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Page Too Report for 11/07/2016

Jon Bon Jovi Downplays Richie Sambora's Contributions

(Radio.com) Jon Bon Jovi has downplayed Richie Sambora's songwriting contributions to the band on their past albums. Sambora parted ways with the group in 2014.

The Bon Jovi frontman spoke with Billboard about the band's new album "This House is Not for Sale" and he emphasized how the entire band played a greater role in shaping the music than in the past.

"This was more of a band record than I have made over the last three or four [records]," he explained. "What I mean by that was the guys were in the room the whole time. Some songs, from the notebook to the studio floor, took on a different life because of the band, where on the previous three records that would not have been the case. The record-making process changed with this album."

Regarding Sambora's role on past albums, Bon Jovi revealed, "Richie did participate in the record-making [in the past], but it was always me and [guitarist John] Shanks at the hip, and then Richie second to that, and then [keyboardist] David [Bryan] and [drummer] Tico [Torres]. David really filled that void left by Richie and took on a whole different leadership role in the studio, and it was a welcome addition." Read more here.

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Miranda Lambert Strikes Back At Internet Trolls

(Radio.com) Country music star Miranda Lambert recently took pointed shots at people posting negative or cutting comments on other people's photos (and more specifically, people commenting on how she looked during a recent television appearance).

And she wrapped up by talking about the weight of our words, the songwriter quoted Maya Angelou, who said "Words are things. You must be careful, careful about calling people out of their names, using racial pejoratives and sexual pejoratives and all that ignorance. Don't do that.

"Someday we'll be able to measure the power of words. I think they are things. They get on the walls. They get in your wallpaper. They get in your rugs, in your upholstery, and your clothes, and finally in to you." Read more here.

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Taylor Swift And Drake Fuel Collaboration Speculation

(Radio.com) Social media moves by Drake and Taylor Swift is being read by some as new evidence to the support collaboration speculation, or rather the potential development of a phenomenon that may well be called 'Swake".

A possible collaboration between country-turned-pop star Taylor Swift and actor-turned-rapper Drake is looking more and more likely. First Drake posted a photo of himself with Swift. Then' she liked it.

If the collaboration is real, and it doesn't work out, we can only imagine what kind of songs would come out of a possible T-Swift/Drizzy spat. See the post here.

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A Tribe Called Quest To Perform On 'SNL'

(Radio.com) Following the announcement that A Tribe Called Quest's upcoming album will involve big hitters like Andre 3000, Jack White and more comes news that the group will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on November 12th.

But if that somehow wasn't enough to whet your appetite to tune in, just wait. The host that night will be none other than comedian Dave Chappelle. Both he and Tribe will be making their debut on the show.

Chappelle and Tribe aren't strangers. Chris Rock shared a picture hanging out with Q-Tip, Andre, Chappelle and others back in April, which sparked rumors that they were somehow all involved in Andre's new album. But, it turns out, they were working on Tribe's forthcoming album, We Got It From Here, Thank You For Your Service. Read more here.

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Tyler Farr 'Honored' To Support Vets At Stars and Strings Event

(Radio.com) Country music Tyler Farr says that participating in the this week's CBS' Stars and Strings event to support American military veterans is truly an honor.

Farr says, 'Freedom means everything, it's what our country was founded on, what it stands for today." Farr has done tours overseas and gotten to know a lot of military men and women personally.

He calls it a blessing to get to know them, what they are doing and what they stand for. 'If I could send a message to a fan that's serving today, it would be thank you so much, you are not forgotten and you are always respected. We love you. Keep doing what you're doing." Read more here.

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Kelly Clarkson and The Roots Stream Tracks From Hamilton Mixtape

(Radio.com) Lin-Manuel Miranda announced the impending arrival of The Hamilton Mixtape, and now fans can hear two previews that detail how the album will be different than the original Broadway recording.

The Roots remixed the musical's hit single "My Shot," which also features Busta Rhymes Joell Ortiz and Nate Russ. Black Thought takes the chorus, while Rhymes comes in at the end of the preview with a growly delivery. The soaring electric guitar and Quest Love on drums makes this new version somehow even more anthemic than the original.

The second song to preview, "It's Quiet Uptown," comes from Kelly Clarkson. The original ballad sung by Renee Elise Goldsberry and Lin-Manuel Miranda is a quiet, stripped song that relies on harmonies and piano, but Clarkson's version has an electronic-pop sensibility. The song removes the chorus and lets Clarkson step in to fulfill all those different voices. Read more here.

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Gucci Mane Tributes Michael Jackson With New Track 'Moon Walk'

(Radio.com) Gucci Mane has released a new track called "Moon Walk," which a tribute to Michael Jackson and all his biggest hits, and it features Chris Brown and Akon.

