Singled Out: The Recoupes' Lovinit

The Recoupes

Today Alan Li, the lead vocalist and guitarist for UK newcomer indie rockers The Recoupes share with us the story behind their brand new single "Lovint". Here is the story:

It feels like the song Lovinit came about quite quickly. Soon after completing the song in rehearsals we were straight in the studio recording it. Despite this, I've had the lyrics for Lovinit for quite a while. The lyrics relate to a period of time that was a few months after coming out of a crappy relationship. I started going out with this amazing girl and I feel like everything just came together and it was a good time in my life. The lyrics are pretty simple and I feel like that reflected how I felt at the time where I didn't want to overcomplicate or overthink anything. I like the idea of writing lyrics that people can relate to. The verses mention those classic conversations that you have in relationships like when she/he reckons that they looks terrible and you have to tell them how wrong they are. The chorus talks about how when you're in a good place, you don't want to let that go and you just want to enjoy it.

The song is a really simple song with a simple message and needed the music to reflect that. One time at practice, the band were having a break from rehearsing and Oli (guitarist) kept playing this riff that was catchy and eventually we wrote the rest of the song around that riff with Micky (Drums) adding a driving beat, locking in with the bass. After that I wrote a melody for the lyrics to fit in with the song and not long after we decided that it would be our next single to be released.

Although the song was written about loving a girl (what more can you expect from a bunch of 19 year old boys), someone said to us that they thought the song was about loving life and being young and I like that someone can take those lyrics and give them it's own meaning that relates to them. Our bassist Louie, put a picture from his holiday in our band group chat that we thought would be perfect for the single artwork to complete the song which has come together really well and one we're really happy with.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the band right here!

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Singled Out: The Recoupes' Lovinit

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