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Blink-182 Will Soon Be Releasing New Songs

Blink-182's Travis Barker says in a new interview that the band are gearing up to record some new songs for a deluxe edition of their latest studio album "California".

The original version of the album was released back in July and was the veteran group's first release to feature Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba taking over for Tom DeLonge.

Barker now says they are expanding the effort. He tells Radio X, 'We're actually gonna get back in the studio in a couple of weeks and work on the deluxe version of California, which will include some songs nobody's heard yet."

Barker also revealed to the radio station that he will be traveling via a cruise ship to the UK for their upcoming dates. He was involved in a fatal plane crash in 2008. Read more here.

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Metallica Land Three Songs Simultaneously On The Charts

(hennemusic) Metallica have scored the rare feat of landing three songs simultaneously on the US charts, according to Billboard. "Atlas, Rise!", the latest single from the band's forthcoming tenth album, "Hardwired…To Self Destruct", debuts at No. 22 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Songs airplay chart.

The tune joins previously released tracks "Moth Into Flame" at No. 6 and "Hardwired" at No. 23, marking the first time that an act has charted at least three songs on Mainstream Rock Songs simultaneously since Metallica last did it in 2008 with tunes from "Death Magnetic" including "The Day That Never Comes" (No. 1), "Cyanide" (No. 35) and "My Apocalypse" (No. 40).

Due November 18, the two-disc "Hardwired…To Self Destruct" was produced by Greg Fidelman, guitarist James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich. Check out the official videos for all three charting songs here.

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Rolling Stones Film To Hit Movie Theaters

(hennemusic) The Rolling Stones have announced that they will debut their 2016 tour documentary, "Ole, Ole, Ole A Trip Across Latin America", in nearly 300 US theaters on December 12.

The project captures the group's road trip across 10 Latin American cities, combining live performances with behind the scenes footage as it culminates in the historic tour finale with a historic free gig in Havana, Cuba before 1.2 million fans.

The trek marked the Stones' first in the region since 2006's A Bigger Bang Tour. In addition to the film, the December 12 event will also features an exclusive introduction from the band and two full-length bonus performances from the Argentinian shows. Read more and see the trailer here.

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Foo Fighters Announce More 2017 Live Dates

(hennemusic) The Foo Fighters have announced two more festival dates for a 2017 summer tour of Europe following the news earlier this week that revealed their first live show of next year.

Following word that the band will perform at the NOS Alive festival in Passeo Maritimo de Alges in Lisbon, Portugal, on July 7, comes news that they will play Poland's Open'er Festival on June 29 and Spain's Mad Cool Festival on July 6.

The Open'er event at Gdynia-Kosakowo Airport will also feature Radiohead as headliners, with early bird tickets now on sale. Running July 6-8, the Mad Cool Festival in Madrid will see Green Day among the headliners, with tickets going on sale November 14 at 10:00 AM local time via the event's website.

The Foo Fighters return from a planned hiatus is slowly being unveiled on a new website at foofighterspassport.com, which features a clickable passport over a satellite map of Europe. here.

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Ozzy Osbourne Television Series May Continue

(Classic Rock) Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne reveals that says he and son Jack could potentially film another season of their History Channel series "Ozzy & Jack's World Detour."

The program, which aired in the summer, saw the pair travelling the world while Ozzy indulged his passion for history. Now Ozzy says they might return for another series after his veteran band wrap up their The End Tour in Birmingham next February.

He tells Houston Press: "I'm looking forward to my bed, spending time with my dog, Rocky, and, of course, my family. I will have a few weeks to rest and then there are talks about filming a second season of Ozzy & Jack's World Detour with my son, Jack."

When asked what the secret is to Black Sabbath's long-lasting appeal, he replies: "I don't know, but I am sure glad we have a draw. When we started, we had no idea that we would last five years, let alone 50 years.

"We have the luxury of being able to decide when to call it a day. We wanted to leave on a high note." Read more here.

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Maynard James Keenan Says Tool Album Delay Isn't Laziness

(Metal Hammer) Maynard James Keenan insists he isn't being lazy when it comes to working on Tool's next album. The band are working on the follow-up to 2006 album 10,000 Days, with fans increasingly desperate to hear new music from Tool.

