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Guns N' Roses Reunion With Steven Adler Sidelined By Injury

(New Rock Times) Rock journalist and author Mick Wall says Guns N' Roses have a number of further surprises up their collective sleeves - but he won't reveal them as he has 'never been into spoilers.'

The veteran rock scribe, immortalised forever by Guns' mainman Axl Rose with a name check in the lyrics to 'Get In The Ring,' writes on his blog page that despite 'feeling like a douche' for not spilling the gossip, he doesn't want to ruin the fun.

One nugget of information which Wall does let slip is that Appetite-era drummer Steven Adler WAS poised to make a guest appearance on sticks before a last minute injury forced him to sit it out. "Steven actually was going to be there too but he hurt his back during rehearsals," claims Wall.

"They also told me some other things which I feel a douche for keeping to myself, but I've never been into spoilers. Why ruin the fun? This is the year when the fun is finally back to taunt us."

Had someone suggested that Axl, Slash and Duff McKagan would again reunite on the good ship GNR in 2016 then you'd have been forgiven for calling 'April Fools'. But on April 1, 2016, the trio did indeed united the musical clans, bury all the ancient beefs and take to the stage at the Troubador in Los Angeles. Read more here.

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Rolling Stones Banned From Performing At Exhibition

(TeamRock Radio) Rolling Stones have been banned from performing outside their exhibition opening at Chelsea's Saatchi gallery in London on April 5 (today). The rock icons are launching Exhibitionism, a collection of rare and unseen memorabilia spanning their 50-year career.

The Stones planned to play on the lawn outside the venue, but Keith Richards says locals in the affluent area overruled their proposal. Richards tells The Sun:

"There was a plan to do four or five numbers on the lawn but the Chelsea Residents' Association poo-pooed that. How generous of them. It would have only been four or five songs." Read more here.

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Corey Taylor, Geezer Butler, Matt Sorum Set For Rock Hall Event

(Classic Rock) Geezer Butler, Corey Taylor and many other acts will perform at a benefit concert to celebrate Deep Purple and Cheap Trick's enrolment into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

The Adopt The Arts benefit at Hollywood's Fonda Theatre on May 12 will also showcase performances from former Guns N' Roses members Matt Sorum and Gilby Clarke, Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith, The Cult's Billy Duffy, Sex Pistols' Steve Jones and Hole's Courtney Love.

The event will raise funds to promote arts education in US public schools. Deep Purple and Cheap Trick will be inducted into the 2016 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame on April 8 (Friday).

Concert host and former GNR drummer Matt Sorum says: "This isn't just about your kid who may or may not be in public school - this is about our community. A lot of entertainers and wealthy people in the entertainment industry don't know what is happening in America's public schools." Read more here.

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Latest News

AC/DC Should Just Stop Instead Of Replacing Brian Says Anthrax Star

(New Rock Times) AC/DC should either bring in Angry Anderson or simply 'just stop' if Brian Johnson is forced to hang up the mic says Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian. Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose has been heavily rumored to be at the top of Angus Young's wishlist to step in for Johnson who is reportedly struggling with hearing issues.

In an interview with Brazilian media he says:: "My personal opinion is, without Brian at this point, I think they should just stop. Why? Why? You're AC/DC. I don't think they need the money. It would be pretty hard to imagine that they still are out there working because they need money. But who am I to say? It's just my opinion. But I wish… If Brian is done, then I wish the band would stop. That's just my personal, sh*tty opinion.

"Anytime your heroes are not doing what they do anymore, it sucks," he sighs. "But I understand it too, at the same time. I don't wanna see my favorite band trying to be on stage when they're eighty years old and not being able to perform anymore. It was hard to watch Lemmy at the end. We played a whole bunch of shows with Motorhead in September of last year in the States, and then we did the Motörboat cruise with them again. And it was great to see them, but at the same time, you can't help but think, 'Lemmy really… he shouldn't be on stage anymore. He's having a hard time.'

