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Rush's Alex Lifeson Reportedly Addresses New Band Rumor

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson has reportedly addressed the rumors that he and Geddy Lee are contemplating starting a new band together without acclaimed drummer Neil Peart.

Lifeson reportedly spoke with Donna Halper, who was a radio DJ that helped the band early in their career, according to a report by the website Society Of Rock.

They published the following quote from Halper (a source of the quote was not mentioned). "I asked him about the online rumors and he told me there's no Lee/Lifeson collaboration in the works. Both Geddy and Alex keep in close touch, of course, but both are very busy with their own projects.

"And neither has any plans for forming a band or touring or anything like that in the immediate future. As Alex just told me, the rumors are only rumors. And now you know … the rest of the story, direct from Alex himself."

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U2 Premiere Their New Song 'The Blackout'

(hennemusic) U2 are streaming a live video for "The Blackout", as the latest preview to their forthcoming album, "Songs Of Experience." According to U2gigs.com, the clip was covertly filmed by director Richie Smyth at Amsterdam's Westerunie venue on July 28 during the European leg of the band's Joshua Tree 2017 tour.

U2 previously debuted "The Little Things That Give You Away" from the record during an appearance on ABC-TV's Jimmy Kimmel Live in May. The band will share more details about the follow-up and companion set to 2014's "Songs Of Innocence" when they release the project's official lead single, "You're The Best Thing About Me", on September 6.

Currently on a break following the European run, U2 will resume the North American leg of their 30th anniversary tour of "The Joshua Tree" on September 3 in Detroit, MI, with shows wrapping up in San Diego, CA on September 22.

October will see the group play a pair of dates in Mexico City before heading to South America for more concerts, including a four-night stand at Morumbi Stadium in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Check out the new song here.

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Prince's Favorite Color Wasn't Purple Says Sister

(Radio.com) Prince earned a number of nicknames through his decades of superstardom, but "The Purple One" really stuck: Purple Rain was such a career-defining career moment that his fans forever see Prince through purple-colored glasses.

It didn't hurt that in stage design, costumes, merchandise and some of his album covers, Prince used violet hues to solidify his brand. It seemed he had a favorite color…and it was purple.

According to the late musician's sister Tyka Nelson, Prince did have a favorite color: Orange? Discussing an upcoming memorabilia auction with London's Evening Standard newspaper, Nelson dropped the surprising piece of Prince intel.

"The stand out piece [in the auction] for me is his orange Cloud guitar," she said. "It is strange because people always associate the color purple with Prince, but his favorite color was actually orange." Read more here.

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Jerry Cantrell Opens Up About Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington

(Radio.com) "It's been a horrible year and it's really unfortunate to have lost those guys because they were both great people, both very good friends and amazing talents. It still doesn't seem real," Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell told talk show host Rich Eisen, about his friends Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington.

"It's just an unexpected thing and we've been through it personally [with Alice in Chains], so we kind of know what that's all about," Cantrell went on. He was referring to the death of frontman Layne Staley in 2002.

"All you can really do is just let everybody know that you love them and be there for them and also to remember them in a good light instead of bad moment. Because they had great lives and they were quality people," he continued.

"We had so many landmark moments in life together with Chris. And I didn't know Chester as well, but we've done a lot of charity work with he and his band's charity. It's really sad to see that sort of thing happen. You just try to be there for them and to be supportive."

"I think everybody has dark thoughts," the guitarist revealed. 'I think depression and addiction and many other issues, they're all linked. I have some of them myself. I'm an alcoholic as well, so I've dealt with a lot of those issues myself and we've lost a lot of friends and bandmates to that."

"But there are a lot of people that get through, that deal, and so, I guess, basically [we] are trying to reach out to them and also to be an example of 'you can walk through that.' Because a lot of people were there for us when we walked through our thing. So it's family and it hurts and I'm really gonna miss them." Watch the full interview here.

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Metallica Release Live 'For Whom The Bell Tolls' Video

(hennemusic) Metallica performed their 1984 classic, "For Whom The Bell Tolls", at BC Place in Vancouver, BC on August 14, and the band are sharing professional footage from the event.

The tune was the second single from the band's second album, "Ride The Lightning", which peaked at No. 48 on the Billboard 200 on its way to US sales of more than 6 million copies.

