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Page Too Report for 11/17/2016

AC/DC Classic Gets Unusual Makeover

(Classic Rock) Viewers of South Africa's Expresso Show got more than the usual morning TV round-up of news, gossip and pets performing unexpected tricks this week, as their screens were taken over by The Grey, a classical music trio who proceeded to play AC/DC's 1990 hit Thunderstruck in the style of 18th century German composer Bach.

"We make it our mission to play all time favourites for all ages," say The Grey. "Our repertoire includes mashups of Bach and AC/DC, Vivaldi and Sia, Queen, tangos from Piazolla, love songs and famous film theme songs."

The trio are made up of violin players Donne de Kock and Ellani de Jager and pianist Eric Gerber, who adds, "My goal and mission for The Grey is to achieve a well-balanced group of musicians who love to play good music that suits all audiences. My vision for this group is to create everlasting beautiful music and that every single piece of work will last forever in our audience's hearts. Two violins and one piano can make a difference!" Check it out here.

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Slipknot Clown's Movie Trailer Goes Online

(Metal Hammer) A second trailer for Slipknot man Clown's upcoming film Officer Downe has been released. The gory clip sees the policeman in a shoot-out with a group of nuns - which ends up with one having her head blown off. Watch it below. It also follows a trailer which launched last month, and another promo which was issued in June.

The Slipknot percussionist, real name Shawn Crahan, directed the film, which is adapted from the 2010 graphic novel by Joe Casey and Chris Burnham. Starring Sons Of Anarchy's Kim Coates as the lead character, the film sees the LA super-cop resurrected time and time again through government technology to fight crime on the streets of Los Angeles.

Officer Downe also features other members of Slipknot - with Crahan saying they didn't get a free pass to appear on set. He said: "Sid Wilson's in the movie, Chris Fehn is in the movie, Corey Taylor is in the movie. They all had to apply like everyone else. Those guys all want to act and they all have a knack for it, so I'm going to take them with me for sure." Watch the trailer here.

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Leonard Cohen Cause Of Death Revealed By Manager

(Radio.com) Iconic singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen died in his sleep in the middle of the night shortly after falling down at his Los Angeles home, his manager has revealed.

"The death was sudden, unexpected and peaceful," Robert B. Kory said in a statement. The manager added that Cohen died on November 7, three days before his death was officially announced.

Cohen, 82, had been ill for much of 2016. He released his final album You Want it Darker on October 21. He is survived by his children, Adam and Lorca, and his three grandchildren, Cassius, Viva and Lyon. Read more here.

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Justin Bieber Breaks Down During Concert Performance

(Radio.com) Purpose was the album that righted the course of Justin Bieber's career after a period of tabloid shenanigans and not-quite-mature transition attempts from the "teen pop" zone.

He came back with a vengeance, won his first Grammy, brought on a new spiritual advisor and Purpose was a hit. Despite the professional highs, Bieber's emotions overwhelmed him during a concert in Germany last night (Nov. 16).

While singing the title track from "Purpose," the performer became verklempt. Watch an online video clip of Bieber's emotional concert moment here.

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The Chainsmokers Share 'All We Know' Video

(Radio.com) Now that The Chainsmokers have released a music video for their hit with Halsey, "Closer," and followed that up quickly with their lyric video for "Setting Fires," the DJ duo keeps their visuals rolling with a new one for "All We Know" featuring Phoebe Ryan.

The video feels more like a short dramatic film. A young man receives a phone call that someone close to him is dying, and the news overwhelms so much that he leaves his house--and his confused girlfriend--and heads to the nearest convenience store to pick up a bottle of Jack Daniels. From there, he hops a ride out to the desert where he hikes up the hills and finds peace once he discovers his girlfriend there.

Thanks to the way the video was shot, viewers live everything through the young man's perspective, sometimes catching glimpses of his face, but always with the camera attached to his body so that it feels personal, intimate. "All We Know" appears on The Chainsmokers' new EP Collage. watch the video here.

