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Black Veil Brides' Wife Taken Away By FBI After Airplane Argument?

(TeamRock) Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack and his wife Juliet Simms were reportedly involved in an on-flight altercation which ended up with her being taken away by the FBI, according to TMZ.

The report suggest that Simms - who was a runner-up on the US version of hit show The Voice in 2012 - had been drinking in first-class on the American Airlines flight from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Los Angeles when she and Biersack got into an argument.

Witnesses say Simms was left with a bloody nose after being handcuffed by a US air marshal on the flight and that she caused the damage herself. When the plane landed, she was handed over to the FBI.

One witness, adult movie star Mary Carey, insists that Biersack was not physically violent with his wife and suggests she hit herself in the face. Read more here.

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Alien Ant Farm Star Guilty Of Fan Assault

(TeamRock) Alien Ant Farm guitarist Terry Corso has pleaded guilty to assaulting a fan at a gig in Chester, England. Corso, 44, admitted one count of assault by beating at Chester Magistrates Court. The incident at the city's Live Rooms venue on October 28 saw Corso jump into the crowd and punch Richard Newton after something was thrown on to the stage.

The Chester Standard reports that Corso's solicitor, Stephen Ferns, said that the band had urine thrown on them at a concert in Preston two days before the Chester show. And when what he thought was urine was thrown on stage at the Live Rooms, Corso reacted.

Ferns says: "Two days before in Preston someone threw urine at the singer and they all stormed off stage. Then in Chester Terry Corso had something thrown at him which he assumed was urine.

"He felt angry at that so he confronted the fan and ended up hitting him once. He regrets his actions and says he never should have jumped off the stage." Read more here.

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Historic Queen Recording Streaming Online

(hennemusic) Queen have issued a lyric video for "My Fairy King" which was recorded during Queen's live worldwide radio debut on the BBC in February of 1973 - five months before the release of the band's debut album and single.

The new video is the latest preview to the November 4 release of "Queen On Air: The Complete BBC Radio Sessions." "That's the first from Queen," said BBC DJ John Peel during the program, "and, as far as I know, this is the first broadcast the group's had, so it's nice to have them along."

"My Fairy King" was featured on the group's debut and gave guitarist Brian May and the band an idea of what frontman Freddie Mercury was capable of when building songs in the studio.

"This was the first time we'd really seen Freddie working at his full capacity," explains May. "He's virtually a self-taught pianist, and he was making vast strides at the time, although we didn't have a piano on stage at that point because it would have been impossible to fix up.

"So in the studio was the first chance Freddie had to do his piano things and we actually got that sound of the piano and the guitar working for the first time which was very exciting. 'My Fairy King' was the first of these sort of epics where there were lots voice overdubs and harmonies. Freddie got into this, and that led to 'The March of The Black Queen' on the second album and then Bohemian Rhapsody' later on."

The 2CD or 3LP sets of "Queen On Air" set present twenty-four recordings by the group between between February 1973 and October 1977, and includes include alternate versions of the band's debut single, 1973's "Keep Yourself Alive", among others.

A 6-CD Deluxe Edition box set adds radio interviews and live concert broadcasts from 1973, 1981 and 1986, as well as a booklet of rare photographs and sleeve notes. Check out the new preview clip here.

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Metallica's Best Album Is Still To Come

(Classic Rock) Metallica frontman James Hetfield says the band "haven't yet" made their best album. The thrash giants issue 10th album Hardwired… To Self-Destruct on November 18. And while they are pleased with how it has turned out, Hetfield insists the band continue to get better with every record.

At a Q&A with fans in Mexico, Hetfield says: "The next album is always going to be the better one. We haven't made our best record yet. We're continuing to keep improving ourselves as people, as musicians, as just human beings."

Asked why they took so long to follow-up 2008's Death Magnetic, Hetfield urges fans to keep up the pressure on the band to deliver an 11th album. He says: "It took a long time. People got mad. And I realised when we were playing the album for some of the journalists that it's such a great feeling to give birth to new music and how it makes other people feel made me feel good.

"So I don't know why we waited so long. Make sure we don't wait so long again, okay?" Watch the interview here.

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Avenged Sevenfold Frontman Slams 'Best Of' Album Release

(Metal Hammer) Avenged Sevenfold frontman M Shadows says a compilation album announced by their former label Warner Brothers was an attempt to "undercut our sales and confuse casual fans."

The band are locked in a legal dispute with Warner Brothers and last week sneak released their new album The Stage via their new label Capitol Records. But as rumors circulated that Avenged Sevenfold were about to reveal details of the new album, Warner announced a 2CD compilation called The Best Of 2005-2013, which is set for release on December 2.

