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    News September 2016 : Fred Durst 'Not Happy With' New Limp Bizkit Album

    News December 2015 : Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst Reportedly Banned From Ukraine

    News September 2015 : Guns N' Roses Reunion Tour Predicted By Surprising Source

    News March 2015 : Limp Bizkit Singer Mistaken For Murder Suspect Robert Durst

    News July 2014 : Fred Durst Reveals Limp Bizkit's Stealth Release Plans

    News November 2013 : Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst Developing TV Drama

    News December 2012 : Fred Durst Vs Limp Bizkit Members? (Top 12 of April 2012)

    News August 2012 : Fred Durst Not Booted Off WWE For Middle Finger

    News August 2012 : Fred Durst Says Limp Bizkit Were A Moment In Time And It's Over

    News April 2012 : Fred Durst Vs Limp Bizkit Members?

    News February 2012 : Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst Karaoke Nookie

    News Aug 2011 : Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst Wants To Help Child With Cerebral Palsy

    News June 2011 : Durst Wants To Resurrect Nu Metal With Limp Bizkit, Korn and Deftones Tour

    News February 2011 : Linkin Park TV Special- Fred Durst Garbage- Ozzy Tributes Gary Moore- Iron Maiden, Korn, Cavalera Conspiracy and Mastodon Sonisphere- Augustana Set Release- CKY- more

    News February 2011 : Beavis and Butt-Head Return- Adema Fugitive From Justice Arrest- Blur Reunion?- Queensryche Murder Spree- Limp Garbage: Fred Durst Waste Dept- Weird Al- more

    News 2010 : Max Cavalera Discusses Sepultura Reunion and Jackass Fred Durst

    News 09 : Fred Durst Stabbed- Ex-Judas Priest Denies Teen Rape- KISS Guitarist Shot- Phishy Child Photo Session- Courtney Love OD & Drug Arrest and more top stories from 2003

    News 09 : Dio Hospitalized- Stone Temple Pilots Postpone Tour- Rise Against Australia- Protest The Rumors- Death To All But Metal- Fred Durst Still A Hater and more

    News 09 : Fred Durst Off The Market

    News 09 : Korn Vs Limp Bizkit

    News Feb 08 : Is Wentz The New Durst?

    News March 06 : Borland Vs Durst

    News Feb 06 : Durst Dumped?

    News May 05 : Limp Sales

    News May 05 : Bizkit Surprise

    News May 05 : Bizkit Love?

    News April 05 : Bizkit Tracks

    News April 05 : Durst Satanist

    News April 05 : Bizkit Reality TV

    News April 05 : Free Bizkit

    News March 05 : Durst Sex Tape Leaks Online

    News Sept 2003 : Fred Durst Sued Over Security Guard Head Kick

    News Sept 2003 : Britney Spears Speaks Out On Durst Rumors

    News July 2003 : Limping Bizkit, Crouching Axeman – Durst Injures Back On Tour.

    News July 2003 : Fred Durst Defends Deftones' Chino Moreno

    News May 2003 : Iron Maiden and Staind ‘Dis’miss Fred Durst.

    News May 2003 : Durst Launched "80's" Style Solo Project. Bizkit Axes European Tour.

    News March 2003 : Quicks: Kelly Osbourne- Doritos Girl? - Fred Durst and Jay-Z - Dishwalla On TV.

    News Feb 2003 : The Bland Leading the Bland, Durst Produces Spears.

    News July 2002 : Wes Borland Threatens To Kick Fred Durst’s Ass if Limp Bizkit Steal His Riffs.

    News May 2002 : "Lead Bizkit, Durst Wants Borland Back."

    News May 2002 : "Strange Bedfellows - 3EB, Durst and Andrew WK."

    News Feb 2002 : Durst Denies Stealing Music From Guitarist Hopefuls.

    News Jan 2002 : Fred Durst Gets Pie In The Face At Audition.