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Foo Fighter Explains Why He Could Never Join Rush

(Prog) Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters says he wouldn't dare to try replacing Neil Peart in Rush - no matter how much he'd like to saying that fans of the legendary band would not stand for it.

Hawkins is a longtime fan of the Canadian prog icons. He helped induct them into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2013 and appears alongside bandmate Dave Grohl on the upcoming 40th anniversary edition of classic Rush album 2112.

The band's future remains in doubt after Peart lost enthusiasm for continuing to work with them. He hasn't confirmed his status - but frontman Geddy Lee said last week that he'd begun to accept the idea that their touring days were over.

Asked about the prospect of replacing Peart, Hawkins tells SiriusXM: "I'd get f***ing crucified, man. You know how many dorks would want to kick my ass if I tried to be in Rush? It would be like a nation of dorks chasing me and trying to kill me: 'You're not Neil Peart - don't even think about it!'" Read more here.

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Garth Brooks Helps Jimmy Kimmel Write A Song

(Radio.com) While Jimmy Kimmel proves himself an entertaining late night host every evening on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he revealed on Wednesday (Nov. 16) that he has been considering another career.

It turns out Kimmel really wants to be a country star and hopes to learn to write country hits, so naturally he enlisted the help of Garth Brooks. "Who better for me to turn to to help launch my country music career?" Kimmel reasoned.

Kimmel met Brooks in the studio and asked for his writing advice. After Brooks gave the show host some helpful tips, the two teamed up to write and perform an unusual song that Kimmel was certain will fly up the charts. "I need your help, though, because I don't know how to sing really, or write songs or play guitar or anything," Kimmel admitted.

This would be no problem for Kimmel, Brooks assured. He said he doesn't need any of these talents. The one thing he must posses, though, is a subject matter fans can relate to. So, Brooks asked if there's something that has moved him or changed his life. "I'm just thinking of pizza right now," Kimmel admitted.

That wasn't quite what Brooks was looking for so he had Kimmel dig deeper. It turns out, Kimmel's best friend desperately wanted to learn how to pop and lock. So, naturally, Kimmel decided to get him dance lessons for his birthday. What happened next is comedy at its finest. Watch the skit here.

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Madonna Set For 'Carpool Karaoke' Appearance

(Radio.com) On an upcoming James Corden installment of Carpool Karaoke he will be joined by Madonna. The pop star posted a selfie to Instagram sharing the news that she'll join Corden for a drive around New York City.

"Riding around Manhattan with this Hunk of Burning Love," Madonna wrote in the caption to the social media post. With three decades of "Material Girl" material to mine, from "Holiday" to "Living for Love," the only question is whether 20 minutes is enough to do Madonna's career justice.

Does Evita get a moment? Will the pair get "Hung Up" in traffic? So many puns, so little time, so how does one edit? Madonna could just crib the setlist from her Rebel Heart Tour to justify her fans' love. Read more here.

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Mike Portnoy Talks Unusual Song On New Neal Morse Album

(Prog) Mike Portnoy admits he was surprised when Neal Morse wanted to include drug-inspired lyrics on the forthcoming The Neal Morse Band double-album, A Similitude Of A Dream.

The drummer says he took over singing on track Makes No Sense, as Morse's vocals and melodies weren't "rocking" or "aggressive" enough in the original demo.

He recalls in a new video: "I ended up singing him this new pattern. Then Neal wrote lyrics and gave it back to me to sing.

"I found it really strange that Neal wrote this lyric, 'This isn't who you are - let's smoke a bowl.'"

He adds: "Neal does not do drugs. I found that a very unusual line for him to write. I was like, 'Are you sure you want me to sing that?' But it's all about the story for him. He's immersed in the story. That's his department." Read more watch the interview here.

