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Page Too Report for 11/10/2016

Guns N' Roses 'November Rain' Given Unique Makeover

Fans can now experience the classic Guns N' Roses song "November Rain" done in hillbilly style via the new music video release from Steve 'N' Seagulls.

The group has made a name for themselves by presenting their down home styled versions of classic hard rock songs and their take on the GNR ballad comes from their sophomore album "Brothers in Farms".

The promo blurb for the new video states: "After witnessing this wistful saga of moonshine-marinated melancholy and boozed-up, barmy bayou bromance, you will no longer be able to watch the original video - let alone enjoy Slash's iconic guitar solo - the same way again." Check it out here.

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Rick Ross Addresses $5.7 Million In Back Taxes Report

Rap star Rick Ross has put out an official statement following a tabloid reported earlier this week that he owes the Internal Revenue Service $5.7 million dollars in back taxes.

Ross says that the back taxes are the result of "an incorrect filing by a prior accountant". Here is his statement about the situation, "I've been fortunate enough to experience financial success on a large scale through both my music career and my many business ventures.

"With this type of financial success comes financial responsibility. As artists we are blessed to be able to make money, but on the same note, are held accountable for our federal tax obligations just like everyone else. I am fully aware of my current dealings with the IRS. This issue arose from an incorrect filing by a prior accountant for the 2012 tax year." Read more here.

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T.I. Saves Creed's Scott Stapp In New Animated Clip

(Radio.com) Spotify is rolling out new video content to supplement its streaming service, and part of that involves a new series Drawn and Recorded, which animates music's more legendary tales.

Produced by T Bone Burnett, who also serves as narrator, Drawn and Recorded's first episode focuses on the time T.I. saved Creed's Scott Stapp after a suicide attempt in 2012. Animated in the form of a stained glass church window, the episode examines Stapp's struggle with suicidal thoughts after Creed's immense and sudden success.

One evening in a Miami hotel, Stapp stepped too close to the edge and fell. "Did Satan bid him to step into thin air?" Burnett asks with added dramatic effect. "We don't know. What we do know is that Scott went off his hotel balcony and landed on a ledge far below, where he lay shattered and in great pain."

T.I. eventually found him, called paramedics and ended up saving his life. "T.I. had been many things to many people to Scott, he was a messenger sent to save him," narrates Burnett. "T.I. got Scott to safety; Scott thanked God for sending him an unlikely angel." Read more here.

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Pop, Rap Stars Glorify Drug Use Far More Than Metal Legends

(Classic Rock) An academic study of Black Sabbath lyrics has concluded that rock and metal may not glorify drug use as much as popular opinion would suggest.

While rock and metal has, rightly or wrongly, long been associated with drug culture, the study by the National Institute On Drug Abuse has found that the genre may not glorify drugs as often as pop, hip-hop and other genres.

Pop acts such as The Weekend, Lana Del Ray, Sia, Tove Lo and Selena Gomez have referenced drugs in their lyrics, while Miley Cyrus sings about taking ecstasy at a party in her hit We Can't Stop.

Dr Kevin Conway, an expert in drug use trends and patterns, worked with Dr Patrick McGrain of the Department Of Criminal Justice at Gwynedd Mercy University on the study. They analyzed 156 Black Sabbath songs across 19 albums recorded from 1970 to 2013.

And their research found that only 13% of Sabbath songs referenced drugs and that 60% of those references were negative about substance abuse. Read more here.

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Most Brutal Metal Breakdown Ever Video Hits The Web

(Metal Hammer) A video showing two musicians recording the "most brutal breakdown ever" has been released. The funny clip features guitarist Rob Scallon and vocalist Dave Brown putting the finishing touches to their new record. They experiment with different tempos and lyrical themes to get the perfect sound.

Brown assures Scallon: "Trust me, it's gonna get the crowd moving. It's gonna be the most brutal breakdown you've ever heard in your life," before adding: "It's time to get rowdy!"

When Scallon encourages Brown to make himself angrier, Brown recalls the 20-page form he had to fill out and the long queue he had to wait in to renew his driver's license.