"But you can't argue. 'Cause Lemmy wanted to be there. No one was forcing him to play shows. He wanted to be on stage; that was his life. But as a fan, you know, you just can't help but think, 'Goddamn, he should just go home and play the f***ing slot machines and just relax for a few years now. He's worked hard enough.' But that's what he loved to do, so you can't argue with that." Read more here.

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Infighting Delayed Led Zeppelin Release

(Classic Rock) Former Jimmy Page manager Peter Mensch has recalled how he was called in to break through Led Zeppelin's impasse over the release of Celebration Day and their remaster series.

And he says the resulting products were principally conceived by himself and Q Prime Management partner Cliff Burnstein. Led Zep gathered for the one-off Celebration Day concert in 2007, but the recording remained unreleased for five years after singer Robert Plant refused to take part in any further reunion shows.

Mensch says that the DVD, along with the Led Zep archive box sets which arrived between 2014 and 2015, were only approved after he'd taken a supervising role.

He tells Billboard: "The backstory on Celebration Day is that it wasn't coming out because they were fighting internally. Jimmy called me up and asked me to come back to solve the problems. It had been five years since I was last on the case. Celebration Day was all us, and those box sets were mostly Cliff's and my idea. They're structured the way I wanted them structured."

One moment in the process remains a career highlight for Mensch, while Celebration Day was being produced: "Jimmy needed someone to mix the record, so I brought in Alan Moulder. I'm watching Jimmy Page miming Kashmir as Moulder is putting the final touches on it. And that, for me, was like, 'F*** me!'" Read more here.

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Rob Halford Reveals New Judas Priest Album Timetable

(TeamRock Radio) Judas Priest aim to release their 18th album next year, frontman Rob Halford has revealed. They're gearing up to begin work on the follow-up to 2014's Redeemer Of Souls, which was their first studio project with guitarist Richie Faulkner, who replaced KK Downing in 2011.

Halford tells Full Metal Jackie: "We're going onto writing sessions very, very soon. I can't wait to get into the writing zone again - that's one of the most thrilling moments for me in Priest."

There's no set timescale for the project, but Halford adds: "There was already an extraordinary amount of ideas collected throughout that tour, so I'm optimistic we should have something, probably not by the end of this year, but definitely by the early part of next year." Read more here.

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Tom DeLonge Says He Knows 'The Biggest Secret On Earth'

(TeamRock Radio) Tom DeLonge says his UFO obsession will eventually lead to the unveiling of "the biggest secret on earth." The former Blink-182 man is working on a long-term project called Sekret Machines, which will include novels, non-fiction books, a documentary and music. The first novel in the series, Sekret Machines: Chasing Shadows, is released on April 5 (Tuesday).

DeLonge says the goal of the Sekret Machines project is to tell the true stories behind human encounters with UFOs and the US government's involvement.

He tells GQ: "This is a big deal. It's an extraordinary breakthrough to tell the world's biggest secret. And I really mean that. It is the biggest secret on earth about what we've found, the breakthroughs that we've had, and the steps that we've taken to deal with something very, very extraordinary that most people think is just science fiction

"Most people think it's much easier to ridicule this topic than to take it seriously. I said it in the foreword of the book and I'm here to say - It's true. It's all true. People are going to be shaken to their core when they find out some of the information I've been asked to communicate." Read more here.

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Deftones Streaming New Song 'Hearts/Wires'

(TeamRock Radio) Deftones have released an online stream of Hearts/Wires - the track that guitarist Stephen Carpenter didn't want to play when he first heard it. He revealed in February that he had negative feelings as they recorded eighth album Gore, which is released on April 8.

His words led to speculation that he was thinking about leaving the band, which he later shot down. Last week bassist Sergio Vega described the apparent disagreement as "bullsh*t."

Carpenter recently said: "In the beginning I wasn't too inspired by what was going on. The emotions tied to that statement was really all around one song called Hearts/Wires. Once I got over my BS about it and dug into it, I found a place where I like it and have fun. It ended up one I liked the most."

