B-Sides Report for 10/23/2015

Adele Releases 'Hello' Video And Reveals Details Of New Album 25

Adele has released a music video for her new single "Hello" and revealed more details about her new studio album "25", which is set to be released on November 20th.

"Hello" is the first single from the follow-up to Adele's blockbuster "21" album and the first new music that she has released since her theme for the 2012 James Bond Film "Skyfall". The single was released to digital music retailers today (October 23rd).

The "Hello" video was directed by Xavier Dolan (Mommy, Tom at the Farm) and was filmed in the countryside outside of Montreal, Canada and features a cameo by actor Tristan Wilds (The Wire, The Secret Life of Bees). Watch it here.

The Cannes Jury Prize winning director had this to say about the inspiration for the new clip, "When I first heard it, all the images were already running by so clearly in my head - and her trust and generosity allowed me to create freely."

Dolan continues, "Being on set with her was wonderful. And the thought of directing her in the 'acting' aspect of the term was exciting. I discovered that she's a very talented actress -no matter what she'll tell you." He adds, "It was a great experience. Adele allowed me to dive into this full throttle, so I could abandon myself artistically and emotionally, like she always does. It made me extremely proud."

The standard version of the "25" album will feature 11-tracks and a Target exclusive deluxe version will include the three bonus tracks "Can't Let Go," "Lay Me Down" and "Why Do You Love Me." See the tracklisting for 25 Here.

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Janet Jackson Addresses Instagram Controversy

Janet Jackson has released a message to fans online after a controversy erupted earlier this week when gossip site TMZ reported that her fans were having their Instagram accounts taken down for sharing footage from Jackson's Unbreakable Tour.

Jackson addressed the controversial in the following message posted on her Facebook page: "Hey you guys, I have been listening... I love and appreciate my fans. I want you to know that I enjoy watching the short video clips of how you are Burning It Up at the Unbreakable shows. Please keep posting them.

"My team is passionate about protecting the intellectual property we are creating for the tour and possible future projects. It was never their intention, acting on my behalf, to have social media accounts removed.

"Permitting the use of long clips does present a contractual problem for these projects. I hope you understand. I trust the fans will use their short recordings for their own memories and to share on their social media networks of choice.

"I have asked my team to change their approach and allow you to engage socially with these videos. I know I wouldn't be here without the love I stand on."

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One Direction Release Their New EP 'Perfect'

(Radio.com) One Direction released their new EP titled Perfect early Thursday morning. The four track EP is sure to appease fans, who now have something to hold them over as they wait until November to purchase the group's highly anticipated fifth album Made In The A.M.

The EP features the recently leaked song "Home" the group's latest single, "Perfect," and two remixes (Matoma and Big Payno x AFTERHRS). Fans can download the effort at iTunes.

A lot has been made of One Direction and Justin Bieber both releasing their new albums on Nov. 13. Bieber recently called it a "friendly competition." He added, "I don't know if they're really going on the road much, but we're talking about them right now, so it gives them some promo, right? So, that's probably why they did it."

The group took to Twitter to announce the EP. See the tweets here.

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Justin Bieber Releases Skrillex Collaboration 'Sorry'

(Radio.com) Justin Bieber has released "Sorry" the second single from his forthcoming fourth studio album Purpose. Bieber had previously teased the track by posting a fifteen second acoustic preview.

Now we have the official audio for the track, presented in "dance video" form. The clip above features shots of women dancing to the song, but an official music video is still in the works.

The track was co-produced by Sonny John Moore, better know by his stage name Skrillex. It's not the first collaboration for the two artists, Bieber worked on 'Where Are Ü Now" with Jack Ü (Skrillex and Diplo). Check it out here.

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Disclosure, Sam Smith and Lorde Teaming For 'SNL' Performance

(Radio.com) Some seriously fantastic collaborations from Disclosure have been making their way across the pond lately. The brothers Lawrence have partnered with Sam Smith for "Omen" and Lorde for "Magnets," and they'll be joined by those very artists when they perform as Saturday Night Live's musical guest in November.

Elizabeth Banks announced via Twitter that she will be hosting the November 14 SNL episode with Disclosure serving as musical guest. Disclosure then upped the announcement game by responding to Banks' tweet and sharing that Smith and Lorde will join them for the show.

Considering Disclosure and Smith hit cover of Drake's "Hotline Bling," there's no telling what glorious things may come from this televised appearance. See the tweets here.

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Tony Bennett And Lady Gaga Plan Cole Porter Album

(Radio.com) Tony Bennett reveals in a new interview that he and Lady Gaga are planning to take on Cole Porter classics for the sequel to their collaborative album Cheek To Cheek.

"Yeah, we're doing an album," Bennett tells Vulture. "It's going to be all Cole Porter songs. He was the best writer of all of them in the Great American Songbook. Highly intelligent. We're going to have a lot of fun doing that."

We know that Gaga is not planning any new music until after her stint on American Horror Story: Hotel, but we also know that she has been in studio working on the her fifth album with RedOne. Read more here.

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Florence + The Machine Release 'Delilah' Video

(Radio.com) Florence + The Machine have released a new music video for "Delilah." The clip continues the visual style and arc which have thus far accompanied the tracks from her third studio album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.