A7X's 'deathbat' logo started appearing in cities around the world last month before Fozzy frontman Chris Jericho, in collusion with Shadows, posted fake details about Avenged's seventh album, saying it would be called Voltaic Oceans and that is would be issued on December 9.

Shadows says those rumors led to Warner's decision to release the Best Of and he adds that band have had no input on the compilation, which he describes as a "cash grab" on the part of Warner.

Shadows tells Metal Hammer: "They saw the tweet that Chris Jericho put up, assumed the record was coming out December 9, and tried to undercut our sales and confuse casual fans.

"We didn't find out it was happening until we saw it online. They're just trying to make a cash grab. The fans will figure it out, it's a viral world and people will know. Go on Spotify and make a playlist of those songs, it's easy." Read more here.

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Glenn Hughes Forced To Cancel Tour

(Classic Rock) Glenn Hughes has cancelled his upcoming European tour - blaming support act Living Colour's decision to pull out and back Alter Bridge instead.

Living Colour were due to play a widespread of string of dates in the UK and Europe as support to Hughes this month and next, starting in Leamington Spa on November 8.

But Living Colour pulled out of the shows with Hughes last month, saying there had been an "unforeseen conflict." They later announced they would support Alter Bridge on their European dates instead.

Now Hughes has pulled the plug on the entire tour, pointing the finger at an "undermining manager." According to Hughes' management, Living Colour's new management team "knowingly booked them on to the Alter Bridge tour although they were already confirmed for the Glenn Hughes co-headline tour, which had been on sale since April."

The statement adds: "Alter Bridge and Glenn Hughes have been long-time friends and neither Alter Bridge, their management and agents or even Living Colour's agent TKO were aware that this was taking place" Read more here.

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Danny McCormack To Play Live Shows After Leg Amputation

(Classic Rock) The Main Grains frontman Danny McCormack will perform the band's upcoming support dates with The Wildhearts sitting down after having his leg amputated.

The former Wildhearts bassist is recovering from surgery to amputate his leg below the knee as a result of complications from an aneurysm that he suffered last year. And while he is some way away from being fitted with a prosthetic leg, McCormack is determined he will be ready for the shows in December.

He tells TeamRock: "I will have to play these shows sitting down, but I will play them. We are rehearsing right now and sounding good. It will probably be four to six months before I'm walking again with a prosthetic leg, but it's going well and I can't wait to play live again."

McCormack is currently living in a hostel in Newcastle as he had to move out of his second floor flat. But he will get the keys to a new, ground floor apartment this week and will finally be reunited with his dog Shadow, who he hasn't seen for months as he's spent so much time in hospital." Read more here.

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Black Country Communion Eye Spring Release Of New Album

(Classic Rock) Black Country Communion aim to launch their next album in spring 2017, Glenn Hughes confirms. The bassist and vocalist says he's been writing the as-yet-untitled follow-up to 2012's Afterglow with guitarist Joe Bonamassa.

The supergroup's lineup is rounded out with the drummer son of late Led Zeppelin man John Bonham, Jason, and keyboardist Derek Sherinian, who has previously worked with Dream Theater and Alice cooper.

He tells Myglobalmind: "We actually started about six weeks ago as Joe was at my home for about a week of writing. We are starting another week of writing together where we will finishing writing BCC 4. Then we go into the studio in January and the album will come out May 20.

"It's such a focused thing. Joe and I are very excited about BCC 4. Back in April, when Joe and I were having dinner in Santa Monica, we talked about making this new album - and decided to really go for it as well as how now may be the right time to do the reunion. Certain things work at certain times. The love and support we have behind BCC are amazing." Read more here.

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Esben And The Witch Stream Full New Album 'Older Terrors'

(Prog) Esben And The Witch have made their fourth album Older Terrors available to stream in full ahead of its official release later this week. The follow-up to 2014's A New Nature will launch on November 4 (Friday) via Season Of Mist - but it can be listened to below in its entirety.

Rachel Davies, Thomas Fisher and Daniel Copeman previously reported the four-track album inspired by the "awe and terror" of the band's journey since the release of their debut album Violet Cries in 2011.

The band said: "Older Terrors was written and recorded over the course of a year in Berlin, our adopted home. We've spent eight years getting here, sweating on stages, holed up in studios and exploring all that which inspires awe and terror.

"The album features four tracks. In this digital age of music we wanted to create a collection that worked together but could also be separated, each track standing alone, carving its own path and telling its own tale.

"This record is dedicated to the sublime. To Edward Young's Night Thoughts, John Martin's apocalyptic visions, Caspar David Friedrich's forays into the forest and to the sparks of light that glimmer in times of utter darkness." Stream the album here.

