Day In Rock 12/21: Teachers Vs Label- Drug Diet- Libertine Riot- Love 'Dirty' Book- Mars Volta Leaks- Danzig Vs Fans- Godsmack Bio- Wanna Sing for Exodus?- Young Buck Charged- Gov't Mule- Rare Nick Cave- Gang of Four Reunion- Tom Waits- Pixies DVDs- NFG Go Backwards- Jacko Delay Rejected- Tyler Rejects DVD- Hatebreed UK- Stutterfly Kills- Still Remains in May- more
Compiled by Keavin Wiggins
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Teachers Vs Label
DiS reports: National Union of Teachers' head of education, John Bangs, has hit out at the Universal label over marketing methods that he calls "unacceptable." 

Universal has been recruiting children to promote their bands, including McFly and Busted, in the playground and the classroom, according to today's Guardian. Pupils are encouraged to sign up to the kiddie equivalent of street teams, and are required to put posters up in their schools and hand out flyers in exchange for the usual free stuff and, if the investigation is to be believed, personal calls from the bands themselves. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Love 'Dirty' Book
DiS reports: Courtney Love will spill the Francis Beans in a forthcoming autobiography, for which she is rumoured to have been offered an advance of $540,000. 

Love has said that the book will contain "every dirty little secret". [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Source: DiS also has news on Eitzel's 11: A full UK tour for American Music Club, Love don't live here anymore - Shack burns down, Holden harbours pop aspirations, Embrace return to the depths of the Earth, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead! - new LP playback and more click here to check it out

Sillier News: Drug Diet For Pop Singer
BBC reports: Singer Robbie Williams has said he only gave up drugs and alcohol because they made him too fat. 

In an interview to be broadcast on Christmas Day, Williams, 30, said his addiction made him "blow up to the size of a small aircraft hangar". 

Williams tells Real Radio FM: "I'd still be doing it if I could make good judgment calls, and I'd still be doing it if I didn't blow up to the size of an aircraft hangar, you know, because it was a great time. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Gotta love this anti-drug line 'Drugs are not safe, and the risks can be much greater than simply putting on a bit of weight.'

Libertine Riot
Aversion reports: After yet another no-show by Pete Doherty at a Saturday (Dec. 18) show in London, fans showed their frustration with a small-scale riot. 

Doherty's latest band, Babyshambles, was scheduled to play London's Astoria Saturday at midnight. Two hours after the set was supposed to start, the venue announced the band would not be playing its set. Upon the announcement, 100-200 people rushed the stage and attempted to destroy the band's equipment. The venue's curtains were torn down and the act's drum kit was destroyed before security could get the stage rush under control. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Mars Volta Leaks
Aversion reports: The Mars Volta are doing what any band with a punk background would do when it gets pissed: pleading with fans. 

While high-profile leaks for albums by U2 and Eminem were dealt with either by being ignored by the band or adjusting the release date, Mars Volta is hoping to appeal to its fans to remove the songs from the upcoming Frances the Mute from the Internet. 

"The collective GSL staff and certain members of the band think what you are doing is f***ed," a statement read. "You should honor the band's wishes and take the songs down. Leaks suck, and are an unfortunate evil of the Internet." [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Source: Aversion also has news on PJ Harvey to Quit Gigging?, Beatles Guitar Sells for Loads, Mercury Rev CD Hits Net as EPs, M. Ward Covers Bach, Beach Boys, Westerberg Plays West Coast and more click here to check it out

Danzig Vs Fans
Blabbermouth reports: The7thHouse.com, one of the oldest, largest and best DANZIG/SAMHAIN/MISFITS sites run by longtime fan, Devilman138, was allegedly ordered taken offline by Glenn Danzig on the eve of DANZIG's hotly anticipated dates with Glenn's former MISFITS bandmate Doyle. Purportedly Mr. Danzig wanted to be able to exercise more control over the information that was being disseminated over the web site and wanted to have the traffic directed to his rarely updated Danzig-Verotik.com web site, the official Internet home of the DANZIG band. The7thHouse.com message board members were reportedly shocked and left scrambling to find alternative means to remain in contact with one another after the sudden and unexpected demise of the eight-year-old fan-run and -supported web site. Unconfirmed rumor has it that this was related to the events of earlier this year in Tuba City, Arizona where Glenn Danzig was punched out by NORTH SIDE KINGS singer Danny Marianinho and an amateur video of the altercation was widely distributed over the Internet.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 
Godsmack Bio
Blabbermouth reports: Launch Radio Networks is reporting that GODSMACK frontman Sully Erna is currently revising the first draft of his autobiography, which will look at his life up until the point GODSMACK signed its major label recording contract. Erna said that the as-yet-untitled book "is about what it took to get from Point A to Point B. It's not the autobiography that's so cliche that talks about all the girls we (slept with) and how many drugs we've done and... who cares. This is a cooler story for me." Erna also said that the book will have "a lot of morals and lessons to be learned in it."[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 
Cobain Love Letter Sold
Blabbermouth reports: A never-before-seen letter from NIRVANA frontman Kurt Cobain to his then-wife Courtney Love, written as the doomed rock star was hallucinating on LSD in a British hotel, sold for over $19,000 as part of a sale of rock 'n' roll memorobilia at Christie's on Friday (Dec. 17), according to ABC ePrep. 