The Vancouver stop marked one of the final dates on Metallica's summer stadium tour of North America in support of 2016's "Hardwired…To Self-Destruct." Watch the video here.

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Pink Floyd In The Studio For A Momentary Lapse Of Reason Anniversary

The 30th anniversary of Pink Floyd's comeback album A Momentary Lapse Of Reason is celebrated on the latest of the syndicated radio show In The Studio with Redbeard: The Stories Behind History's Greatest Rock Bands. The show sent over the following details:

Amidst some of the most successful and celebrated albums of the Seventies, creative and personal tensions had been building until Pink Floyd disintegrated during the making of 1982's The Final Cut. By 1985 the only musical output from any of the members of Pink Floyd had come in the form of solo albums, and in December of that year Roger Waters, who created the concepts and the lyrics to such quintessential rock masterpieces as The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and The Wall, would announce his departure, triggering a noisy two year legal battle for the rights to Pink Floyd.

In the end a David Gilmour fronted Floyd would emerge producing A Momentary Lapse of Reason in September '87. Critical response was surprisingly lukewarm, but a sold out stadium tour and two # 1 rock singles with "Learning To Fly" and "On The Turning Away" proved that, as far as the worthiness of a Waters-less Pink Floyd, the fans had the only vote that matters. Drummer Nick Mason is joined IN THE STUDIO with guitarist, singer, songwriter Gilmour, who readily admits to show producer and host Redbeard the pressure that he felt going forward.

David Gilmour sais, "Lurching into the future bearing the mantle of Pink Floyd without Roger in 1987 was a tough one, as anyone can imagine... You're right to say that I was confident at the end and happy. Anyone would be happy and confident in the end when our moving forward and doing what we did, making the album, doing the tour, was justified." Stream the episode

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David Gilmour Releases Video For Dark Side Of Moon Classic

(hennemusic) David Gilmour is streaming a preview clip of Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side Of The Moon" classic, "Time", from his "Live At Pompeii" concert film ahead of its release in various formats on September 29.

The tune is one of three songs from the UK band's legendary 1973 release - alongside "Money" and the rarely-performed "The Great Gig In The Sky" - that went on to become one of the biggest-selling albums in music history at more than 50 million copies worldwide while continuing to be in demand as each year passes.

Gilmour's 2016 concerts at the venue - the first-ever rock performances played to an audience in the ancient Roman amphitheatre built in 90 BC - marked his return to the site 45 years after he first played there for Adrian Maben's classic film, "Pink Floyd Live At Pompeii."

The 2017 release is directed by Gavin Elder, who has worked on previous projects with the guitarist.

"I know how he likes to be portrayed," Elder tells Billboard. "It's editing it with a musicality that enhances everyone's performance and captures the subtlety as well as the spectacle -- real subtle nuances that I think bring the personality to the performance. So what I'm after is the little looks, the little smiles, the little acknowledgements between the band members that it's all happening and they're all on fire.

"It's a collaboration of coming together and we're really there just to capture what they're doing and capture the majesty of the moment." Read more here.

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Madame Mayhem, Smile Empty Soul, Austin John Winkler Tour

Madame Mayhem will be hitting the road with Austin John Winkler (formerly the voice of Hinder) and Smile Empty Soul this fall on the Love Sick Radio Tour (presented by M7 Agency) in the U.S.A., before heading over to Europe and the U.K. for dates with Fozzy and Hardcore Superstar.

"Excited to be part of this leg of the Love Sick Radio Tour with Austin John Winkler and Smile Empty Soul, presented by M7 Agency," says Madame Mayhem. "I love Austin's voice, and grew up listening to Hinder, and am a fan of Smile Empty Soul - 'Bottom of a Bottle' was a song that helped me when I was frustrated or upset growing up, and I love that song, so being able to watch them play every night after our set is going to be a blast.

"I am also super excited we get to perform in some areas we haven't had the chance to play live for yet. Hope to see new and familiar faces out in the crowd. It's also great that this run is right before we head over to the UK and Europe with Fozzy and Hardcore Superstar.

"Our sets will have the new not yet released songs as well as songs out now, so it will be cool to introduce these new songs to the world all jam packed in a couple of months!" See the dates here.

