Singled Out: Imam Baildi's Argosvinis Moni

Today Lysandros Falireas from Imam Baildi tells us about the song "Argosvinis Moni" from their forthcoming album "Imam Baildi III" which will be released on June 16th. Here is the story:

You Fade Away Alone. This is what Argosvinis Moni means in Greek. This 1947 song is about a girl who wanders through life and is hurt and betrayed by love. A classic setting by the legendary composer Vassilis Tsitsanis, who would often have fragile girls in his songs saved by a man's love, as this probably fulfilled his own fantasies and appealed to both his male and female audience. Albeit typical, the song is a masterpiece and very moving, and it got us hooked into remixing it the moment we heard it.

Our approach was a bit cinematic, in the sense that we pictured the song played by a Mariachi band. Early on in production, we tried the melodies with a trumpet instead of the bouzouki & accordion instrumentals of the original version, and it fitted very well. But the key moment, which complemented the Mariachi idea, was when we thought about Willy Deville's version of Hey Joe, and started experimenting with how we could make Argosvinis sound like that. This led to the acoustic guitar parts, the cha - cha percussion pattern, and the violin answers to the basic melodic line.

It was the first remix we didn't use drums or electronic beats in, which made it sound much more acoustic and blended well with the samples from the original 78rpm version. Actually, to listeners not familiar with the original track, it is not even apparent that this is a remix.

Following this idea, the production flowed easily. We kept the original vocals, recorded the ac. guitar and percussion, and went on with the trumpets. We had the same player overdub the exact melodic lines many times to give it more volume and make the trumpets sound like a band rather than a solo instrument, and wrote a few new parts, mainly the violin parts and a new ending for the song, which we intentionally made a bit grandiose.

It's one of the songs we love the most from our last album and for some reason a track that works very well with non-Greek audiences in our shows. We figured this means that it communicates the fun part of our cultural identity to people who don't know us, which is more or less the concept of the music video for Argosvinis - to be released this month.

So if it feels like you were swept off your feet by love, put on 'Argosvinis Moni', you'll be saved in the end.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself as you watch the video here and learn more about the band, find album preorder info and more right here!

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