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AC/DC and Axl Rose Celebrate Final Euro Show With Video

(hennemusic) Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose and AC/DC closed out the European leg of the Rock Or Bust world tour with a performance at the Esprit Arena in Düsseldorf, Germany on Wednesday and released official recap videos for the show.

The final show of the 13-date spring run delivered a 24-song set that included the Bon Scott-era rarity "Touch Too Much" from 1979's "Highway To Hell", marking only its fourth live appearance ever following its 1979 debut in Nice, France and three 2016 performances including May 22 in Prague, Czech Republic and a June 12 performance in Aarhus, Denmark.

Rose will now follow the AC/DC shows by regrouping with Guns N' Roses for a summer stadium tour of North America that kicks off June 23 at Ford Field in Detroit, MI.

When the summer run ends, the singer will have a 4-day break before reconnecting with AC/DC for ten US dates that were rescheduled from spring, with shows starting in Greensboro, NC on August 27.

"We're all looking forward to getting out there and playing," says guitarist Angus Young. "It's part of the whole tour; we're going to have a real blast. We'll probably have a few surprises, a few different songs when we do tour through America.

"The best thing about being in the band is the challenge of doing it again, getting out there and playing in front of people. Each show gets more and more exciting." Watch the videos here.

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Ace Frehley Makes Surprising Gene Simmons Revelation

(Classic Rock) Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley says that singer and bassist Gene Simmons is actually a "sweet, sensitive guy" and recalled a time when his former bandmate helped him when he was leaving a hospital.

The rock star has faced backlash in recent years over his controversial opinions. But Frehley says his ex-bandmate Simmons just "can't help himself" - and adds that he has a softer side that people don't always see.

Frehley tells Sixx Sense: "I think he's coming down with Tourette's Syndrome. He can't help himself sometimes. But you've gotta love that guy. I mean, he saved my life twice. I was in the hospital in 2005 out here in Los Angeles, and I was leaving the hospital, and I was supposed to leave in a wheelchair.

"Most people when they leave hospital are wheeled down to the lobby and then you get in a limo. He picked me up and carried me all the way downstairs. He didn't want me to be in a wheelchair. I mean, how sweet of a guy is that?"

Frehley adds: "Gene comes off very abrasive and like a money-grabbing guy, but, you know, there's another side to Gene. There's that sweet, sensitive guy that you don't always see. But it's there." Read more here.

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Slipknot Amazed Corey Still Wants To Tour Despite Broken Neck

(TeamRock Radio) Slipknot's Shawn 'Clown' Crahan says the fact singer Corey Taylor still wants to go out on tour after breaking his neck "amazes" him. The frontman recently had to undergo spinal surgery after unknowingly breaking his neck, leading the band to postpone the start of their North American tour with Marilyn Manson. Those dates have now been rescheduled - and Clown is full of praise for the singer.

He exclusively tells Metal Hammer: "We already have all the shows rescheduled so it's a hiccup, but it's not a big deal. The other thing is, we've been on this tour about two years. That's a lot, so it's amazing that we got this far.

"I think Corey's awesome - he got his neck cut in two, he's a singer, he's got to wear a mask with the neck support and we've got suits, we all know how big his neck gets - it gets huge.

"He went through some serious sh*t. What happened and what he had to do is pretty f***ing serious, and the fact that he actually wants to go back out amazes me." Read more here.

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Metallica Have Completed Recording New Album Says Hetfield

(Classic Rock) James Hetfield has confirmed Metallica have completed recording their 10th album and it's now in the mixing stage. And he believes fans won't feel let down after waiting eight years for the follow-up to Death Magnetic.

Speaking earlier this month, the Metallica frontman told NBC Sports (via Blabbermouth): "We're mixing it now. Hopefully by fall it'll be out and hitting people's ears."

He added: "We're super-stoked about it. It's been a long time coming. The next album is exactly what it's supposed to be, so we're excited about it." Read more here.

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Latest News

Jimmy Page Testifies In Stairway To Heaven Trial

(hennemusic) Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page testified in a Los Angeles federal court on Tuesday as part of a copyright infringement lawsuit over the band's 1971 signature song, "Stairway To Heaven."

