Singled Out: McClinton's Crumble

McClinton are kicking off their tour with Red tonight and to celebrate we asked them Michael McClinton to tell us about the song "Crumble" from from their brand new album "Final Closure". Here is the story:

Michael McClinton lay in the hospital recovering from surgery. Unfortunately, his band took this opportunity to quit on him, and then they tried to continue on without him playing his music. In essence, they tried to steal his act while he was dealing with health issues - instead of supporting him through this difficult time.

Rather than feel sorry for himself at this low point, Michael McClinton called his friend and music producer Paul Carabala. He told Paul this painful experience had inspired him to write a song - he wanted his anger to fuel his creativity and give the world a song they could identify with.

Paul got to work and came back with the music that would become "Crumble" - a driving riff rock song, with a sing along chorus and a great rhythmic hook.

McClinton wrote the lyrics that tell the story, and if you have ever been kicked when you were down, you will relate to this song. It is an anthem for anyone who has hit some bumps in the road and come back stronger than ever.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the album and grab their tour dates with Red as well as more dates this summer with Art of Dying right here!