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American Idol Boosts Aerosmith
(hennemusic) Having never watched the show, Steven Tyler had only some idea of what he was getting into when he decided to get involved with American Idol, but he knew one thing: it would raise Aerosmith's profile to its highest in many years.

Looks like Tyler was on to something. FOX411 reports Aerosmith's sales are up since the show's premiere last week.

Aerosmith's 1998 power ballad, "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" is currently #22 on Apple's iTunes chart, and not one, but two versions of the band's 1973 hit "Dream On" are charting, at #77 and #115, respectively. - more on this story

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Glee Creator Calls Slash A Stupid, Uneducated Has-Been
Appetite for Destruction continues to outsell most new album releases, so will people still be listening to Glee's auto-tuned karaoke in 25 years... or even 5 years? Something to ponder as you read about the ironic attack from the man who gave us this decade's answer to Cop Rock and the Partridge Family. Gibson has the story:

After Slash called Glee "worse than Grease" in Entertainment Weekly, Glee creator Ryan Murphy lashed out at the guitarist via Rolling Stone. "Usually I find that people who make those comments, their careers are over; they're uneducated and quite stupid," Murphy said.

The former Guns N' Roses guitarist previously said that he does not want to see Glee do a GN'R-themed episode or see one of the band's songs sung on the show. "We got asked about that once already but it got turned down," he said. "In the current climate of what's going on in entertainment these days, I try to be more optimistic than negative because it's really easy to get negative about it, but I draw the line at Glee." - more on this story

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Zakk Wylde and William Shatner Cover Black Sabbath Classic
(Gibson) William Shatner has dropped a couple of tantalizing tweets suggesting that he and Zakk Wylde have recorded a cover of the Black Sabbath classic, "Iron Man."

As reported by MusicRadar, Shatner posted the following statement on his Twitter: "Just watched tracks being laid down by Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society for my upcoming record SEEKING MAJOR TOM." Shatner followed with a tweet that read: "Zakk is one of the great guitarists who played with Ozzy Osbourne. A master playing a cover of 'Iron Man'. He's fantastic! I'm energized."

For a sneak peek into the Shatner/Wylde collaboration, check out a video, recently posted by Seeking Major Tom producer Adam Hamilton - here.

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Steven Tyler Slams Simon Cowell
(hennemusic) Steven Tyler was a guest on Fox & Friends on the Fox News channel, talking about his purpose for being on the show and had a little go at his predecessor.

When asked about his love of country music, Tyler took the opportunity to clearly distance himself from previous judge, Simon Cowell.

"Well, it's not like that other guy who says 'I hate Country.' That's the one thing that turned me off about the show was that Simon passed on this kid and said, 'besides which, I hate Country.' Not my cup of tea. If I'm judging music, you don't judge the genre." - more on this story

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The Beatles Sell 5 Million Digital Songs
(hennemusic) Some wondered if The Beatles would make an impact with the addition of their catalogue to iTunes, largely because the music has been bought – in various formats – several times over the years by fans as technology has changed.

The latest news to confound the naysayers is that The Beatles have sold 5 million songs, and a million albums, through iTunes in just 2 months.

Apple Insider reports that Apple revealed to The Loop on Friday that the current best-selling album is "Abbey Road," priced at $12.99, while the most popular song is "Here Comes the Sun" from the same album, which costs $1.29 individually. - more on this story

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Why Robert Plant Won't Reunite With Led Zeppelin
(Gibson) Rolling Stone has a candid Robert Plant interview in this month's issue of the magazine. Plant talks about why he won't be taking part in any more Led Zeppelin reunion shows, why the sessions for his sophomore album with Alison Krauss didn't go well, and why Tony Blair is to blame for his creative block. Plant also spoke of how utterly unimpressed he is with his musical peers.

Of Led Zeppelin's acclaimed reunion show at the O2 in London in 2007, Plant says, "It was an amazing evening. The preparations for it were fraught and intense, but the last rehearsal was really, really good, for all that it represented and all that we were trying to capture.