At issue is a lawsuit brought by Randy California's (aka Randy Wolfe) estate and members of Spirit by trustee Michael Skidmore over claims that the acoustic introduction to "Stairway" was lifted from their 1968 instrumental, "Taurus."

MyNewsLA reports Page revealed that although he enjoyed and owned several of Spirit's later albums, he first knowingly heard the track "Taurus" a few years ago when his son-in-law played it to him as fans buzzed about the two songs online.

"I knew I'd never heard it before," Page said of Wolfe's classically inspired guitar instrumental. The concept of comparing the two songs, Page testified, "was just totally alien to me."

The guitarist confirmed after hearing the songs he later searched for and discovered a copy of Spirit's debut album in his collection, although he had no recollection of actually listening to it or buying it.

To establish any potential similarity, the plaintiffs are using a video recording of a musicologist-guitarist playing "Taurus" note-for-note from the copyrighted lead sheet. In the 1960s, musical notation was deposited with the Library of Congress to establish copyright - not recordings. Read more and listen to both songs here.

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Foo Fighters Suing Over Canceled Tour Dates

(Classic Rock) Foo Fighters are suing insurers saying they haven't been reimbursed for seven cancelled European shows. The Guardian report that the US lawsuit focuses on three called-off gigs following mainman Dave Grohl's leg break last summer and four other performances that were pulled following last November's terror attacks in Paris.

The Foos say there are injury and terrorism clauses in their policies which mean they should be compensated. Foo Fighters are suing Lloyds Of London, several insurance companies and Robertson Taylor, the insurance broker who secured the policies.

The first part of the lawsuit covers the band's two cancelled performances in London and one in Edinburgh in June 2015, which were pulled after Grohl broke his leg onstage in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The second part covers gigs in Turin, Barcelona, Paris and Lyon, which were scrapped following the terror attacks in the French capital last November. Read more here.

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Phil Collins Announces Autobiography 'Not Dead Yet'

(Prog) Phil Collins has confirmed the publication of his autobiography - and he's described it as embarrassingly honest. Not Dead Yet arrives on October 20, tying in with the launch of a singles collection, in harback, ebook, and audiobook read by the former Genesis man himself.

The volume covers his early days as a child actor, working with Genesis and Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno, Eric Clapton and Robert Plant, his three marriages and his struggle with alcohol.

Collins says: "This autobiography has been on my mind for a few years, and I decided that now was the time. Things had happened in my personal life that caused me to take stock.

"In many respects I've had a dream life. It's certainly a life worth writing about. I've been incredibly lucky, but I've also worked extremely hard. I've collaborated with some of my heroes, written songs that people have liked, and wildly surpassed my initial hope to make a living as a drummer." Read more here.

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Tom Petty To Revisit Unreleased 'Wildflower' Tracks On Reissue and Tour

(Radio.com) Tom Petty is planning to reissue 1994's classic Wildflowers and tour to support it. The album was originally planned as a double album but was ultimately released as a single album. The reissue and the tour will address the tracks that didn't make the original version.

"I want to take the Heartbreakers and whoever else I need to reproduce every sound in a big way," he tells Rolling Stone. "That album was really about sound in a big way. I would like to go out there and perform the entire album as it was originally conceived with all of the songs."

While Wildflowers was a solo album, two of the principal Heartbreakers - guitarist Mike Campbell and keyboardist Benmont Tench, who are also members of Mudcrutch - played on the album. Petty supported Wildflowers with a Heartbreakers tour.

Regardless of how the album was billed, Benmont Tench told Radio.com that he regards it as a Hearbreakers record. Read more here.

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Elvis Producer Lincoln 'Chips' Moman Dead At 79

(The Blues) Producer and songwrite Lincoln 'Chips' Moman, known for his work with Elvis Presley and Stax Records, has died at the age of 79. He helped kickstart the second phase of Presley's career in 1969 and produced his album From Elvis In Memphis along with hit singles In The Ghetto, Suspicious Minds and Kentucky Rain.

