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Guns N' Roses Fan Killed, 29 Injured In Bus Accident

(hennemusic) A Guns N' Roses fan died and dozen of others were injured in a bus crash taking fans to see the group perform on Wednesday at their second of two concerts in Mexico City.

Excelsior reports 35-year-old Mauricio Ballesteros Zamora died after suffering head trauma and internal injuries, and 29 others were injured… three of them seriously.

The driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle on a wet roadway and the bus flipped; it is unknown at this time if excessive speed played a role in the accident.

Duff McKagan tweeted "I am extremely saddened to hear of the awful bus crash yesterday en route to our MC show. To the Zamora family...I have no words."

The band followed with their own tweet: "We in Guns N' Roses are shocked and extremely saddened to hear of the horrifying bus crash en route to our Mexico City show yesterday.

"Our thoughts and hearts are with the family of Mauricio Ballesteros Zamora. We are so very sad of your loss. We hope for a speedy recovery to the 29 other injured fans. God speed." It was signed "GN'R Axl, Slash, Duff, Richard, Dizzy, Frank, and Melissa." Read more and see video here.

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Blackberry Smoke Rescue Victims From Car Fire

Blackberry Smoke's Richard Turner along with bus driver Harry Wing and lighting director Chris 'Thumper' Hathaway rescued three people from a car fire on Tuesday morning (April 19th), according to The Boot.

Turner spoke to the site about the experience of rescuing a man, woman and "8 or 10 year old" girl from a Dodge Charger that had rolled over and landed on its roof on the I-10 freeway in El Paso, Texas early Tuesday morning.

"I thought we were stopping at a gas station or something," Turner said. "But, uh, we pulled over... There was a car flipped over right outside our window."

He continues, "Harry was off the bus first with a fire extinguisher, and Thumper was right behind him, and I was right behind him. I was on the driver's side, pulling at the door, trying to get it open, and Thumper was on the passenger's side …

"And he pulled three people out of that in the time it took me to figure out that I wasn't gonna get the door open on the other side. And the whole time, the car was on fire, and Harry was wielding a small extinguisher on it."

"If anything, Harry kept the car from burning everybody, and Thumper pulled three people out," Turner said, "If Harry hadn't stopped, those people would be dead, I'm sure of it." Read more details here.

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Latest News

Prince's Music Changed Duff McKagan's Life

Music fans from across many genres are mourning the passing of Prince, who died on Thursday at the age of 57. Many music stars have taken to Twitter and other social media sites to pay tribute to the multi-instrumentalist and hit maker. One star took it a bit further.

Guns N' Roses' Duff McKagan joined the music world in sharing his grief on Twitter with: "What do we do now? PRINCE. No. I hope you weren't in much pain...your music saved me time and again."

A short time later McKagan tweeted a link to a tribute to Prince that he wrote for his Seattle Weekly column back in June of 2011. In the article entitled "There's Taking Things to the Next Level, and Then There's Prince" Duff wrote in part, "Life can get overwhelming for all of us. There are blocks of time when--and even when you are ultra-aware of it and its reproductions--stress and tension and work and family obligations take us out of ourselves. Some of us have religion, yoga, exercise, and creative art to relieve life's weight. But sometimes we need a little something more. For me, seeing Prince play the Inglewood Forum during his multi-week stand was just what the doctor ordered.

"I have been a die-hard Prince fan since the early '80s. When Controversy came out in 1981, a punker friend of mine in Seattle demanded that I listen to it. Prince was unlike anyone else.

"When 1999 came out in 1982, the record transformed my insides. I was going through a tough break-up with my first real long-term girlfriend and was heartbroken. 1999 somehow became my psychiatrist, and I held on to that record for dear life as I slowly got my feet back under me.

"When Purple Rain hit, I was free and starting to take life by the balls. That record was the soundtrack to my life and gave me the confidence to move to L.A. at 19, with nothing more than belief in myself. Prince's music can do that." Find out what happened when Duff met Prince and more here.