"But I've gone so far somewhere else that I almost can't relate to it ... It's a bit of a pain in the [expletive] to be honest. Who cares? I know people care, but think about it from my angle – soon, I'm going to need help crossing the street." - more on this story

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Alice Cooper, Metallica, Fleetwood Mac, Nickelback Supergroup
(hennemusic) Alice Cooper rang in the new year by joining fellow Hall Of Famers James Hetfield (Metallica) and Mick Fleetwood (Fleetwod Mac), along with Pat Simmons (The Doobie Brothers) and Mike Kroeger (Nickelback), on stage in Maui to form a new rock n' roll supergroup for one night only.

The group got together to play on New Year's Eve for the MALA Benefit, which helped the Maui Food Bank.

The benefit was the second of two nights fronted by the Mick Fleetwood Blues Band; they played Dec. 30 at a Maui Celebrity Series concert at Maui Theatre in Lahaina, before suiting up for the New Year's benefit Mala Wailea to benefit the MACC and the Maui Food Bank. - more on this story

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Freddie Mercury Movie Underway
Queen guitarist Brian May has confirmed that the long-awaited biopic of singer Freddie Mercury will be shot this year, starring Sacha Baron Cohen. And it's just one part of an action-filled year for the band.

May says: "Work is fully underway. Peter Morgan has delivered a first draft of the movie, which everyone is very excited about, and Sacha is chomping at the bit to get into the role in a way which would delight Freddie.

"The whole team is preparing a shoot for later this year and a release in the autumn of 2012. Roger Taylor and I keep an ever-open door for ideas for Queen, a band which somehow refuses to lie down." -

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Ozzy Wants To Record The Ultimate Black Sabbath Album
(Gibson) Though deep in the trenches of a massive solo tour, Ozzy Osbourne still has thoughts of his once and future band, Black Sabbath. Speaking on Los Angeles' KLOS, Osbourne talked about the possibility of another Sabbath album.

"I often get asked this question," said the Prince of Darkness, who will be playing at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California on February 1.

"'Will there ever be a [new Black Sabbath studio] album?' One thing I can say for definite [is that] we are all talking, we are all friends. But the pressure on my half is, it's been 30 years since we did a studio album. If it's not something extra, extra special, the people are gonna go, 'We waited 30 years [for this??!]' But before my life's over, I would love... my dream is to do the ultimate Black Sabbath album. I would love to do that." - more on this story

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Justin Bieber Clone
As if one wasn't enough, Celebuzz has this: The new year of 2011 officially has its first viral star, and it's 17-year-old Jamie Laou.

The 17-year-old Australian teenager has won over hundreds of thousands of YouTube viewers thanks largely to his nearly mirror-image resemblance to Justin Bieber. Tapping into Bieber's fanbase, Laou has even taken over Twitter and caused Bieber himself to throw a few words his way.

Celebuzz chatted exclusively with Laou via email to get his take on his newfound web stardom, what he plans to do with it, and what he thinks of Bieber's alleged romance with Selena Gomez. Also, he weighs in on why people should leave Justin alone, and what he'd say to Baby Biebs if he ever bumps into him.

The (verbatim and gramatically uncorrected) e-mail conversation can be read - here.

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Twilight Star For Jeff Buckley Biopic?
(Gibson) Robert Pattinson, best known for playing Edward in the Twilight movies, has reportedly shown interest in playing Jeff Buckley in a forthcoming biopic.

"Rob is obsessed with this project and is doing everything he can to land the part," a source told the Daily Express. "He has already told his business team this is his passion and they agree it could be the film that makes him a legitimate Oscar contender."

The movie's producer, Michelle Sy, confirmed that she had met with Pattinson, and said that the only requirement is that the actor will be able to perform music "or at least make it believable." - more on this story

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Ozzy Osbourne Vs Justin Bieber Part II
(hennemusic) Give the people what they want, and then give it to them again. That's the approach Best Buy has to their Super Bowl ad featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Bieber.

