Day In Rock 11/04: Durst Pleas- Linkin Park, Coldplay On The Silver Screen- Dimebag Returns- Tenacious Hunger- Clapton Does the World- In Stores Today- Panda Flaming Lips- Clutch Get Signed- In Flames Complete CD- Taking Back Nokia- Zinny Zan
by Keavin Wiggins
The Day in Rock Tuesday- antiMUSIC.com's look at Top Rock News Stories From the past Weekend

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Durst Pleas With Fans
Fred Durst seems a bit peeved that people have "obviously forgotten" about his band. He is coming up with new schemes to reinvigorate interest and try to get fans out to the upcoming tour with Korn.  You can read a bit from Durst in these two posting from limpbizkit.com: 

What up people!! It's fd here. Just left rehearsal and we are doing a sick cover of one of my favorite artists ont he back to basics tour. I would like one of you to be sure to get the best bootleg of it as possible!! I would like to put out a bootleg version of our performance in a live album and give whoever gets the best recording a producer credit on the album. It will probably say "Brought to you by....." 

And on the other end of things, I am gearing up for our next release. It's gonna be a heavy one. Now that everyone has had a few minutes to live with RMV we think we can unleash a real single. It's time to put our hearts where your eyes and ears are!! There is one thing we are sure of and that is that Limp Bizkit is a real f***ing rock band! Like or leave it. It's time to show you what you've obviously forgotten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get your ass out to the Back2Basics tour. The first show is in Vegas and i am stoked!! Vegas crowds are so f***ing dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See ya there. If not watch your back!! 

Second message: I am gonna be posting my own homemade movies on the site from the Back2Basics Tour 2003 and just whenever i feel like it. I will have my G4 17" with me on tour and it has the iSight camera hooked up to it so i can record Quicktime movies instantly and post them. I will also be shooting with my video cam and editing together ill movies on the tour bus and posting those also. I can't put them all on the regular site so a lot of them will go into the fanclub members area because the videos might get pretty ill as the tour progresses. This is gonna take the limpbizkit site to the next level. You'll see for yourself.
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Right turn Clyde. 

Clapton Does the World
Billboard reports:  Although Eric Clapton has said he's through with extensive world touring, the legendary guitarist has lined up a slew of upcoming international dates. 

Clapton will spend a month touring Japan beginning Nov. 15 in Hiroshima and wrapping Dec. 13 with the second of two four-night stands at Tokyo's Budokan Hall. 

The guitarist will hit the road again in the spring, beginning a month-long European tour April 9 in Antwerp, Belgium. The run ends May 11 after a six-show run at London's Royal Albert Hall. It is unknown if the artist is planning any dates in North America. 

Here are Eric Clapton's tour dates: 
Nov. 15: Hiroshima, Japan (Green Arena) 
Nov. 17, 19-20: Osaka, Japan (Osaka-Jo Hall) 
Nov. 24: Saitama, Japan (Saitama Super Arena) 
Nov. 26-27: Yokohama, Japan (Yokohama Arena) 
Nov. 29-30, Dec. 2-3: Tokyo (Budokan Hall) 
Dec. 5: Sendai, Japan (Grande 21) 
Dec. 7: Sapporo, Japan (Sapporo Dome) 
Dec. 9-10, 12-13: Tokyo (Budokan Hall) 
April 9: Antwerp, Belgium (Sportpaleis Antwerpen) 
April 11-12: Rotterdam, Holland (Ahoy) 
April 23: Dublin (the Point) 
April 24: Belfast (Odyssey Arena) 
April 26: Glasgow (SECC) 
April 27: Newcastle, England (Telewest Arena) 
April 29: Manchester, England (Evening News Arena) 
April 30: Birmingham, England (NEC Arena) 
May 2: Sheffield, England (Hallam FM Arena) 
May 4-5, 7-8, 10-11: London (Royal Albert Hall) 
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In Stores Today
RIFTrock reports: Here's a list of what hits stores on Tuesday, November 4th: 
P.O.D. - Payable on Death
Catch 22 - Dinosaur sounds
Snapcase - Bright Flashes
Against Me! - The Eternal Cowboy
The Pale - Gravity Gets Things Done
Love Me Destroyer - Black Heart Affair 
Ryan Adams - Love is Hell part I ep
Ryan Adams - Rock N Roll
Sheryl Crow - The Very Best of Sheryl Crow
Guided by Voices - Best of Guided by Voices
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Tenacious Hunger
Billboard reports:  With tongue planted firmly in cheek, the members of Tenacious D announced Monday that they would begin a 45-day hunger strike at 5 p.m. 