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Darius Rucker Releases 'Life on the Line' Video

(Radio.com) Darius Rucker teamed up with emerging British artist Fiona Culley (and songwriters Meghan Linsey and Tyler Cain) to co-write the song "Life on the Line" for the upcoming movie by the same name, and today (November 17th) they shared its music video.

Life on the Line stars John Travolta, Kate Bosworth and Sharon Stone, and focuses on a group of men who fix electrical grids. Things get dangerous when a deadly storm rolls in and threatens their lives.

The video for "Life on the Line" intercuts scenes from the movie with shots of Rucker and Culley singing opposite one another in the studio. "You lived your life on the line/ Now I'll live mine with your memory/ If I could turn back time, I would rewind/ Til you came back to me," they sing together on the anthemic chorus.

Culley has been touted as the "Adele of country," and first made a splash when her cover of Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" earned 2 million views on YouTube. Watch the new video here.

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Bruno Mars 60 Minutes Appearance Preview Released

(Radio.com) Bruno Mars will travel back to his past this Sunday (November 20th) when he appears on 60 Minutes. The pop star journeys to his native Hawaii, where he shows viewers the concrete cabin he shared with his father and brother for a short period following his parents' divorce when he was 12 years old. "My dad was just the king of finding these little spots for us to stay that we should never have been staying at," Mars says.

Before that, the family was doing well as performers at a Waikiki Beach dinner club, with Mars learning the entertainment trade, but things took a hard turn after his mother and father split. "We'd all sleep in one bed," he recounts of sharing the small space. But he doesn't look back on that time with any grievances. "We had each other and it never felt like it was the end of the world," he says.

Even though times were rough, Mars knows going through them made him the performer he is today. Without that kind of hardship, he might not have developed his hard-working demeanor and sense of perseverance. He knows both are what allow him to keep working on songs until he gets it just right. "Maybe that's why I have this mentality when it comes to the music," he admits. "Because I know I'm going to figure it out. Just give me some time." 60 Minutes airs November 20th at 7pm on CBS. Check out a preview here.

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Jhene Aiko Releases New NSFW Single 'Maniac'

(Radio.com) For anyone who has ever been concerned about getting involved with a woman who might turn out to be crazy, Jhene Aiko is not calming any fears with her new single "Maniac." But then again, from everything she shares on the NSFW single, she might be the kind of crazy that's more exciting than nerve-racking.

The sensual single doesn't pull any punches. From the very get-go, Jhene shares what she does in the bedroom and how she just can't help herself. "You just made love to a maniac," she sings on the chorus, her vocals drawn out with effect, as if she were teasing, taunting and generally luring her "victims" to their demise.

As for her verses, they come much faster and lay bare all the ways she's ready and raring to go. "I stay up all night for ya, I'm a trooper/ Call and request I pick up, pull up quick as Uber," she raps in between the slower and more seductive chorus. Listen to "Maniac" here.

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Childish Gambino Releases New Single 'Redbone'

(Radio.com) If Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover) went psychedelic for the first single "Me and Your Mama" off his upcoming album Awaken, My Love!, he's channeling a different, far funkier vibe with his second single, "Redbone."

At over five minutes long, "Redbone" is in keeping with what appears to be a longer, jam-heavy vision for his latest album. The track ventures into late 1970s/early 1980s funk territory that in some ways parallels Prince's sexy bedroom fare.

With warped guitar riffs, modified synths scraping and at times screeching and a relaxed tempo, "Redbone" continues to reveal the new musical direction Childish Gambino is exploring. As with "Me and Your Mama," he's drawing together all sorts of strands to create his own unique quilt.

Awaken, My Love! drops December 2nd. Listen to "Redbone" here.

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Ludacris Ready To Open 'Chicken and Beer' Restaurant

(Radio.com) Get ready to get hyped if your flight snags a delay while flying through Atlanta. After three long years, Ludacris is finally ready to open his restaurant Chicken and Beer in the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Named after his third album, the restaurant took some time to get off the ground (like flights in the country's busiest airport), but Ludcaris shared the announcement on Instagram.