Responding with apparent annoyance to a question about the new album's status, Keenan tells the Wall Street Journal: "We're working on it. Do I appear to you to be a lazy person who doesn't want to get that done? I really love Led Zeppelin, and it's a shame they're not making more records, more records. But I got up this morning without any problem."

Keenan goes on to compare new Tool music to his other job as a wine maker, saying: "If the fruit's not ready, I can't pick it. If it's not ready I move on to something else." Read more here.

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Kate Bush Was Terrified About Live Return

(Prog) Kate Bush has spoken for the first time about her 2014 comeback shows and says she was "terrified" at the prospect of performing live again. Her run of 22 nights at London's Hammersmith's Apollo were Bush's first full live performances since 1979.

And she says she was particularly nervous about forgetting her lines midway through a song. Bush tells the BBC: "I was terrified. The idea of putting the show together was something that I found really interesting and really exciting. But to actually step into it was something that I had to really work hard on because I was terrified of doing live work as a performer again.

"I was really nervous every night as a performer, but had complete faith in everybody on the stage, everybody in the team, all the sound guys.

"The most difficult thing for me was to be continually in the now because I naturally tend to race ahead in my mind. I think maybe it's that kind of primeval thing where you're trying to think, 'Can I get to that tree before the tiger gets me? Will I be able to get up high enough?'" Read more here.

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Avenged Sevenfold Switched Labels For Creative Focus

(Metal Hammer) Avenged Sevenfold switched record labels because they wanted to protect their artistry, Zacky Vengeance says. The band are locked in a legal dispute with Warner Brothers over a contract breach. Last month, they sneak released their new album The Stage via their new label Capitol Records.

The guitarist says they jumped ship because they wanted more room for creativity on the follow-up to 2013's Hail To The King - and didn't want to be "weighed down" by the business side of music.

Vengeance tells Full Metal Jackie: "To be honest, we never, ever let business weigh down the creativity of this band. In fact, the reason we have switched labels is because we put our artistry first and we wanted to be somewhere that cared about our vision.

"When we hear our fans say that we helped save their life, or somebody who's terminally ill comes to us and wants to meet us as one of their last wishes, it means a lot more to us than us being a profit-and-loss statement. So we had to find a home that agreed and wanted to be a part of it."

He adds: "As you can see, with all the things that we've been up to and doing and the songs on the album, an eight-and-a-half-minute single, a 15-minute song - Capitol Records just truly respect the artistry. That's where our heads have been. We've never, ever let the business stuff weigh us down." Read more here.

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Black Sabbath's Geezer Butler Not Looking Forward To Retirement

(Classic Rock) Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler says his life will be "very empty" when the band retires next year. Their final US shows take place this week as their The End world tour moves towards its closing shows in their home city of Birmingham, UK, in February.

Asked what Black Sabbath's legacy will be, Butler tells Austin360: "It will be bittersweet. It's been a great achievement lasting so long and still being relevant. It's something to be proud of - but my life will be very empty without the band. I hope our music will be around for a very long time after we've gone."

He says of signature track Black Sabbath: "The riff is very dark and brooding, but the lyrics are warning against the darkness." Read more here.

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Sepultura Release New Song 'I Am The Enemy'

Sepultura have released a new digital single entitled 'I Am The Enemy'. The song comes from the group's forthcoming album "Machine Messiah," which is set to be released on January 13th.

Andreas Kisser had the following to say about the track, "The song 'I Am The Enemy' was one of the last songs we worked on before going to Sweden to record the album, it's really simple and straight forward with a strong influence of the hardcore scene of the 90's.

"The lyrics talk about ourselves as human beings, with concepts and pre-concepts implanted in our heads through education, religion, the environment and all of our own experiences. We are the problem and the solution, do not blame anything or anyone else but yourself, you are your own enemy. Face yourself, rethink your life and then you'll have a chance to make a better world for yourself.

We are playing the song live already and the reaction is being amazing, now you all have the chance to listen to the album version, play it loud!" Fans that pre-order the digital version of the new album will get an instant download of the single. Stream the song via Spotify here.

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Pain of Salvation Announce New Album 'In the Passing Light of Day'

Pain of Salvation have announced that they have set a Friday the 13th release date (Jan 13, 2017) for their new studio album which will be entitled "In the Passing Light of Day."