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The Fall Of Troy Giving Away Download Of New Album

(TeamRock Radio) The Fall Of Troy have made their latest album free to download. Entitled 'OK,' the US outfit say they took the decision to thank fans for the support they've shown to the band over the years.

The group say: "This album represents hope - that things can be different, that the past doesn't have to always weigh on the present. We give this album to you now for free because we know that you deserve it.

"Rather than try to squeeze every penny from people who have given us opportunities beyond our wildest dreams, we wanted to give you a gift for all the gifts you've given us over the years." Read more here.

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Of Mice & Men Release 'The Depths' Live Video

(TeamRock Radio) Of Mice & Men have released a video of them performing The Depths - taken from upcoming live package Live At Brixton. The set was recorded at London's O2 Brixton Academy on March 25, 2015.

Live At Brixton is released on May 27 on 2CD and CD/DVD formats. An audio version of The Depths performance is also been offered as an instant download with pre-orders of the release.

Of Mice & Men play at this year's Slam Dunk festival in the UK and support Slipknot on an upcoming US tour. They are working on their fourth album. Watch the video and see the tour dates here.

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Blues-Rock Pioneer Lonnie Mack Dead At 74

(The Blues) Blues-rock pioneer Lonnie Mack has died at the age of 74, his record label have confirmed. He collaborated with Vaughan, Beck, Keith Richards, Duane Allman and many others

Active from 1963 until the early 2000s, he's credited with helping define the position of electric guitar in contemporary music, and acting as a leading light in the development of guitar solos.

Indiana-born Lonnie McIntosh came to attention with his 1963 instrumental singles Memphis and Wham!, influencing musicians including Jeff Beck and Stevie Ray Vaughan - who once called him "the baddest guitar player I know." Read more here.

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Former Motley Crue Singer Takes High Road Over Nikki Sixx Criticism

Former Motley Crue singer John Corabi has taken the high road in responding the critical comments made by Nikki Sixx about the making of the band's self-titled album.

Sixx made news this week with the comments he made in an interview with Sweden Rock Magazine, where he said in part of the album made with Corabi, "I've gotta tell you, I think it was a very unfocused record. It was painful for me, because John Corabi can't write lyrics, and I had to do all that work.

"It was the first time I ever had to work with somebody that wanted to participate in the lyrics. And my standard is so high that it was just… It was so hard, it took months... Usually, I write a set of lyrics in an hour. "

Once Sixx's comments made headlines, Corabi posted the following response on his Facebook page: "As my email, texts, and phone is blowing up over this, I'd like to publicly retort to this. 'Thank you to Motley Crue for the 5 years we had together. I'm extremely proud of the record we recorded TOGETHER!!!!

And your phone call to me asking to join your band, has honestly helped my career immensely. I have done everything since, MY WAY, under MY TERMS, and I'm happy knowing I haven't followed any trends, caved to any record label, and just basically been myself.

"I am who I am, I write the way I write, and I'm beyond happy being the person I am...I have nothing but mad respect for Motley, including Mr. Sixx...And wish them ALL the best with their future endeavors...

"I REALLY don't give a sh*t about any of this nonsense!!!! (This is it kids... Enjoy your day!!!)'"

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Megadeth Offshoot Act Of Defiance Announce Tour Plans

(TeamRock Radio) Act Of Defiance have announced a tour starting later this month. The band - which features former Megadeth pair Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover - play at the Manila Pulp Summer Slam in the Philippines on April 30 before a run of North American headline shows and some support slots with Hatebreed.

Broderick says: "Starting with the Pulp festival, it will be the first time Act Of Defiance will play on a different continent and I couldn't think of a better festival to start with.

"After that, opening up for Hatebreed and DevilDriver will be a great experience for us as both of those bands put on a killer live show and will be awesome to see live. I am also excited to do some more headlining shows in the US and Canada, meeting more of our fans, and making more friends. I hope to see you all out there." See the dates here.

