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Page Too Report for 11/20/2016

Metallica Stream Full Album Release Show Online

(hennemusic) Metallica launched "Hardwired…To Self Destruct" with an intimate show at London's House Of Vans on November 18, and the band are sharing video of the full performance.

The 15-song set delivered classic tracks alongside the first three singles from their tenth album: "Hardwired", "Moth Into Flame" and "Atlas, Rise!" The group showered guitarist Kirk Hammett with pies to the face as he celebrated his 54th birthday.

The show was part of busy week as Metallica promoted the new album across Europe with appearances in Berlin, Germany on November 14, Paris, France on November 15 and London, UK on November 18. Watch the release show here.

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Halestorm Cover AC/DC's Christmas Song

(Classic Rock) Halestorm have released a new single - a cover of AC/DC's festive song Mistress For Christmas. The single can be downloaded via iTunes, Google Play and Amazon and is also available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

Halestorm say: "Hey freaks, is it too early to be saying 'Happy Holidays?' Regardless if it is or not, we're jumping into the holiday spirit today with the release of a cover of the always excellent AC/DC!

"Check out our version of Mistress For Christmas and start spreading the holiday cheer to your friends and family." Listen to the track in the YouTube video here.

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Britney Spears Releases 'Slumber Party' Video

(Radio.com) Britney Spears has released her new music video for "Slumber Party," featuring Tinashe. The new clip was directed by Colin Tilley and pays homage to Stanley Kubrick's psychosexual thriller Eyes Wide Shut.

Tinashe teased the clip posting a photo of the pair to Instagram with the caption: "The face you make when the rumors are true and you collabed with your idol

"& basically your whole life is a dream so you keep it cute for Brit but inside you are wigless and dead." Watch the online stream of the new "Slumber Party" music video here.

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Justin Bieber Releasing Limited Edition 'Purpose Singles' Box Set

(Radio.com) Thanks to the fact that Justin Bieber's Purpose sold over 10 million copies worldwide, the pop star will be releasing a special edition box set called Purpose Singles to celebrate the album's one year anniversary.

The limited edition release will include three 7″ vinyl records cut at 33 1/3 and feature a mixture of hit singles off Purpose as well as bonus tracks. Along with the music, Purpose Singles will include a 12-page booklet that features images from Bieber's Purpose Tour as well as lyrics.

There are only 5,000 editions being produced and each box set will be hand numbered. Fans can purchase Purpose Singles exclusively through PurposeTourMerch.com. Check out the tracklist here.

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Lil Wayne Featured On Kiiara's 'Gold' Remix

(Radio.com) If Lil Wayne can't release his own original music, he's going to get his by contributing to as many songs as he possibly can. His latest featured verse appears in the remix of Kiiara's hit single "Gold."

Lil Wayne comes in at the 1:20 mark, clearing his throat first before doubling down on his raspy vocals and adding a quick verse to contrast the shimmering glitch-pop style that has made "Gold" such a hit. Lil Wayne shouts out Kiiara, calling her "lit" and expressing how much he likes that "caught up in my tea s—."

The verse focuses primarily on Lil Wayne's wealth, including his "zillion dollar smile," but he ends with a quick line that showcases his singing abilities. "If yellow was gold we'd follow the yellow brick road/ I'm lettin' her go without ever lettin' you know," he raps, before shifting into harmonizing with Kiiara. Listen to "Gold (Lil' Wayne Remix)" here.

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Train Release 'Play That Song' Video

(Radio.com) Train can't help but celebrate. For their new music video "Play That Song," the band takes a page out of Singing in the Rain and other big movie musical numbers.

Lead singer Pat Monahan can't help but dance as he walks around sunny Los Angeles listening to "Play That Song." The upbeat number causes him to borrow a passer-by's hat and begin dancing to the beat. More than just groove, Monahan really dances with full choreography and everything. Soon his attitude and energy have everyone joining him.

