- Beasties Legal Victory- Ashlee Trade In- DreamWorks Pub Sale- UK Hall of Fame- Franz Aid Refugees- Candlemass Reunite- AMAs- Modest Mouse SNL- Supersuckers' Van Stolen- Huey Lewis Anniversary DVD- New Who CD- Ben Folds Tour- John Peel Bio- Super Furry Mix Tape- Tramp's White Lion- Resident's DVD- Deconstruct Open Korn- T.J. Martell Auction- Fuse Launches A.S.S.-

    Day In Rock 11/02/04 : Darkness Injury Hyped- Ashlee Scapegoat?- B.I.G. Death Case Shakeup- R.Kelly Sues Jay-Z- Vince Neil Assaults Soundman- Maiden Sellout- Deep Purple Plot Next CD- Hagar on Van Halen Reunion- Snow Patrol DVD / DualDisc- Mission of Burma Digital EP- Killing Joke 25th Anniversary- JEW EP- Dream Theater Recording- Soilwork Stabbing New CD- Decapitated Lose Guitarist- Accept Reunion, Another Confirmed Date- Silly News: Bart Simpson Son of Gene Simmons?- Edguy Best of- Bill Gates Gets Sting'd- Beatles Record Breaking Record- Tori Readies New Album- Kenny Wayne Shepherd Hits Back- Dry Kill Logic Cancel Canadian Dates- Plug: antiMusic Photographer in Art Show- Fuse Daily Downloads This Weeks- Live Best of CD/DVD

    Day In Rock 10/27/04 : Eminem 007?- Usher Sex Tape- Slayer Araya Hospitalized- QOTSA Recording- John Peel RIP- Jay-Z Label Boss?- Pumpkins Tribute- Top 50 Heaviest Bands- Axl Game- Quireboys Kicked Off Tour- Vince Denies Motley Reunion- U2 iPod Loaded with Tunes- Elvis Still The King- Stewart Trial Begins- Ringtones Chart- Everyone Fakes It- APC Preview- Garden State Goes Gold- Anthrax Wants You for Video- Ramones DVD Top 5 Debut- More Ashlee Denials- Rolling Pirates- Pepper / ASG Tour- Fuse Auction- FCC Feedback on Local Radio

    Day In Rock 10/22/04 : Durst Threatened VJ- P.O.D. Legal Dispute- Murderdoll Inks Deal- Metallica Monster DVD- Eminem For Ozzfest?- Nightwish Picture Discs- KISS Wife Sells Collection- Velvet Revolver UK- Di'Anno Dates- Payola Probe- Talent For Kids- Fatal Flaw- Most Precious Blood Nix CBGB Show- Macabre & Kataklysm Off Dates- Different Strokes- Good Vibrations 04- Camper Van Theft- Ween Tour Intervention- Bowling for 'Gilligan' - Bo Diddley Loses Toe, Cancels Show- 3 Inches of Blood/Metal Church Tour- Dimmu / In Flames Reissues- Agnostic Front Delay- Perry Solo CD in 05- Silly News: Rotten Scares Shark- Frankie Goes To Hollywood Seek Vocalist- Free Vibrator From Electric Six- Sonic Youth Pens Nivana Liner Notes- Fuse Auction- Vendetta Red Hit The Road- Clapton Crossroads DVD- The Cure Release alt.end video- Starwood Take on the World- Fun with Shatner- Slapped: Slapps All Around

    Day In Rock 10/18/04 : Linkin Park/Jay-Z CD/DVD- Fantomas Eye April Release- Axis of Justice Delay- Amen to Scum- Exodus Expand Megadeth Tour Plans- Spears Ignored Lawsuit Deadline- Ozzy Box- Lennon Murder Motive- Metal Auction- Jacko Loses Lawyer- Love Legal Fees Settlement- Tommy Lee Band Nerd- Pennywise DVD- Saliva/Nonpoint Tour Nixed- A Perfect Circle Tracks- Slipknot TV Special- Chino Delay- Steel Prophet Lineup Changes- No Show Pete- The Band in a Box- Luna Breakup- Band Aid Reissue- Better Than Ezra Tour- Ryan Adams Tour- U2 Rocks Parking Lot- iTunes Over 150 Mil Served- Travis CD/DVD- Incubus Live DVD/CD- Story of the Year on Fuse- The Fest 3 To Hit Florida- ISC Extended- Doobie Brothers Live CD/DVD- Unkle Hits US- Skindred Added to Korn Tour