    News Oct 2001 : Borland, Durst speak out on split. Limp Bizkit plan “fan parties” to find new guitarist.

    antiMUSIC News May 2000 : Did Fred Durst get busy with Christina Aguilera?

    antiMUSIC News May 2000 : Did Fred Durst get busy with Christina Aguilera?

    antiMUSIC News April 2000 : Fred Durst goes Hollywood

    News Nov 99 : Quickies: Durst directs Korn, Oasis, Kid Rock and Tommy Lee

    News July 99 : Fred Durst Arrested

    Day In Rock 3/18/05 : Lohan Injury- Rapper Denies Murder- Moby Vs Beyonce- Metal Suicide- Durst For Idiots- Lil' Kim Guilty- Eels and God- Jacko Fun House- MCR Under Pressure- Viacom Split?- ArrowFM Gets Jacked- Slipknot Illness- Maiden Charter- Lemmy on His Grammy- Exodus DVD- Big Buzz For Big Machine- Testament Reunion- Layne Staley Tribute- Gratitude Dates- Chevelle Dates- Love Sings Love- Alkaline Trio Release- Box Set Fire Label- Common Rider Preview- New Falconer in May- God Dethroned One Off- A I Lay Touring- The Red Chord is back in action- New Journey- Blind Faith DVD- Mortiis Single- Deaf Symphony Release- Aimee Mann Concept

    Day In Rock 3/8/05 : Durst Sues Website- Website Responds to Durst- Nick Carter Arrested- Sharpton Vs Rap- GNR Vs Times- Motley Animation- Static-X Return- Green Day Jesus Promo- Game Vs 50 Cent- Sex Pistol Blast Dirty TV- 50 Cent Sells A Mil- This Day in Rock- Cars Reunion?- Mustaine Slammed in Book- Go-Go's Spring- DualBruce - Cave In Eye Release- Staind Complete CD- Underground Tour- Jacko Witness- FTC May Probe Download Sites- Ja Ruling- CBGB Faces Closure- Snoop DVD- Force of Evil's "Black Empire" Coming 3/29- Phantom Planet Join Sting- C.O.C. In April- Taste of Int'l Chaos- Vendetta Red To Support Finch- Oasis Set Date- Thousand Foot Krutch In Studio- M.O.D. Theme Fat Actress- SOAD Confirm Release- QOTSA Game

    Day In Rock 2/28/05 : Teen Sex Bust- Jacko Flu Kills- Napster Movie- Payola Probe- Doves No 1- New Order US Tour?- Edward Patten RIP- Voivod Projects- Evil Gays- Taproot in June- Durst Sex Tape- NIN Tour- Velvet Revolver Arena Tour - Mastodon Extends Tour- Nightwish Cancel Tour- Ozzfest Bands?- Metallica Wins Spirit Award- Nile Lose Bassist- KISS To Rock Marines- Sum 41 Announce Dates- Winwood Tour- Moby Remixable MP3s- Mars Volta Single- Zombie Movie- Bury Your Ozzfest- Voodoo Glow Skulls Cancel Tour- Be in a Weezer Video- Unearth Bonus- Mortiis Tour- NOW Again- Liberty n' Justice Samples- Missy Higgin Coming To America- Al Basile Releases Blues Masterpiece

    Day In Rock 2/25/05 : Jay-Z School- Whitney Hospitalized- Staind Sued- Double Pixies - Philly Rockless- Jacko Trial Starts Monday- Sterns Settles With Clear Channel- Priest in Japan- King's X Riot- Scorp DVD- Thrice DVD- Slipknot Wedding- H.I.M. DVD- Rock Hall Inductors- Sevendust Tour- Daft Punk Set Release- MP3 Site Probe- Jack White's Side Project- Edwyn Collins Brain Injury- Roach Dates- SOAD Delay- Motown Digital- Beyond Silly News: Durst Loves Paris- Breaking Benjamin Go 3 Doors Down- Morrissey DVD- Horse Dreams- OK Go Dates- Lisa Marie Presley Dirty Laundry

    Day In Rock 12/07/04 : 50 Cent Airport Brawl- Wonder Blast Eminem- Rare Hendrix- Guns Vs Sixx- Cliff Burton Tapes- May To Rock Vegas- Silly News: Lohan Won't Lip Sync- M.O.D. Dis Durst, Eminem- Ticket Fraud- Others Set Release- Jacko Give DNA- Devilinside Drop Tour- Candiria Add Two- Hammerfall Next CD- Avenged Sevenfold Plot Next CD- Nirvana Dinner Winner- Slint Reunion- Bono Blast Whiners- Motley Dates- Alter Bridge Extend Tour- Joe Cocker US Return- Skinny Puppy Boycott- Band Aid Mega Hit- Shadows Fall Cancel Tour Due To Family Death- Club Gang Sought- KSE Go West- Walls Of Jericho Dates- Soilwork Dates- Alexisonfire Dates- Enslaved Set US Release- Trivium Debut- Chaos Dates

