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Page Too Report for 11/22/2016

Kanye West Hospitalized For Exhaustion

(Radio.com) Kanye West was hospitalized for exhaustion just hours after his camp revealed that he cancelled the remaining dates of his Saint Pablo Tour on Monday (Nov. 21).

The rapper's doctor made the call to take him to the hospital due to his recent erratic behavior, and he "was taken willingly" to U.C.L.A. Medical Center for evaluation for exhaustion, according to a report.

The hospitalization comes days after his Sacramento concert was cut short after a 30-minute rant. Many of West's peers are speaking out for the singer, urging those to pray for his health and wishing him a speedy recovery. And shortly after news of his hospitalization began to spread the hashtag #PrayForKanye began to trend on Twitter. See some of the tweets here.

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Previously Unreleased Prince Song 'Moonbeam Levels' Revealed

(Radio.com) When Prince passed away in April it was said he left behind a vault full of never-before-heard songs, and today fans can finally hear one of those. Prince's estate released "Moonbeam Levels," a cut intended for his 1999 album but which never made it.

The song debuted on ABC News, which chose to invite a handful of Prince superfans to New York's Cutting Room studio where they all sat around and listened to "Moonbeam Levels" together.

The piano-heavy track also features a ripping guitar riff while Prince waxes poetic about life and death. "I'm looking for a better place to die," he sings on the track, which was recorded in 1982. Besides this video debut, "Moonbeam Levels" appears on 4Ever, the two-disc greatest hits album his estate released today. Watch the debut of "Moonbeam Levels" here.

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Metallica Members Confused By Hardwire Cover

(Classic Rock) The superimposed image on the front cover of Metallica album Hardwired… To Self-Destruct still confuses the band, they've admitted. And drummer Lars Ulrich has recalled how it was inspired when he was presented with a photo at his own wedding.

He married Jessica Miller in 2015 and invited creatives Herring & Herring to shoot the event - and during the festivities he came up with the idea that would later become the main image for the band's 10th record.

In a radio special presented by Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor, Ulrich says: "I met those guys four or five years ago. When Jess and I got hitched up in the mountains, we asked them to come up.

"For a wedding present they gave us this crazy picture of the two of us superimposed on top of each other. It was this awesome thing. I showed it to James at the wedding and said, 'One day, when we do something in the future we should get these guys to do all of us on top of each other.

"They came out and shot all of us doing that crazy superimposed stuff. The images were so cool that they became the whole package - this whole campaign, for lack of a better word."

He adds: "We didn't know it was going to be that cool. But those images are really different from anything we'd done before. It feels really cool."

Bassist Robert Trujillo says: "When we were in Central America there were these big massive posters of that image. James goes, 'Look, it's your face.' I go, 'No, that's not my face.' 'Well, that's your eyebrow - wait a minute, that's Kirk's nose. That's your tooth.'" Read more here.

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Blake Shelton Announces 'Doing It To Country Songs' Tour

(Radio.com) Blake Shelton has just announced dates for his Doing It Country Songs 2017 Tour. Opening for Shelton on the 13-stop tour will be The Voice Season 2 contestant, Raelynn.

Shelton shared the news today via his first Facebook live session. he explained he was bored while relaxing in his trailer on the set of The Voice in Hollywood.

During the live chat, Shelton patched in Raelynn and the two went through the list of cities they'd hit on tour and the significance behind each one. Tickets for most dates go on sale Friday, December 9 at 10:00 am local time. See the dates here.

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Star Wars Themed Metal Band Announce Album, Release Video

(Metal Hammer) Star Wars-themed metal band Galactic Empire have announced that they will be releasing their self-titled album on February 3 through Rise Records. The band have also released a music video for their version of The Imperial March.

Galactic Empire launched their cover of the Star Wars theme last year - which helped them successfully crowdfund $61,000 for their debut album and tours.

The group describe themselves as, "a heavy metal band comprised of the most sinister villains in the universe." They add: "Thanks to key members in the Senate and our allies at Rise Records and Velocity Records the Galaxy will kneel before us on February 3 when we unleash the full power of this album.

"The puny humans of your small forest planet Earth have also indicated a desire to see the mighty Galactic Empire perform our music in a live scenario. We would be most pleased to fulfill this request." Watch the video here.

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Adele Tells Audience That She's 'Off to Have a Baby'

(Radio.com) Adele has been on the road since February, and now that she wrapped up the North American leg of her world tour on Monday (November 21st), she took a second while saying goodbye to cheekily announce her plans to have another baby.

Adele's last show in Phoenix turned into a massive celebration complete with gold confetti and champagne (with the singer choosing to sip white wine because of her acid reflux). "Give it up for my band," she said. "F–king give it up for me! I did it! I'll see you on the other side. In a couple of years I'll be back and you won't be able to get rid of me."

As Adele said farewell to the screaming crowd, she began descending underneath the stage, but not before she told the audience, "I'm off to have a baby." Read more here.