By the time they've tracked the final section of the last song, they've slowed the beats from 170 beats per minute to one beat-per-week, overlaid with the sound of a draining kitchen sink for "guttural" effect. Watch the video here.

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Nikki Sixx Shares His Bathroom Habits

(Classic Rock) Nikki Sixx has revealed that he never washes his hands after using the bathroom. The former Motley Crue bassist and Sixx AM mainman says he washes his hands before peeing to void getting germs on his "junk."

Sixx tells Jenn Marino on his own Sixx Sense podcast: "My thing is this, and you have to be honest with me and tell me I'm right wash your hands before, because you don't wanna get the bacteria all over it.

"I don't have a problem with my own smell on my hands, but I'm gonna shake a thousand hands a day and then I grab my junk. I've got a thousand people's germs on my junk.

"I don't want that. My own junk is my own junk, so I don't wash afterwards. So if you shake my hand, congratulations." Read more here.

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U2's The Edge Surprises Music Students At Graduation

(Classic Rock) U2 guitarist The Edge, real name David Howell Evans, surprised the students from Dublin's BIMM music college with an appearance at their graduation ceremony.

The guitarist's appearance was kept firmly under wraps until he was welcomed on stage at the city's Tivoli Theatre with some pearls of wisdom for BIMM's (British And Irish Modern Music Institute) Class of 2016.

He says: "When U2 were in school, we managed to benefit from the tuition of great music teachers. We maintain a strong belief in the idea of music education and that's why we co-founded Music Generation.

"BIMM Dublin is such a cool thing, and I'm delighted to be here and support what I think is incredibly useful and helpful for the rock'n'roll scene in Dublin."

The Edge also recalls their own rocky rise to stardom in which they were almost dropped from their label after their second album October in 1981. He says accepting lower advance payments in return for greater artistic control over their own work helped secure their recording contract. Read more here.

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Moth Wings Releases 'I Used To Hate Myself' Video

Moth Wings, a.k.a. Spencer Fort, has released a new music video for his latest single "I Used To Hate Myself." The new clip is described by Fort as an "anti-video" which was filmed in a "dingy, 90's style".

"The first time I saw a music video I thought it was distracting and overbearing," says Fort. "I never really watched them as I grew up with music. I did however slowly watch it take over the industry and become seemingly more important than the song playing underneath.

"When it came down to this particular song, I wanted to make sure I didn't play to the overproduced visual world we know now, and decided to strip it down to its bare bone. That's why it's as ridiculous and lo fi of a video as it is. Anything more would have just been hollow."

Fort had this to say about the song, "'I Used To Hate Myself' is meant to be a mature take on the nostalgia of immaturity. Immaturity never really leaves a person it just shapes to social norms and gets expressed in different ways. The idea is basically just to say that you never grow out of hating yourself, you just sort of stop acknowledging it." Watch the video here.

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Enbound Release 'Give Me Light' Video

Swedish melodic heavy rockers Enbound have released a music video for the track "Give Me Light". The song comes from their new album "The Blackened Heart" which is set to be released on November 18th. in Europe

The forthcoming album features guest performances from Linnea Wikstrom [Kamelot, Therion] and Mike LePond [Symphony X] and was mastered by Jacob Hansen [Amaranthe, Volbeat, Primal Fear].

According to the video announcement from Against PR, "'The Blackened Heart' contains a nice mix of heavy and up tempo songs, all with their own strong and grasping melodies." Watch the video here.

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Lil Yachty Believes Notorious B.I.G. is Overrated

(Radio.com) Appearing on Pitchfork's "Over/Under" series, rapper Lil Yachty and his buddy The Good Perry rated all kinds of things, including whether or not the Notorious B.I.G. was worth the hype.

According to Lil Yachty, Biggie's reputation doesn't stand the test of time. He claimed the rapper was "overrated," but refused to give any more specifics.

The Good Perry stepped in and differed from his friend, stammering over his answer and admitting that he's at least heard Biggie's music in movies. "I grew up very sheltered," he said. But Lil Yachty didn't change his tune. Instead, he pulled off his sunglasses, stared down the camera and repeated his answer, "Overrated." Read more here.

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