Deftones are currently touring North America before returning to Europe in June. They play London's SSE Arena Wembley on June 3 and at this year's Download festival at Donington on June 11. Stream the song here.

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Paul Simon Praises Disturbed's Cover Of 'The Sound Of Silence'

(TeamRock Radio) Paul Simon has given his seal of approval to Disturbed's cover of The Sound Of Silence. David Draiman and co covered the Simon And Garfunkel classic on latest album Immortalized and after last week's live performance of the track on Conan O'Brien's TBS show, Simon described it as a "wonderful rendition."

In a Facebook post, Simon says: "In case you missed it, Disturbed did a wonderful rendition of The Sound of Silence on Conan this week. The S&G cover also appears on Disturbed's latest album, Immortalized."

Draiman responded in a Facebook post on Disturbed's page, saying: "Humbled and grateful beyond words. Thank you so much Mr Paul Simon." Read more and check out the performance of the song here.

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Don Henley Announces Summer Tour Dates

(hennemusic) Don Henley has extended his tour in support of his 2015 album "Cass County" with the addition of a new series of European and North American summer dates.

Henley will begin the run with a June 20 show in Stockholm, Sweden as part of a 2-week European trek that culminates in a July 3 concert in London's Hyde Park.

North American dates will start July 13 in Penticton, British Columbia and run to the end of September. American Express Card Members can purchase advance tickets for many of the concerts beginning Tuesday, April 5 at 10 AM. local time. General public tickets will go on sale Friday, April 8 at 10AM local time.

Henley's fifth solo album, "Cass County" sees him joined by guests including Mick Jagger, Dolly Parton, Trisha Yearwood, Martina McBride and Miranda Lambert. See the tour dates here.

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Volbeat Wrapped Up Work On New Album

(New Rock Times) Danish rockers Volbeat are now putting the finishing touches on their sixth studio album. And to celebrate wrapped up the mixing on the as-yet untitled record the band have released video footage from the studio.

Posted on the band's Facebook page, Volbeat have been working closely with Joe Barresi, the American record engineer and producer who boasts a rock CV with bands such as Tool, Chevelle and Queens of the Stone Age.

Volbeat have yet to confirm a replacement for bassist Anders Kjølholm who left the group before Christmas but news is expected soon with the band scheduled to play the Coachella Festival in California on April 15 and 22. Watch the video here.

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Hang The Bastard Are Breaking Up

(TeamRock Radio) Hang The Bastard have announced they will split at the end of their current tour. The English band have a number of UK dates scheduled for this month and May and say they will perform a final farewell show in London later in the year.

They also say they'll announce a "short European run" in the coming weeks. Hang The Bastard say: "After nine years, 13 members and 17 bassists, Hang The Bastard are calling time. We'd like to thank everyone who has helped us out, put on shows, driven us, toured with us, recorded us and drunk with us.

"We will be playing the last of our UK shows over the next few weekends, followed by a short run in Europe and then headlining a stage at the Holy Roar 10th Anniversary show." Read more here.

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Down Are 'Far From Done' Says Pepper Keenan

(TeamRock Radio) Down's Pepper Keenan says that the band still has a future despite Phil Anselmo's 'white power' outburst earlier this year. Anselmo offered to quit his band after they were axed from this year's Fortarock bill in the Netherlands, due to his "white power" outburst at the annual Dimebash in January.

Keenan tells Metal Wani: "I don't know why there wouldn't be a future. You know, Down didn't do anything wrong."We were just guilty by association on that one. That was Phil's mistake."I've spoken to Phil and told him to get his sh*t together, and he is. He knows he made a mistake and was being stupid."

He continues: "I've known the guy most of my life. He's not what that whole thing framed him to be at all. But, yeah, there's definitely a future for Down.