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Phife Dawg Gets NYC Street Corner Named In His Honor

(Radio.com) MC Phife Dawg passed away earlier this year and this past weekend Phife's life and legacy were celebrated when a NYC street corner was named for him over the weekend.

Malik 'Phife Dawg" Taylor Way can be found at the intersection of 192nd Street in the Saint Albans neighborhood of Queens. Saturday's naming ceremony drew Quest Tribesmen Q-Tip and Jarobi White, as well as Busta Rhymes, radio DJs, city officials, relatives and hundreds of fans.

Phife's widow Desha Head Taylor told Billboard that the section of Queens occupies a special place in their love story. 'When we first met, we flew into JFK, and there was always a route we had to take. We had to stop by Saint Albans park, and stop by 192 and Linden. He always brought me by grandma's house, no matter how many times we came to New York," she said. 'He absolutely loved this neighborhood, and this community, and the people he met here growing up." Read more here.

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Bruno Mars See 24K Magic World Tour As 'Relentless Victory Lap'

(Radio.com) Bruno Mars is the most in-demand man in show business these days, and he's got the touring schedule to prove it. Fresh off the release of his third studio album, tickets for Mars' 24K Magic World Tour went on sale earlier this week.

It's a grueling 85 dates with little time off in between cities. '[It's] relentless, but this is a victory lap," Mars told Carson Daly during an appearance on 97.1 AMP Radio.

"I worked so hard on this album and singles and the videos. It's party time now and I get to see the fans and travel the world doing what I love to do best." Read more here.

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Fetty Wap Releases 'Zoovier' Mixtape

(Radio.com) Fetty Wap has been busy in 2016, releasing a mixtape in February, July and now November. The New Jersey rapper just released his third mixtape of the year, Zoovier.

Stacked with 19 tracks altogether, the mixtape includes several Monty features. He appeared seven times on Fetty's debut studio album in 2015, and it appears that their relationship hasn't cooled in the meantime. He's on a total of six Zoovier tracks.

Other features include verses from Bricc Baby and Atlanta's hottest new rapper 21 Savage. Zoovier's songs are more laid back than the big hits Fetty released last year like "Trap Queen," which helped him rise to fame. But his confidence hasn't slowed down any. He boasts big on tracks like "To the Moon" featuring Monty and "King Zoo" featuring 21 Savage.

Previously in 2016, Fetty dropped Zoo '16: The Mixtape with the help of Zoo Gang and Money, Hoes & Flows with PnB Rock. Stream or download Zoovier here.

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Maren Morris Pranks Keith Urban During Ripcord Tour Stop

(Radio.com) For his second to last Ripcord Tour performance, Keith Urban got quite the surprise when he invited opening act Maren Morris onstage to sing a duet with him.

During his show in Connecticut on Friday (November 18th), Urban asked Morris to join him onstage to perform his single "We Were Us," but instead her drummer Christian Paschall walked out dressed as Morris.

Rather than sing, Paschall began lip-syncing while Morris stood backstage and sang to give the entire prank an added hilarious touch. Urban could barely contain himself and dropped to the floor, shaking his head and laughing. Morris eventually joined Urban, wearing a similar–but much better fitting–outfit as Paschall. Read more here.

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Fitz and the Tantrums Do Eat. See. Play. Chill

(Radio.com) The life of a touring musician can be hectic. In the latest episode of Eat. See. Play. Chill. Fitz and the Tantrums find an oasis from their native Los Angeles one hundred miles east in Greater Palm Springs.

"By nature, being a touring musician means living a very bizarre, nomadic lifestyle," says singer Michael "Fitz" Fitzpatrick. "I would say in the last two years it's been insane," adds band co-leader Noelle Scaggs.

"Greater Palm Springs is the place that you go to disconnect and reconnect with yourself," Fitz continues. "You feel like you've entered a completely different world. It's a place where you can come and unwind from the business (of the world). I just like to find a quiet space and calm myself and tune the world out for a second, Maybe even sometimes do a small moment of meditation."

"There's this very relaxed vibe that you don't really find in other places," says Scaggs. 'Greater Palm Springs is a vacation for us. Some of my favorite things to do in Greater Palm Springs? I like a good time. I like a good martini' I love discovery. I love to hop on my Yelp feed and go to the tenth page and find the spot that nobody's been to. " Read more here.

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Chance the Rapper Offers A Prayer To Kanye West

(Radio.com) After news broke that Kanye West had been hospitalized for exhaustion, artists have been reaching out through their social media accounts to share their well wishes with the hip-hop mogul.

Longtime fan Chance the Rapper may be across the pond in the U.K. for his Magnificent Coloring Tour, but he took the opportunity to send West a prayer over the airwaves.

Chance appeared on BBC Radio's Live Lounge today, and in between performing his single "All We Got" and a cover of Drake's "Feel No Ways," he shared a message directed at West. "I want to extend a special prayer to my big brother Kanye West," he said. "I know there's a lot of weird folks out there, but you already know that I'm a hundred grand. I want to just extend this prayer and this love from all the way in Britain. We might come home early to see this. Happy Thanksgiving." Read more here.