Monahan ends up dancing in a fountain with a crowd then later ends up dancing at an outdoor roller rink where he shows off his twinkle toes by moving back and forth on a giant keyboard just like Tom Hanks did in the movie Big.

"Play That Song" marks the first single off Train's forthcoming, yet-untitled album. The song is built around the melody of the 1938 single "Heart and Soul" by Howard Hoagland 'Hoagy" Carmichael. No word on when Train will release their next album, but it should arrive some time in 2017. Watch the video here.

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Eminem Releases Remastered 'Infinite' and Short Film

(Radio.com) It's been 20 years since Eminem burst on the scene with his debut studio album Infinite in 1996, and to celebrate its anniversary he shared a special remastered version of the title track on Friday (November 18th).

"Infinite (F.B.T. Remix)" is available to download and stream. It features a slower delivery than the faster meter that would help Eminem rise to fame, but the early glimpse of the future hip-hop star reveals what he would become thanks to his emphasis on particular consonants as well as the track's simmering anger.

Eminem also released a short behind-the-scenes film that features never before seen footage from the early 1990s. Titled "Partners In Rhyme: The True Story of Infinite," the video features interviews with the Bass Brothers, who discovered Eminem rapping on the radio during an open mic night and invited him into their 8 Mile studio, as well as Eminem himself. Read more here.

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Trey Songz Releases Christmas Track 'Comin Home'

(Radio.com) Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet, but Trey Songz is already looking ahead to Christmas. He wants to give the winter holiday a sexy update with his new single "Comin Home."

Songz bemoans spending Christmas without the one he loves on the new track he shared Friday (November 18th). It doesn't appear to be attached any holiday album, but even so it's a slow jam that combines bedroom sex appeal with a touch of Winter Wonderland.
"I wish I was there more than I am, babe/ These lonely nights take a toll on a man, you don't understand it/ It's so unfair that Christmas is all throughout the air/ And I hate that we're both alone, I'd rather be with you by the mistletoe," he sings on the opening verse with a slow beat punctuating the background.

Songz decides that he's had enough of watching everyone else enjoy the magic leading up to Christmas, and he's putting his obligations aside so he can be with the person that means the most to him. "So I'm comin' home," he sings on the chorus, repeating the last line to emphasize his intent. Listen to "Comin Home" here.

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Justin Timberlake Relaunching William Rast Clothing Line

(Radio.com) After a period off the radar, there's wind in Justin Timberlake's sails once again with his hit song of the summer "Can't Stop the Feeling!" and studio sessions with Pharrell.

He has a Woody Allen movie in the can and, as a cherry on top, just revealed the relaunch of his William Rast clothing line. The brand made a triumphant Instagram announcement for a new partnership with online retailer Gilt.

"This relaunch reflects where we are at right now -- clothes that are a bit more mature and refined, yet comfortable and casual at the same time," Timberlake told Billboard. Read more here.

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The Killers Deliver Christmas Album 'Don't Waste Your Wishes'

(Radio.com) The Killers are getting into the holiday spirit with a new Christmas album. The rock group, which has released a new holiday song each season to benefit (RED) in the battle against AIDS, just revealed the festive track "I'll Be Home for Christmas" and announced the arrival of the new album Don't Waste Your Wishes.

The 11-track record includes all of the Las Vegas band's previous holiday singles, and features a long list of celebrity collaborators, such as Elton John, Jimmy Kimmel and Dawes, reports NME. Listen to a snippet of "I'll Be Home For Christmas" featuring Ned Humphrey Hansen here.

While fans can purchase a copy of the digital album now, the physical release will be December 9, with all proceeds going to (RED). Check out the tracklisting here.

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John Mayer Returns With 'Love on the Weekend'

(Radio.com) John Mayer has a new single titled "Love on the Weekend." The song is the first new music from Mayer since his sixth studio album Paradise Valley which dropped back in 2013.

Not that Mayer's been keeping a low profile, he's been busy performing with Grateful Dead members Bob Weir, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann as part of Dead & Company.