    Day In Rock 11/24/04 : Idol Studdard Hospitalized - Manson Turns Teacher- Jacko Death Threat Sentence- Black Rob Arrested- Incubus Singer Weapon Fine- Durst Blog Hacked- Nirvana Live CD?- Motley Reunion- Bizkit Go Metal... or Mental?- Zao The Juliana Theory Tour 05- KSE Reissue- Soulfly / Morbid Angel Dates- Belladonna Gigs- Nightwish Plan 05 Tour- Zep Hockey Mask Tribute- Cinderella Hits- Clutch Live CD- A Kinder, Gentler Copyright Bill- Happy Nuge Year- Leaks Help Sales- Children of Bodom EP- Police Tribute- The Vines Turn Studio Band- Fugazi Side DVD Project- Beatles Suit Sale- Moby CD Plans- McFadden Video Protest- Modest Mouse Homecoming- Was (Not Was) Returns- NME Cool List- Roxy Saint Turns Trash into Fashion - Grand Theft Auto CD & Boxset- The Cure Reissue Bonus- Neil Schon New Solo CD

    Day In Rock 10/22/04 : Durst Threatened VJ- P.O.D. Legal Dispute- Murderdoll Inks Deal- Metallica Monster DVD- Eminem For Ozzfest?- Nightwish Picture Discs- KISS Wife Sells Collection- Velvet Revolver UK- Di'Anno Dates- Payola Probe- Talent For Kids- Fatal Flaw- Most Precious Blood Nix CBGB Show- Macabre & Kataklysm Off Dates- Different Strokes- Good Vibrations 04- Camper Van Theft- Ween Tour Intervention- Bowling for 'Gilligan' - Bo Diddley Loses Toe, Cancels Show- 3 Inches of Blood/Metal Church Tour- Dimmu / In Flames Reissues- Agnostic Front Delay- Perry Solo CD in 05- Silly News: Rotten Scares Shark- Frankie Goes To Hollywood Seek Vocalist- Free Vibrator From Electric Six- Sonic Youth Pens Nivana Liner Notes- Fuse Auction- Vendetta Red Hit The Road- Clapton Crossroads DVD- The Cure Release alt.end video- Starwood Take on the World- Fun with Shatner- Slapped: Slapps All Around

    Day In Rock 10/11/04 : Governor Courtney Love?- Silly News: Xtina Breakdown- Beanie Sigel Sentenced- Manson In Wonderland- Weiland Ok With Judge- Durst's New Job- Chimaira Xmas Show- Cold Plan New CD - Ozzy Box To Include Covers- NOFX Hits- SOAD Set Title/Date- Kerry King's Guitar Abuse- Good Charlotte Ditch PopPunk- Fans Imagine Lennon at 64- Senate Kills P2P Bill- Love Hearing Date Set- Wilson's Smile Hit- 12 Stones Drop Megadeth Tour- Coheed & Cambria CD Details- 40 Below Summer Lose Guitarist- Overkill Ink New Deal- Hirax Lead Metal Fest- In Stores: Red Hot Bio- Scissor Sisters Club Tour- Gwyneth No Yoko- Worst Riffs Of All time- Anti Racism Gigs- Hammered At Xmas- Afghan Whigs Singer Launched Tour with Twilight Singers- Switchfoot on AOL- Jem on Kimmel- Life of Agony Sign to Sony

    Day In Rock 8/17/04 : Love Drug Trial Set- Kinks Star Paralyzed- Offspring Hits- Cantrell & Ozzy?- Motley Reunion- Cobain Auction- Ozzy Dog Show Theme- Inland Invasion All Star Line-Up- Avril Back To School- Navarro Pens Tell-All- Green Day Record Breaking Hit- Billy Talent Punk Canada- Solo P.O.D.- Coheed and Underoath- Strapping New DVD- Durst Preaches Forgiveness- The Thrills Joined by Peter Buck on New CD- Muse Will Play Fests- Macca US Tour 05- Depeche Mode Remix CD- Gov't Mule Extends Tour- Skynyrd Add Solo Dates- Phinal Phish Phlooded- Final Cash Recording- Silly News: Jesus Protests Manson- 3 Inches of Blood RR Debut- Further Seems Forever Preview- New Twist on Classic Songs- Madison Paige Get Sludged- Warped Wednesday

