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    News November 2017 : Kurt Cobain, Jerry Garcia, Elton Immortalized With Pop Rocks Figures

    News October 2017 : Dave Grohl Opens Up About Dealing With Kurt Cobain's Suicide

    News August 2017 : Nirvana's Kurt Cobain Exhibit Contains Unseen Pieces

    News June 2017 : Kurt Cobain's Never-Before-Seen Paintings Goes On Display

    News May 2017 : Biggie X Kurt Cobain Photo Hoax Fires Up Social Media

    News April 2017 : Macaulay Culkin Crucified As Kurt Cobain in New Video

    News April 2017 : Dave Grohl Reflects On Loss Of Kurt Cobain During TV Appearance

    News February 2017 : Frances Bean Tributes Her Father Kurt Cobain's On His 50th Birthday

    News January 2017 : Dave Grohl Reveals Kurt Cobain's Legendary Metal Band Influence

    News September 2016 : Nirvana Camp Mocks 'Kurt's Alive' Report

    News July 2016 : Frances Bean Wants Kurt Cobain's 'Unplugged' Guitar Back

    News June 2016 : Kurt Cobain Art Exhibition Tour In The Works

    News April 2016 : Kurt Cobain Threatened To Disband Nirvana In Angry David Geffen Letter

    News April 2016 : Kurt Cobain Stage Smashed Guitar Expected To Fetch Over $100K

    News April 2016 : Kurt Cobain Graphic Novel Announced

    News March 2016 : Nirvana Nevermind Producer Reflects On Kurt Cobain's Mood Swings

    News December 2015 : Courtney Love Shares Christmas Message To Kurt Cobain

    News November 2015 : John Lennon and Kurt Cobain Items Fetch Big Dollars At Auction

    News November 2015 : Kurt Cobain's 'Been A Son' Solo Acoustic Demo Streaming Online

    News November 2015 : Kurt Cobain's MTV Unplugged Cardigan Being Auctioned

    News October 2015 : Nirvana's Krist Novoselic Still Dreams About Kurt Cobain

    News October 2015 : Kurt Cobain's Demo For 'Sappy' Streaming Online

    News September 2015 : Kurt Cobain's Home Recordings Set For Release

    News September 2015 : Kurt Cobain's Beatles Cover Song Streaming Online

    News August 2015 : Kurt Cobain's Daughter Pushed For Controversial Scene In Movie

    News August 2015 : Kurt Cobain Soundtrack To Include 'Mindblowing' Unreleased Song

    News August 2015 : New Book Claims Courtney Love Doubted Kurt Cobain's Suicide

    News August 2015 : Judge Issues Ruling On Release Of Kurt Cobain's Death Scene Photos

    News July 2015 : Previously Unheard Kurt Cobain Song Added To Movie Reissue

    News July 2015 : Billy Corgan Asked By Fan If Courtney Love Killed Kurt Cobain

    News June 2015 : Dave Grohl Couldn't Watch Kurt Cobain Documentary

    News June 2015 : Courtney Love Trying To Stop Kurt Cobain Conspiracy Theory Film

    News June 2015 : Kurt Cobain Documentary '90% BS' Says Buzz Osborne

    News May 2015 : Metallica Star Found Kurt Cobain Movie 'Challenging To Watch'

    News May 2015 : Montage Of Heck Director Slams Kurt Cobain Conspiracy Theories

    News May 2015 : Kurt Cobain 'Montage of Heck' Coming To DVD and Blu-ray

    News May 2015 : Kurt Cobain Solo Album With Unreleased Music Coming

    News April 2015 : Kurt Cobain Mocks Hate Mail In New Documentary Clip

    News April 2015 : Video Of Nirvana Playing For Two People Goes Online

    News April 2015 : Unreleased Kurt Cobain Song Preview Goes Online

    News April 2015 : New Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck Preview Goes Online

    News March 2015 : Kurt Cobain Documentary To Hit Movie Theaters

    News March 2015 : Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck Trailer Released

    News March 2015 : Kurt Cobain Unreleased 12-Minute Acoustic Song Part Of Documentary

    News March 2015 : Kurt Cobain's Childhood Home Up For Sale Again

    News February 2015 : Kurt Cobain Movie Moved People To Tears Says Love

    News February 2015 : Director Warned Kurt Cobain's Mother Before Watching Film

    News January 2015 : Dave Grohl May Still Appear In Kurt Cobain Movie

    News January 2015 : Kurt Cobain Documentary Preview Released

    News January 2015 : Kurt Cobain Documentary Companion Book Being Released

    News January 2015 : Kurt Cobain's Suicide Note Printed On Tank Top

    News January 2015 : Unreleased Kurt Cobain Songs To Be Included In Documentary

    News December 2014 : Kurt Cobain With Shotgun Hologram In South Park Christmas Episode