"I wouldn't throw all the sh*t we've done, beautiful music we've done on one stupid moment that was caught on camera, and he apologized for. So we are far from done." Read more here.

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Jeff Beck Announces New Album, Book, New Tour Dates

(hennemusic) Jeff Beck has confirmed plans to release a new album and his first book this year. The guitarist will issue a new as-yet-untitled studio album on July 15, his first record since 2010's "Emotion & Commotion."

More details on the project will be announced soon. Beck will also publish his first book, "Beck01", on July 12 via Genesis Publications.

The limited-edition project explores Beck's passions for hot-rodding and rock'n'roll, and will be available in hand-bound leather and aluminum and personally signed by the guitarist himself. The package includes more than 400 rare and unseen photographs and items of memorabilia owned by Beck.

In sync with news of the forthcoming album and book are newly-announced dates for Beck's summer co-headlining tour with Buddy Guy. In addition to recently-announced shows in July, Beck and Guy have expanded the US run with more bookings in August, mixing up joint and solo dates for the guitarist. See the tour dates

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Zakk Wylde Became More Reflective By Playing Piano

(Classic Rock) Zakk Wylde says that playing piano on his upcoming album Book Of Shadows II inspired him to become more reflective when writing music. The record will launch on April 8, marking 20 years since the first Book Of Shadows was issued. The former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist previously hinted that the second volume would be more laid-back than its predecessor.

Wylde tells Billboard: "Depending on what instrument you're playing, it's going to inspire you to write that. You sit behind a piano, you're going to write more reflective-type stuff, whether it's Elton John, Neil Young-type stuff or Eagles, because that's what the instrument kind of dictates.

"You pick up a distorted guitar, you're gonna start writing riffs. I'll come up with song ideas and then I'll just catalog 'em. The lyrics are always last because you gotta find subject matter you wanna talk about." Read more here.

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King Crimson To Add New Material To Upcoming Tour

(Prog) King Crimson bassist Tony Levin has predicted that the band's autumn tour dates will include new music. Robert Fripp and co have 12 shows booked throughout Europe in September, kicking off with two sold-out appearances at the Waterside Theatre in Aylesbury.

The run will feature Jeremy Stacey as one of three drummers alongside Gavin Harrison and Pat Mastelotto, after Bill Reiflin decided to take a break from touring.

Levin tells UCR: "This year we'll rehearse a lot more before our touring. We'll add some more material, old and new, although I don't know what it is at this point." Read more here.

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David Gilmour To Play Rome's Circus Maximus

(Prog) David Gilmour has announced two shows at Rome's Circus Maximus this summer. He has added the two dates to his Rattle That Lock world tour - July 2 and 3 at Circus Maximus.

The Pink Floyd legend had recently also confirmed that he would be performing two nights at the Pompeii amphitheatre where Floyd played live in 1971.

Last week, Gilmour launched an animated video for his track In Any Tongue, taken from his latest solo album Rattle That Lock. Check out all of his upcoming tour dates here.

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Danny Worsnop Releases 'I Got Bones' Video

(Classic Rock) Danny Worsnop has released a video for his track I Got Bones. The song is taken from the We Are Harlot and former Asking Alexandria frontman's upcoming solo album The Prozac Sessions, which is expected to be released later this year.

A number of pre-order bundles for the album are available via Worsnop's website and he previously said he planned to offer it in four versions, each with alternative cover images.

He said: Every piece of artwork was so perfect that I have decided to use them all, which means there will be four versions of the album, all with different visuals.

"I am thinking of writing a couple more songs so that each version will have a different bonus track. I'm in Nashville now to talk to labels and find a home for what I've created." Watch the video here.

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Dark Funeral Streaming New Song 'Where Shadows Forever Reign'

(TeamRock Radio) Dark Funeral have made the title track from their upcoming album Where Shadows Forever Reign available to stream. The album is due out on June 3. It will be the band's first full-length since 2010's Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus.

