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(antiMusic) Morley keeps his great interview series MorleyView rocking with a new interview with Scorpions' Rudolf Schenker. Morley and Rudolf spoke recently about the new Scorpions album and how it came about as well as the concept. Here is a small part of their conversation. Rudolf: We came in October to Los Angeles with lots of songs, new songs and stuff but then Desmond Child, he presented us with his concept, called Humanity Hour One. And then he brought his designer with him, who designed the album sleeve and the whole concept convinced us. We said amazing. That's great. That's something which is more mature. And he said you know guys I do the overview, I do the vocals, and here's James Michael who will do the guitars, the bass and drums. It was a good idea because to really have two parts doing this album is very good. Every part is controlling the other part. In this case, you don't go too far, you're staying very close to what we are looking for. And we started doing this album, we started working with writers like Marti Frederickson, good friend of ours and Eric Bazilian, and Jason Paige. And then James Michael, he wrote also.

And we put the whole thing together, and an album which really, it's a bridge between older Scorpions and new Scorpions. The Scorpions of today. Because we don't want to sell the same car, with the same model, every year. We want to go forward and make the styling more up to date, especially in the days where you work with ProTools and you record digital, there are more possibilities than you can work and have fun.

I know when we did with Eye II Eye we went a little too far because it was our first album to work with digital, and for hard disk recording. But this time we said we want to do it in the right way. So in this case we really put something together where we built a bridge between the older style of Scorpions and the new one and we also tried to really balance the more, darker side and the more hopeful side of the songs on the album. In the end this whole album was just sounding like Scorpions and also the level of the songwriting and everything is high class. My favourite song is "Humanity," and it's important to us that also when we do this song, that when you have a concept album, call it concept album but in the old tradition, it's a concept album in the way of building something around human. Humanity Hour One, means human beings 10 thousand years on earth, what is done, what is happening and where we go. What is the situation that we have to go? And in this case we put a lot of stories together to give people a message, to give people some great songs.
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