musicNEWS : Quickies: Durst directs Korn, Oasis, Kid Rock and Tommy Lee 
 Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst directed the video for "Falling Away from Me", Korn's new single off their latest album Issues. Expect the video early this month, and the album will hit the stores on Nov. 16th.

Oasis has settled on a name for their next album. "Standing On The Shoulder of Giants" taken from a quote from famous mathematician and physicist Sir Isaac Newton.

track listing for Standing On The Shoulder of Giants: 
1."F***in' In The Bushes" 
2."Go Let It Out!" 
3."Who Feels Love?" 
4."Put Your Money Where Yer Mouth Is" 
5."Little James" 
 6."Gas Panic!" 
7."Where Did It All Go Wrong" 
 8."Sunday Morning Call" 
 9."I Can See A Liar" 
10."Roll It Over" 

Kid Rock, Methods Of Mayhem added to the Metallica-Ted Nugent Y2K show. 

Kid Rock and Tommy Lee's new band will be opening the Metallica-Ted Nugent Y2K show at the Silverdome in Detroit on New Year's Eve. Methods of Mayhem will start off the show then Kid Rock will perform, followed by Ted Nugent. Metallica will be headlining.