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Page Too Report for 08/07/2017

Ariana Grande Social Media Account Targeted By Hackers

(Radio.com) Last Thursday night (Aug. 3), Ariana Grande's Instagram account began posting vulgar messages and promoting obscure accounts for the pop star's fans to follow.

Fans and fellow stars like Nicki Minaj immediately sniffed out a hack and the offensive posts were deleted. The messages contained racist, homophobic language and NME gathered screenshots before they vanished.

In a message to the hackers, Minaj wrote on one of the posts: "GANG BITCH F WIT US GET SHMOKEEDDD." The perpetrators replied: "'fu talking bout u next." The accounts hackers promoted on Ariana's page featured photos of Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner. Read more here.

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'Tim And Faith: Soul2Soul' Special Coming In November

(Radio.com) A Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert special called Tim &Faith: Soul2Soul is on the way. The project was shot over the summer during their sold-out tour and includes live performances as well as behind-the-scenes footage. It will be debut Friday, November 19 on Showtime and will also air on demand.

Tim & Faith: Soul2Soul will be the first country music concert film for Showtime. Previous artists featured on the network include Madonna, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Lenny Kravitz, One Direction, Mumford & Sons, Billy Joel and Paul McCartney.

In addition, there have been documentary films featuring Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Daft Punk, David Bowie, U2, The Eagles, The Beach Boys and Public Enemy. Read more here.

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Chris Brown Releases 'Pills And Automobiles' With Yo Gotti, More

(Radio.com) Chris Brown dropped his latest hit "Pills &Automobiles" on Friday (Aug. 4) with Yo Gotti, A Boogie wit da Hoodie and Kodak Black. The single is not included on Brown's upcoming Heartbreak on a Full Moon record.

During the track, Brown muses about being with multiple women and getting high: "I'm tryna smoke, tryna get high, see it in my eye/ I know she playin' both sides, that bitch tellin' lies/ But my d gave her a high, she down for the ride/ Them hatin' n kill the vibe, you can live your life."

Yo Gotti, A Boogie and Kodak Black later trade verses as they brag about hot women, cool cars, hot woman expensive jewelry and hot women. Listen to "Pills & Automobiles" here.

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Old Dominion Release 'Be With Me' Music Video

(Radio.com) Old Dominion debuted their latest music video for their new song "Be With Me" on Friday (August 4) off their upcoming album, Happy Endings. The record arrives everywhere Aug. 25.

In the video, a series of women of all ages talk about what it means to be a woman and about their hopes and dreams. Each of the women dance and lip sync to the song for the camera, believing they are only participating in their audition tape for the video.

Near the end, frontman Matthew Ramsey reveals that the band is actually filming the video itself and all the women were able to be a part of it. Watch "Be With Me" here.

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Singled Out: Resin's Hoarse

Songstress Niko Antonucci, aka Resin, today shared the story behind her most recent single "Hoarse". The project Resin combines industrial beats and ambient, cinematic soundscapes with grungy vocals. Here is the story:

Sometimes I have this strong almost orgasmic sensation - I feel so inspired and I just have to keep writing new songs. I can't really focus on one track for more than a couple of days; I get too bored, too annoyed - so I usually start something new, something better, something that will, in three days, feel just as annoying. I love these streaks of inspiration, unfortunately they don't happen often enough.

Hoarse was one of those songs - It happened fast and I was into it. I knew that the organ sound was standing out - what a cool, bold sound, I thought for a day...

Back then, I worked as background on movie sets, just to make some extra cash, because my restaurant job was too slow plus I always preferred background work where you just sit and eat all day over running around and socializing with pathetic upscale restaurant patrons.

I was working on a material for my new album, when bored, sitting at background holding area, I opened my old laptop and started opening random projects that I never finished, projects I couldn't even remember.

And so I opened Hoarse. I immediately remembered how annoying that organ sound seemed to me just a few months ago, but this time, I kinda liked it! It was at least decent and it had this particular vibe. I knew that I had to update it big time though - change the beat, add a string quartet and eliminate most of the theremin - and so I did.

I started working immediately in between the takes and then again when I got home. The tracks was ready in a few days.

I had this melody in mind - it didn't seem extremely original but I went with it, even though it just seemed like an obvious choice.

I didn't have lyrics and so I was looking for something that would inspire me. No, I wasn't looking, I wasn't really trying that hard - I was too tired from working as background.

Then I got it. I wrote about my recent experience at this rave festival. I Wrote about my anxiety, my panic attacks, my self control. Fear of death. Constant self judgment and self pity. Self obsession. I felt guilt and pity because I felt such pity and guilt for myself. At this festival, I was surrounded by my friends and my family and their friends and stuff. They all let go, but poor me, I was too afraid to let go. I was just nobody, trying to be somebody cool on drugs. But instead I was terrified and disappointed that I don't feel comfortable, again. Like always. Bummer. Look at all these people tripping, dancing, f***ing. And I can't let go plus they make me really uncomfortable 'cause it's so phony.