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Freddie Mercury Lyric Notebook Being Auctioned

(Classic Rock) A notebook once owned by the late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury will head to auction this summer. Mercury died on November 24, 1991, from bronchial pneumonia resulting from AIDS.

It was in Mercury's possession for the last three years of his life and contains lyrics to 19 Queen tracks which featured on 1989's The Miracle and 1991's Innuendo.

Songs include Too Much Love Will Kill You and The Show Must Go On.The notebook will be auctioned by Bonhams on June 29 and has an estimated price of £50,000 - £70,000. Read more here.

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Underoath Hope To Make Reunion Permanent

(TeamRock Radio) Underoath say they are hopeful that their comeback will result in further tours and albums. The band split in 2013 and late last year hinted at a return, which resulted in a number of North American tour dates this year.

But while frontmen Spencer Chamberlain and Aaron Gillespie aren't revealing any firm plans, they are hopeful the reunion will be permanent. Chamberlain says the band were so tied to tight schedules before their split that it made them walk away from the industry.

He tells Alternative Press: "We wouldn't have got back together just to do a tour, I want to make that clear to everyone. Underoath is not back to just rake in a bunch of money and go, 'Peace out.'

"We decided that we're a family. There's no point to put an end to something, unless a member is dead or something like that has happened. Underoath is back together? Yes. Will there be more tours Probably, absolutely, 100% in my mind." Read more here.

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Diamond Head Streaming New Album Online

(Classic Rock) Diamond Head have made their self-titled seventh album available to stream in full. Mainman Brian Tatler says he is thrilled that heavy metal is still as relevant as it was when the band first found fame in the 1980s.

He tells Noisey: "I think heavy metal has stood the test of time, hasn't it? I always thought rock was a very loyal style. I got into rock when I was 13 or 14, and I still love it now and I can see that in other people.

"It's not like pop or a fad or a fashion, it never leaves you. You don't care a jot if it's not fashionable or people laugh at you. You love it because you love it. If you get into a band like AC/DC, you end up buying every single album and going to see them.

"I've probably seen them 12 times, I'm just a loyal fan. I don't think other styles of music have that kind of loyalty and when Diamond Head play live you don't get just 40-year-old guys with their arms folded standing there, you do get young kids going berserk at the front." Stream the album here.

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Tarja Turunen Releases 'No Bitter End' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Tarja Turunen has released a video for her track "No Bitter End." The song is taken from the former Nightwish singer's prequel record, The Brightest Void, which is due out on June 3. It'll be released ahead of the launch of her next full-length album The Shadow Self on August 5.

She said: "During the process of recording The Shadow Self, I realised that there were so many tracks, too many too dear to me, for just one album. So I decided to keep nothing for myself and to share all my favourite new songs with you.

"The Brightest Void gives more than a first taste of The Shadow Self. I hope the release of the prequel sweetens the wait until August and that you will like the songs as much as I do." Watch the video here.

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Issues Release 'Coma' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Issues have released a music video for their track "Coma." The song comes from the band's forthcoming record 'Headspace,' which is set to be released on May 20.

Issues underwent a lineup change last year after keyboardist Tyler 'Scout' Acord took a step back to pursue other projects - but he assured fans he would return to the band to write new records.

Frontman Tyler Carter said: "Scout's gotta get back to making beats, get that deal, get those placements. But this only means that the future of Issues could be a lot brighter than expected - because now my boy can really develop his sound more, and as we remember, Issues started with the development of Scout combined with metalcore, combined with pop." Watch the video here.

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Cage the Elephant Release Wild West Themed 'Trouble' Video

(Radio.com) The myth of the Wild West still captures contemporary imaginations, which is why Cage the Elephant stages their new video for "Trouble" in that very space.

