Borland Vs Durst

(Day in Rock) Wes Borland posted a Myspace Blog in responce to Fred Durst's "free style" song posting that took aim at Wes and he's recent comments that the Bizkit might be over. Here is part of what Wes had to say.

I am actually going to respond to you guys AND Fred. Here it goes:

It is a shame to have things once again come to head because of lack of communication between two people. Was I right to speak for everybody in Limp? Probably not. But I thought the fans deserved to know what was going on at least from my perspective. After years and years of dealing with each other, it seems that Fred and I still have not figured out how to keep it positive. I'm to blame, he's to blame. It sucks. We never talk. So, it's hard to ever know what's really going on. I still stand behind everything I've said. LB doing something is as much news to me as it is to everybody else. If Fred is making music, that's great, more power to him, but I wasn't aware. So, here we are now.[see full story for more] - Click here for the Full Story

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