Day In Rock 2/25: Darkness Death Threat- Rap Beatles Protest- Bonus Metallica- Puddle of Backlash- Hot Hot Followup- Wall of Nose Break- Dirty Korn- Plus H.I.M.- Fantomas- Tweaker- DMB- Miss Prince Hits- Cat Scratch Dad- Entombed- Reznor Speaks- Red Hot Bio- Taking Back The UK- more
by Keavin Wiggins
The Day in Rock Wednesday antiMUSIC.com's look at Today's Top Rock News Stories From Across the Web

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Darkness Death Threat
Blabbermouth reports: THE DARKNESS singer Justin Hawkins has had to call in police after receiving chilling death threats, according to the U.K.'s Sun. The singer said he got the first letter as the group celebrated winning three Brit Awards last week. Justin revealed: "It was a handwritten letter, it's very weird. It's quite flattering that somebody wants to kill me but at the same time it's very scary. I'm more concerned about my own safety really, you can't go on being nice to everybody because sometimes people take the p*** and they start to take liberties. I don't know who it is but we've got the police involved and CID are checking the letter with fingerprints and all that stuff."- Click Here for the Full Story 

Rap Beatles Protest
Net Music Countdown reports: Nearly 200 websites are posting DJ Danger Mouse's "The Grey Album" online in defiance of the music industry's cease-and-desist order. The album, a remix of music from The Beatles' "White Album" and rapper Jay-Z's "Black Album," came under attack by EMI last week, the label owning copyrights to Beatles' sound recordings. Protesters complain that record companies are using outdated copyright restrictions to stifle creativity in favor of the almighty buck, but Jeanne Meyer, a spokeswoman for EMI North America says, "There are proper channels to go through. They've just been completely ignored in this case. The DJ didn't ask permission (and he) used the work in an unauthorized fashion." - Click Here for the Full Story 

Bonus Metallica
VH1 reports: As with pretty much everything they've done in their career, when it comes to distributing their new documentary, Metallica are doing things their way. 

Instead of selling "Some Kind of Monster" to any of the dozen or so distributors scrambling for the flick, Metallica have opted to retain ownership of the movie and strike a service deal with IFC Pictures, in which the band will pick up all the marketing costs in order to control distribution. 

When "Some Kind of Monster" hits VHS and DVD early next year, two editions are likely: a double-disc set composed of the movie and plenty of bonus footage, and a four-disc box featuring the movie plus as much as four and a half hours of edited footage that didn't make the film, Berlinger said. 

So much additional footage exists because "Some Kind of Monster" went through several mutations in the course of its creation.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Vh1 has so much additional information that you have to click the full story link if you really want the full story. And no the DVD will not come with a commemorative pan.

Puddle of Backlash
Rockdirt.com reports: Following the disasterous Puddle of Mudd concert on Sunday (February 22), Toledo, Ohio radio station 104.7 WIOT has posted the following message on their web site: "104.7 WIOT, proud to be Toledo's Concert Leader, is as upset as you are about what happened Sunday night at the Puddle of Mudd show. After performing just four songs, P.O.M. lead singer Wes Scantlin shouted several obscenities at the audience, walked off the stage, and was then arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and criminal mischief. 104.7 WIOT is now working closely with the band's management and the concert promoters in an effort to 'make things right.' We hope that this will be resolved quickly." - Click Here for the Full Story 

Hot Hot Followup
NME reports: HOT HOT HEAT have begun rehearshing together for their forthcoming album. 

"Things are getting better all the time," explained drummer Steve Hawley. "We've completed writing seven new songs.That's including the two we were playing while on tour, 'You're Making Such a Mess' and the other untitled little dittie."- Click Here for the Full Story 

Wall of Nose Break
Blabbermouth reports: WALLS OF JERICHO vocalist Candace Kucsulain received a broken nose from an exuberant audience member while playing in Memphis last week. After stirring up a rabid pit with their thick metallic riffage and savage hardcore breakdowns, Candace was the unintended recipient of a spinning fist. The formidable frontwoman, who was out in front of the monitors took the blow in stride and finished four more songs before the band ended their set. Candace suffered from her nose being knocked out of alignment, severe facial swelling and broken blood vessels around the eyes. 

As stern as her music, Candace continued the tour and will get her nose realigned during a rare day off. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Dirty Korn
Blabbermouth reports: KORN are currently streaming the "dirty" version of their new video "Y'all Want A Single" at their official web site. 

"It's gonna cause a big stir in the music business, period, because it's basically a video about us destroying a record store, and all this different verbiage comes up talking about how really corrupt the music industry is," KORN singer Jonathan Davis told MTV.com about the clip. "We're just asking for it with this video, and it's pretty amazing. We're really excited about it."- Click Here for the Full Story 

Greatest H.I.M.
RIFTrock reports: European sensation H.I.M. will be releasing And Love Said No - The Greatest Hits 1997-2004, a greatest hits compilation due out March 15th. The album will be avaliable in a special edition format, which will include a DVD that features six tracks. Track listings for the both the sixteen track "Greatest Hits" and the DVD are available at RIFTrock by clicking on the full story link. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Fantomas News
siN's metal news reports: The Cleveland Agora site confirms that SLAYER's drummer Dave Lombardo WILL, in fact, be joining FANTOMAS on their upcoming tour. The band's line up for the tour will consist of Mike Patton (FAITH NO MORE, TOMAHAWK, MR. BUNGLE), Buzz Osborne (THE MELVINS), Trevor Dunn (MR. BUNGLE), and Dave Lombardo (SLAYER). - Click Here for the Full Story 

siN's can hook you up with the dates. Also words of congrats to siN's for winning 'Best Metal Website' in the 2003 Online Metal Awards. See full story link for more on both.