    Day In Rock 9/21/04 : The Streets Banned- Massive Attack Score A Soundtrack- Shatner Rocks With A Little Help From His Friends- Govenator Vs P2P- Television Reunion- The OC Double Soundtrack- Morrissey Fan Sue KROQ?- Shortlist Finalist- Iced Earth On Ice- Cradle of Filth T-shirt Uproar - DJ Spooky, Slayer Collab- Mock The Vote- Shadows Fall Radio Hit- Iron Maiden DVD- Velvet Revolver Fire Managers- No Reunions For Dio- Napster Goes Public- The Cure Icon Special Taped- Fugees Reunion- Madonna Wants World Peace- Billy Joel Walk of Fame Star- R.E.M. Myspace Preview- Clapton Reissue- Ramones Raw DVD- Before Today & Vaux Hit Stores- God Lives Underwater Return- Headbanger's Ball Tour Official Announcement- Slipknot 2-Song Promo- Warped Fuse

    Day In Rock 9/20/04 : Britney Marries Again- Pixies Reissues- Spector Legal Delay- Manson Equates Columbine & Iraq- Priest Killing Metalhead Won't Stand Trial- Soil Lose Singer- Jello & Ministry Jams- Slipknot Singer Not Dead- Kings-X Live CD Release Date- Cave In & Converge Collab- In Flames Vs Fansite- Metallica Eye 05 Release- Doherty's Monk Rock- Morrissey Illness Kills KROQ Appearance- Farm Aid West - Lost Hendrix Recording Found- Dark Tranquillity EP- Type O' Negative Cancel Tour for Medical Reasons- Exodus Axe Tour- Dan Rather AC/DC Single- BOC Queen- Madonna Boduguards Arrested in Israel- All Star Strat Concert- Dr. Fingerlickin'-Good- Fleetwood Plans Something Big- Ben Folds super d- Fuse Amplified Guide- Dry Kill Logic Tour With Skindred and Nonpoint- RM5k & Mushroomhead Join Apathy Tour- Saga Returns with Network- Unearth on Fall Tour- Busted Cingular School Invasion

    Day In Rock 9/9/04 : Ozzy Wins GQ Award- Maiden Drummer Goes To Court- Scorpions Vs. Islamic Fundamentalist- Jet Diss Britney & Jessica, Plan New CD- Elliott Smith DVD- 50 Cent USO?- Lamb of God Helping Kill Nu-metal?- Ash Unplugged?- Tiger Army Lose One- MxPx Land New Deal- Type O Negative Tour- Circle Jerks, G.B.H. add Red Tape To Tour- Dimmu Borgir DVD- Mobo Drop Anti Gay Groups- McCartney, RHCP Added To Bridge Benefit- Ray Charles Hits No. 2- Pixies Mix Up Tour- Stray Cats Get Rolling Again- Skynyrd Tribute- Griz Hog- Green Day CDRs- Franz on Fuse- Rare Powerman 5000- New York Dolls Reunion DVD

    Day In Rock 8/11/04 : Amy Lee Vs. Britney- Van Halen Cancer Was Worst Than Reported- Soundtrack To War- Sparta Injury- Anti-Flag Go Major?- Walkmen Walk Away From UK Fests- Doherty Pulls A Courtney- Headbangers Ball Tour- Nightwish Miss Gigs Over Visa Issue- Robin Black Raising The Bar For Rock?- Donnas Go For The Gold- Cobain Movie- Tony Mottola RIP- Kirk Hammet: 'Movie Went Too Far'- Dio Toys- Idlewild Wrap Recording- Pearl Jam Winter- Supergrass Decade- Fogerty New CD- Body of Missing Ash Fan Found- Ramones Biopic Premiere- Davies Recovering- Nintendo Fusion Tour - Unearth Headline - Manson Hits- Taking Back Fuse- Kiss Expo Raid Cont.- Green Day Club Gigs- New York Dolls Tribute

    Day In Rock 7/28 : Jacko Imprisoned Boy?- Idol Suit: Cowell Vs. Fuller- Good News: Less Seacrest- Love Gets Rehab- Ozzy Merch King- Slash Mistakes- Nightwish Major Deal- Helmet Single- Jimmy Eat World Futures- (hed)tracks- Clutch Plan Live CD- Jagertour Unearthed?- Iced Earth Hits- BOC READ- Rolling Rehab- Macca Memoir - Scarlet Bassless- Hatebreed Slayer Slipknot- Franz Invasion- Interpol Set Release- Har Mar Libertine- Cooper Temple Bass- Dio Vs Dios- Papa Roach Radio Hit- Chat With Megadeth- Curiosa Kickoff- Yellowcard VMA- Sugarcult Warped Fuse- Double Z'nuff