Just one of the 'buzz' ads during this year's NFL finale, it will make an encore appearance during this Sunday's 83rd annual Academy Awards broadcast……but with a twist.

The Examiner reports Best Buy posted a series of the Ozzy/Bieber commercial with alternate endings on Facebook, and let viewers vote for the best one (voting ended February 12). - more on this story

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Joe Perry Denies Leaving Aerosmith
(hennemusic) When Aerosmith regrouped late last month with co-writer Marti Frederiksen, to begin writing sessions for their next album, guitarist Joe Perry was notably absent.

Billboard reported that Perry was unable to attend the sessions due to an unspecified commitment and, according to Frederiksen, his bandmates were "missing" him.

Those inside Aerosmith's inner circle may be hip to things, but Perry felt the need to clear the air about his status with the band these days; he replied to several questions from fans via Twitter to explain his side of the story. - Take a look at Perry's tweets on the subject

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Axl 86ed Adler From Guns N' Roses Gig
(Rock News Desk) Taking Dawn frontman Chris Babbitt has told how he was forced to kick former Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler out of an LA venue because Axl Rose refused to perform until he'd gone.

The fiery singer was playing in the Hard Rock Hotel in September 2006 with a new lineup. Adler had bought tickets and was just another member of the crowd, but when Rose saw him in the audience he ordered security to remove him.

And Babbitt was one of the venue staff who gave the sacked drummer his marching orders. - more on this story

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Iron Maiden Could Care Less About Grammy Win
(Rock News Desk) Bruce Dickinson says Iron Maiden couldn't care less about winning a Grammy Award and they're more excited about having just played in Indonesia for the first time.

The singer, who's flying the band round the world on their Final Frontier tour, maintains they'll never listen to industry peer groups and are only interested in what their audience has to say.

Asked if the band threw a party to mark their win, Dickinson tells Rolling Stone: "Good God, no. We did have a bit of a party when we got an Ivor Novello award. That was quite nice because it's for songwriting and it's awarded by a songwriters' society. So that was cool - more on this story

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Lemmy Stars in New Foo Fighters Video
(hennemusic) Following a series of secret, unannounced club gigs to play their upcoming new album in its entirety for fans, the Foo Fighters have released the first video from the project.

While "Rope" is scheduled to be the first radio single, the Foos have offered out a lead video for "White Limo," complete with the iconic Lemmy from Motorhead in a starring role.

Lemmy rides around in a FF white limo, picking up band members as he cruises through town. - Check it out here.

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Kid Rock Under Fire For Not Canceling Show
(hennemusic) While Little Rock was rocked by a snowstorm, Kid Rock went on with the show. And he's taking some heat for it.

According to the Associated Press, some parts of Arkansas were hit with nearly two feet of snow on Wednesday, causing authorities to recommend people stay at home, if at all possible.

Rock's decision to play the show, despite the weather, caused some fans who were unable to make it, to complain that the Kid was doing it for the money. Rock attempted to straighten things out quickly by posting a refund offer while he was backstage before the show. - more on this story

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Weezer Go Manilow
(Gibson) Weezer recently recorded their version of State Farm's famous jingle and posted it on their website. According to Spinner.com, Weezer's website reported that when they were "…setting up The Memories tour, the good people at State Farm asked the band, 'Would you sing our jingle for us?' Weezer then asked if the jingle was from a whole song, and if anyone recorded it lately. So State Farm went back to their headquarters to find out the answers."

When the insurance company found the original sheet music for "Like a Good Neighbor" – a song Barry Manilow had written when he was first starting out – Weezer decided it was a great song and they should cover it.

"Rivers looked over the sheet music and said, 'This is a great song; we should record the whole thing.' So the band went into the studio and had a lot of fun rocking out with Mr. Manilow's tune, hoping he would be proud of the results." - more on this story

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Pre-AC/DC Bon Scott Rare Recording To Be Released
(hennemusic) Late AC/DC lead singer Bon Scott had a music career before joining Australia's hardest-rocking band, and now you'll be able to hear some of those rare recordings.