    News December 2014 : Courtney Love Pushed Out of the Kurt Cobain Documentary

    News December 2014 : Kurt Cobain Kissed Grohl Over Foo Fighters Demo

    News December 2014 : Kurt Cobain Kissed Grohl Over Foo Fighters Demo

    News November 2014 : Kurt Cobain Documentary Coming

    News November 2014 : Kurt Cobain's Pre-Bleach Era Mixtape Surfaces Online

    News October 2014 : Coolio Upset He Never Got To Work With Kurt Cobain

    News September 2014 : Courtney Love Changes Her Focus

    News August 2014 : Courtney Love Has Spent All Of Kurt Cobain's Nirvana Money

    News July 2014 : Courtney Love Discusses Possible Kurt Cobain Biopic

    News July 2014 : Weird Al Explains Kurt Cobain's Reaction To Nirvana Parody

    News June 2014 : Nirvana Bandmate Talks Kurt Cobain Suicide

    News June 2014 : Courtney Love Says Kurt Cobain 'Wanted Fame Bad,' Contrary to Myth

    News June 2014 : Lana Del Rey Responds To Frances Bean Cobain's Criticism

    News June 2014 : Kurt Cobain's Daughter Chastises Lana Del Rey For Romanticizing Death

    News June 2014 : Iggy Azalea Says 'Lorde is Not Kurt Cobain's Peer'

    News May 2014 : Courtney Love Says She Wrote Kurt Cobain Death Scene Note

    News April 2014 : Kurt Cobain Death Scene Note Mocked His Wedding Vows

    News April 2014 : Courtney Love Releases New Song 'Wedding Day'

    News April 2014 : Nirvana To Perform With Kurt Cobain Hologram Hoax

    News April 2014 : Kurt Cobain Was Planning To Make Blues Album

    News April 2014 : Police Release Kurt Cobain Death Scene Photos

    News April 2014 : Kurt Cobain Documentary To Air This Weekend

    News April 2014 : Kurt Cobain Musical 'Very Likely' Says Courtney Love

    News March 2014 : Kurt Cobain Death Scene Photos Surface Including One of His Suicide Note

    News March 2014 : John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Elvis, Tupac Used In Beer Commercial

    News March 2014 : Kurt Cobain Comic Book Set For Release

    News March 2014 : Photos of Kurt Cobain And Courtney Love's Filthy Apartment Released

    News March 2014 : Kurt Cobain's Death Case Reopened Then Closed By Police

    News March 2014 : Nirvana Fan Launches Campaign To Buy Kurt Cobain's Home

    News March 2014 : Kurt Cobain Hoax Exposed

    News March 2014 : Kurt Cobain Items For Sale On Craigslist?

    News February 2014 : Kurt Cobain Statue Features One Lonely Tear

    News January 2014 : Venue Boss Prayed Cobain Had Been Murdered

    News January 2014 : Kurt Cobain Day Declared In Nirvana Singer's Hometown

    News January 2014 : Cobain Dedicated Song To River Phoenix at Nirvana's Final L.A. Show

    News October 2013 : Kurt Cobain Interview Unearthed

    News September 2013 : Kurt Cobain's Childhood Home For Sale

    News April 2013 : Looking Back At Nirvana's Kurt Cobain 19 Years After His Death

    News January 2013 : The World According to Kurt Cobain

    News December 2012 : Jimi Hendrix, Elvis and Kurt Cobain For Hologram Resurrection? (Top 12 of April 2012)

    News December 2012 : Butch Vig Denies Existence of Kurt Cobain Solo Material (Top 12 of April 2012)

    News November 2012 : Kurt Cobain Movie Planned By Rolling Stones Filmmaker

    News October 2012 : Intruder Arrested at Frances Bean Cobain's House

    News September 2012 : Kurt Cobain's Suicide Note Quote Shocked Neil Young

    News July 2012 : Billy Corgan Warns That Pitchforks Block Next Kurt Cobain

    News April 2012 : Butch Vig Denies Existence of Kurt Cobain Solo Material

    News April 2012 : Jimi Hendrix, Elvis and Kurt Cobain For Hologram Resurrection?

    News April 2012 : Kurt Cobain Recorded Solo Material?

    News March 2012 : Muppets Raped Kurt Cobain's Memory?