Grammy-winner Moman's career also included writing credits for Aretha Franklin and James Carr, an early stint as a rockabilly guitarist and bandleader, production of first Stax hit Gee Whiz by Carla Thomas, and creator of American Sound Studio. He also assembled famed session band The Memphis Boys - Reggie Young, Bobby Woods, Bobby Emmons, Tommy Cogbill, Mike Leech and Gene Chrisman.

After a decade in which he was behind more than 120 chart-topping releases, he moved to Atlanta and then Nashville, working with Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson supergroup The Highwaymen, plus many others. Read more here.

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Opeth Announce New Studio Album 'Sorceress'

(Prog) Opeth have signed a deal with Nuclear Blast to release their 12th album entitled Sorceress. The follow-up to 2014's Pale Communion is set to launch in late 2016 - and frontman Mikael Akerfeldt says he's looking forward to a "fruitful relationship" with the label.

He says in a statement: "We're happy to confirm that we have indeed signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Entertainment and will be putting out our 12th studio album Sorceress via our own imprint, Moderbolaget Records.

"The decision was made in Markus Staiger's - Nuclear Blast kingpin - ridiculously potent Porsche going at 150mph somewhere in the south of Germany. We're happy to be part of the NB team and look forward to a fruitful relationship." Read more here.

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Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson Singing Better Than Ever After Cancer

(Classic Rock) Iron Maiden's Steve Harris says Bruce Dickinson is singing "better than ever." The bassist says their frontman has upped his game with more rehearsal time since he won his battle with cancer last year.

He tells Planet Rock: "It's a fantastic feeling just to be out there again, because last year we didn't know whether we even had a band, let alone a tour. Obviously Bruce is fine, he's singing fantastic - in fact, I think he's probably singing better than ever.

"He wanted to do more rehearsals, which is unheard of, he never likes doing loads of rehearsals. So the fact after a month's rehearsals, he was in such good shape was absolutely fantastic.

"We're just pleased to be out on the tour, well I am anyway - I'm sure I can vouch for the rest of them when I say that." Read more here.

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Adrian Erlandsson Confirms Departure From Paradise Lost

(TeamRock Radio) Drummer Adrian Erlandsson has confirmed he's no longer a member of Paradise Lost. Last year, the sticksman announced he'd sit out the band's European tour due to other commitments. Now he's confirmed the departure is permanent.

He says in a statement: "For the ones that don't already know, I am no longer playing with Paradise Lost. When The Plague Within was released last year, I was in the middle of gigs with At The Gates and The Haunted.

"Since I couldn't make all the gigs for the new album, it made sense for Paradise Lost to have someone that can be there the whole time, which I couldn't.

"I want to thank everyone in the band and management. It has been an amazing ride playing with one of my favorite bands and I feel very proud of the work we did together." Read more here.

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Biffy Clyro Release 'Animal Style' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Biffy Clyro have released a video for their track Animal Style. The song comes from the Scottish outfit's upcoming album Ellipsis, which is out on July 8th.

Biffy frontman Simon Neil previously said they wouldn't rush the follow-up to 2013's Opposites. He said: "On this one, when I say stripped back, it's not going to sound skeletal or anything but perhaps a bit more aggressive.

Coming off the back of a double album, it's important to be really concise." Biffy Clyro are currently on tour across Europe. See the dates and watch the new video here.

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Letlive Release 'If I'm The Devil' Documentary Online

(TeamRock Radio) Letlive have released an online documentary focusing on the background of their latest album If I'm The Devil. The 30-minute film features interviews with all band members and includes live footage, while frontman Jason Aalon Butler goes into depth about the title of the record of the same name and the inspiration behind it.

He says: "Being the person that writes lyrics for this band, I went through a lot of figuring out who I am in the band and learning that at times throughout my life, I may have been considered the opposite of what I believed I was. One way of representing that would be the devil. My question to myself would always be, 'If I'm this negative thing, what are all these things I'm fighting against?"

Butler previously revealed he'd taken a more deliberate approach to songwriting on the follow-up to 2013's The Blackest Beautiful. Watch the documentary here.

