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Page Too Report for 11/16/2016

Blink-182 Cover Classic Song From The Cure

(Radio.com) Blink-182's Mark Hoppus and Matt Skiba performed their own single "Bored to Death," and a cover of The Cure classic "Boys Don't Cry" during an appearance on French radio station Oui FM.

Hoppus spoke about how much the song meant to him, explaining, "[It was] one of the first songs that I ever learned on bass, and a song that has withstood the test of time more than 95% of the music that has been written."

Skiba has a bit of difficulty getting the opening lick, which makes Hoppus smile (it is early morning radio after all), but the two recover and perform their acoustic version with Hoppus on vocals. Check it out here.

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Prince's Estate Takes Federal Action Against Jay Z's Tidal

(Radio.com) Prince's estate has taken their copyright infringement case against Jay Z's Roc Nation to federal court. The case directly involves Tidal, Roc Nation's music streaming service, and the rights to stream Prince's music.

The lawsuit acknowledges that before Prince's death on April 21, his NPG entered into an agreement with Tidal to stream and sell 'the next newly recorded studio LP by the recording artist known as Prince," reports Star Tribune. The album was HitNRun: Phase 1. The letter of intent, dated Aug. 1, 2015, gave Tidal exclusive rights to the material for 90 days, the lawsuit said.

But, the complaint claims that Roc Nation, through Tidal, started on June 7, 2016, 'exploiting many copyrighted Prince works in addition to the works that comprise the HitNRun: Phase 1 album."

Roc Nation insists that on October 21, November 7 and November 11, it filed documents in Carver County District Court asserting it had 'both oral and written" agreements to exclusively stream Prince's entire catalog of music on Tidal. However, Roc Nation did not provide any documents to support that claim despite numerous written requests to do so. Read more here.

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Bob Dylan Skipping Nobel Prize Ceremony

(Classic Rock) Bob Dylan has confirmed he won't receive his Nobel Prize For Literature in person. He'll become the first songwriter in history to be named a recipient of the award for "having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition" but courted controversy in October by not responding to the Swedish Academy for two weeks after the news was announced.

Dylan previously said he would attend the ceremony in Stockholm on December 10 "if it's at all possible." But the Academy have now confirmed the 75-year-old won't be there.

They say in a statement: "Yesterday evening the Swedish Academy received a personal letter from Bob Dylan, in which he explained that due to pre-existing commitments, he is unable to travel to Stockholm in December and therefore will not attend the Nobel Prize Ceremony.

"He underscored, once again, that he feels very honored indeed, wishing that he could receive the prize in person." Read more here.

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Frank Ocean May Give Up On Making Albums

(Radio.com) Frank Ocean has two acclaimed studio albums under his belt but the singer says that now, tetherless from a recording contract, he might be finished with the album format.

As he records new music (the piece states he's been heading to an "anonymous studio") Ocean speculates that the finished product might not arrive as an album.

"Because I'm not in a record deal, I don't have to operate in an album format. I can operate in half-a-song format," he said. The singer (who's reportedly out of GRAMMY contention this year) says his success with two albums has freed him up to try new things.

"I believe that I'm one of the best in the world at what I do, and that's all I've ever wanted to be," he explained. "It's more interesting for me to figure out how to be superior in areas where I'm naive, where I'm a novice." Read more here.

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Taylor Swift Tops 'Forbes' List

(Radio.com) Country turned pop star Taylor Swift has just been named by Forbes as the highest-earning celebrity under 30, raking in $170 million in just one year.

Her 1989 World Tour brought in $200 million in North America; the country-turned-pop princess also earned plenty from endorsement deals with companies including Diet Coke, Keds and Apple.

The next closest act on the list was actually an entire boy band. One Direction, which has four members, brought in $110 million. Adele charted with $80.5 million, Rihanna with $75 million and Justin Bieber, the youngest person on the list, came in 6th with $56 million. Read more here.

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Rihanna To Release 15-LP Vinyl Box Set

(Radio.com) On December 16, five of Rihanna's albums, Rated R, Talk That Talk, Unapologetic, Music of the Sun, and Loud will be available on LP for the first time as part of a 15-record box set.

The package, which retails for $299.98, comes with a 186-page hardcore picture book, prints of each original CD booklet and an autographed turntable slipmat.

It's an impressive -- if pricey -- way to follow up the celebration of her lifetime achievement MTV Video Vanguard Award. And she's only 28! Read more here.

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No Doubt Members and AFI's Davey Havok Reveal New Band Name

(Radio.com) No Doubt's Tom Dumont, Tony Kanal, Adrian Young and AFI's Davey Havok have announced the name of their new collaboration. The band posted the name using their new Instagram account.

The yet-to-be-heard Havok-fronted foursome will be called Dreamcar. During an interview with KROQ-Los Angeles' Stryker in February, Havok was quick to clarify he was not a substitute for Gwen Stefani.