    News March 2012 : Melvins Van With Kurt Cobain's KISS Drawings Up For Grabs

    News March 2012 : Hole's Erlandson Releasing Book About Kurt Cobain's Suicide

    News Oct 2011 : Duff McKagan Heckled As A Liar Over Cobain Story

    News Oct 2011 : Digital Kurt Cobain for iPad

    News Oct 2011 : Courtney Love Still Angry About Cobain's Suicide

    News Oct 2011 : Kurt Cobain Attempted Suicide Several Times

    News Sep 2011 : Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder Slow Dance With Kurt Cobain

    News Aug 2011 : Butch Vig Didn't Know How To Deal With Kurt Cobain's Mood Swings

    News Aug 2011 : Kurt Cobain Honor Rejected

    News July 2011 : Hear Unreleased White Stripes Songs- Zakk Wylde Radio- Reznor Tells Fans Not To Buy NIN CD- Jane's Addition Free Show-Andy Hurley Enabler- Kurt Cobain Bridge?- more

    News July 2011 : Beatles, Elvis, Hendrix and Cobain Items Being Auctioned

    News May 2011 : Courtney Love Blames Journalist for Kurt Cobain's Death

    News May 2011 : R.E.M. Singer Denies Gay Affair With Kurt Cobain- Judas Priest, Zakk Wylde, Thin Lizzy Tour?- Duran Duran Silenced- Queen TV Special- The Faceless Now Voiceless- more

    News May 2011 : Michael Stipe Tried To Save Kurt Cobain's Life

    News April 2011 : Jared Leto As Kurt Cobain Is A Tribute, Not A Film Audition

    News April 2011 : Grohl Owes Everything To Kurt Cobain And Krist Novoselic

    News April 2011 : Hendrix, Iommi and Cobain Among Top 10 South Paw Guitarists

    News April 2011 : Duff McKagan Recalls Last Ride With Kurt Cobain

    News April 2011 : Kurt Cobain Honored In His Hometown

    News April 2011 : Anniversary of Kurt Cobain's Suicide

    News February 2011 : Metal Singer Dies?- Guns N' Beatles- Sabbath Talks Queen- Grohl Tributes Cobain- All-American Rejects Plan New CD- Ozzy Super Bowl Auction- Seether Tour- Oh, Sleeper- more

    News February 2011 : A Perfect Axl Rose Tale- Van Halen Radio Special- Paramore Summer?- Kurt Cobain TV Special- Patrick Stump EP- Metallica Sell Off- Radiohead- Pg. 99 Reunion- more

    News 2010 : Want To Own Kurt Cobain's MTV Rant?

    News 2010 : New Kurt Cobain Biopic To Be Raw And Chaotic

    News 2010 : Big Four Jam Together, DVD Planned- Courtney Stabbed Kurt Cobain's Private Parts- Tom Petty- Flotsam & Korn- Beach Boys Reunion Doubt- Def Leppard Tix Fraud- more

    News 2010 : Courtney To Sell Off Cobain Rights?

    News 2010 : Early Kurt Cobain Recordings Discovered At Garage Sale

    News 2010 : Avenged Sevenfold Recruit Dream Theater Drummer- Kurt Cobain The Movie- Plastic Ono Band Revival- Paul Rodgers Confirms Aerosmith Offer and more

    News 2010 : Could Duff McKagan Have Prevented Kurt Cobain's Death?

    News 2010 : Led Zep Stairway Allstar Remake- Name Ozzy's New Album- New Trivium Member- Rock Band: The Who and Megadeth- My Chemical Cobain Daughter and more

    News 09 : Now Kurt Cobain Sings YMCA- Rise Against Christmas- Eddie Trunk Selling Reviews- Dead by Sunrise Let Down- Side Band of the Year- The Cribs Tour and more

    News 09 : Bon Jovi Addresses Kurt Cobain Guitar Hero Controversy and Guitar Hero CEO Says Courtney Love Cashed The Check

    News 09 : Wanna See Kurt Cobain Sing Bon Jovi?

    News 09 : Blink-182 Cancel Show For DJ AM- Fogerty Returns- Clapton and Hornsby Team of Leno- Kurt Cobain A Guitar Hero Character- Evanescence One Off and more

    News 09 : Courtney Love Going To War Over Cobain's Cash

    News Dec 08 : Metallica Star Pied- 100K Cobain Guitar- T.I. Murder Rap- Darkness Reunion?- Springsteen Surprise Gig- Hanoi Rocks Wednesday- BMG CD Club RIP? and more

    News Oct 08 : Cobain's Ashes: Stolen or Nuts?

    News Oct 08 : Artist Plans To Smoke Cobain's Ashes

    News June 08 : Kurt Cobain's Ashes Stolen?