The undated two-page letter, scrawled in black ballpoint on lined 8 x 11-inch paper, is headed "Courtney Love Breakfast Fax" and was written by Cobain while he was on tour with NIRVANA in the U.K. in November 1991. He asked a receptionist at the Sheffield Hotel to fax it to Love for him, and when the receptionist asked Cobain what she should do with the original, he said she could keep it as a souvenir. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Wanna Sing for Exodus?
Blabbermouth reports: San Francisco thrashers EXODUS have launched a vocalist search following the group's recent split with longtime singer Steve "Zetro" Souza (SKINLAB frontman Steev Esquivel filled in during the band's recent North American tour with MEGADETH). "We are looking for someone with experience, charisma, and a magnetic stage presence," said the group's manager, Steven Warner. "Vocally, [all applicants] must be able to sing all the Souza/[Paul] Baloff material and bring their own style to the table. Must be able to incorporate different elements into the mix (death metal, thrash and black metal styles). Not looking for saints, but must be clean of any hard drugs. [see full story for more details]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Source: Blabbermouth also has news on CAMP FREDDY Announce Free Gig In Hollywood, BACKYARD BABIES To Support SOCIAL DISTORTION In North America, MORTICIAN, INCANTATION, THE CHASM: U.S. Tour Dates Announced, HATESPHERE: First Two Albums To Be Released On Vinyl, ARISE: New Album Samples Available For Download and more click here to check it out

Young Buck Charged
liveDaily reports: Rapper Young Buck, whose real name is David Darnell Brown, was officially charged on Monday (12/20) with assault with a deadly weapon in connection with a stabbing that took place during November's Vibe Awards. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 
Gov't Mule 05 Tour Plans
liveDaily reports: Gov't Mule will wrap up 2004 with year-end shows in Baltimore and New York City, but the hard-touring jam band will be back on the road in February. 

The Southern rockers so far are scheduled to play nine February gigs, focusing on the Midwest and Northeast. The shows will follow a two-night, Dec. 27-28 stand in Baltimore, as well as Dec. 30 and 31 gigs at New York's Beacon Theater. [see full story for more, including dates]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Rare Nick Cave
liveDaily reports: Mute Records has unveiled plans to release a three-disc compilation of material from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds on March 22. 

Titled "B-Sides & Rarities," the set is an "eclectic retrospective collection of material by the band, [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Source: liveDaily also has news on Live Review: Brian Setzer Orchestra in Universal City, CA, Tift Merritt mounts headlining tour early next year, Live Review: Barenaked Ladies in Detroit, Hoobastank calls off December shows as singer recovers, Widespread Panic poised to end hiatus with 2005 roadwork and more click here to check it out

Odd Couple
Pollstar reports: At first blush, it's hard to grasp what guitarist and producer extraordinaire Todd Rundgren and jazz-piano punk Joe Jackson have in common, other than storied careers. Next spring, though, the two will embark on a tour that will show how in tune they are, taking a string quartet with them. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 
Gang of Four Reunion
Pollstar reports: It's been many moons now since Gang of Four roamed the earth. The early 80s band supposedly hated rock n' roll, yet influenced many of the bands in the genre. U2, R.E.M., Rage Against The Machine and Red Hot Chili Peppers have all praised Gang of Four. 

The group is playing January 23-28 in the U.K., and U.S. dates are to be announced. The dates on the books have been selling quickly. 

The British "punk-funk" band was always more of a critics darling than a commercial success, especially here in the U.S. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Tom Waits Actor?
NME reports: TOM WAITS is to star in a new film alongside KEIRA KNIGHTLY, MICKEY ROURKE and CHRISTOPHER WALKEN. 

The singer has taken a small role in director Tony Scott's new movie 'Domino'. 

The film is a true story of British actor Laurence Harvey's daughter, 'Domino' who turned away from her successful career as a model to become a bounty hunter. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Pixies DVDs
Billboard reports: While it's unclear if the Pixies plan to attempt a new studio album, there is new product on the way. As previously reported, a film crew followed the tour throughout the year for a documentary DVD. In addition, a separate DVD is in the works culling on-stage footage.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 
NFG Go Backwards
MTV reports: The eternally touring New Found Glory having spent 2004 playing shows in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, Japan and Australia are planning even more concerts in the new year. But these are going to be different. 

The band has announced the first leg of dates for the Back to Basics Tour, a series of shows at smaller, more intimate venues around the country, a far cry from the arenas and amphitheaters they've been rocking as of late. 

"For the past two years, our full U.S. tours have all been either Warped Tour-style festivals or arena shows. There was the Honda Civic Tour and the current Green Day tour," NFG guitarist Chad Gilbert wrote on the band's Web site. "Though we love the big exposure, our true love and passion is for the intimate club shows. So that's how we've decided to set up our headlining tour.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Gotta love the spin on that one. 