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Cavalera Reacts To Sepultura Roots Korn Ripoff Claim

(Metal Hammer) Max Cavalera has called Jonathan Davis "childish" over his claim that Sepultura ripped off Korn on their Roots album. In an exclusive interview with Metal Hammer last month, Davis was asked how he felt about the influence Korn have had on other bands, and he said Sepultura's 1996 album Roots was a "blatant Korn rip-off."

Davis added that he had words with producer Ross Robinson, who he accused of taking Korn's sound and "giving it to Sepultura." Later, former Sepultura drummer Igor Cavalera admitted Korn did influence the sound of Roots, but his brother and Cavalera Conspiracy bandmate Max says Davis' comments make little sense.

He tells CKRL 89.1 FM (via Blabbermouth): "Korn wasn't the only reason we wanted to work with Ross. He had done a Fear Factory demo that I really liked and had a really raw sound. And he had done a Deftones song on the Adrenaline album that I really liked."

"Saying that is like saying Sepultura should be pissed off at Cannibal Corpse because they used producer Scott Burns. I'm not pissed off at Cannibal Corpse - I think they're great.

"Because we were one of the first that used Scott Burns, we should be mad at all the bands that use Scott Burns? That's childish. So he's just really being childish. And I really don't give a sh*t about Korn or anybody.

"We were very different from Korn, we have own way of playing and the songs are different. Everything is different. It's just the same guy that recorded both albums - that's the only similarity." Read more here.

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Testament Release 'The Pale King' Video

(Metal Hammer) Testament have released a video for their track The Pale King. The song features on the thrash veterans' 11th album Brotherhood Of The Snake, which launched last month.

Guitarist Eric Peterson, who wrote the music for the track, says of the promo: "Secret societies, unknown other worlds, and superstitions mark this, our 13th music video.

"We wanted to do a band performance video with abstract ancient alien visuals, which we are set in. I think it's easily one of our best so far, and it was a lot of fun to make and work with Nuclear Bast recent newcomer, director Tommy Jones."

Earlier this month, vocalist Chuck Billy gave TeamRock more details on The Pale King. "It's basically about an alien king, Anu, coming down and making humans what he wants them to be," Billy said.

"It came out pretty different to what Eric originally had in mind, but I write the lyrics so I turned it into the alien concept. Musically, like all of them, there isn't a regular pattern. Lot of different riffs and patterns together. But it works." Watch the video here.

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Metalocalypse Creator On Why Final Season Was Refused

(Metal Hammer) Metalocalypse creator Brendon Small has explained why he thinks his series never got its final season on Adult Swim. The show about fictional death metal outfit Dethklok first aired on the cable network in 2006. But Small's plans to wrap up the popular show were turned down by the channel in March 2015.

The move led fans to form Metalocalypse Now - a campaign to encourage Hulu and Adult Swim to co-fund Metalocalypse: The Army of the Doomstar - The Final Chapter.

But despite securing $2 million from backers, Adult Swim still passed on the opportunity. And Small thinks the campaign rubbed someone at Adult Swim up the wrong way - and that's why a final season was refused.

Small tells Loudwire: "There was no debate, there wasn't even a return phone call - it was a hard 'no.' It was about as hard as you can possibly get, which is kinda strange.

"Look, show business is show business - I can't really complain about it. What I need to do, what's important for me to live my creative life, is to stand back and look and go, 'Hey, I had a pretty good run at this show.'

"Someone was probably going to do this show before me and they were going to screw it up in some way, so I'm glad I got there first and I'm glad I did it the way I thought it needed to be done, so I'm lucky." Read more here.

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Lacuna Coil Song Covered By Marching Band At College Football Game

(Metal Hammer) The University of South Carolina's marching band covered Lacuna Coil track Zombies during a football game this past weekend and video of the performance has gone online.

The song featured on the group's 2014 album Broken Crown Halo, with the university band playing it during the half-time interval at the South Carolina v Tennessee football game at the weekend.

And Lacuna Coil have revealed they were delighted at the marching band showcasing their track. They say in a statement: "This is the best thing we've seen in a long time. The marching band from University South Carolina covered our song Zombies in the craziest version ever during half-time of the USC Tennessee." Watch the performance in the video here.

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Motionless In White Fan Sourcing 'Graveyard Shift' Album Art

(Metal Hammer) Motionless In White have announced a competition to fan-source the album artwork for their forthcoming album, Graveyard Shift. The Pennsylvanian outfit have teamed up with art community website Creative Allies to offer one lucky fan the chance to design the official cover art for the follow-up to 2014's Reincarnate - which is due out in winter 2017. The winner will also be given a $2000 cash prize and a round-trip ticket to attend a private listening of the album with the band.