The Kentucky rock band don their best gun slinging gear and head out to the desert to take on "trouble" in a trippy video that combines Have Gun Will Travel with a touch of Alice in Wonderland.

The video marks frontman Matthew Shultz's directorial debut. 'I really wanted to make a video that was like John Wayne or a young Clint Eastwood acting in a Cocteau Play or Ingmar Bergman's Wild Strawberry's [sic]," Shultz stated. 'A metaphorical journey that hopefully people could read between the lines" (via CoS).

That juxtaposition proves to be a psychedelic experience, mixing the washed out desert landscape with rich colorful characters and settings. In the opening moments, bassist Daniel Tichenor faces off against a gun toting bad guy, before making his way through an increasingly ethereal experience that includes clowns, ladies of the night and more.

"Trouble on my left, trouble on my right/ I've been facing trouble almost all my life/ My sweet love, won't you pull me through/ Everywhere I look, I catch a glimpse of you," Shultz sings on the chorus. As far as the video goes, trouble comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and possibilities. Watch it here.

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The Who's Roger Daltrey On When To Call It Quits

(Classic Rock) The Who's Roger Daltrey says he hopes he has the wisdom to know when the time is right to call time on his career. The frontman, 72, doesn't know for sure if the band's current The Who Hits 50 tour will be their last, but he is sure he doesn't want to compromise on his lively onstage performances.

Daltrey tells Canoe: "In our heads we want to go on as long as we can. And our bodies, you kind of physically know you're coming to the end of that type of show. That's not to say you can't play your music in different ways.

"But equally, our music, having got that energy and that kind of urgency that is within it, I'm not so sure whether I want to be involved with singing in that way. I don't think it's the kind of music you could ever cruise through.

"When you get to a certain age, that would be the only way you could do it. So I just hope I have the wisdom to stop when I feel that coming." Read more here.

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Amon Amarth Call On Fans To Help With New Video

(TeamRock Radio) Amon Amarth are asking fans to submit footage of them raising their 'rock horns' for an upcoming music video. The viking metal outfit wants fans to film themselves giving the traditional metal salute and the best ones will feature in the promo for the track Raise Your Horns, which features on current album Jomsviking.

The band had the following to say: "The video will include live clips of the band performing in multiple countries, plus you - the fans - raising your horns to Amon Amarth.

"Do you have a wall plastered with Amon Amarth and other metal posters? Did you just attend a live show or are going to one soon? Send us clips of you and your friends raising your horns to the band for a chance to be included in the video." Read more here.

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Van Halen In The Studio For 'Fair Warning' 35th Anniversary

(ITS) A new online episode of the syndicated radio show In The Studio celebrates the 35th anniversary of Van Halen's fourth album "Fair Warning". The show sent over the following details:

The upside/downside comparison of Van Halen's April 1981 album Fair Warning can probably explain why it is easily the band's most overlooked effort in the original David Lee Roth era. Pro: Fair Warning is the most Eddie Van Halen - dominated album until the mega-hit 1984. Con: as AllMusic.com's Stephen Thomas Erlewine nails it, "Fair Warning was the first Van Halen album that doesn't feel like a party." Pro: Two of the best rockers the band ever did are on Fair Warning, "Unchained" and the woulda-coulda-shoulda been big "So This is Love?". Con: those are the only two songs most people can recall from the album. Pro: Fair Warning sold over two million copies, a feat any band today would kill for. Con: at only a little more than two million sold, Fair Warning by comparison was Van Halen's slowest selling from the original foursome.

By 1982 Van Halen had become a series of contradictions: huge album sales, hundreds of thousands of concert tickets sold, yet their record label and producer were concerned over a lack of mainstream hits and a shallow well of songs. Creative frustration along with personal conflicts within the band would eventually lead to a post-David Lee Roth Van Halen.

InTheStudio host Redbeard revisits his conversations with Eddie & Alex Van Halen, plus original former member bassist Michael Anthony, about this critical period in Van Halen history.

