Moth Eater Go Live

(PR) Moth Eater, Beers Village, NY - based Metal/Doom band will be performing their first show on June 5th at the Ace Of Clubs in New York City at 10PM. The band will sharing the stage with Gods Green Earth, Angelo Diablo (featuring members of NY Hardcore band Irate) and Behind The Bullet.

Moth Eater is a band that consists of guitarist John Conley of Scar Culture (Century Media Records), Dave Ardolina of Dirty Rig (The Music Cartel/ Escapi Music), Buckshot on bass from Dirty Rig (The Music Cartel/Escapi Music) and vocalist John Alaia. The band will be entering the recording studio at the end of June to record their debut CD which will be released at the end of summer.

Since putting up their 3 preview demo tracks on their myspace page, MOTH EATER has been averaging almost a 1000 plays a day. These tracks were written and recorded in the bands first 8 rehearsals. You can check out the bands - Myspace page

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