Check out an online stream of John Mayer's mellow ode to weekend romance "Love on the Weekend" here.

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Ja Rule Pokes Fun At Himself In New Foot Locker Ad

(Radio.com) Ja Rule makes fun of his dwindling career in a new Foot Locker ad. In the commercial, he and what appear to be his buddies are driving around a big city.

The guys are sharing their excitement over the new gear they scored during Foot Locker's 'Week of Greatness,' which prompts Ja to break into a speech.

"You know, fellas, you can't take sustained greatness like that for granted. It's so hard to achieve. Once you find greatness, you hold onto it. I mean, you can lose it just like that. One minute you're on top of the world, the next it's all different…all different," he says. The diatribe causes confusion from Ja's passengers, because in a hilarious twist it turns out they're not his friends. Watch it here.

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Phoenix Spark Speculation About New Music

(Radio.com) The world last heard from Phoenix when they recorded and performed "Alone on Christmas Day" for Bill Murray's special holiday program, A Very Murray Christmas, in 2015. But are they about to return with new music of their own?

The French band last released an album in 2013 with Bankrupt! and have largely remained quiet, but last week (November 16th) they updated all of their social media channels with a new image. While that might not be enough to declare "New Album Ahead!" it's certainly got fans excited.

Phoenix changed their profile picture on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to the color bars usually seen on a television station that has gone off the air. Their website, meanwhile, has also undergone an update, and now features a new image that shares something in common with the color bars. Read more here.

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Imagine Dragons Singer Dan Reynolds Talks Chronic Pain Disease

(Radio.com) Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds' life is on the stage and at the age of 21 as the band's success rose, he began to experience what he says was a debilitating pain that made him cancel shows.

The 29-year-old singer recently opened up about the condition, which was diagnosed as ankylosing spondylitis (AS), a chronic condition of the joints that often leads to extreme inflammation and pain.

'It was beyond the pain that you feel when it's just a back ache," he tells People. 'It felt like someone was drilling my nerves. It was right when the band was starting to have minor success -- we were starting to sell out small clubs, and we were playing these very active shows and it started to make me have to cancel shows."

Reynolds explains that he frequently could not physically get on the stage, and in some instances he couldn't move, couldn't sleep and had to stand perfectly still when he performed. Eventually, his brother convinced him to see a rheumatologist to see if he had ankylosing spondylitis, a condition two of his siblings also suffer from.

"I went, and then they did the test to see if it's in your genes -- which it was, because it's an autoimmune disease," he says. 'And then they diagnosed me and put me on a treatment plan, which fixed me almost immediately. Which was another sign that that's what it was." Read more here.

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Jimmy Eat World Get Animated in 'Sure and Certain' Video

(Radio.com) Jimmy Eat World have released their new video for "Sure and Certain" and in it, the band pulls a struggling ballet dancer into their fantastical animated world. The result appears to be a freedom she's never felt before. Or, we missed the point entirely, which is very possible.

However, one fan questioned the dancer's moves saying, "The dancing makes no sense (she's doing a parallel pirouette in ballet shoes? And then landing it in a turned-out fourth?

Maybe it's intentionally cross-genre?" YouTube subscriber Gabrielle Lee continued, "but the video itself is amazing. <3333" The song is just one of the eleven tracks off the Arizona band's new album, Integrity Blues, available now. Watch the video here.

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A Look Back At U2's 'Achtung Baby' 25 Years Later

(Radio.com) After years of moving from being a post-punk band to a mainstream rock and roll stadium headliner, U2 decided to reinvent themselves with their seventh album, 1991's 'Achtung Baby,' which was released 25 years ago this month. Here, we look back at U2's most daring album.

The hints were there for a few years before Achtung Baby was released, that U2 was changing in a dramatic way. Over the first few years of their career, they moved from the world of alternative radio, getting played on stations alongside the Smiths, the Clash, Talking Heads and the Eurythmics, to mainstream rock radio alongside Eric Clapton, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen. And during that time, they moved from playing clubs to arenas, to, finally, stadiums.

