Ironic Story of the Day: Cryptopsy Samplist b*****es About Downloaders

(Metal Underground) Maggie Durand, former Cryptopsy keyboardist/samplist, Posted an update about her departure from the band on her MySpace page:

"You guys never saw me on stage, interview and videos with Cryptopsy because, both of us decided that it was better for me to leave the band for many reasons, but the principal one is money problems. Many year ago, I put that little picture on my VF profile that says that "Everytime you steal music, god kills a kitten..." I WAS THAT F*CKING KITTEN, YOU, STUPID A*SHOLES DOWNLOADERS AND THERE IS NO GOD!!! Yes, I assure you, downloading music unfortunatly kills great artists.

Everyone in the media/entertainment industries is really worrying about the problem. So because of it I didn't had the luck to experiment what's a video clip realization, neither what's a worldtour, but my tracks will be on the album next to come and I still really glad about it. [does anyone else see the irony of a "samplist" complaining about people stealing music? - - read more of the tirade here]

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