: AC/DC taking the world by storm!

3-9-00 8:35 AM PST antiGUY
AC/DC are riding high with the successful release of their latest album, "Stiff Upper Lip." They snagged the number one spot on Billboard's rock chart and were #7 in overall sales in the United States last week.  Fans have been flooding radio request lines to hear the title track. Plans are being made for a North American Tour this summer. No dates have been released yet, but we will keep you up to date. 

World Domination?
It's not just in North American that the band is dominating the rock charts. Check out these numbers from across the globe, released by Elektra records.

Argentina 1
Australia 3
Austria 1
Canada 5
Finland 1
France 2
Germany 1
Norway 6
Portugal 5
Spain 6 debut last week (#2 this week!)
Sweden 1 (2 weeks in a row!)
Switzerland 2

Sat. Night Live

The fans can't get enough so the band will be making a special appearance on  “Saturday Night Live” March 18th.   They will perform “Stiff Upper Lip” and the classic “You Shook Me All Night Long.”

AC/DC raises over $43K for charity.

 Also the band has made headlines by auctioning off a guitar lesson with Angus Young at eBay. The winner forked over $28,100 for the honor. Wade Sickler from the state of Washington came through with the cash to win. Overall, the band raised over $43,000 for charity!