Singled Out: Holiday Mountain's Feelin' It

Today Holiday Mountain lead singer/keyboard player Laura Patiño tells us about their new song "Feelin' It" from their brand new album "You Be You, Part 1". Here is the story:

'Feelin' It' was written during a period of timeless 20-something existential confusion-ultimately it is written about the nature of life playing tricks on your ego. I had somewhat recently graduated from Berklee College of Music and I was realizing that there were no longer teachers older and wiser than me, some of whom were only valuing my work because they were being paid to. At the same time, there were a lot of voices around me, whether they were from the media, personal and business relationships, or even just perceived societal pressures about who I should be now that I was being considered an adult in new ways. The blanket of education had been removed and I was feeling some of the cold realities of the "adult world".

I would wake up feeling positive and assured of my purpose and strengths and by the end of the day I would come home, close the door and either want to smash a chair or cry. Meeting goals was not just a test or a grade away anymore and my work wasn't ending in the same quantifiable results.
Whether they were expectations I was putting on myself or others had put on me, I needed a time to release myself from them so I would engage in a ritual that I have been doing since childhood; lock the doors, crank the electronic music, put on my most glam outfit, and just dance. I believe the Scissor Sisters call this 'Let's have a Kiki". There is something wildly healing about taking a few minutes to not give a f***, not let the world restrict your desires for yourself, and to just enjoy your body and free will. This mental break always gives me the distance I need to see that all of us humans are connected by are shared pain and our ultimate lack of control. Like Alan Watts says, life is like a song and the point is to enjoy the dance.

We are really excited to release the music video for this song in the very near future, which was filmed with 360• GoPros in a variety of locations like dancing through a playground filled with children while wearing nothing but neon glitter spandex, zip lining, or raving out of a '82 convertible Corvette while driving down the highway just to name a few.

Our hope is that 'Feelin' It' will inspire listeners to not give a f*** and enjoy the dance of life.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!