Due for release on February 22, Bon Scott's "Round And Round" is based around the three-track "Round And Round" single that Scott recorded with Peter Cross of the Mount Lofty Rangers in 1973.

Producer Ted Yanni has devoted two years to bringing Scott back to life, assisted by many like-minded friends, musicians and technicians - more on this story

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Megadeth Plan Peace Sells Celebration
(Gibson) Fresh off last year's Rust in Peace anniversary tour (as well as the wildly successful "Big Four" tour), Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine is pondering how to celebrate the silver anniversary of one of the band's other landmark albums, Peace Sells… But Who's Buying?!

"We've already had people talk to us about doing [an anniversary tour]," Mustaine told the VH1 Radio Network. "I told our manager that I'm totally interested in doing Peace Sells… for a 25th anniversary this year, but I don't want to do it all year like we did with Rust in Peace. I want to do it towards the end of the year."

Mustaine said that he would like to approach the anniversary shows as special events and not as the band's bread-and-butter tour. "You know, when you tour you've got to really be creative nowadays, and when we tour, we like to tour-tour, and then when we do special shows, which are called one-offs. We like to do real key one-offs. And I think it would be really cool to do a hard tour where you're canvassing all the areas that you need to hit and then, if you do something symbolic like the Peace Sells… anniversary tour, just do like the Stones do, do twelve cities around the world." - more on this story

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Marilyn Manson Loses Longest Running Member
MansonWiki.com sent over word about a major personnel change within the Marilyn Manson band. They report:

Kenneth Wilson, better known as Ginger Fish has announced via Facebook that he is leaving Manson to pursue other opportunities. Ginger was the longest running member of Manson, after replacing Sara Lee Lucas in 1995.

Official statement from Ginger Fish: I am regretful to inform the fans that I have decided to step down as a member of Marilyn Manson, and see where my life , and the knowledge of my availability cares to take me . I can't stand by to watch opportunities pass me by simply because the knowledge of my availability wasn't clearly expressed by me .

- http://www.mansonwiki.com/

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Beavis and Butt-head Making A Comeback
(Gibson) MTV's snickering animated duo, Beavis and Butt-head, will return to the cable network with 30 new episodes, reports The New York Post.

This week, MTV sources confirmed the news that creator Mike Judge has returned to helm the controversial show that he introduced in 1993 and worked on until its cancellation in 1997.

Judge, who also wrote the cult classic movie Office Space and the King of the Hill television series, is "not commenting at this time," according to his publicist. By reprising Beavis and Butt-head, MTV will also be making a return to airing music videos — once their bread-and-butter but now seldom on the table at all. - more on this story

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Foo Fighters Say F*** Glee
(hennemusic) The Foo Fighters hooked up with some media for interviews at this year's SXSW, and were asked the dreaded "Glee" question. Bottom line: they want no part of the Ryan Murphy-helmed show.

"It's every band's right, you shouldn't have to do f---ing 'Glee,'" head Foo Dave Grohl told The Hollywood Reporter . "And then the guy who created 'Glee' is so offended that we're not, like, begging to be on his f---ing show… f--- that guy for thinking anybody and everybody should want to do 'Glee.'"

Grohl doesn't have as much of a problem with the series as he does with its creator. Recounting anti-"Glee" comments made by Slash earlier this year and subsequent retorts by Murphy, Grohl explained to drummer Taylor Hawkins: "The 'Glee' guy, what a f---ing jerk. Slash was the first one. He wanted to do Guns 'n' Roses and Slash is like, 'I hate f---ing musicals. It's worse than "Grease."' Then [Murphy's] like, 'Well, of course he'd say that, he's a washed up ol' rock star, that's what they f---ing do.' And then Kings of Leon say, 'No, we don't want to be on your show.' And then he's like, 'Snotty little a**holes…' And it's just like, Dude, maybe not everyone loves 'Glee.' Me included." - And Taylor's response?