Alex Van Halen says, " When you bare your soul and put your heart and soul into something, and (then) you give it to somebody else to kind of judge it, part of YOU is being judged... It can be very emotional... I watched while Eddie suffered relentlessly through making that album." Stream the episode here.

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Panic Room Crowdfunding New Live DVD

(Prog) Panic Room have launched a PledgeMusic campaign to help produce a live DVD. The band plan on recording their show at London's Islington Assembly Hall on June 18 for a future release. But to fully document the event, Anne-Marie Helder and co and looking to raise £25,000.

The band say: "We've released five albums now and been touring for eight years. But there's still one thing we haven't done - filmed a live DVD. So that's exactly what we're going to do this summer.

"We're a bunch of perfectionists, and we never want to give you anything but our best. But now in 2016, everything has fallen into place perfectly and the band are on fire right now.

"We've booked the Islington Assembly Hall in London - a Grade II Listed building with gorgeous Art Deco features, which we know will make an incredible backdrop for the Panic Room live DVD." Read more here.

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Candlemass Streaming New Song 'Death Thy Lover'

(TeamRock Radio) To celebrate 30 years of doom, Candlemass have announced that they are releasing a new EP called "Death Thy Lover" on June 3rd and Metal Hammer is streaming the title track.

Death Thy Lover is the first new release from Candlemass since 2012, and their first with new vocalist Mats Levén following the departure of Robert Lowe.

"We said we wouldn't record an album, but we had to release something for the 30th anniversary of Candlemass, so it became this EP," bassist Leif Edling tells Hammer. "Death Thy Lover is in a way a typical C-mass song and in a way not typical for us. The chorus is pretty poppy if I can use that word - I would never have imagined I would use a term like that to describe anything Candlemass - but the main riff is very metal and the opening is us going classic Anvil." Check out the song and read more here.

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Second AC/DC Tribute Band Singer Says He Auditioned For Band

(hennemusic) A second AC/DC tribute band singer has stepped forward to report that he auditioned for the Australian rock legends before they hired Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose to replace Brian Johnson on their Rock Or Bust world tour.

Following news that Daren Caperna of the Dallas, TX-based tribute band Back In Black was flown to Atlanta for an audition last month, Lee Robinson of Raleigh, NC-based Thunderstruck is now sharing details of his encounter with the group.

"I didn't sleep for like 3 days," explains Robinson after receiving the audition call. "I was studying the songs." On March 14, the singer hooked up with AC/DC at their Atlanta rehearsal studio and learned it was bassist Cliff Williams who discovered the Thunderstruck singer and suggested him as an option. "He hung with me the whole time," says Robinson. "Cliff found us on YouTube!"

Like Caperna, Robinson sang four songs before running through the full Rock Or Bust setlist, minus two songs. Once finished, guitarist Angus Young offered some words of encouragement to the singer.

"'Whatever happens,' he told me, 'you've got a helluva voice,'" said Robinson, still in awe of the moment. Read more here.

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AXS TV and VH1 Announce Special Prince Programming This Weekend

Prince fans can tune into Vh1 and AXS TV this weekend to view special programming. Both networks announced special broadcast following the tragic news of his death on Thursday (April 21st). We were sent the following details:

AXS TV will celebrate the life and legacy of Prince with a special programming lineup this Saturday, April 23 with a Prince edition of "Rock Legends" at 1 p.m. ET and the television premiere of the documentary "Slave Trade: How Prince Re-Made the Music Business" at 2 p.m. ET.

VH1 also announced a weekend long marathon of Prince's "Purple Rain" which began last night and continues through Sunday night. Immediately following the first airing of "Purple Rain," the network will air a block of his most memorable music videos. Throughout the following days, VH1's Sway will host news updates with artists' memories and fan reactions.