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Laura Jane Grace Rates The Star Wars Movies

(Radio.com) While sitting down with 90s Percentile podcast hosts Jack Picone and Dan Mulhall, Laura Jane Grace and her Tranny co-writer Dan Ozzi talked all things Star Wars, including ranking the famous films from best to worst.

After a deep dive into their favorite light saber colors and how Grace is slowly turning herself into a Sith (once a disparate collage of tattoos, her right arm is now solid black up to her neck) she revealed that her first professional tattoo was the symbol for the rebel alliance.

When it came time to ranking the famous films, the Against Me! singer professed "Jedi is way better than A New Hope. I think A New Hope is actually a crap movie when it comes down to it. Empire's my favorite," she adds. "On A New Hope, that's like saying the first time you had sex was the best time you ever had sex. You just know it's not."

Grace then proceeds to rate the Lucas films from best to worst: The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Force Awakens then A New Hope followed by the remaining prequels with Grace joking that she likes Lucas' not-so-well known made-for-TV movies better than the prequels. Read more and listen to the full podcast here.

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James Corden Taking Over As Host Of the Grammy Awards

(Radio.com) After five straight years of Grammy Awards hosting, LL Cool J is passing the baton to The Late Late Show's James Corden. The English comedian has endeared himself to viewers and YouTube subscribers with his inventive, ebullient connection to popular music: His Carpool Karaoke series has courted stars like Adele, One Direction and Jennifer Lopez.

"Thanks to 'Carpool Karaoke,' we've all been on some incredible rides with James, and The Recording Academy couldn't be more excited to welcome his passion and enthusiasm for music, both as an entertainer and a fan, to the Grammy stage on February 12," said Recording Academy president and CEO Neil Portnow.

"He's got big shoes to fill after the magnificent run we had with LL Cool J, but James Corden is a commanding, dynamic showman who, we believe, is perfect to host the Grammy Awards." Read more here.

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Bono Enlists Liam Payne, DJ Khaled, More for (RED) Shopathon

(Radio.com) Bono recently said that funding his (RED) Foundation to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS throughout the world is a "street battle." So those holiday season he's pulled out some big guns.

Donors can enter the (RED) Shopathon for a chance to win high-end "experiences" like tea with Julia Roberts or a Vegas party with Channing Tatum. He's even recruited Liam Payne and DJ Khaled -- musicians with major access to the Snapchat generation -- to spread the message to a new wave of contributors.

"We have to keep this stuff in the news or literally those people don't get the drugs. It's that simple," Bono said, according to Billboard. "We have to just remind people that America has led the war on this tiny little virus and is winning the war, but it is unthinkable, but it is possible, that if we stall on funding then we start to undo all this good work." Read more here.

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Singled Out: Caroline Jones

Multi-instrumentalist Caroline Jones just released her brand new single "Tough Guys" and to celebrate we asked her to tell us about the inspiration behind the track. Here is the story:

I wrote "Tough Guys" a cappella, sang a reference vocal into my computer and did not put the song to music until several weeks after writing it. I knew the song wanted to be blues and I wanted to wait for the right riff. I am a huge fan of acoustic blues music from the 20s, 30s and 40s - Blind Lemon Jefferson, Robert Johnson, Son House, Mississippi John Hurt - and I admire that their songs stand alone as acoustic guitar-vocal arrangements. It's very important to me as both a songwriter and a musician - who has spent many years touring solo acoustic - that the emotion of the song not rely on production.

I set "Tough Guys" to music on my National resonator guitar and played it live acoustically for several months on the Live Sonima Tour. When it was time to record "Tough Guys" for the album, I had a pretty set idea of the arrangement, beat, etc. One of our primary production references was Carrie Underwood's "Smoke Break" because I love that the chorus explodes with electric guitars. We also wanted a "We Will Rock You" vibe with stomps and claps. Nir Z, the drummer on my album, played live drums and layered drum line samples.

The lead guitar sound on the song is doubled: my National Res-Phonic ResoRocket and my co-producer Ric Wake's Gibson Les Paul Artist from 1980 (we are guitar nerds over here!). The song is heavy on guitars and beat, with bass, banjo and fiddle in the choruses.

"Tough Guys" is a song calling out the hypocrites who think you should be different so they can feel better. It's a trap we all fall into from time to time, trying to change ourselves to please others or trying to change others to please ourselves. The lyrics are very sassy and tongue in cheek because once you learn how to feel confident in your own skin, it seems absurd that anyone's opinion could have a hold over you.

Especially in creative and artistic endeavors, people can be threatened by innovation or by those who have the audacity to believe that they can follow an unconventional path to greatness. Many people mistake having conviction for being rebellious. You can't expect everyone to understand your vision; that why it's your vision. Don't ask others to validate your ideas before you believe in them, because then you've lost the connection to the very inspiration that birthed the idea. Someone wise told me "Play your music, trust your gut" - It's my life's motto.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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