Motionless In White will also select 24 designs to promote their album in the run-up to its launch. Each will be awarded $150 and artists will be credited for their work.

Chris Motionless says: "We tried to come up with an album title that represented something about the band that we're most proud of - that's been our unwavering dedication, passion and work ethic for what we do. We treat this very seriously and as time has gone on we've became more and more passionate about it - what it is to be a band, create music and put forth our form of art.

"I feel like it's now less about our own personal accomplishments, more about coming from a place of respect, admiration and mutual understanding for people who share that dedication and drive. People are out there busting their ass and shovelling sh*t to basically survive or chase their dreams." Read more here.

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Monster Magnet Reveal New Album Plans

(Classic Rock) Monster Magnet have announced that they'll hit the studio this month to begin work on their next studio album. They launched ninth album Last Patrol in 2013 and remixed it as Milking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of Last Patrol in 2014. They then remastered 2010's Mastermind and put it out as Cobras And Fire last year.

But vocalist Dave Wyndorf says they're ready to begin work on an album of fresh material - and he hopes to release it next summer. He tells Sofia Live: "I know that the last couple of records just sound like some weird old man is whispering into a microphone in your ear, but what am I gonna do? That's the way I felt.

"You have to write the music that you feel or you can't pull it off. It's funny, because the one that I'm writing right now - we're just about to go into the studio in November - this is full-ahead rock.

"It's a little bit of a shorter album - 10 songs, full-ahead Detroit-style, early 70s, MC5 and Stooges type of rock. I want to see if that makes any difference to the fans.

"It still sounds like Monster Magnet, of course, but it's a little less on the psychedelic side and little more on the power rock side." Read more here.

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Dee Snider Apologizes For Cannibal Corpse Comments

(Metal Hammer) Twisted Sister's Dee Snider has apologized to Cannibal Corpse for calling their debut album "vulgar and disgusting." Snider was discussing censorship when he recalled how he was outraged when he first heard Cannibal Corpse's 1990 debut Eaten Back To Life.

But after later being called out on Twitter by former Cannibal Corpse singer Chris Barnes, Snider backed down and apologized. Although he faced up to censorship when he famously took on the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center) in the 1980s, Snider said that Cannibal Corpse took things too far.

Snider told Noisy: "I once threw a record into the garbage - Cannibal Corpse's first record. I was disgusted, because, to me, it wasn't being artistic in any way. It was being vulgar and disgusting just for shock value." here.

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Black Peaks Announce Winter Tour

(Metal Hammer) Black Peaks have announced a headline tour of the UK and Ireland. The dates will take place in January and February and come after they play in Brighton on December 10 with Krokodil, Bossk and Press To Meco.

The band say in a statement: "We are massively excited to bring you our largest UK tour to date. We have had an absolutely amazing year after putting out our debut record Statues and figured it was about time we came back to see all your lovely faces. We are going to be bringing with us some of the UK's most exciting bands so stay tuned for that!"

Speaking to Metal Hammer earlier this year about life on the road, frontman Will Gardner said: "There's pressure to be out there playing shows - but we love that, and I think that's the only pressure we really feel."

Black Peaks were in the studio for 14 days putting the finishing touches to Statues, but Gardner also revealed that when the time comes to record their second album, he'd like more time to experiment with different sounds.

He said: "On the next record it would be nice to have three weeks or a month in the studio and have more time playing around with percussion, bring a string section in - any of those kind of things.

"We always think quite big with our writing. We're quite proggy with our approach." See the tour dates here.

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Devin Townsend Reveals Casualties Of Cool Inspiration

(Prog) Devin Townsend speaks about the "unrelenting horror" which inspired his folk project, Casualties Of Cool. The Canadian maestro says he swayed towards Americana-fused music while jamming alone at night in the latest episode of the Dunlop Sessions.

He says: "Personally, I was so overblown with work at the time. I was doing Deconstruction, which is tons of angular arpeggios. It was exhausting mentally, so I would go home at night and just play a Telecaster and revisit the more Americana vibe.

"It was always in the middle of the night that I had the opportunity to do it. Then, as a result, I had the idea of the moon and a mixture of this folky thing - but underneath the surface, there's this unrelenting horror. it seemed like an appropriate theme."

He recalls reaching out to singer-songwriter Che Aimee Dorval to work on the country-folk record, which they recorded separately.

He adds: "It was totally detached, which ultimately defined the sound of that album. There's these shadows, this element of haunting and death, we're together yet we don't interact. I like that cusp of it being something to listen to when you're chilled out - but if you're not careful, it's gonna bite you." Watch the video here.

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