Halloween Special: Rob Zombie's Top 5 Favorite Horror Films

(antiMusic) With Halloween here, it's time to head on over to the video store and get those scary movies to get you into the mood. Need some help picking out what to rent? Don't fear, Rob Zombie is here to help. A couple years back Rob shared with us his top five favorite horror films and with the Halloween release of '20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best Of Rob Zombie,' featuring songs from Rob's entire career handpicked by the man himself, we thought it might be cool to repost Rob's handpicked list of the best zombie films. Here you go and happy Halloween!

Rob Zombie's Top 5 Favorite Horror Films

5) Zombie Lake - This one is just really weird. Maybe not the best zombie movie, but for some reason I like it anyway.

4) Dawn of the Dead (original) - As a sequel, it's outstanding and a great political commentary on how people are zombified by their culture. Where else can you get a Zombie Mexican Biker Pie Fight?

3) I Walked With a Zombie - This one is classic but a little unknown. They had a really different approach to the storytelling in this one which I why I like it.

2) Night of the Living Dead - This movie was simply groundbreaking for the black and white zombie genre. George Romero had people freaking out with the whole idea of zombies coming alive and eating people.

1) White Zombie - Nothing like a little voodoo to make your woman love you more. Plus it's got Bela Lugosi.

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