Silly News: Spears Homework Earns $1900
Zap2it reports: What's Britney Spears' opinion about a children's book worth to you? 

Over the weekend, one person coughed up $1,900 at Christie's New York auction house to own the pop star's childhood book report on "Raymond's Run," according to the AP. Auction officials had estimated the homework would bring in less than $1,000. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Jacko Delay Rejected
BBC reports: A judge has rejected a bid by singer Michael Jackson's lawyers to have the child molestation case against him dismissed, or delayed by several weeks. 

The lawyers had asked for more time to study thousands of pages of evidence before the 31 January start date. 

A separate motion argued that recent raids on Mr Jackson's Neverland ranch had violated his rights and were proof of a "vindictive prosecution". 

But the California judge ruled a delay "would be a huge step backward". [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Tyler Rejects DVD
ArrowFM reports: Aerosmith's new DVD "You Gotta Move" was released in theaters last month and the fans that went to see it were disappointed with the sound. Frontman Steven Tyler put on a mustache and big hat and sneaked into a theater and agrees that the sound - well, sucked. Apparently the sound was not in sync with the film and it wasn't true 5.1 Surround, as advertised. 

Tyler says he won't sign-off on anything Aerosmith related with doing his own quality control check. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Source: ArrowFM also has news on Classic Crumbs for Monday (Mick Jagger & Rod Stewart), Hello, I Love Your Wallet, Nuge plays Inauguration Day, Classic Crumbs for Friday, Journey gets Star treatment and more click here to check it out

Chavs Vs Chavs
Xfm reports: Libertine Carl Barat's new supergroup The Chavs (featuring The Charlatans' Tim Burgess, Primal Scream's Martin Duffy and Razorlight's Andy Burrows) has come under fire as another band has surfaced saying they laid claim to the name two years ago. 

After Barat explained his intentions to disband The Libertines, there has been much discussion as to what the singer would do next. However on December 14, Barat along with Charlatans singer Tim Burgess, Primal Scream keyboardist Martin Duffy and Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows played a gig at the Tap And Tin in Chatham. 

However another band, also called The Chavs have made a statement that they were formed in 2003 and are now taking legal advice regarding the copying of their name. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Hatebreed UK
The PRP reports: Hatebreed will be returning to the UK in March, dates include: 
March 05th Leeds - Cockpit
March 06th Sheffield - Corporation
March 07th Glasgow - Garage
March 08th Newcastle - Northumbria Uni
[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 
Stutterfly Kills
The PRP reports: Stutterfly will be hitting the road with Letter Kills in January/February for the following dates: 
January 20th San Diego, CA - Soma Sidestage
January 21st Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour
January 22nd Las Vegas, NV - Jillians
January 23rd Phoenix, AZ - Big Fish Pub
[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 
Still Remains in May
The PRP reports: Still Remains are now plotting a tentative May 17th release date through Roadrunner for their upcoming new album "Of Love And Lunacy".[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 
Janet Bates Debut
press release reports: Janet Bates, a folk singer and songwriter from Bandon, OR released her debut album "A Time Has Come..." on September 25 2004. The album contains 13 tracks of folk music with a Celtic feel to it. "Janet Bates has produced an earnest, socio-political release that provides commentary on local, national and international events, while showcasing the best, worst and moments-in-between that humanity has to offer," Kevin McCarthy of "Kevin's Celtic & Folk Music CD Reviews" writes.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 
Fuse This Week
press release reports: Get your holiday cheer on the Daily Download all this week on Fuse. Tune in at 6pm ET every day this week to catch guests Citizen Cope, John Legend and more, and watch for your chance to download songs from My Chemical Romance. Check tv listings or www.fuse.tv to find out what channel Fuse is on in your area. Tuesday 12/21: Guest: n/a - Tower Download: My Chemical Romance "Helena"

 Wednesday 12/22: Guest: Citizen Cope (performing 2 songs acoustic)- Tower Download: "Jet Set Life Is Gonna Kill You" - Also: Get 3 live "bootleg" songs from Citizen Cope - EXCLUSIVE TO DAILY DOWNLOAD! - "Mistaken Identity"; "Salvation"; "Son's Gonna Rise" 

Thursday 12/23: Guest: John Legend - Tower Download: My Chemical Romance "You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison" 

Friday 12/24 - RERUN: Guest: Green Day / Zach Levi 
- Click Here for the Full Story 

Best of 2004 Countdown
As we close in on the New Year, we will be unveiling our writers' picks for the best of 2004. 

Every day we will be posting a new Top 5 list from one of our writers, selected at random. At the conclusion we will reveal the master list. We also want to let you take part and will be accepting nominations for a readers choice list. 

Today Brad Podray gives us his Top 5 of 2004. (click the full story link to read his comments on the CDs and for related links for release and to submit your picks for the readers choice list - and see past days lists you may have missed!) 

Brad Podray's Top 5 of 2004: 

1) Skinny Puppy - The Greater Wrong of the Right 
2) Psychaesthetic - Infinity's End 
3) Fantomas - Delirium Cordia 
4) Moments in Grace - Moonlight Survived 
5) Burgess Shale - It's Never Enough, Is It?

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