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Exodus Frontman Talks New Album Plans

(TeamRock Radio) Exodus frontman Steve 'Zetro' Souza says the next Exodus album could arrive next year. The vocalist says they'd need to work around their guitarist and "main songwriter" Gary Holt's schedule with his other band, Slayer - but he says three years would be enough time to put out the follow-up to 2014's Blood In Blood Out.

Souza tells The Age Of Metal: "We'll have to look at his schedule - but just having conversations with him since we've been home, and conversations with our drummer Tom Hunting, we know we need to keep new music going.

"Say it was towards the end of 2017 - that would be three years since my return to the band and three years since Blood In, Blood Out came out. So I think that's fair to say you should be able to put a record out in that amount of time." Read more here.

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Enslaved Planning To Reissue Their Debut Album 'Vikingligr Veldi'

(Prog) Enslaved have announced that their 1994 debut album Vikingligr Veldi will be reissued. The release is set to coincide with their 25th anniversary tour plans - although a final launch date has yet to be confirmed.

Guitarist Ivar Bjornson says: "We have been waiting since the day we recorded it - and at last it is happening. It has been a challenging journey, and it has demanded a lot of patience and understanding from all parts involved. The day we hold the finished product in our hand will be as sacred a day for us as the day we finished recording it."

Along with a standard release, the band say it will also be issued as limited Webshop edition with further details to be revealed in due course. Read more here.

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Bullet For My Valentine Want To Record New EP

(TeamRock Radio) Bullet For My Valentine frontman Matt Tuck says the band want to record an EP of new tracks just for fun - and it won't come with a gameplan. They recently signed a record deal with Spinefarm, following the end of their contract with Sony, and announced that the first release would be a short-form title, due later this year.

Tuck tells Kaaos TV: "We've been so busy touring that we haven't had the creative head on to get stuck into writing. The schedule has been so manic that everyone's just not there yet.

"We need a little bit of downtime to regroup and get creative. We just want to get in the studio and write a couple of songs, just for fun, and get it out there." Read more here.

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Anthrax's For All Kings May Be Their Last Album

(Classic Rock) Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante has said there's a chance For All Kings could be the band's final album. That's because he's not sure they can top the success of their 11th title, coupled with the acclaim of previous release Worship Music.

But he's not thinking about splitting the thrash icons any time soon. Benante tells EonMusic: "I don't even know if there will be another record. This may be our last record - I'd rather go out on a high."

He adds: "Certain sports teams will have the greatest tam one year, then come back next year and a lot of those players are missing. I'm not saying any of us will be missing, but Maybe I think that inspiration may not be there. So let's enjoy it." Read more here.

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Clutch Announce U.S. Fall Tour

(hennemusic) Clutch have announced dates for a headlining US tour this fall. The month-long run will begin at the Town Ballroom in Buffalo, NY on September 28th.

The trek in support of 2015's "Psychic Warfare" will see the Maryland rockers joined by Black Sabbath cover band Zakk Sabbath, featuring guitarist/vocalist Zakk Wylde (Black label Society, Ozzy Osbourne), bassist Rob "Blasko" Nicholson (Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie) and drummer Joey Castillo (Danzig, Queens Of The Stone Age), and Los Angeles-based metal band Kyng.

"We are pleased to announce that this fall Clutch will be hitting the road again in the US," says Clutch lead vocalist Neil Fallon. "This time with Zakk Sabbath and Kyng. Clutch toured with Black Label Society a few years back and it was a blast - and no doubt, this one will be a blast as well. We hope to see you all there!" See the dates here.

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Karnataka Recording Upcoming Show For Live Release

(Prog) Karnataka are filming their show at London's O2 Islington Academy on June 25 for an upcoming DVD/Blu-Ray/CD release. The prog-rock outfit also say they will perform their latest album Secrets Of Angels in full.

Karnataka had the following to say about their reasons for wanting to film the concert: "The band have been on stunning form this tour - read the reviews.

"We want to capture this show for the new DVD. It may also be one of the last times the band performs the award-winning Secrets of Angels album in its entirety." Read more here.

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