    Day In Rock 7/26 : Coheed Vs. Canada- Durst Endorses Antichrist?- Nirvana Bassist Pens Book- Ramones Film- Brujeria Arrest- U2, Maiden, Leppard In Rock Hall?- Metallica Tribute- Helmet & Clutch Go Locobazooka- Mushroomhead Dropped- Vengeance Reunion- Anthrax Rerecording- Sepultura Delay- All That Remains & Shadows Fall This Fall- Beyond The Embrace Leg Break- Stone Roses Resurrected By Brown- AC/DC Lane Challanged- Real iPod Compatibility- Illinois Jacquet RIP- Times Square West- Inside Rainbow DVD- Van Halen Auction- Rod Buys An Island- Opeth Leave Label- Cold Atlantic Deal- Dry Kill Logic Release- U2 Plan Early CD Release If Leaked- Love Surrenders- Green Day, Beasties For Voodoo- Pogues Reunion- Allman Brothers Team With Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Day In Rock 7/14 : Eminem Radio- Dillinger Escape Plan Plot Tour- Aerosmith Taking A Year Off- Axl Sues Again- John 5 Readies Solo CD- Murderdoll Plots Solo Plans- Metal Guitarist Stabbed 6 Times in Fight- Chevelle Set Sept Release Date- Lars Laments Napster Battle- Lost Joey Ramone CD Dispute- Stars Pay Tribute To Parsons- Tiger Army Want To Invade Canada- AC/Krokus/DC?- Priest On ET- Napalm Death Covers- Durst Kills Wes Rumor- Rush BioPic?- Lost Beatles Tapes- Love Update- Grohl Joins NIN?- NY Dolls & Razorlight Fill In- Stray Cats Reunion- RHCP Set World Record- The Music Set Soph Effort- Darkness DVD- Tulsa Declares J.J. Cale Day

    Day In Rock 7/01 : Limp Justice: Durst Wins Headkicking Case- Great White Sues Publicist Over Charity Flap- MetalScan- Illness Delays Paradox- Tom Waits Drops Piano- Jimmy Eat World Rocktober Release- Rock School Deal- Music Sales Up- ISP's Win MP3 Case- More Incubus Bootlegs- Silly News: Mud For Sale- Converge Plan Tour- CYK Cancel Tour- Drowningman Release Date- Direct A Perfect Circle- Badly Drawn Boy Sets July 4th Release- Darkness Step In To T- Libertines Sans Pete- Britney In Love, Not Expecting- $550K Nipple-Gate Fine- Media Ownership Town Hall Meetings Proposed- Bowie Cancels Tour- Avenged Sevenfold Get Warped

    Day In Rock 6/16 : Johnny Ramone Cancer Battle- Durst Denies Avril Dis- Testament Axe Breaks Leg- Nightwish Top Charts- Prince Sues Fan- Rivers Cuomo Does John Denver- Ray Charles Public Service- Amy Lee Talks Up New Songs- Alanis Gets Engaged- Stevie Ray Vaughn Double DVD- Chimaira DVD- Carnal Forge Not Dead Yet- The Revolution Smile Goodbye to Guitarist- (hed) games- Family Picnic Tour- Euro iTunes- Bono Teams With Bon Jovi For Special Olympics- Rocket from the Crypt Reissue- The Music Preview- Bjork Sets Release Date- Embrace Coldplay Song- Duran Duran Fall Release- Silly News: As If Jessica Wasn't Enough- Glen Campbell Jailed- Jacko Payoffs- 38 Special Drivetrain

    Day In Rock 6/3 : Sharon Osb New Idol Judge- Durst Denied Nookie- Cobain Memorial- Shadows Fall- Slipknot No 2- Pearl Jam- Society 1 Pulls a Manson-Helmet- Ward Is Back Sabbath- Primus- McCartney Admits Heroin Use- Brand New- Ozzy Olympics- Avril's Walmart Hit- MC5- Blur- Motorhead- Queensr˙che- more

    Day In Rock 5/04 : Sharon O As Idol Judge & Supreme Court Backs Ozzy- Courtney Cocaine- Durst Bashes Rumors- Funk Bros. Sued- AudioVENT- Nonpoint- Billy Joel- Skinny Puppy- Phish- Jacko Undies Seized- Machine Head- KISS Revenge Era Reunion?- Evanescene- Dope- Condos or Rock? More

    Day In Rock 3/24 : Love on Suicide Watch- RIAA Attacked- Avril Bashes Duff Again- Durst on Bomb Threat- Slipknot Manager Dies- Sum 41- Edgefest Charlotte- Euro Pixies - Priest Recording- Cult in Chains- Apartment 26- Snocore Punisher- 532 More Get Sued- Prince- Great White Hire A**hole?- Johnny Bristol RIP- more