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Why Guns N' Roses Dropped Queen's Brian May From CD
(Gibson) Queen legend Brian May recorded a solo for a song on Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy album but fans were dismayed when the solo didn't make the album. It turns out that there was a very good reason for the omission. Gibson has the story:

In 1999, former Queen producer Roy Thomas Baker reached out to his old working partner, Brian May, to contribute to the long-awaited (and would wait for many more years thereafter) Guns N' Roses album, Chinese Democracy. May, who was friendly with Axl Rose since the band's performance at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert in 1992, happy accepted the invitation to play a solo on the track, "Catcher N' the Rye." May told Uncut magazine, "It was fun, to throw something in there to help out a friend."

According to Rose, though, May's solo was left off the record, mainly due to his own post-production work with co-producer Sean Beavan. "Brian's solo itself is a personal fave of mine and I really couldn't understand, as he's such a rock legend, why it wasn't openly appreciated more at the time. In actuality, all that feel and emotion referred to now had a lot to do with Sean and I and the parts I chose out of Brian's different runs, versions, practice runs, etc., to make sure we had those elements in one version. It's entirely constructed from edits based around one specific note Brian hit in a throwaway take. And though Brian seems to have warmed a bit to it, at least publicly, he was unfortunately none too pleased at the time with our handiwork. I remember looking at Brian standing to my left and him staring at the big studio speakers a bit aghast saying, 'But that's not what I played.' Sean Beavan and I were not in any way trying to mess with Brian, we just did what we do and then try and do our best to stand up for our decisions." - more on this story

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Sammy Hagar Compares Eddie Van Halen To Charlie Sheen
(hennemusic) Sammy Hagar continues to make headlines this week as this report from hennemusic shows: Sammy Hagar's making the rounds to promote his new book, "Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock," and at least one person who won't be pleased about the book – or the accompanying headlines - is one Eddie Van Halen.

The day of the book's release, Hagar had a full slate of media interviews, including Howard Stern and ABC-TV's "Good Morning America." On both shows, Sammy made comparisons between troubled actor Charlie Sheen and former bandmate Eddie Van Halen.

"I don't know what's going on, but, boy, there's a similarity in the way they look and everything," Hagar said before adding. "I don't know how you get like that." - more on this story

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Sex Pistol Vs Ozzy Osbourne
(hennemusic) While promoting "Mr. Rotten's Scrap Book," a new photo project detailing his life to date, John Lydon – aka Johnny Rotten let loose on Birmingham rocker Ozzy Osbourne, for some reason, during an interview in Ozzy's hometown with the Sunday Mercury.

"Paranoid was one of the world's greatest ever singles," says Lydon, referring the 1970 Black Sabbath classic. "But since then, the rumors of biting pigeon heads really, really haven't impressed me. Ozzy now acting like a senile delinquent is equally unimpressive. The sly innuendo of promoting drug abuse and catatonic stupidity offends me."

"I'm not one for banning drugs," continued Lydon. "Quite the opposite. But I understand how to use them, and they don't use me. Ozzy is clearly a victim, and selling that loser lifestyle s**t to other people equally victimizes them." - more on this story

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Metallica 3D Drama
(hennemusic) Fans hopes were dashed when the band shot down reports of a Metallica 3D release. Here is the original report before Metallica refuted this news. (hennemusic) Live Metallica in 3D may the next best thing to being there in person. Fans will have the chance to compare the experiences for themselves at some point, thanks to an announcement by Front Row Networks this week.

Writers Group Film Corp. through its wholly owned subsidiary Front Row Networks, Inc., has announced the acquisition of several hours of unique Metallica 3D and 2D concert video footage for distribution.

Front Row Networks will also be implementing state-of-the-art technology to convert existing 2D 1080p footage into 3D for additional distribution - more on this story

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Duff McKagan Movie Coming
(Gibson) Former Guns N' Roses bassist Duff McKagan is making a film to coincide with the release of his band's new album. Duff McKagan's Loaded is releasing The Taking on April 19.