The new album comes following Daniel Gildenlow's nearly fatal battle with Necrotising Fasciitis ('flesh-eating bacteria') in 2014. He had this to say, "What started off as an annoying infection has, in just hours, suddenly pivoted into the very real possibility of my actual dying."

He then adds, "This album also shows the beauty of the transition, of the inevitable. And of the hope of a tomorrow, the hope of change, no matter how frail and naive that hope may be."

The band has released a teaser clip here. According to the announcement that album will be released in various formats including a "special edition 2CD Mediabook (including expanded 48-pages booklet, several in-depth texts by conceptual author Daniel Gildenlow, demo material & band commentary tracks), standard jewelcase CD, gatefold 180g 2LP vinyl plus album on CD as bonus & digital download." See the tracklisting here.

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Okilly Dokilly Release 'White Wine Spritzer' Video

(Metal Hammer) Ned Flanders-themes metal band Okilly Dokilly have released a video for their debut single White Wine Spritzer. Inspired by the clean-living character from hit TV show The Simpsons, Okilly Dokilly will release their debut album Howdilly Doodilly on November 11. They say it features 13 "full blown Heavy Nedal tunes."

The five-piece say the that 75% of lyrics on the album consist of quotes from the left-handed pillar of the Springfield community - and it was recorded in Mesa, Arizona, in May of this year.

In the video for White Wine Spritzer, the band gang up on one of their own when he turns his nose up at a refreshing alcoholic drink. On the album, lead singer Head Ned previously said: "When we recorded Howdilly Doodilly, our only goal was to make a record that was really brutalino." Watch the video here.

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Bullet For My Valentine Reflect Back On Difficult Poison Days

(Metal Hammer) Bullet For My Valentine have recalled the disastrous studio sessions with Garth Richardson that saw them living on "one boiled egg a day." The Welsh metal outfit were recording their now classic debut album The Poison with producer Colin Richardson at Chapel Studios in England when their record label Visible Noise asked them to travel to Canada to record singles with renowned producer Garth 'GGGarth' Richardson.

Both excited and terrified by the prospect, the young band found themselves in financial dire straits in Canada, barely having enough money for food. They were also stunned by GGGarth's work on the songs - and not in a good way.

Frontman Matt Tuck tells Metal Hammer: "Garth is a lovely guy, but his vision wasn't for us. He was making us record with the engineers, then he'd take it and f*** with it, and then play it back and have all these crazy delays on the vocals.

"I don't know whether he was smoking too much weed at the time, but it just wasn't working. We were basically left there to fend for ourselves as well. We didn't have a car, him and his staff were living in this huge house, and we were in this shed in the back garden."

Guitarist Michael 'Padge' Paget adds: "We started to run out of money, and we were eating a boiled egg a day. There was no budget for food. Garth was taking our songs to a completely different place. It was like, 'What are you doing? This is our baby!' So it started unfolding pretty bad. Tensions were high because everybody was hungry and away from home." Read more here.

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Mastodon's Brann Dailor Talks Seth Meyers House Band Gig

(Metal Hammer) Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor says his guest stint as the house drummer on Seth Meyers' late night television show took him out of his comfort zone.

Dailor filled in on drums with the 8G band on Late Night With Seth Meyers earlier this year and he says that while it required discipline on his part, he did cut loose a little when the cameras were off.

Dailor tells Metal Hammer: "I loved that. I was kind of nervous at first, the first show was nerve-wracking because I've never done anything like that. With Mastodon it's one song - one you know. But this, you play the theme and you write the little bits for people to walk on and you write everything that day.

"You know, they play a couple of seconds before, 'Ladies and gentlemen, Bernie Sanders.' You do your thing and wait for him to sit down before you end it.

"It was a really cool experience. The people on that show are cool people. It was a lot of fun to do something way out of my comfort zone." Read more here.

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Lucid Fly Stream Full New Album 'Building Castles In Air'

(Prog) US dark proggers Lucid Fly are streaming their new album "Building Castles In Air" with Prog. The band, who were handpicked by Mike Portnoy to appear on his Progressive Nation At Sea cruise in 2014, are streaming the full new album.

