Britney Spears Wedding Hoax? 

(antiMUSIC) Is Britney Spears really married? Did she or didn't she marry Kevin Federline this past Saturday? US Weekly reports that they aren't and that they have the documents to prove it.  Where have we heard that lately? 

Us Weekly reports that they have obtained a four-page legal document signed by Spears and Federline that outlines plans for the couple to be part of a "faux" wedding on "September 18, 2004; however, they do not intend to and shall not validly marry one another on said date." 

Us reports that the happy couple held off on a real wedding because they have not yet come to an agreement on the terms of their prenuptial contract. 

The Us Weekly story calls into question the legality of the pop stars wedding, her spokesperson denied that the wedding was a fake. "This is all ludicrous. They are happily married, and I have no reason to believe otherwise." 

Some media outlets are reporting that the wedding might be held up due to documents but under California law the wedding can be legally certified after the fact. 

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