"I'm not singing for No Doubt." He ashamedly admits the band does not have a name yet but they do in fact "have a lot of great songs" that he's excited about. "We have songs that are fully complete. No name, but complete songs. And, it's just a great time. It's really fun. I don't know what to call it. It's great. I think people will really like it." Read more here.

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Ed Sheeran Serenades 9-Year-Old Fan In The Hospital

(Radio.com) One 9-year-old Ed Sheeran superfan, who has spent an estimated 80% of her life in the hospital, got quite the surprise when he stopped by and performed his hit single "Photograph" for her.

Melody suffers from the rare neurological disorder Rett Syndrome. She cannot walk or talk, but her mother says she understands everything. Since 2014, Melody has been taken with Sheeran's music. During moments of extreme pain, her mother and the hospital staff play Sheeran's songs to help her cope.

Sheeran visited Melody at Epsom Hospital in Surrey on November 9th. He sat on her bed and played "Photograph" on the ukulele while Melody moved to the song's rhythm, enjoying the moment with her favorite musician. Watch here.

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'Modern Family' Star Covers The Chainsmokers

(Radio.com) Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland recently joined forces with the band Boyce Avenue to perform an acoustic cover of The Chainsmokers' hit single "Closer."

While Hyland may be best known for playing the character of Haley Dunphy on Modern Family, she shows off her singing chops in the impressive four-minute clip.

It seems the Chainsmokers were fans of Hyland and Boyce Avenue's cover as they complimented the collaboration on Twitter. "You sound awesome! So cool y'all did that," they wrote on Twitter. Watch the cover here.

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Mac Miller Does Fake Drug Ad For Funny Or Die

(Radio.com) Mac Miller stars in a new Funny or Die commercial about getting sad right quick. In the fake ad, Miller reps the pharmaceutical solution DreadLexa aka The First Depressant For Rappers.

"As an artist, depression and anxiety are part of my creative process, so when I found myself suffering from chronic happiness and contentment, I knew I had to do something," he says in the beginning. He explains taking Dreadlexa allowed him to tap into his demons once again.

A voiceover breaks down how the drug works. "Dreadlexa is the first prescription depressant created for musicians, designed to drag you back into that dark creative space you fear and need to create music people respect."

The voiceover adds, "Dreadlexa works best if taken with alcohol after Googling yourself." But rappers should be careful. If they take too much Dreadlexa they're likely to produce too many banger tracks, which can cause a rise in self-esteem. Check it out here.

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Ronnie Baker Brooks Streams New Song 'Doing Too Much'

(TeamRock) Chicago bluesman Ronnie Baker Brooks has announced the release of his first album in more than 10 years - and made one of the tracks "Doing Too Much" available to stream exclusively with TeamRock.

Brooks will release Times Have Changed on January 20 next year via Provogue/Mascot Label Group. Brooks worked with Steve Jordan on the album, which was recorded in Memphis.

Jordan says: "I decided to go to Memphis and Nashville for the particular musicians and studios I wanted to engage. "As it turns out, Ronnie had done a few of his previous recordings in Memphis, so he felt right at home."

Brooks refers to Jordan as "a walking encyclopaedia of music detail and equipment." He adds: "Once we got the ball rolling, my confidence went higher and higher. I'm a better musician for this experience." Read more and stream the new song here.

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Attila Do Tour Bus Mannequin Challenge

(Metal Hammer) Attila have shared a video of their own mannequin challenge. The Georgia outfit have hopped on the latest bandwagon with their own clip, which they filmed on a tour bus. It features the band, a number of fans, internet comedian Curtis Lepore, Black Veil Brides drummer Chris Coma and porn star Jessie Lee frozen in various positions.

Five Finger Death Punch also staged their own mannequin challenge featuring 10,000 people at a show last week. The mannequin challenge is a viral Internet video trend where people remain frozen in action like mannequins while a video is recorded. The first clip came from students at Jacksonville's Edward H White High School, according to NBC.

Vocalist Chris Fronzak said of the track: "Lets be real - I'm not sorry about sh*t. The only thing I'm sorry for is the fact that the entire world has turned into a bunch of supersoft crybaby bitches.

"As the rest of the world changes and adapts to our new 'sensitive generation' just understand that Attila will always stay the same. We're here to f*** sh*t up, are you with us?" Check out the video clip here.

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Devin Townsend Says People Need To Learn To Fail Efficiently

(Prog) Devin Townsend says the best piece of advice he can offer people is to "learn how to fail efficiently." Townsend believes that not letting your failures overwhelm you is the key to success.

He tells Music Radar: "The best piece of advice I could offer anybody is to learn how to fail efficiently. You are going to fail, you are going to hurt yourself, you are going to fall. But, the people that succeed are the ones that learn from that and learn how to either not let it happen again or to just get up and not let the pain affect you."