Like it's predecessors, the clip features highly choreographed and highly violent dancing. 'Delilah" is a slow-burning tune that builds in intensity over a sparse piano and layered backing vocals until it erupts into a full-blown and upbeat production with a driving beat and Florence Welch's powerful vocal styling.

Lyrically, the song finds Welch longing to hear from a lover while she finds various ways to pass the time, including 'another drink." Watch the new music video here.

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Taylor Swift Duets With Miranda Lambert At NC Concert

(Radio.com) Taylor Swift took to the 1989 Tour stage with Miranda Lambert on Wednesday (Oct. 21) night in Greensboro, N.C. to perform Lambert's country ditty, "Little Red Wagon."

And for fans who didn't catch the display, she posted two clips to her Instagram page with this note: 'YOU CAN'T RIDE IN MY LITTLE RED WAGON."

Lambert is only the latest country star who has shared the stage with Swift during her 1989 Tour, where the decidedly pop singer proves she's still a little bit country. Keith Urban, The Band Perry and Sam Hunt also joined Swift in pervious shows. Check out video here.

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Elton John Announces New Album and Premieres 'Looking Up' Single

(Radio.com) Elton John has announced his 33rd studio album Wonderful Crazy Night which will be released on February 5th, 2016. John also shared the album's first single 'Looking Up".

The album was co-produced by John and T Bone Burnett, the two had previously worked together on The Diving Board (2013) and The Union (2010).

In a recent interview with Billboard magazine, Burnett elaborated on the sound of the new album: 'We just finished a new Elton record that's beautiful. It's a very upbeat rock 'n' roll record. The last album was a particular group of very personal material; this is broadcasting. That one was a parlor record; this is a festival." Check out the tracklisting and listen to the new single here.

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James Turrell Had Nothing To Do With Drake's 'Hotline Bling'

(Radio.com) Drake has expressed his admiration for visual artist James Turrell in the past, but Turrell has made it clear there is no connection between the two, particularly as it pertains to Drizzy's "Hotline Bling" video.

The illuminated set of "Hotline Bling" music video ignited speculation that Turrell was behind the colorful light textures, but Turrell has released a statement saying he had no hand in the video's creation.

"While I am truly flattered to learn that Drake f-- with me," writes Turrell in a statement to Noisy, "I nevertheless wish to make clear that neither I nor any of my woes was involved in any way in the making of the 'Hotline Bling' video."

The video, shot by Canadian native Director X, follows X's usual color scheme, with which he uses color to create mood in his music videos. Read more here.

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Kelsea Ballerini Releases 'Dibs' Video

(Radio.com) Kelsea Ballerini shared some of her road memories in her latest video for her hit single, "Dibs." The country singer recorded clips while in York, PA, Greenville, SC, and St. Leonard, MD.

The new clip was directed by Black River's Robert Chavers, and captures the vibrant feel of the song she co-wrote with Josh Kerr, Ryan Griffin and Jason Duke.

It features energized crowds at Ballerini's shows as well as her 22nd birthday, touring fun, and special moments with her pup. Meanwhile, Kelsea plans on having a special guest with her on the CMA red carpet. Read more here.

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Blake Shelton Performs 'Gonna' At The Grand Ol' Opry

(Radio.com) With a plucky guitar riff and a full-throated fiddle, Blake Shelton's song "Gonna" recently saw new life when he performed it at the Grand Ol' Opry. Even though it's not a new single by any means-Shelton released it on his 2014 album, Bringing Back the Sunshine-he exuded a lighter step, which translated to an upbeat performance full of vigor.

Whatever blues may have plagued him recently regarding his divorce from Miranda Lambert now seem like bygone worries. The chorus celebrates the possibilities inherent to being single, and Shelton certainly didn't seem anything other than excited as he played, exuding both confidence and ease.

"Girl I'm diggin' on hittin' on you tonight/ It ain't maybe, it's open now," he sang, smirking and smiling at the audience, and pointing to different people in the first few rows. Watch the performance here.

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Young Thug Releasing 'Slime Season 2' Mixtape On Halloween

(Radio.com) Young Thug has taken to social media to let the world know his mixtape Slime Season 2 will released on October 31st. That's the same day his MigoThuggin mixtape with Migos is supposed be released.

The original Slime Season mixtape was delayed multiple months, finally being released in September, after Thug had initially claimed it would arrive on July 4th.

Will we get separate Slime Season 2 and MigoThuggin tapes in one day, or is Young Thug tricking us? Check out the social media post and decide for yourself here.

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Lana Del Rey Opens Up About Panic Attacks

(Radio.com) Lana Del Rey graces Billboard's latest cover, where she opens up about her fear of death and her tendency to get panic attacks, and how she's dealt with them over the years.

According to Del Rey, she's always been anxiety-prone, especially when it comes to death."It's hard for me sometimes to think about going on when I know we're going to die," she said.

It's an issue she's dealt with as long as she can remember. "I remember being-I was, I think, 4 years old-and I'd just seen a show on TV where the person was killed. And I turned to my parents and said, 'Are we all going to die?" They said "Yes," and I was totally distraught! I broke down in tears and said, 'We have to move!" Del Rey explained.

Even though she ended up seeing a therapist to work through the crippling issue, Del Rey finally decided that music served as a much better balm. "But I'm really most comfortable sitting in that chair in the studio, writing or singing," she explained." Read more here.

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