The band, who have been likened to A Perfect Circle, Karnivool and Riverside, say, "Finishing Building Castles In Air is by far the biggest thing that we've ever pulled off as a band. Our goal was to create an full-length album, even though it seems like a trend to release singles and EPs. To us, a full album is that thing that defines a band, that complete package with the artwork and around 10 songs of music that were all created and released as a unit, and belong together and represent a moment in a band's creative path.

"In a way, we've been building up to this moment since we started playing music together. It's like we're meeting the world for the first time and can't wait to introduce ourselves." Stream the album here.

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The Moody Blues' John Lodge Added To Cruise To The Edge

The Moody Blues icon John Lodge has been added to the lineup for next year's Cruise To The Edge which will be taking place on February 7-11, 2017. We were sent the following details:

Coming off his first solo tour in the UK this September, Lodge's "10,000 Light Years Band" will accompany him aboard CTTE for exclusive performances and other events featuring the band. CTTE will be the first opportunity for fans to see Lodge and his mates "live" in the U.S.

Lodge and his band will be performing hits from The Moody Blues such as "Ride My See-Saw," "Candle of Life," "Isn't Life Strange," "I'm Just a Singer (In a Rock and Roll Band)," "Steppin' In a Slide Zone," "Peak Hour" and a treat or two from Blue Jays, plus songs from his critically acclaimed solo album, 10,000 Light Years Ago, which includes the single "In My Mind" and earned the iconic artist an "Anthem of the Year" nomination at the 2015 Prog Magazine Awards. Read more

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Arcade Messiah Stream New Song 'Revolver'

(Prog) Arcade Messiah, John Bassett's heavy offshoot from KingBathmat, are streaming their brand new track "Revolver" with Prog. It comes from their third album, Arcade Messiah III, which will be released on November 25.

The mostly instrumental project combines progressive metal with post rock, sludge and sludge, doom and stoner rock. Says Bassett, "Arcade Messiah III has certainly been a labour of love for me, never before have I refined a record to the degree that I have done with this album.

"I incorporated many new production techniques and have learned a lot from the experience of putting this record together. I'm very excited to release this out into the wild." Stream the song here.

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Einherjer Release Animated 'Ballad Of The Swords' Video

(Metal Hammer) Einherjer are celebrating their debut album's 20th anniversary with the released of an epic, Costin Chioreanu-animated music video for the song
"Ballad Of The Swords."

Recorded in Bergen's renowned Grieghallen studios in 1996, Einherjer's debut album, Dragons Of The North, quickly became a worthy addition to the Viking metal canon. Melodic, stirringly mid-paced and steeped in the lore of the band's native Norway, it charted its own course between blackened grimness and and more jaunty folk embellishments with steely determination.

Rather than simply reissuing it to celebrate its 20th anniversary, Einherjer have chosen to re-record the album in full, adding more depth, texture and opportunity for in-the-moment marvelling. Dragons Of The North XX is released on November 25 via Indie Recordings and we have a special and exclusive preview in the form of an animated video for the track Ballad Of The Swords.

Drawn and directed by in-demand artist Costin Chioreanu its depiction of a Viking burial, ascension and encounter with the Norse gods ties in closely with the band's own moniker, taken after the term for slain warriors on their way to Valhalla. It's a fitting theme for the song too, whose lament reaches towards the epic without undue haste for its exhilarating payoff. Watch it here.

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Lonely Robot, Touchstone and Ghost Community For Trinity Live

(Prog) Lonely Robot, Touchstone and Ghost Community are the first acts to that have be confirmed for next year's Trinity Live event, in association with Prog.

The charity all-dayer will be held at The Assembly in Leamington Spa on May 27, 2017 and will raise money for three cancer charities: Cancer Research UK, Teenage Cancer Trust and Macmillan Cancer Support.

"John Mitchell's Lonely Robot will be headlining and he's planning a full show with special guests and all the props," says Touchstone's Adam Hodgson, who's one of the organisers. "It'll be the first public performance of the new material so will be really special and we're going to film it all as well."

The idea for Trinity Live came about in 2014. It was originally planned as a triple-headliner tour for Magenta, Touchstone and The Reasoning but was rescheduled as a one-day fundraiser when Magenta vocalist Christina Booth was diagnosed with breast cancer. The original event raised £12,000 for cancer charities, which the team hope to smash next year. Read more here.

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