    News June 08 : Kurt Cobain Shoe Coming

    News March 08 : Smells Like Greed Spirit : Love Oks Cobain Shoe

    News March 08 : Kurt Cobain's Identity Stolen

    News Jan 08 : Kurt Cobain About A Son DVD Release Set

    News Jan 08 : Gosling To Play Cobain?

    News Dec 07 : McAvoy Denies Cobain Role

    News Oct 07 : Love Making Cobain Movie

    News Oct 07 : Kurt Cobain About a Son Premiers

    News Sep 07 : Kurt Cobain Tribute Concert

    News July 07 : Cobain Movie This Fall

    News July 07 : Cobain Movie This Fall

    News June 07 : Love's Cobain Cashout

    News June 07 : Cobain Film Soundtrack

    News May 07 : Love To Auction Off Cobain's Belongings

    News January 07 : Obi-Wan Cobain?

    News December 06 : Cobain Was To Divorce Love

    News Rocktober 06 : Cobain Tops Elvis

    News September 06 : Cobain Doll

    News August 06 : Cobain DVD

    News March 06 : Cobain Doll

    News Feb 06 : Cobain Auction

    News Nov 05 : Cobain Documentary

    News July 05 : Grohl on Cobain

    News May 05 : Cobain Movie

    News April 05 : Cobain Honor

    News April 2004 : Fans Say Goodbye to Kurt Cobain Again – But Questions Still Linger

    News Aug 2002 : Kurt Cobain’s Complete Journals To Hit Book Stores this Fall.

    News May 2002 : Love Claims To Have Over 100 Unreleased Cobain Songs.

    News Feb 2002 : Love May Publish Kurt Cobain’s Journals.

    News Feb 2002 : Quicks: New Kurt Cobain Vocal, Tommy Lee, Van Halen and Exodus’ Paul Baloff Suffers Stroke.

    Day In Rock 3/7/05 : U2 Fall- Jacko Gags Leno- Timberlake As Elton- Ozzy Press Blitz- Rockdetector Landmark- Cobain Home Fire- Priest Chart- Weezer in May?- Wilco Spring Tour- Black Crowes Tour- Janet Stalked- Velvet Revolver DVD/Live CD- Brides Divorce Ginger- Kamelot MP3s 'Moral Issue'- ProgPower- Anna Flashes MTV- God Forbid Dates- Wilson Expands Smile Tour- Cher Royalty Suit- Stereophonics Top UK Chart- Yes DVD- Wanna Be A Misfit?- Shinedown DVD- Tommy Vance RIP- Euro Road Rage- Into The Moat Dates- Dead To Fall Dates- Sthress Band- Alternative Press / Vans Tour - Chevelle Picnic- Alanis Plans Jagged Acoustic Anniversary - Nickelback Hire New Drummer- Adema USO- Soul SirkUS Tour- EVR at SXSW- Spitalfield Preorder Bonus- Idiot Pilot CD/Tour News

    Day In Rock 12/21/04 : Teachers Vs Label- Love 'Dirty' Book- Sillier News: Drug Diet For Pop Singer- Libertine Riot- Mars Volta Leaks- Danzig Vs Fans- Godsmack Bio- Cobain Love Letter Sold- Wanna Sing for Exodus?- Young Buck Charged- Gov't Mule 05 Tour Plans- Rare Nick Cave- Odd Couple- Gang of Four Reunion- Tom Waits Actor?- Pixies DVDs- NFG Go Backwards- Silly News: Spears Homework Earns $1900- Jacko Delay Rejected- Tyler Rejects DVD- Chavs Vs Chavs- Hatebreed UK- Stutterfly Kills- Still Remains in May- Janet Bates Debut- Fuse This Week- Best of 2004 Countdown

    Day In Rock 11/16/04 : Bon Jovi Parties- Ashlee Wants SNL Do Over- U2 World Tour- Cobain Letter Auction- £1 Million Band Aid Wager- U2 Vs Darkness- Lou Pride Hospitalized- White Stripes Record New CD- MSG Singer Attacked- Devildriver Recording- Gwar Apologizes To Anselmo- SOAD Release Date- Red Chord Hire Drummer- Ska Is Dead- Isis Delay- Trivium Add One- Epitaph Tour - Max Weinberg Injured At Kerry Home- Something Corporate Tour- KROQ X-Mas- Rod DVD- Daily Download on Fuse- American Head Charge Tracks- City Bans My Chemical Romance- Underoath Vinyl- Soil Hire New Singer- Greatest Neil Young- Waxapples with X

