musicNEWS : Quickies - Scorpions, Smashing Pumpkins & Guns n Roses
The Scorpions are scraping their US club tour which was to begin this week in Milwaukee. Lead Guitarist Rudolf Schenker is suffering from a compressed disc in his back and will most likely require surgery. He had toughed it out all summer while the Scorpions played with Motley Crue,
but apparently the pain has become too much for the German rocker. 

"I want to extend thanks to our fans who have shown such great support over the years," said Schenker "Their concern has been overwhelming, and we look forward to going back on the road as soon as possible to show our gratitude."  John Barre 

Smashing Pumpkins sign with Ozzy's wife. 

The Smashing Pumpkins have hired Ozzy Osbourne's wife Sharon as their new manager. They are in good hands. Sharon has managed Ozzy's successful solo career. She grew up in the business her father Don Arden was the manager for Black Sabbath at the time Ozzy was their frontman. After his split with the group it was Sharon who helped him pick up the pieces and become a heavy
metal legend on his own. 

Billy Corgan of the Pumpkins has been more or less managing his bands career since last winter when they left Q-Prime Management.  John Barre  

Oh My God New Music from Guns N' Roses

Guns N' Roses are back! With seven years of quiet behind him, Axl Rose has finally got his act together and released a song. 'Oh my God' is released on Geffen records, and is part of the soundtrack to the new Arnie movie 'End of Days', the soundtrack is due for release on November 9th.

'Oh My God' is a mixture of fast riffs and Axl's famed screaming vocals, with hard rock drums thrashing throughout. 

"It Kicks Ass! Very reminiscent of UYI, specially UYI 1, but with a modern touch." quotes one GNR fan on the GNR fansite .44 Calibre Horticulture.

The song so far has received a mixed reaction, many of the old GNR fans like the song, but miss the bluesy overtones of Ex Guitarist Slash.

What next? Let's hope we see an album soon...

Submitted by Elly Russell  - Webmaster of  .44 Calibre Horticulture. Check out the MP3 of Ho My God on that site