Radio Boycott

(press release) Indie musician/recording artist Robert Kramer says the recent statement about the Sony/BMG recording industry payola settlement leaves many questions and issues unanswered,"saying now's the time to keep the pressure on the radio stations and the advertisers who buy time on the stations.


Claiming SONYS' recent admission of wrongdoing regarding Attorney General Eliot Spitzers' year-long investigation into payoffs from the label to radio stations is "too little, too late", Kramer further offers that the publicized
$10,000,000 settlement settles nothing.

"Basically, they were caught red-handed.." says Kramer. "Now, they just pay what amounts to a pittance, say they're sorry, and life goes on?? I don't think so."

Claiming this should be merely the beginning of a continuing effort to put pressure on a recording industry that has for so long cried about dwindling profits due to downloading, the indie musician
challenges unsigned musicians and small labels everywhere to start campaigns to get new music heard by approaching the radio stations directly.


"OK, so they're admitting they paid off radio stations to get their own artists' music on the air...," continues Kramer, "Now, they're sorry and they won't do it anymore...this means that all the radio stations who were paid off should now be open to music by indie artists....great....then let's start sending them CD's by the truckload to fill in all that empty programming time...let's see if the stations will give the airwaves back to the public, and let's find out if the FCC will stand behind the musicians and the public for once instead of the recording industry lobbyists..."


Kramer states the reason the industry became so monopolized over the years is because the radio-listening public allowed it to happen. He is calling for a nationwide listener/indie musician/label activist movement to demonstrate that the public is tired of the lack of quality music being pushed today, and encourages the radio-listening public to get involved.

"Everyone's complaining that todays music stinks.." offers Kramer. "Well, OK, here's your chance to do something about it once and for all..industry insiders and indie musicians have known for years that the stuff that makes it on the radio is bought and paid for by the major record labels. The radio stations don't play songs because it's quality music or because it's what the public wants to hear.....they play it because the station managers want to hang on to that Jaguar in the parking lot...every indie musician and radio listener who ever complained about poor radio programming should be outraged.."

Encouraging radio listeners, musicians and indie labels to literally throw down the gauntlet to the recording and radio industry, Kramer states the time to act is now.


"I say we should hit them where they live...organize free concerts boycotting advertisers on radio stations that refuse to play indie music..fans of indie music should write letters to radio stations asking for local music programs, and should report stations who are non-responsive to the FCC who refuse to play what the public is asking for..."

"Maybe it's time for the radio station fatcats to trade in their Jaguars for a nice pre-owned Toyota, return the airwaves to the public, and start programming the kind of music people REALLY want to hear....to quote the late Frank Zappa, it's time to "KILL UGLY RADIO"..once and for all..."

Further investigation into payoffs in the music industry by Spitzer continues, which will include
Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and EMI Group PLC.

"Before this is over, "Kramer adds...it will make the ENRON flap look like a block party...it's time the recording industry and it's radio monopolies were put on notice..your days are numbered..." .