"It's finally coming to fruition," he said in the video. "Anything worth waiting for is worth having, and we are finally here. Chicken and Beer, Concourse D." Read more here.

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Ebbot Lundberg Releases 'To Be Continued' Video

(Prog) Former Soundtrack Of Our Lives frontman Ebbot Lundberg has released a video for the track "To Be Continued," which comes from his brand new album, For The Ages To Come, that will be released on December 2.

Having previously released There's Only One Of Us Here in 2012 (for the art project (In)Visible Dialogues) and On The Other Side Of Light with The New Alchemy a year later, this latest offering is being released under the title of Ebbot Lundberg & The Indigo Children. The album was produced by Lundberg and taps into a 60s psychedelic vibe, as evidenced by the promo video for To Be Continued.

"The Indigo Children actually supported SOOL a few years ago," explains Lundberg, "They astounded us with their sheer energy. When it came to deciding who I wanted to work with on this record, there was only one option in my mindů This represents where I am, and where I am going. It is the first album, but certainly not the last."

Lundberg is also collaborating with members of Spiritualized and legendary producer Butch Vig on a project which will hopefully see the light of day. In the meantime he undertakes a short European tour in December in support of the new record including a show at London's Garage. See the dates and watch the video here.

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Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Announce UK Tour

(Metal Hammer) Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes have announced a 2017 UK and Ireland tour. They'll head out on the road in March in support of upcoming second album Modern Ruin, which is due for release on January 27, via International Death Cult.

The band previously issued Lullaby and Snake Eyes from the follow-up to last year's debut Blossom. Frontman Carter says: "Thank you to everyone who came out and lost their minds with us at our sold out tour - here's a fresh one for you all.

"It's been a truly amazing feeling playing shows with such a passionate, fun and respectful atmosphere. So I cannot wait to be back again in March - but this time with a brand new album.

"We have also put together a special signed album, photo print and ticket bundle for you. So you can preorder your new favorite album, secure your place in the pit, listen to Modern Ruin every day from January 27 and then roll into the tour for the gig of the year." See the dates here.

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Capital Cities Release 'Vowels' Video

(Radio.com) Sometimes words don't convey the meaning you wish to share, sometimes that standard form of communication falls short of the mark. That's exactly what Capital Cities discover in their new single "Vowels," and the visual they released today (November 17th).

In "Vowels," American Sign Language partners with dance to become the main means of communication. That kind of approach further emphasizes the song's central line, "I've got something on my mind, but words, they won't do it justice."

Meant to look like one long shot, the video focuses on a young blond woman in an ice pink jacket as she makes her way through a nightclub and later a city intersection. She eventually meets up with other women wearing similar clothing and they all begin dancing together in between signing. Sebu Simonian and Ryan Merchant (Capital Cities) appear throughout the video, but often in the background.

As of now, "Vowels" doesn't appear on any forthcoming album from Capital Cities. The duo last released an album in 2013 with A Tidal Wave of Mystery. Watch the video here.

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Drake Signals He Is Over Rihanna?

(Radio.com) Drake appears to have moved on from pining after Rihanna, and his new crush is someone fans might not expect. During the Toronto Raptors' "Drake Night" game against the Golden State Warriors last night (November 16th), he was spotted sporting a very choice, very declarative, sweatshirt.

Drake wore a "Woman Crush Everyday" shirt that featured a picture of NBA sideline reporter Doris Burke. On Instagram, he continued sharing his love for the sports journalist, posting a picture of her and saying "Doris = "

When reporters caught up with him at the game and asked him about his shirt, Drake said, "I wish she was here tonight but just sending all my love to her. I don't know what camera to look at, but blowing a lot of kisses. I love Doris with all my heart. Hopefully she knows she's woman crush every day. That's why I wore this shirt. Let her know, dinner at my house anytime, as long as she comes alone." Read more amd see the photo here.

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