Slash Aims To Deliver Authentic Rock Show In Age Of Trickery (A Top Story)

On Thursday Slash Aims To Deliver Authentic Rock Show In Age Of Trickery was a top story. Here is the recap: Former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash spoke with Al.com ahead of his concert with his solo band Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators in Alabama next week and he explained that fans can expect to see an authentic show without backing tapes and other trickery when they see them perform in concert.

Al.com asked "In your audience you've got everything from Guns 'n' Roses diehards to guitar nerds who are there to watch your fingers. For the audience as a whole, what kind of overall experience do you try to create?"

Slash respond, "It's a very high-energy, loud, rock and roll band. I wouldn't say that it's necessarily what you'd call a retro thing. We're not trying to you know, sort of revel in old school for old school's sake. But it's stripped-down, it's not taking too much advantage of all the sort of new technology. We're not playing to any loops, we're not doing any kind of pre-recorded this, that and the other. It's just, we go out and actually play. But people seem to really dig it, and the new material goes over great.

"I think when we first started, a lot of people weren't sure what to expect. But we do sort of a mix of all the stuff from my whole catalog. And now that we've been doing it for the last five or so years, we've amassed a lot of fans of what this entity is, as opposed to seeing it because I'm going to play this song from the past, or whatever.

"As far as guitar nerds go, that's the worst. When you're standing on stage and you look down and there's people that are standing there expecting you to blow their minds with your guitar playing tricks. It's not that, necessarily. That's not exactly what my M.O. is. I mean, I'm a player and I can play, but it's all within the context of the music, the songs. So it's sort of interesting that you do get those guys who sort of analyze you from a technique point of view. It happens." Read the full interview - here.

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