In a satirical move to promote the DVD "The Complete Masterworks," due Tuesday via Epic, members Jack Black and Kyle Gass said they will climb into a seven-foot by three-foot by seven-foot glass box 50 yards above Times Square at the intersection of 45th Street and Broadway, where they will remain for the length of the strike. 

The intersection is the location of MTV studios, where they were to appear on Monday's episode of "Total Request Live." 

Actor/singer/guitarist Black said the strike would end early one three conditions: if "The Complete Masterworks" goes platinum, if "hunger is solved" or if there is peace in Middle East. 

The duo made the announcement dressed in silver and white superhero costumes, with the letter "D" covering their barrel-shaped chests, white gloves on their hands and white capes tied around their necks. In addition to water and one red cell phone, Black quipped that they would bring one guitar into the glass box with them. "If we need extra nourishment, we will live off each others' rock." 

After the hunger strike, Black said the group will continue working on the long-awaited Tenacious D movie, "Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny."
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Let 'em riot. We're Sonic-f***in'-Death Monkey!

Dimebag Returns
siN's metal news had this press release: Elektra Records is proud to announce the construction of DAMAGEPLAN, the new band featuring Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul, formerly of PANTERA, who will be joined by vocalist Patrick Lachman and bassist Bobzilla. Rising from the ashes of one of heavy rock's most defining and essential bands, DAMAGEPLAN, promises to take things a step further, emphasizing the spirit of independence that has run through every facet of their huge career. 

PANTERA the heavy music juggernaut, has sold in excess of 13 million albums worldwide since their formation in 1990. Now, founding members Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul discover new brothers in arms, turn the proverbial corner, and get set to turn the music scene on it's ear. Patrick Lachman, formerly lead guitarist for Diesel Machine brings the vocal power and new bassist Bobzilla teams with Vinnie to anchor this monster. 

DAMAGEPLAN's debut album, New Found Power, will be released on February 10, 2004 and was produced by Dimebag and Vinne along with longtime collaborator Sterling Winfield.-Click Here for the Full Story

Panda Flaming Lips
Because it is a slow news day we bring you this gem from NME.com: THE FLAMING LIPS had to halt their BIRMINGHAM ACADEMY show on Friday night (October 31) after a dancing panda collapsed onstage.

The girl in the suit passed out during 'Lightning Strikes The Postman'.

In a posting on the band's website flaminglips.com, the girl known as Livvi said: "I passed out because it was so hot in the suits plus I hadn't been drinking much water. So really it was my own fault."

She added: "I didn't even know that I passed out and that I was carried up the stairs! But Wayne was lovely to me after the show so it made me very happy thank you thank you thank you!" . Click Here for the Full Story 

Linkin Park, Coldplay On The Silver Screen
Billboard reports: Upcoming DVD releases from Coldplay and Linkin Park will receive big screen premieres across the United States. 

"Coldplay Live 2003" will be screened Monday night, followed by "Linkin Park Live in Texas" on Nov. 17, in select Regal Entertainment Group theaters across the country. 

Coldplay will release its CD/DVD package Tuesday via Capitol. Taped in Sydney in July, the DVD boasts performances of 17 songs and a 40-minute tour documentary. 

Due Nov. 18 via Warner Bros., "Linkin Park Live in Texas" was captured during a stop on the Summer Sanitarium tour with Metallica , Limp Bizkit, the Deftones and Mudvayne. Shot Aug. 2 in Houston and the next day in Irving, the CD boasts 12 tracks while the DVD contains the entire 17-song set played at those gigs. 