Guitarist Lord Ahriman says: "I've said it before, but in case you missed it, I will say it again - we are back. And to prove that we're really back to reclaim the throne once and for all, we now have the privilege to let you all get a taste of what's to come in the form of the epic title track from our long-awaited masterpiece.

"Sit back, put your speakers on max and enjoy the ride through ancient realms so forlorn and cold, the majestic realm where shadows forever reign." Stream the new song here.

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KISS Release Preview For Movie Theater Event

(hennemusic) KISS have released a video preview of their upcoming May 25 worldwide cinema event screening of their 2014 Las Vegas residency show, "KISS Rocks Vegas."

Captured in concert at The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, the band have expanded the live performance with exclusive interviews and footage available exclusively in theaters next month.

"See us on the big screen with the awesome power of surround sound," says Paul Stanley. "Feel like you are in Vegas and don't be shy to 'shout it out loud!'"

A select number of cinemas will also be screening the concert in Dolby Atmos, providing a powerfully immersive and moving audio experience for the cinema audience. Watch the video here.

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3 Doors Down Wanted To Avoid Their Own Sound On New Album

(New Rock Times) 3 Doors Down deliberately tried to stray away from the sound which made them famous on their new record says frontman Brad Arnold. The Missisippi rockers have racked up album sales north of 20 million in their 20-year career.

But Arnold tells Music Times.com that the band made a conscious effort to make an album which was 'not another 3 Doors Down record.' Expanding on the band's decision to offer something different with their new album Arnold reveals a desire to avoid being pigeonholed as another factor.

"We always said that we'd leave ourselves a left turn, and we wouldn't pigeon hole our sound," he explains, "But after writing songs for so long, even unintentionally, you can start to get sort of the same sound happening over and over. We just really didn't want to do that again, and we just wanted something new. I always said you write what you long to play live, and when you play a lot of songs that get kind of similar you don't want to stand up there and play those songs over and over.

"When you have a good variety of stuff, it makes it a lot more fun to listen to and to explore new sounds. It makes it a lot more fun to get up there and play some different stuff." Read more here.

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Walter Trout Previews 'Alive In Amsterdam'

(The Blues) Walter Trout has released a trailer for Alive In Amsterdam, which is a live album recorded on his comeback tour following a liver transplant. It will be released on June 17 via Mascot/Provogue.

The album was recorded on November 25 in the Dutch city as he continued his recovery from a liver transplant and toured in support of his 2015 album Battle Scars.

Trout says: "We were rocking. If people are expecting a laid-back show, that's not what they'll get. This is potent stuff. That whole tour was kinda triumphant for me. Just to be back, after what I went through. But also to be playing with a renewed energy and commitment."

Alive In Amsterdam will be available in 3LP + MP3, CD and digital formats. Watch the trailer here.

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The Cult Release 'G.O.A.T.' Video

(hennemusic) The Cult have released a video for "G.O.A.T.", the latest track from their 10th album, "Hidden City." Directed by Juan Azulay, the clip was shot in and Miami, FL, including Little Haiti, Liberty City and the Everglades.

"The film depicts amateur mixed-martial-arts fighter Orlando Friol alongside his trainer and mentor Diego de Vera of Miami's Knockout Zone Gym," explains frontman Ian Astbury. "The song's title is an acronym for 'Greatest Of All Time'. We were tapping into The Cult's identification as cultural outsiders, revealing the mystique of a lone fighter who, through discipline and integrity, rises up against all odds."

Produced by Bob Rock, "Hidden City" is billed as the third and final installment in a trilogy of recordings that began with 2007's "Born Into This" and "Choice Of Weapon."

Rock previously worked with The Cult on 1989's "Sonic Temple", 1994's self-titled album, 2001's "Beyond Good And Evil" and 2012's "Choice Of Weapon." Watch the video here.

