Borland, Durst speak out on split. Limp Bizkit plan �fan parties� to find new guitarist.

10-16-01 antiGUY

It didn�t take long for Fred Durst and Wes Borland to break the silence about Borland�s decision last week to quit Limp Bizkit. 

Fred Durst issued a statement on the official Limp Bizkit website trying to reassure fans that the show will go on. 

Here is Durst statement:

Allright, enough already. You know Wes has decided to leave Limp Bizkit and I know you�re wondering whats gonna happen from here. Well, the first thing thats gonna happen is were going to comb the globe in search of the illist guitar player known to man.  Then were gonna take this illist guitar player known to man and were gonna finish writing the sickest new undeniable Limp Bizkit record you could ever imagine. Wes was a big part of the Limp Bizkit you�re used to but his decision to leave has left us in a place where we know the best of Limp Bizkit is yet to come. Lethal, John, Sam and I are gonna take this as an opportunity to take our song writing to a whole new level. At the end of the day its all about the music and the music is all were about. Life is unpredictable and though were shocked, were not discouraged. As the world turns, so does Limp Bizkit. 

Thank you so much for sticking with us through thick and thin. Weve never let you down and were not gonna start now. Keep the faith and join us on this journey to the next level.
Seeya in the Chat.......
Fred Durst

In a separate post on the official Limp Bizkit website the band announced plans to hit the road and host a series of �Fan Parties� to audition hopeful guitarists to replace the departed Borland. 

Meanwhile, limpbizkitfan.com Posted an email message this week purported to come from Wes Borland.  Below is the email limpbizkitfan.com says Wes sent them:

(antiMUSIC was unable to verify the authenticity of this message at press time. )

All I�m going to say is this: If you liked what I did in Limp Bizkit and you think you can see where I wanted to go with the music, then I think you will be happy with my new band. Ross Robinson is on board for the record and it�s going to be great. The new band is Me, my brother Scott Borland, Kyle Weeks, and Greg Isabelle. I didn�t abandon you guys, I am making a record for myself and for you that is true, and feels good. It is not going to be like Big dumb Face. BDF was a joke, and a side project. Everyone took it too seriously. Well, we�re about to give you a serious record, so look out for it, I hope we will have it out by the middle of next year, and we will be on tour for a long time after that, getting back into the small clubs, so that we can be close and hang out again. I hope that many of you will be able to open your hearts to something new.  - Wes

Aside from the Wes Borland statement, limpbizkitfan.com also Posted excerpts from a chat that Fred Durst had with fans Sunday Night. Some have called into question the authenticity of the following chat transcripts that the operators of limpbizkitfan.com claim came from a chat log from the session. Again antiMUSIC is unable to verify the authenticity of the following quotes attributed to Fred Durst, so please keep that in mind when reading them.  

Fred: right now we are looking for a fresh new young guitarist who can really rip and blow wes out of the water Fred: we will be touring next summer, now where is my f***in new guitar player!!!

Fred: if anyone can tell wes he f***t up, ill give you his email address right now

Fred: he left us hanging, cashed in & ran

Fred: yea he was unhappy, his unhappiness was with me making things happen for us & hes all about the money

Allstar News is also reporting that sources close to the band attribute the break-up and the European Anger Management tour cancellation to � tension within Limp Bizkit grew when one member allegedly slept with the girlfriend of another band member.�

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