    Day In Rock 3/18 : Rocker's Terror Scare- DMB Diss Durst- Def Hoax- Unauthorized Weezer- Kazaa Sued- Rockers Battle Congress- Metallica- Venom- Tour Factory- John 'Radiohead' Mayer- Queens of the Solo Age- Gov't Mule- Corgan- Taproot- My Chemical Romance- Jet- Hatebreed- Ray Davies- more

    Day In Rock 2/18 : GNR Fans Protest- OutKast Outrage- Durst Loses Gigs- Numetal Dead- Linkin Avril- Manson Settles- Courtney Dismissed- RIAA Sues Again- Oliveri Didn't Quit QOTSA- In Stores- Jager Driver- Machine Head Rerun- Punk Politics- Living End Blink- Timbaland Disses Hip-Hop- Superjoint Confirm- more

    Day In Rock 2/16 : Puddle of Mudd Dis Durst- Cannibalism on Stage?- Idol Blast Music Biz- Priest Drummer Gets 8 Years- Velvet Revolver Delay- plus In Flames- Ozzfest Light- Metallica- Hatebreed- Slayer Testament- Ataries- RI Fire Reflections- Warrant- Gene Simmons- Thursday W.K.- -Machine Head - more

    Day In Rock 1/30 : Durst Vs. Critic- Metallica Riot Averted- Coldplay 3rd- Sharon Show Dropped- Kelly Breaks Down- Bad Religion Revisited- Stereo Death Ballad- New Point- Black Eyed Darkness- Bach Go Wilco- DV-Iggy- Fantômas- Grip Inc- Amen Offest- Garfunkel Pot Fight- Foo Jazz Grammys- more

    Day In Rock 1/8 : Durst, Davis, Manson Fight Club- RIAA Bogus Claims- Cheap Trick & Aerosmith Tour- Dope Bassist Finds Love Quits Music- A Perfect Spring- New Green Day- GNR Bio- Web CD Sales Under Fire- plus The Ramones - Baby Robinson- Rare Beatles DVD- Bon Jovi- Puddle of Acoustic- More Warped Bands- more

    Year In Rock 2003 : Metallica, Ozzy, iTunes, Jacko, Durst, Great White, Cash, Bono, Onstage Suicide, RIAA, Flying Sheep Head and more.

    Day In Rock 12/18 : Love Vs. Durst- Velvet Revolver Set Date- R U Disturbed?- Coldplay Wipeout- Metal Student Suspension X 2- Rock Charts- Labor Rock- Beatles Non-Reunion- Superjoint Follow-Up- Purertracks- Ides of Soil- Down Systematic Departure- Moonspell In, Nevermore Out

    Day In Rock 11/24 : Durst Stabbed By Fan- Metallica Sued- Creed Plan KISS-like 04- University Agents of RIAA?- MP3.com Leaves Bands Hanging- Diary Of Desperate Musician- New NIN in 04- plus Dream Theatre- Feeder- Coldplay- Matchbox-20- Puddle of Mudd- Sevendust Il Nino- more

    Day In Rock 11/13 : MP3 Jail, It’s For Real- More Durst Whining- Borland On Hold- Foo Fighters DVD- Courtney Weirdness- Beasties Win- Van Cancellation- Take Action- Phil Collins Hearing Loss- Opeth Mix It Up- AC/DC & Stones Jam- Static-Soil- Tommy Thompson RIP- Slick Return- Hate Mail.

    Day In Rock 11/04 : Durst Pleas- Linkin Park, Coldplay On The Silver Screen- Dimebag Returns- Tenacious Hunger- Clapton Does the World- In Stores Today- Panda Flaming Lips- Clutch Get Signed- In Flames Complete CD- Taking Back Nokia- Zinny Zan

    Day In Rock 9/30 : Durst Admits CD Flop- RIAA Settle 52 Lawsuits- Nugent TV- Godsmack Metallica Jr?- Navarro Vs. Rolling Stone- Stone Temple Records- Now In Stores- The Leaking Strokes- Dio Loses Thumb- Hatebreed- Real NJ Rock- Movielife- More…

    Day In Rock 9/8 : Axl Cries Wolf- Great White Cashing In On Benefits?- Durst Blast Britney, Borland- Twisted Arnold- Iron Maiden Goes Top 10- Grammy Cheaters- Unloco- Simon & Garfunkel- Slipknot Clown- Vue

    Day In Rock 8/05 : Linkin Park Livid, Ozzfest Loses 2 Bands, Strokes Mellow Out, P.O.D. Complete, More Durst Strangeness, Solo Bush, Latest Rap Gimmick, BRMC Touring Club.

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