And he encourages people to ignore internet trolls who target insecurities. "Look at the internet," he says. "Whenever you put anything up on YouTube there are so many people out there with a vested interest in being cruel and hating you. If you pay attention to that it will affect you. You have to be stronger than your insecurity." Read more here.

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Adele Concert Interrupted By Bat

(Radio.com) While performing in Mexico City, Adele caught sight of a bat flying around the venue and interrupted what she'd been saying to warn the audience.

Adele swirled around onstage, looking as if she was trying to duck from the bat (or impersonate it?) before she began warning the audience. "There's a bat! There's a bat! It landed right by your head!" she screamed at one concertgoer.

Never shy about dropping a few curse words in between her songs, Adele peppered her interruption with loads of them. "Oh my god, there's a f–ing bat. Welcome to Mexico, it's true. I'm happy to be here but a f–king bat, Jesus Christ." Read more here.

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A Look Back At Genesis's 'We Can't Dance' 25 Years Later

(Radio.com) Released twenty-five years ago this month, Genesis's We Can't Dance was their final album with longtime drummer/singer Phil Collins and marked the end of the band for many fans. They would continue on with a new singer named Ray Wilson for one more album, but Genesis as a stadium-headlining hit machine ended here with the last date of the "We Can't Dance" tour.

In Phil Collins' newly-published memoirs, Not Dead Yet, the drummer/singer writes about his 1996 meeting with bandmates Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks. As all three of them knew going into the meeting, Collins would officially be giving his notice that he was leaving the band. Collins joined Genesis in 1970 as the drummer, and in the years since, took over as lead singer, and helped to bring them to insanely high commercial heights, all the while launching an incredibly successful solo career.

The always understated Mike Rutherford responded, "We're just surprised you stayed this long." A lot of people probably shared that sentiment; while Genesis was a multi-platinum band that sold out football stadiums, Collins' solo career was just as popular, if not more. He didn't need to stay with them, but he did, probably out of loyalty to his mates. As he notes in his book: "These are my oldest musical friends. Two of my oldest friends [period]."

Commercially, it probably made sense to end Genesis: with each album, leading up to 1986's Invisible Touch, the band got bigger and bigger. In the '80s, anything with Phil Collins' stamp on it seemed to turn to commercial gold (including projects he produced for Eric Clapton, Howard Jones, Adam Ant, Phillip Bailey and Frida). But at the dawn of the '90s, things were changing; Nirvana released Nevermind, which had a "year zero" effect in music, particularly in the music that people in their 20s listened to. Also, there was a sense that, with all his projects, Phil Collins was getting a bit "overexposed" (a quaint idea in the pre-internet era; it's not a complaint that gets lobbed at, say, Drake, even though he puts out multiple releases in a year, and guests on other artists' albums as well).

Even outside the context of the era, it may have been time to "call it." Collins had worked at an insane pace for about at decade at that point, between his solo albums and tours, Genesis albums and tours, other artists' projects and tours (he played drums in Eric Clapton and Robert Plant's solo bands in the '80s) and even acting (staring in the 1988 film Buster). It took a toll on his personal life (which he discusses in Not Dead Yet).

And while We Can Dance had a lot of highlights — it has the fun MTV hits, the bittersweet VH1 ballads (they were still one of the few bands to get support from both channels) and a few prog-rock epics — there were more dull spots on the album than on previous records, although that may have been an effect of the CD era, which gave bands the freedom to do longer albums (and the expectation that they'd do so). 1983's Genesis and '86's Invisible Touch seemed leaner, nearly every song filled a slot; but We Can't Dance seemed to go on too long, as many other albums did during that time. "Tell Me Why," "Way of the World" and "Living Forever" may have been good as B-sides, but they made the album drag. Read more here.

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Singled Out: City Of The Weak's Censor This

City of the Weak's Stef w/ an F tells us about their song "Censor This" from their upcoming 2017 album which is being recorded at Metro 37 Studios in Detroit with producer Craig Owens (formerly of Chiodos, DRUG) and engineer is Jordan DiSorbo (formerly of Before Their Eyes). Here is the story:

We had been working on our new album for about 9 months, and we were really frustrated because it wasn't exactly turning out how we wanted. We were just confused and sick of being told what to do by so many people. We were tired of trying to fit a mold that we didn't belong in. We were annoyed with people trying to squash who we were as individuals and as artists. One day, we literally just said "f*** it." Let's just do what we want to do. F*** everyone else. We started this band because we wanted to have a voice that mattered. We wanted to be able to speak to people from the heart, and empower them to live their lives how they want. So we decided to practice what we preach, and we spoke from the heart. A couple days later, we had a whole song completely written. We had never been more excited about a song, and it felt great. "Censor This" was born.

We took it in the studio to record, and Craig Owens helped us take it from 8 to 10. He guided us in making the heavy parts hit harder, and encouraged the unapologetic lyrics to be even sassier. Once we recorded everything and played back the raw track, we all knew we had to release "Censor This" as the first single. This song represents everything we stand behind and everything we strive for as a band.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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