Fred Durst Gets Pie In The Face At Audition. 

01-18-02 antiGUY

...And now for something completely ridiculous� we�re a little late in reporting this but this story is just too good to pass up. 

Fred Durst got more than he was expecting last Sunday (Jan 13th) in Clackamas, Oregon while Limp Bizkit was in town auditioning guitarists to replace Wes Borland. 

According to New Music Express, Durst was walking back from a lunch break with his bandmates when Richard Petrillo rushed passed a line of fans and pied Durst in the back of the head with a coconut cream pie. 

The joke turned into a legal matter when Limp Bizkit bodyguards detained the 18-year-old pie thrower and Durst signed his forehead and drew an 'X' on his cheek with an indelible ink marker. Local sheriff deputies soon arrived and took him into custody and charged him with disorderly conduct and five counts of harassment.

There is no word at press time whether Petrillo will file civil charges against Durst for defacing his face with the marker. 

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