    Day In Rock 8/17/04 : Love Drug Trial Set- Kinks Star Paralyzed- Offspring Hits- Cantrell & Ozzy?- Motley Reunion- Cobain Auction- Ozzy Dog Show Theme- Inland Invasion All Star Line-Up- Avril Back To School- Navarro Pens Tell-All- Green Day Record Breaking Hit- Billy Talent Punk Canada- Solo P.O.D.- Coheed and Underoath- Strapping New DVD- Durst Preaches Forgiveness- The Thrills Joined by Peter Buck on New CD- Muse Will Play Fests- Macca US Tour 05- Depeche Mode Remix CD- Gov't Mule Extends Tour- Skynyrd Add Solo Dates- Phinal Phish Phlooded- Final Cash Recording- Silly News: Jesus Protests Manson- 3 Inches of Blood RR Debut- Further Seems Forever Preview- New Twist on Classic Songs- Madison Paige Get Sludged- Warped Wednesday

    Day In Rock 8/11/04 : Amy Lee Vs. Britney- Van Halen Cancer Was Worst Than Reported- Soundtrack To War- Sparta Injury- Anti-Flag Go Major?- Walkmen Walk Away From UK Fests- Doherty Pulls A Courtney- Headbangers Ball Tour- Nightwish Miss Gigs Over Visa Issue- Robin Black Raising The Bar For Rock?- Donnas Go For The Gold- Cobain Movie- Tony Mottola RIP- Kirk Hammet: 'Movie Went Too Far'- Dio Toys- Idlewild Wrap Recording- Pearl Jam Winter- Supergrass Decade- Fogerty New CD- Body of Missing Ash Fan Found- Ramones Biopic Premiere- Davies Recovering- Nintendo Fusion Tour - Unearth Headline - Manson Hits- Taking Back Fuse- Kiss Expo Raid Cont.- Green Day Club Gigs- New York Dolls Tribute

    Day In Rock 6/3 : Sharon Osb New Idol Judge- Durst Denied Nookie- Cobain Memorial- Shadows Fall- Slipknot No 2- Pearl Jam- Society 1 Pulls a Manson-Helmet- Ward Is Back Sabbath- Primus- McCartney Admits Heroin Use- Brand New- Ozzy Olympics- Avril's Walmart Hit- MC5- Blur- Motorhead- Queensrÿche- more

    Day In Rock 4/19 : Ashcroft Targets Pirates- Anti-Idol TV Show- Motley Sued by Hooker- Cobain Movie- Offspring- Earshot- Cave-In Solo- Life Of Agony- In Flames- Nonpoint- Dave Ellefson- Children Of Bodom- KMFDM- UFO Cancel- Ozzy Hoax- Off-fest- Frank Bello Joins Helmet?- Boyhitscar Split -more

    Day In Rock 4/05 : Kelly Osbourne Drug Bust- Distillers Blast Jet- Cobain Remembered- Love's Antics Hurt Daughter- Warped Uproar- Lacuna Borgir Off-fest- Ozzy Targets Doc- Junos- Pixies Bootlegs- Hootie Blow- Death Angel- Control Denied- Donnie Vie- Megadeth- New Found Glory- Coldplay- more

    Day In Rock 4/02 : Cobain

    Day In Rock 3/15 : Cobain Wanted To Quit Nirvana?- OutKast Porn- Jacko's Ex Speaks- Disturbed Vs. Darkness- Def Covers- Axl Demo Hold- Metallica Not For Fans- Blink Cancel- No Contest Scantlin- Muddy Shooting- Emo Smiths- 311- Pixies - Spears Suicide- Velvet Delay- FCC's Teen Comedy- Cannibal Pissed- more

    Day In Rock 1/2 : Limp Bizkit Worst Band of 03- Ozz...No PriestFest- Evanescence 04 Tour- A.F.I., Coheed And Cambria to Tour - Cobain Guitar Controversy- Friedman on Megadeth Reunion- US CD Sales Slump- Wal-Mart MP3- Queen + Sabbath + Zep = Quartz- Mad Not Spice World- World Idol Kurt- All That Remains In March

    Day In Rock 11/20 : Van Halen Returns?- Beatles, Blink Beaten by Pop-tart?- Incubus Crow- Cobain Journal Beefed Up- MP3 Jail, No Go- Wilco Recording- Stone Temple Delay- Music Sale Up- Another Nirvana Cover- Radiohead May Coachella- Evanescence Postponed- SJR is God?- more

    Day In Rock 10/27 : Korn Bashes Metallica- Courtney Vs. Cobain’s Mom- Rock Hall KISS-off- Ozzy

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