Boxing KISS. 

8-12-01 antiGUY

Want KISS in a box? You will be able to in November when Mercury Records releases the definitive KISS box-set.  The four-CD collection will feature 80 tracks from the band�s entire career including 20 rare live and studio recordings. 

Included in the collection: Tracks from Paul Stanley and Gene Simmon�s pre-KISS band, Wicked Lester as well as demos versions of �Deuce� and �Strutter� with rare live recordings including �Acrobat� a previously unreleased track. 

The KISS Box set will hit stores on November 6th and will include a 96-page booklet containing rare photos of the group and a profile of the band�s career.

KISS is currently taking a break from their "Farewell" tour. The band plans to play at least one more North American date before hanging up their platform boots and putting away their greasepaint. Speculation puts the final show(s) at Madison Square Garden in New York City. 

Gene Simmons is currently working on an autobiography as well as other book, film and comic book projects. Court TV subscribers can also find Gene hosting the documentary series "The Secret History of Rock 'n' Roll," for the cable network. 

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