"We're making a movie for it which is hopefully as funny as we think it's going to be," McKagan told The CelebrityCafe.com.

The rocker said that the movie is about the band's drummer being kidnapped, that it takes place in one day and that it might be a dream. "We kind of act [in the movie]," he said. "It's kind of A Hard Day's Night/Inception… is it a dream? - more on this story

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Fan Scam Lands Singer in Rehab
(Rock News Desk) Dance Gavin Dance singer Jonny Craig has checked into rehab after fans of the band revealed how he'd conned them out of thousands of dollars to feed his drug addiction.

Craig told people he was selling a laptop and took between $500 and $650 from a number of them, then failed to deliver the goods while supplying a chain of excuses before eventually blanking those who'd paid up.

After fans calculated he'd raised at least $4950 out of them, and believe another $3000 of theft may still be revealed, Craig's label and management company stepped in and sent him to a rehab centre. - more on this story

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Queens of the Stone Age Reunion Rejected
(Gibson) Former Queens of the Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri says his request to rejoin the band on stage was denied by frontman Josh Homme.

"I saw [Queens of the Stone Age] play in L.A.," Oliveri told UGO.com. "I was down there and I mentioned to them, 'Why don't I come up and do 'Millionaire' or something, and sing it and not play bass?' [Homme] was like, 'Nah, I don't think that's a good idea yet.'"

Oliveri, who left Queens of the Stone Age in 2004, now plays bass for the newly reunited Kyuss – renamed Kyuss Lives! Homme also once played in the band. Despite the recent rebuff, Oliveri says he and Homme are on good terms. - more on this story

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Homeless Man Using Lindsay Lohan
(TMZ) Usually Lindsay Lohan is the one begging for attention but a homeless man in Huntington Beach, CA turned the tables on the troubled star yesterday ... all in an effort to make a well-deserved buck.

The man -- who's low on cash-flow but has a rich sense of humor -- was spotted yesterday near the 405 Freeway in Huntington Beach, CA.

He was holding up a sign that said, "Slept with Lindsay Lohan Need Help." Lohan's people had no comment. - more on this story

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Selena Gomez Advised About Justin Bieber Fan Hate
(Celebuzz) Justin Bieber recently broke millions of young girls' hearts when he publicly confirmed his romance with pop star Selena Gomez by sneaking in some PDAs at the Vanity Fair Oscars party on Sunday. Justin's hardcore fans aired their grievances over "Jelena" on Twitter and some even went so far to make threats on the Disney star's life.

How can Justin and Selena both deal with the fan hate surrounding their romance without alienating their fans? Celebuzz spoke with Monica Cost, celebrated columnist for EURWeb and branding expert, who helped map out the next steps for the young couple.

Monica explains that it can be hard for male teen stars to get into relationships with women (famous or not famous) since they are often placed "in a position where the fans feel that they are in a place of ownership" over the celeb. Justin's fans are an important and involved part of his life and he actively pursues an engaged relationship with his Beliebers through Twitter and Facebook, so it is easy to see why many of his fans would feel like they "own" the young star. Monica also explains that Justin and Selena's relationship may prove to problematic for some fans since she is older (18) and he is still viewed a "the young teen heartthrob." - As for how they should address the Twitter hate

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Oscars Snub Corey Haim
(TMZ) Corey Feldman is upset that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences left his good pal Corey Haim off the Oscars "In Memoriam" segment -- saying the Academy does not "have a handle on who the public adores."

Feldman tells TMZ he's particularly upset since the same "public outcry" occurred after Haim was left off the SAG memorial as well.

Feldman tells us, "Corey's films have earned the industry over a half a billion dollars and his work remains an inspiration to young artists world wide ... Corey dedicated his life to the film industry. The same industry that failed to dedicate even 30 seconds to his memory." - more on this story

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Sammy Hagar Reenacts His Alien Abduction
Sammy Hagar is making the media rounds and making headlines promoting his No. New York Times best selling autobiography, "Red: My Uncensored Life In Rock."