The Coldplay showing will take place in 31 cities while the Linkin Park premiere will be seen in 40.
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Keep an eye out for the Linkin Park "Live in Texas:Rehashed" remix DVD to hit stores in about six months if this one sells well.

Clutch Get Signed
Blabbermouth reports: CLUTCH have reportedly signed a new record deal with the label headed up by former ATCO Records (a subsidiary of Warner Communications) and Roadrunner Records president Derek Shulman. The group will shortly be entering The Machine Shop studio in Hoboken, New Jersey with producer Machine (PITCHSHIFTER, HED(P.E.), VISION OF DISORDER) to begin recording the follow-up to 2001's "Pure Rock Fury", tentatively due in early 2004.  .Click Here for the Full Story 

That's one of those new automatic transmissions. All you have to do is put it in R, that stands for Real Fast and press down real hard on the gas! 

In Flames Complete CD
Blabbermouth reports: Sweden's IN FLAMES have posted the following update on the recording process for their new album:

"Hello all, now we are done with the recording of the upcoming IN FLAMES album, due out next spring. It took almost 7 weeks in total to record and the way we choose to do it was the most challenging, interesting way we've ever recorded an album.

"As you might know, we did this in Denmark, where we had found a house suitable for our purposes earlier this year. It was located just outside Fredrikshamn, so even though we were camped in the middle of nowhere, we had just a few minutes to reality..-Click Here for the Full Story 

Def Queen
Blabbermouth reports: DEF LEPPARD were joined by QUEEN's Brian May for a "rocking" version of the QUEEN classic "Tie Your Mother Down" during the finale of the band's performance at the London Apollo Hammersmith on Friday (October 31). Click Here for the Full Story

George Washington was in a cult, and the cult was into aliens man! I mean, did you ever look at a dollar bill man There some spooky stuff going on a dollar bill man, and it's green too! 

Taking Back Nokia
Press Release: Taking Back Sunday and Nokia have teamed up to provide fans direct contact with them on the road!  After the band had a little too much fun publishing their roadie's number in their tour journal, Nokia stepped in and provided a shiny, spanking new Nokia 3100 phone for fans to call to their heart's content.  If the band is not rocking, sleeping, or otherwise engaged, they will be taking calls at 214/263-6208 for the duration of their tour with Saves The Day! When the tour concludes in New York on November 23rd, the phone becomes the prize in a contest on www.altpress.com.
Watch their new video for "Your So Last Summer," featuring Flavor Flav, on MTV2 Hear the song on alternative radio across the U.S. and mark your calendars, Taking Back Sunday will perform on NBC's "Last Call With Carson Daly" on the evening of Wednesday, November 12th.  Open the attached file to read the killer review in the current issue of Rolling Stone, find out why "Taking Back Sunday should be ready for world domination."

Zinny Zan
Press release (reprinted exactly as submitted) FastLane Records unleash Zinny J Zan's newly reformed band Zan Clan and they're fisrt single 'Surrender' off of the FLR Cheap Trick tribute 'Tricked Out'. Zan Clan bring back arena power rock at it's finest. Zinny J Zan made his mark in the 80's with Easy Action and Shotgun Messiah selling 500,000 copies in the U.S. alone. Zinny laid-low until the millinium when he resurfaced with his first ever solo effort 'City Boy Blues'. But now the talented Swede has assembled his most potent, fierce line-up ever featuring hot-shot guitarist Chris Laney handling the leads as well as guitarist Pontus Norgen, bassist Eggy Egberg and skin basher J. Koleberg. 

This pure unadulterated AM/FM/TNT slice of radio bliss will be making it's mark on upcoming showa live at the Hard Rock Cafe in Stockholm, Sweden on December 5th, as well as a radio live in the studio feature at Rockklassiker 106.7 between 8 am/9 pm. A interview session will be held and a first time ever airing of 'Surrender' will be played over the airwaves, and a scheduled meet and greet from10 pm till midnight..for more information on this event please visit www.rockklassiker.se 

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