I came home and felt frustrated. Had hoarse track going on and this was a perfect event to whine about (besides other aspects of my life - like working as background)

And that's how it all happened.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about Resin right here!

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LCD Soundsystem Reveal 'American Dream' Cover

(Radio.com) LCD Soundsystem made headlines recently when they announced their next album, American Dream, will arrive September 1. This record will be the band's first work since 2010's This Is Happening.

The group shared the full tracklist earlier, but now they've posted the cover art as well. The simple design showcases a bright blue sky with clouds. The band's name and the album title are etched in plain black letters.

Vinyl pre-orders on their website, with various bundles available. The art work for American Dream and the tracklist can also be viewed on the site. Check out the cover here.

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Haim Explain Real Reason For 'Something To Tell You' Delay

(Radio.com) Haim were hard at work on their new album Something to Tell You and were about to enter the studio when their producer Ariel Rechshaid was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Devastated by the news, the sister trio put the project on hold and waited for their good friend and Danielle Haim's boyfriend to recover.

"He's such an integral part of our lives. Ariel's our brother, he's everything. And when he got diagnosed, all we thought about was, 'We're here to support you and we love you.' Nothing else mattered," Alana Haim said.

That's the real reason four years passed between the release of Haim's debut Days Are Gone and Something to Tell You," the group told NME. The feelings of helplessness and anxiety they experienced while Rechshaid was in the hospital impacted the songwriting for the new album. 'This record is full of emotion and everything we were going through at that point," Haim said. "You can hear it on the record how emotional we were. It was a very big deal." Read more here.

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Kodak Black Releases Animated 'Patty Cake' Music Video

(Radio.com) Kodak Black might only have been released from prison a couple months ago, but the 20-year-old rapper isn't slowing down with his music and has delivered a new video

The rapper released the official music video for his "Patty Cake" track on Friday (August 4) off his latest album, Painting Pictures, which arrived earlier this year.

The visual begins with students going to school in real-life, but things quickly change when Black shows up to high school as a cartoon figure. The fun video showcases Black throwing his bid for homecoming king, attending a school dance and performing into an animated microphone. Watch it here.

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Lil Yachty Releases 'Forever Young' Music Video

(Radio.com) Lil Yachty might have recently appeared in Macklemore's "Marmalade" music video, but that didn't stop the Atlanta rapper from dropping his own video for Teenage Emotions' collaborative track with Diplo "Forever Young."

In the video, Yachty and his girl visit and have fun around an amusement park as he promises her, "But we could be together forever/ But we could be together forever and ever/ I wanna live life with you forever and ever."

Yachty grins from ear to ear in each clip as he rides bumper cars, goes down a waterslide and has a blast on various carnival rides with his gal. The video ends with a shot of the rapper lying by himself on a bright yellow slide. Diplo doesn't appear in the video. Watch it here.

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Big Boi Releases Trippy Video for 'Chocolate'

(Radio.com) Big Boi released the song "Chocolate" almost two months ago. Now, he's released a trippy video for the EDM-inflected track. In the surreal, sexually suggestive video, a pug sings, streams of chocolate and vanilla flow across the screen and Big Boi poses as a driver for Lyft chauffeuring dancers to his own music video set, "Just cashed a check and I'm about to blow it all on chocolate."

Over the rest of the clip, a shapely woman is depicted nude from the back and the rapper bounces around, fragments and multiplies as if he's in a kaleidoscope. "Chocolate" appears on Big Boi's latest album Boomiverse, which came out June 16.

The song, which features Troze, is based on a 2016 track 'Chocolate (Milk Version)," that Big Boi did recorded with Jessie Rose, and which was used in an iPhone 6 commercial. Watch the slightly NSFW video here.

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Rae Sremmurd Release New Track 'Perplexing Pegasus'

(Radio.com) Since last year, Rae Sremmurd have toured on hits from their breakout album SremmLife 2, including the smash "Black Beatles." Hard at work on SremmLife 3, the rap duo unveiled their first new song in over a year: "Perplexing Pegasus."

Mike WiLL Made-It produced the track, which may or may not appear on Rae Sremmurd's next album, reports Spin. "Perplexing Pegasus" has appeared on the brothers' current tour, but now a studio version is available to stream.

Last Rae Sremmurd perform in Helsinki, Finland, followed by a Fontana, CA stop and a Lollapalooza appearance on Saturday. Listen to "Perplexing Pegasus" here.

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Dixie Chicks' 'DCX MMXVI' Hitting Movie Theaters For One Night Only

(Radio.com) Grammy Award winning country trio Dixie Chicks have announced will bring their DCX MMXVI tour to the silver screen tonight, August 7 for one night only.

The biggest selling U.S. female band of all time was filmed in multiple locations in the U.S. and Canada during last year's MMXVII tour and the footage was edited into a high-fidelity concert-like experience.

The special theatrical screening comes ahead of the home video release. DCX MMXVI, the CD/DVD, will be released on September 1, 2017. Read more here.

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