The headlines have come from his comments about his former band Van Halen and his alien abduction story.

He appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" this week for an interview but also appeared in a skit where his alien abduction was re-enacted! You can now watch video footage of both - here

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Slash Says Velvet Revolver On Hold For A Couple More Years and Corey Taylor Isn't Thier Man
(Gibson) (Gibson) Slash has said that he does not see Velvet Revolver working together for at least another couple of years. The hard rock band have yet to replace singer Scott Weiland, who departed in 2008. Recent rumors that Slipknot's Corey Taylor might get the gig have been quashed.

Slash told Vorterix.com: "We did work with Corey Taylor, and as soon as that rumor [got around], next thing you know, everybody is saying Corey's the new singer... All we were doing was just rehearsing with him and trying him out – auditioning him... It just didn't seem to fit right to me. And he's great – and I love Corey – but it didn't seem like the answer to the Velvet Revolver problem."

As for the future, he said: "Duff's got his own thing, I've got my thing, Matt's got his thing... Next year I definitely will make another Slash record with Myles Kennedy and go on tour. So at least for the next couple of years, nothing is going to be happening with Velvet Revolver that I can see 'cause I'll be focused on this. And after that's over, if something happens... I'm just not really concerning myself with it right now. We had all these different guys try out, all really good singers, but nobody has fit the thing, so, you know, I have to move on." - more on this story

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Queen's Brian May Teams Up With Lady Gaga
(Gibson) (Gibson) Legendary Queen guitarist Brian May plays guitar on a track on Lady Gaga's new album, Born This Way, according to The Daily Mirror. The two musicians paired up for the song "You & I."

"It's always been Gaga's dream to perform as Queen. If it wasn't for Queen, there would be no Gaga," a source told The Daily Mirror. "This collaboration with Brian May means the world to her."

Of course, Lady Gaga famously took her name from a Queen song, "Radio Ga Ga," thanks to producer Rob Fusari. In the past, Gaga (whose real name is Stefani Germanotta) has credited Queen frontman Freddie Mercury as one of her big influences. "Freddie was unique – one of the biggest personalities in the whole of pop music," she said. "He was not only a singer but a fantastic performer, a man of the theater, who constantly transformed himself." - more on this story

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Vinnie Paul Addresses Pantera Reunion Effort
(Rock News Desk) (Rock News Desk) Former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul has made his strongest statement yet to shout down rumors of a band reunion without his brother Dimebag, who was shot dead on stage in 2004.

Paul says: "It's ridiculous – Dime was such a huge part that it would be asinine to even consider it. I think it's pretty disrespectful of people to even suggest it. Dime's amazing legacy is going to be left untouched.

"I don't know where the idea comes from… it might have been some other clowns who used to be in that band, but not me."

[The idea appears to have come from a Facebook campaign which is encouraging a reunion as a tribute to Dimebag - more on this story

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Blink-182 Backlash
(Rock News Desk) (Rock News Desk) Mark Hoppus has reacted to the angry backlash after Blink-182 postponed their European tour for a year because they didn't want to play new tracks without being able to sell the related album to their fans.

He says: "We made a promise not to tour until the new album came out, so we can bring you a much better show with new material.

"We don't want to be one of those bands who rests on former success and keep playing the same songs over and over – we want to tour new songs." - more on this story

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Ozzy Wants Pranks At His Funeral
(Rock AAA) Ozzy Osbourne may well be lucky to be alive, but he's adamant that his eventual demise will be marked with celebration rather than sadness.

In his somewhat ironic health column in the Sunday Times Magazine, Ozzy says: I don't care what they play at my funeral; they can put on a medley of Justin Bieber, Susan Boyle and We Are The Diddymen if it makes 'em happy, but I do want to make sure it's a celebration, not a mope-fest."

"I'd also like some pranks maybe the sound of knocking inside the coffin, or a video of me asking my doctor for a second opinion on his diagnosis of 'death'. -

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Fans Wait 10 Hours for Some Glee
Glee's Darren Criss appeared at the Grove LA to sign copies of his new album Glee: The Music Presents The Warblers on Friday April 22nd .