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Jared Leto Stars In 'Blade Runner 2049' Short Film

(Radio.com) Thirty Seconds to Mars singer Jared Leto stars in a new short film, Nexus 2036, which serves as a prequel to the upcoming movie, Blade Runner: 2049, itself a sequel to the influential 1982 original, Blade Runner.

In the six-and-a-half minute short film introduced by 2049 director Denis Villeneuve, Leto's character, scientist Niander Wallace, is seen presenting a new replicant, the Nexus 9, as he attempts at ending the prohibition on replicants central to the original movie.

Leto gets to flex his considerable acting chops in the short film, delivering intense statements to his superiors regarding his work with replicants. The clip moves toward a dramatic (and bloody) conclusion. Watch the Nexus 2036 clip here.

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David Crosby Releasing New Album Sky Trails

David Crosby is set to release his new solo album Sky Trails - his third solo album in four years - on September 29th via BMG. Sky Trails continues Crosby's unexpected late-period resurgence; in his eighth decade, Crosby is not only surviving, but thriving personally and creatively.

The album takes Crosby in a new musical direction as the set tilts toward a full band sound and deep, soulful grooves. "It's a natural thing for me," says Crosby, who joyously embraced the challenge of the shifting song structures. "I've always felt more comfortable there. There's complexity, intricacy and subtleties in the music. I like that stuff."

The core of the band are saxophonist Steve Tavaglione, bassist Mai Agan, drummer Steve DiStanislao, and Crosby's son, multi-instrumentalist James Raymond, who also produced the album. Crosby and Raymond recorded some of the songs at Raymond's home studio and then moved to Jackson Browne's Groove Masters studio in Santa Monica for tunes that feature the full band.

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Roger Waters Heading Down Under Early Next Year

(hennemusic) Roger Waters has announced dates for an early 2018 tour of New Zealand and Australia. The US + Them run will see the former Pink Floyd bassist play two shows in New Zealand - starting January 24 in Auckland - before performing another six in Australia in February.

The trek sees Waters deliver a mix of classic Pink Floyd tunes and tracks from his current album, "Is This The Life We Really Want?" Tickets for the Australian concerts will go on sale September 8 at 10 a.m. local time, while seats for the New Zealand shows will be available September 8 at noon local time.

Waters teamed up with Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich in London and Los Angeles for his first new album of original material in 25 years. The set topped the album charts in several countries, including Poland, Switzerland, Norway and Scotland, while peaking at No. 11 on the US Billboard 200. See the dates here.

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Singled Out: Sharks In The Deep End's Tears Run Dry

Austin-based new-wave punk outfit, Sharks In The Deep End are gearing up to release their new EP this October and we asked frontman Tucker Jameson to tell us about the lead single "Tears Run Dry". Here is the story:

"It was just after the recent election and Matt Shearon (drums) and I got together at his place to jam through some new ideas. Earlier that week I'd been digging on the Gorillaz album The Fall (the one recorded entirely via an iPad) and was feeling the pulsing synth vibes with stark drums. So, Matt was playing a beat and I started in on a synth groove that became the verse and chorus of 'Tears Run Dry.' Right then and there, along came the 'ooo's', the title line, verse melody and sketches of the verse lyrics.

The election results hit many of us hard, and having gone through some moments of self-doubt, 'Tears Run Dry' became therapeutic. Sung and played to lift the spirits and re-enforce the idea that you shouldn't let fear or the nature of the world cripple you from trying to succeed at achieving your dreams -- our own way of saying get back up on that horse.

We began the recording process without the lyrics having been entirely completed, we just knew we loved the vibe. Juggling three songs at once, we hopped around a lot from studio to studio, snagging up whatever open days were available. Drums came first, then guitar. Sam Thompson (guitar) was planning on going for a 2-month backpacking trip through South America and squeezed him in just in the nick of time - cutting all his guitars for 'Tears Run Dry' and a few others the night before he left town! Next up were keys and bass which we cut in our home rehearsal studio. One of the heaviest rains that season hit us that night and came pouring in, flooding our space. We did our best to move things to the driest areas of the room, set up dehumidifiers and fans and pressed on -- talk about not letting the world defeat you. Last up were the vocals, where we were refining the lyrics while spitting them out into the mic.

The trials and tribulations of recording this song oddly echo the spirit of the tune itself. We faced the challenges as they came, rose to the occasion and came away with something we're very proud of."

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the EP right here!

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