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Mothertongue Release Live 'Perfect Zero' Video

(Prog) Mothertongue have released a video featuring a live performance of their track Perfect Zero. The studio version appears on their debut album Unsongs, launched earlier this month via Bad Elephant Music.

The live cut was recorded at the Castle Hotel, Manchester, at the album launch event on April 8. It was produced and directed by drummer John Simm.

Bad Elephant say: "With its incisive, intelligent lyrics and first-class musicianship, Unsongs is unlike anything you will have heard in recent years. The music will lead you on a roller-coaster journey of acid jazz inventiveness that's a big heap of noisy and light, and also includes a lot of brass - because everyone likes brass, right?" Watch the video here.

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Iron Maiden's Nicko McBrain Inspired Bruce Dickinson To Fly?

(Classic Rock) Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain says he might have been the inspiration behind frontman Bruce Dickinson becoming pilot of the band's plane, Ed Force One.

And he wouldn't mind a go at the controls himself - if he's ever allowed. He won a pilot's license in the 1980s, but hasn't flown an aircraft in several years. Dickinson took up his own training in the 1990s and later worked as a commercial flight captain, before learning to manage the Boeing 747-400 used as Ed Force One on their The Book Of Souls world tour.

McBrain tells MusicFeeds: "I've got a twin-ray license, a multi-engine rating. The last time I flew was about 10 years ago - that was with Bruce, funnily enough.

"I pretty much did it to prove that I could, you know. I think Bruce was partially inspired by that. His mindset was that if the drummer could do it, he could!" Read more here.

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Zoax Release 'Roses All The Way' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Zoax have released a video for their track "Roses All The Way". The song features on their upcoming self-titled debut album - which is out on May 13 via Century Media.

Frontman Adam Carroll says: "This is one of our favorite songs that we have ever written and probably one of the most straightforward for us. The whole aim was to capture a track that everyone can jump around to from the word go.

"One of the most interesting writing ideas for us was creating a unique drum beat that is consistent throughout. The whole track is about being on the brink of being fed up and making mistakes, but always looking on the brighter side and not to dwell in the past all the time. Learn, move on, be a better person." Watch the video here.

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Neal Morse Band, Patrick Moraz Added To Yes's Cruise To The Edge

(Prog) The Neal Morse Band will return for 2017's edition of prog music legends Yes's Cruise To The Edge, while Patrick Moraz will make his debut appearance.

They're the first artists - alongside Argentinian outfit Bad Dreams - to be named for Yes's five-day festival aboard the Royal Caribbean Brilliance Of The Seas, which sets sail from Tampa, Florida, on February 7 next year.

Organizers for the cruise had the following to say: "We're pleased to announce Neal Morse's return. The band blew us all away with their amazing set last cruise in November." Read more here.

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Singled Out: Blue October's Home

Blue October returned with their new studio album "Home" today (April 22) and to celebrate we asked frontman Justin Furstenfeld to tell us about the title song. Here is the story:

Home was originally written as an instrumental piece on piano. Everywhere I went I would hear it playing over and over so I began to write words to the melody describing this new feeling of gratitude and pure joy. I'd never written anything not brutally honest so this for me was such an amazing experience to see that words and melodies with such heart and soul were pouring out. I truly feel that the opening line of the song is what got me started on recognizing that I had come to a place in my life that no matter what happened or what goes on around me I have the choice today to live like I mean it . " I'll smile if I want to, I'm not afraid I'm gonna flaunt it too, what a glow when you're living true ".

An unapologetic freedom to live is what I'd say started the fire of Home. As I reached deeper into discovering where I must've found this new found freedom I noticed that it was a direct result of the friends and family I have in my life. I just stopped and took note of each person and the little things that make them shine so bright. I believe that Home embodies a feeling that I'd been struggling to find my whole life both personally and professionally and when I finally found it I caught it like a firefly in a jar and took it home to watch it, study it and then write about it. Today I am grateful that I even have the capabilities to write passionately with such joy.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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