The appearance drew a crowd of over 500+ screaming fans who waited over 10+ hours to meet the star.

According to the official Glee music site, Glee: The Music Presents The Warblers features the following tracks: 1. Teenage Dream 2. Hey Soul Sister 3. Bills, Bills, Bills 4. Silly Love Songs 5. When I Get You Alone 6. Animal 7. Misery 8. Blackbird 9. Candles 10. Raise Your Glass 11. Somewhere Only We Know 12. What Kind Of Fool 13. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy -

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Teen Got Pregnant For MTV Reality Show?
(TMZ) (TMZ) "16 & Pregnant" star Josh Smith says his baby mama PLOTTED to get pregnant just so she could be on the MTV reality show ... this according to court documents.

Smith filed a request for a restraining order against Jennifer Del Rio this week -- stemming from an incident in which she allegedly punched Josh in the face.

In the docs, Smith claims his baby mama is a "compulsive liar" who concocted a diabolical scheme to get pregnant -- allegedly telling him she was knocked up (even though she wasn't) so he wouldn't wear a condom.

Smith explains ... "She was giving me sonogram pictures ... that she claimed was 'our baby' when in actually [sic] it was her friend's sonogram pictures she was copying. She lied to me and my parents for 3 months saying she was pregnant. She wanted so desperately to be on 'Sixteen and Pregnant'." - more on this story

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Weird Al Takes On Lady Gaga
Weird Al Yankovic had an up and down day over his parody of Born This Way by Lady Gaga called Perform This Way. The day started with Al telling fans that Gaga had denied permission for him to release the track... but it turns out that she loved it... it was her manager who made the blunder. Here is what Al had to say:

After putting my Lady Gaga parody on YouTube this morning – and announcing that it wouldn't be on my next album because Gaga didn't approve it – there was a huge outpouring of disappointment from the Internet.

Apparently the fact that she didn't approve it was news to Lady Gaga herself! Gaga's manager has now admitted that he never forwarded my parody to Gaga – she had no idea at all. Even though we assumed that Gaga herself was the one making the decision (because, well, that's what we were TOLD), he apparently made the decision completely on his own. - Happy ending here

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American Idol Saved By Real Judge
(TMZ) (TMZ) "American Idol" finalist Jacob Lusk threw himself at the mercy of a court back in November -- begging a judge to end his probation from a 2009 arrest so he could compete on "A.I." ... TMZ has learned. It all started back in February 2009 -- when cops cited Jacob for riding on an L.A. metro train without buying a ticket. Jacob blew off his court hearing and an arrest warrant was issued.

Fast forward to Nov. 2010 -- a day after Jacob auditioned for "Idol" and got his golden ticket to Hollywood -- Lusk was pulled over for a traffic stop. The cop discovered the warrant and arrested him. Jacob went to jail and then to court the next day and pled no contest to the train-hopping charge. He was sentenced to 3 days in jail and 2 years probation.

Jacob served his time and then went back to court, telling the judge "Idol" wouldn't let him on the show if he was on probation. After his emotional plea, the merciful judge terminated his probation. - Fun jailhouse story here

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Tom Cruise Using Axl Rose Vocal Coach
(hennemusic) (hennemusic) Show business can make for unusual bedfellows, sometimes. The Wrap reports Tom Cruise is working with Axl Rose's vocal coach as he prepares for his role in an upcoming film adaptation of the Broadway musical "Rock Of Ages."

The movie is a love story told through the music of Pat Benatar, Bon Jovi, Journey, Poison, Twisted Sister and other artists from the 1980s. Cruise will play the role of Stacee Jaxx, the biggest rock star in the world; in the film, he'll sing the Bon Jovi anthem "Wanted Dead or Alive."

"He's been studying with - seriously - Axl Rose's voice teacher like five hours a day," director Adam Shankman told The Wrap. "The prognosis is more than excellent." - more on this story

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