musicNEWS: City Dis-Honors James Brown Following Arrest

02-01-04 Keavin
The Godfather of Soul, James Brown lost more than a night of freedom following his arrest on domestic violence charges last week; he lost a home town honor as well. Augusta, Ga. put their plans on hold to rename their music festival and erect a statue of James Brown.

Brown was arrested in South Carolina last week for allegedly pushing his wife Tomi Mae Brown to the floor and threatening her with a chair during an argument in the bedroom of the couple’s Beech Island home.  

Augusta planned to rename their annual music festival after Brown, who was born in the town. They also had plans to erect a statue honoring their home town hero, but those plans are in limbo while Brown faces the legal music in South Carolina. 

Augusta Mayor Bob Young said that the city is waiting to see how Brown’s legal problems get resolved before deciding on whether to go forward with their previous plans. 

"This certainly is not anything anybody could have planned for," Young told the Associated Press. "It's extremely unsettling and disturbing, but we will have to wait and see how this plays itself out."

The city council has previously approved the placement of the statue of Brown in downtown Augusta.  

If convicted of the domestic violence charge, Brown faces a maximum penalty of a $500 fine and 30 days in jail, not to mention his statue will go bye bye. 

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