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Dan Reed Network Preview New Album 'Fight Another Day'

(TeamRock Radio) The Dan Reed Network have released a trailer for their upcoming album Fight Another Day. The record will be released on June 03 via Frontiers Music Srl. It is the band's first studio album in 25 years and can be pre-ordered now via iTunes and Amazon.

Mainman Dan Reed says: "It's been 25 years since our last studio album The Heat was released, and to be honest, I never envisioned making another DRN album despite countless people encouraging us to do so.

"The stars aligned perfectly to have it all come together and make this album, and to have Derek Shulman, who originally singed DRN to Polygram in 1987, once again being in our lives as our co-manager and A&R man, brings us full circle.

"As for the sound and approach of the album, the band and I thought it would be a great experiment and interesting challenge to revisit what endeared the band to so many back in the day and deliver a rock record with funk and soul elements, strong melodies, but this time around incorporate even edgier lyrics while not losing sight that this release needed to be uplifting, infectious, and most of all, powerful when performed live.

"The title Fight Another Day represents the fact that after 25 years we were able to gravitate back to the passion we discovered playing together all those years ago, and battle once more." Check out the trailer here.

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No Sinner Streaming New Song 'All Woman'

(The Blues) No Sinner have made their song All Woman available to stream. The follow-up to 2014's debut Boo Hoo Hoo is produced by Ben Kaplan, who has worked with artists including Biffy Clyro, Shakira, Gallows, Rise Against and Atreyu. It's due out on May 20.

Frontwoman Colleen Rennison says: "All Woman is a song by a bad ass chick and a fellow member of the 'zero f***s given' girls department named Cheryl Dilcher. Another member of this movement is my dear friend Demer Macintosh, who introduced this song to me.

"I figured that it was a stellar mission statement to start this album, and with the androgynous screams through the chorus and alpha-female lyric content, there was just enough irony and truth that is at the heart of No Sinner." Stream the song here.

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Diamond Head's New Lyrics Are Not 'Run-Of-The-Mill' Says Tatler

(Classic Rock) Diamond Head mainman Brian Tatler says he was blown away by singer Rasmus Bom Andersen's lyrics on the band's seventh album. The NWOBHM icons released their self-titled album last month, the first to feature Anderson on vocals. The Danish-born Londoner replaced Nick Tart in 2014.

Tatler tells We Love Metal: "What I really like about Ras' lyrics is that they are not cliched. He's done a great job. I love his melodies and the sound of his voice, but lyrically it's not run-of-the-mill, same-old same old."

The guitarist adds that he had no interest in recording a follow-up to 2007's What's in Your Head? until the band hired Andersen. Read his comments about that here.

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Mike Portnoy Explains Why He Doesn't Give Drum Lessons

(Prog) Mike Portnoy says he doesn't give his son Max drum lessons because he's 'not a good teacher.' Teenager Max is the drummer in Next To None and has followed in his famous dad's footsteps. But he goes elsewhere for drum lessons rather than getting regular instruction from the former Dream Theater man.

Mike Portnoy tells Metal Wani: "Max does go for lessons with somebody else, for two reasons. I'm not home consistently enough and I think it's important for any young drummer to get lessons consistently.

"The other reason is that I'm not a teacher. It doesn't matter how many awards I've won, it doesn't make me a good teacher." But even though Max works with another teacher, some of his dad's style does appear in his playing. Read more here.

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Ghost Announce Papastrello Wine

(hennemusic) Ghost have launched their own brand of wine, Papastrello, in their native Sweden. A 2013 vintage sourced from Verona, Italy, Ghost Papastrello is available now in Sweden at Systembolaget.

Billed as "an Italian red wine for the unholy moments of life" that "would pair well with roast meats, game and aged cheese as well as standing alone as accompaniment to after-dinner discussion, the band would like to inform you that it goes equally well with most rituals, wicker-burnings and other pagan activities."

"This wine is not holier than thou or myself," says Papa Emeritus III. "It's a good bottle to bring when you are about to sacrifice something sacred. It's fermented grapes with a nice label!" Read more here.

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