    Day In Rock 7/20 : Ozzfest Artist Arrested- New York Dolls Reunion DVD- Lars & Wife Split- Nightwish Score Euro Hit- Silly News: Sum 41 Profane Antics- Rock TV- Bono's Civil Rights Honor- Elton Blast US Censorship- Eighteen Visions Dumps Drummer- Clash Sing-Along- Queen's Greatest- Red Hot Fugazi- Mnemic Set Release- Tiger Army Lose Hell- Guided By Voices Long Goodbye- Napster U.- Rock Poker- Children Of Bodom EP Delay- Alter Boys Prep Debut- Morrissey Pulls Out of Fest- Singer 86ed For Getting Political - R.E.M. Plot Political CD- The Streets Rip Off- Fuse Goes Corporate This Wed- The Hives Return- Split Happens- One Year Ago Today: File Traders Beware, The RIAA Is Coming For You.

    Day In Rock 7/13 : Godsmack DVD- The Cure Auction- Limp Rumor: Wes Back in Bizkit?- Keenan & Flea Join Axis of Justice- Dimmu Ozzfest Temp- AC/DC Lane Approved- Atreyu MIA- Final Danzig Tour - Misfits Semi-Reunion- A Little Wait for New Tom Waits- Jello Drops DK Suit- 100 Million iTunes Sold- Love Released From Hospital- Stones Box Date Set- Page & Beck Photobirds- Claypool Bumped- Full Time Tool- Silly News: Avril Snubs Prince Charles?- Sonic Youth Clubbing- Slayer Offest- Elton Mega DVD- Boxing Eminem- Emtombed August- Black Maria Victory- Transmission0 Set Date- Who Killed The Zutons- Andrew WK's Warped Fuse- Killswitch Engage Headlining- Rebirth of Metal

    Day In Rock 7/07 : Sex Makes j.lo Vomit- Korn Porn- Head Automatica Delay- Iced Bach- Death at Roskilde- Martyr AD Team with Haste The Day- Resident Evil - RHCP Live CD- Six Feet Under Triple DVD- Alice In Chains Members Jam- Metallica Killer To Be Executed- May Ok With Hung Cover- Tool Tribute- Skinless DVD- Princess Avril- NOFX Best Of- Oasis Reissue Extras- Kings of Leon Play On- SOAD Hitting The Studio- Flaming Lips Opt For Recording- Fuse News- MegaPress Release

    Day In Rock 6/28 : Britney Pregnant?- P2P Ban- David Lee Roth Paramedic- Devildriver II- Milwaukee Metalfest Additions- Ozzfest Idol Show?- APC DVD- Hatebreed Cancel Euro Tour- Mayhem Vocalist Shuffle- Death At Glastonbury- Talking Heads Retrospect- Instant Jewel- Ozzy & James Brown Rock Olympics- Projekt Revolution Bonus- Dry Kill Logic Find Bassist- Entwistle Bio Pic - Queen Voted Best- Lostprophets + Midtown = Tour- Little Steven Garage Fest- Johnny Rotten Wildlife Host- Fuse Down With The Download- RuPaul Returns- Butch Walker Takes On American Hi-Fi

    Day In Rock 6/23 : Beastie Boys Sales Hit- Eels Dropped- Weiland Delays Again- Hot Water Music Injury- Ozzfest Scam- Slayer, Damageplan and more for Ultimate Fighting Championship CD- Tommy Lee 86ed For Bad Music- Velvet Revolver iProtest- HBO Signs OutKast- More RIAA Lawsuits- Clapton Rehab Auction- Senate Vote For Stiffer Indecency Fines- Ministry Punk Voters?- The Crown DVD- Apartment 26 Evicted- Wilco Picture Book- Boss To Rock GOP?- Elvis Mini Series- No Drugs for Oasis- Sharon Osbourne Beat Satan- Clutch Jam Room- VH1 Has The Cure- Kittie, Candiria, 36 Crazyfists & Twelve Tribes Tour Dates- Ultimate Survivor- Fuse Gets Warped

    Day In Rock 9/19 : Avril - Iron Maiden Reviews Bizkit- Deftones MP3’s Nixed- Prince Retiring?- Beatles Won’t Let It Be- Phil Spector- Headbanger’s Mini-Balls- The Darkness - Sting of Ticketmaster Auctions- Great White - Danzig Delayed- Fuse Drives Thru

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