1988's The Joshua Tree was the peak of the band's obsession with Americana and the roots of rock and roll. They recorded at Sun Studios, they collaborated with B.B. King, they covered Bob Dylan, and also collaborated with Dylan (he played organ on "Hawkmoon 269" and sang backing vocals on "Love Rescue Me"). They seemed to be looking towards a younger, hipper audience with the "Hollywood Remix" of the album's first single, "Desire." Other rock giants, from the Rolling Stones to Genesis, had dance remixes, but with those bands, it seemed like a stretch. With U2, it worked. Instead of just adding beats in hopes of coaxing club DJs to play the song, it actually changed the song's entire character, and showed new possibilities for what a U2 song could be. Also of importance: the "Hollywood Remix" threw in audio clips from news broadcasts, something that would explore more in the next decade.

Later, when they released the "When Love Comes To Town" 12″ single, it came with the "Hard Metal Remix" of "God Part II," another effective re-imagining of one of their songs. It also included the band's cover of Patti Smith's "Dancing Barefoot," an important nod to their post-punk roots. The appetite for new U2 music was so heavy that this b-side actually got some play on rock radio, which had rarely played any Smith songs other than "Because the Night." Read more here.

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Deftones Bandmates Disagree On Live Approach To Music

(Metal Hammer) Abe Cunningham admits he makes a point of trying to piss off Deftones bandmate Stephen Carpenter on stage - because the pair disagree over approaches to playing their songs live.

But the drummer says the guitarist gives as good as he gets, and insists they'll never fall out with each over their separate points of view. Carpenter pushed against his colleagues over the musical direction of latest album Gore, although frontman Chino Moreno said there was never any danger of the situation getting out of control.

Cunningham tells Music Radar: "Stephen is of the frame of mind that everything must be exactly like the album, which I agree with to a certain degree. But I grew up on people jamming. You should be able to stretch out.

"I want to keep the songs true as possible, but I do stuff to drive him crazy. I'll play something just to piss him off because I can - we're brothers. He'll do it to me too. He'll speed something up. He'll tweak the tempo out and I know he's doing it." Read more here.

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Singled Out: Aryk Crowder's What You Want

Chicago soul/roots rocker Aryk Crowder recently released his new EP "2x4, Vol.2" and to celebrate we asked him to tell us the story behind the song "What You Want". Here is the story:

Writing "What You Want" came at a point in my life where I was dealing with a lot of complex feelings in questioning myself as an artist and a musician. The events of this song came shortly after coming down from the end of a relationship with a woman whom I was in love with. As a lot of us do, I found solace in someone new, but didn't want to dive into a relationship quite yet. I could tell she felt otherwise. I really liked her company and she was great to be around, but I was apprehensive about making a commitment. It weighed heavy on my head as I know that if I kept her at arm's length that her interest in me would eventually be lost and she'd be gone.

Around this same time, I was also starting to experiment with this looping thing where I can record what I'm doing live and put it into a playback loop via a device at my feet. Never one to be fully satisfied with the beautiful simplicity of a vocal and acoustic guitar, I started figuring out how to do some basic beatboxing as well as some sounds on how to make my acoustic guitar sound like a bass. Melodies started to come as soon as I figured out the device and how to make all these sounds intertwine. What You Want was the first song I wrote with this new set up (see the original composition here ).

For me as a songwriter, the melody describes what I'm feeling while the lyrics describe what I actually want to say. The two don't stray far from one another. I recall this song coming together rather quickly as the events of it were heavy on my mind. By the time I wrote this song, the opportunity of having a relationship with this amazing woman had passed and I dropped the ball. We still remain friends, but I've never told her about her being the subject of this song.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and watch the music video for "What You Want" here and learn more about Aryk and the new EP right here!

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