Produced by Mike Will Made It, "Moon Walk" is a slow burn that begins with Akon, who doesn't hold back on detail. "Ooh ah, beat that p—- up so good/ Man, I make that b—- ooh ah/ Slide up and down that wood," he sings on the NSFW first verse.

Gucci gets reference-happy even while sticking to similar subject matter. "Gucci Mane's a smooth criminal/ Billy Jean is not my lover/ But I'm so motherf—in' hot/I got Elvis Presley's precious daughter/ You can be my baby/ It don't matter if you're black or yellow," he raps, including other lines about Janet Jackson and Michael's father Joe.

The track's title refers to Gucci's prowess as a lover. Apparently, he leaves the ladies so satisfied they break into the pop star's famous dance move. Listen to "Moon Walk" here.

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Stevie Wonder And Ariana Grande Release Duet Called 'Faith'

(Radio.com) Ariana Grande and Stevie Wonder have something in common--they can sing. So when producers of the upcoming animated film Sing needed to cast a duet, Grande and Wonder hit the studio to record "Faith," an upbeat anthem about their mutual admiration.

"I got faith in you baby, I got faith in you now," goes the chorus. "And you've been such a, such a good friend of me/Know that I gotta love you somehow (love you somehow)/I met you, hallelujah, I got faith."

Ari had teased the collaboration on Twitter, announcing "I'm on a song w Stevie Wonder & it comes out soon. I also really can't believe that what I just said is an actual thing."

When the song was released, Grande added that she's "beyond honored to be on this song with the incredible Stevie Wonder." Check out the collaboration here.

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Mastodon Guitarist Shares Song Tease In Studio Video Clip

(Metal Hammer) Mastodon have released a snippet of a track that will appear on their upcoming seventh album. A video shared via Brent Hinds's Instagram page shows the guitarist attempting a solo on the unnamed track.

He says: "A little sneak preview at failed guitar solo attempt working on the new Mastodon album." Mastodon are recording the follow-up to 2014's Once More 'Round The Sun in their hometown of Atlanta with producer Brendan O'Brien, who has previously worked with Rage Against The Machine and Korn. He was also behind the desk on Mastodon's 2009 effort Crack The Skye.

The band recently announced they were building a rehearsal studio called Ember City in Atlanta which they will open to other local bands. Read more and watch the studio clip here.

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Death Metal Board Game Being Crowdfunded

(Metal Hammer) Creators of a 'death metal board game' called Cryptic Explorers have launched a Kickstarter appeal to help get the product off the ground. Cryptic Explorers is described as "a competitive, asymmetrical, sci-fi/horror tabletop board game for two to four players."

The description continues: "In Cryptic Explorers, one to three to players take on the role of Cryptonauts - explorers of the unknown - tasked with entering the Realms Of Death to steal occult knowledge and escape back to Earth.

"Opposing the Cryptonauts is a single Deity Of Death player, a malicious and powerful Goddess who seeks to kill all the Cryptonauts before they can escape with her Realm's occult secrets." Read more here.

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Wacken Open Air Festival Site Under Major Excavation

(Metal Hammer) Wacken Open Air festival site is undergoing major excavation as organizers work to restore the area and get it ready for 2017's event. Excavators, tractors and bulldozers were used to remove sinks and elevations in the ground as water accumulated and could no longer drain off from the site.

The drainage system has also been expanded and improved as part of the second phase, with a canal being built to absorb the surface water of the entire site. An additional water storage has also been constructed - with surplus water directed into the Kiel Canal.

The last phase focuses on planting the field. As grass cannot sustain itself long-term under the drastic impact of large-scale festivals, organisers are planting clover and mustard seed next to field grass. This keeps the soil well-aerated and works as a natural drainage due to their deep roots. Read more here.

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Singled Out: Celeb Car Crash

Celeb Car Crash recently released their new album "People Are The Best Show" and to celebrate we asked frontman Nicola Briganti to tells us about the song "Hello, 'Morning". Here is the story:

The inspiration for the lyrics came from a story in "Difficult Loves" "The Adventure of Two Spouses" written by Italo Calvino, a real legend of our literature. Two spouses live together in the same house, but due to work commitments, they are almost never present in the same place at the same time.

The story is very romantic and was very similar to the situation I was living with my girlfriend at the time. We used to sleep on the imprints left in our bed or on our sofa. The song is nothing but a hymn to exorcise the emptiness we feel each day as we leave each other. It all starts with this sick and melancholic "Pixies style" riff. You know that the girl is leaving, but you want her to stay, so you send her a kind of "blessing" to protect her.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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