Nine Inch Tweaker
Billboard reports: Former Nine Inch Nails drummer Chris Vrenna will release his second album under the Tweaker moniker on April 20. The forthcoming set, "2 a.m. Wakeup Call," will feature guest vocals from the Cure's Robert Smith, David Sylvian, Will Oldham and the Walkmen's Hamilton Leithauser, among others. Additionally, the Smiths' Johnny Marr guests on guitar. 

Also lending voices to "2 a.m. Wakeup Call" are Jennifer Charles from Elysian Fields and Jonathan Bates, who performs under the name Mellowdrone. In a statement, Vrenna says the album was inspired by his wife's battle with insomnia. "She would bolt awake every night, strangely, at exactly the same time -- 2 a.m.," says Vrenna. "It led to me sharing her insomnia and I wound up staying up with her and discovered that when the world-at-large was fast asleep I had unearthed a wealth of creative energy in myself ... It's a nighttime record about things that keep us up at night."- Click Here for the Full Story 

DMB Renew
Reuters reports: Dave Matthews Band has renewed its contract with RCA Records, extending a relationship first forged with the group's 1994 breakthrough, "Under the Table and Dreaming." Terms of the deal were not disclosed. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Miss Prince Hits
Billboard reports: Funk veteran Prince will next month release a new album, and embark on his first major tour in six years, but warned Tuesday that the concerts will be the last time fans get to hear his hits for a while. 

So far, 26 dates are scheduled, starting March 29 at Staples Center in Los Angeles and wrapping June 12 at CenturyTel Center in Bossier, La. 

Announcing the tour Tuesday in Los Angeles, Prince played the jazz-infused title track from the new album, "Musicology." Explaining his fresh material -- label distribution is still being negotiated -- Prince said, "'Musicology' is very important to us. means that when we create music, we let it dictate our next moves in life." - Click Here for the Full Story 

Cat Scratch Dad
AP reports: Ted Nugent has admitted he fathered the 8-year-old son of a Dover woman suing the 1970s rocker for child support and custody, according to her lawyer. 

Karen Gutowski, 43, sued Nugent for custody and support in August in Strafford County Superior Court. Her lawyer, Jeffrey Runge, said Nugent, 55, has acknowledged he is the father and paid minimal support but has never met the boy. 

Nugent's lawyers, meanwhile, have asked the courts to make appropriate custodial and visitation rights for Nugent. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Entombed Cancel Tour
I Ate Your Microphone reports: Entombed have cancelled their U.S. tour which was to take place in March due to the difficulty in obtaining a visa for their new bass guitar player Nico Elgstrand. They expect to re-schedule the dates for September, and these will be announced nearer the time.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Reznor Speaks
Rolling Stone reports: Nine Inch Nails are at work on their fourth album, Bleed Through, in Los Angeles. Trent Reznor and Co. hope to finish it by summer and release it later this year. 

"It's more song-oriented [than 1999's The Fragile]," says NIN mastermind Reznor. "It's much more lean. It's going to be twelve good punches in the face -- no fillers, no instrumentals, just straight to the point." - Click Here for the Full Story 

Reznor says the band is also going to hit the road soon to give fans a taste. Check out the full story for more.

Red Hot Bio
Net Music Countdown reports: Anthony Kiedis's long awaited biography, "Scar Tissue" should be out in time for Christmas this year. Kiedis spent much of his time on Chili Peppers tour break to work on the book, which is ghostwritten by "Ratso" who also co-wrote Howard Stern's first book "Private Parts." 

From an advance review: "In �Scar Tissue,' charismatic and articulate frontman Anthony Keidis tells the astonishing story of the band, and his own rollercoaster life. He tells of his childhood living in LA with his father Blackie Dammett, an early life spent hobnobbing with celebrities and starring opposite Sly Stallone in �Fist'; setting up the band with his school friend Flea in the early '80s, crossing paths with an eclectic group of music's most compelling acts, from George Clinton to Nirvana.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Blabbermouth Sludged
Some fun stuff on one of the sources used in the Day In Rock. We already told you about siN's metal news winning best metal site award but Blabbermouth operator Borivoj Krgin had the unique pleasure of being Sludged. So if you want to know a little bit more about the man behind the blabbermouth, check out the full story link, it's a cool interview. - Click Here for the Full Story 

This would also be a good opportunity to thank all of the sites that are used as sources for the Day In Rock. Without them, the Day in Rock report wouldn't exist. To those that send in emails asking why we "make" them click over for the full story, well the Day In Rock is only a glimpse into the day's rock news, you have to go to the source for the full story (plus once there you will likely find a story that interest you that we didn't have space to include in that day's report.)

Crying Van Hagar
Melodic Rock reports: Sammy has re-confirmed to an associate that he won't be doing any solo dates this summer as he will be working with Van Halen and he confirmed that he has been in LA working to get some tracks completed by the end of February for the Greatest Hits Volume 2 release. Stay tuned for more!- Click Here for the Full Story 

Before you complain, we have at least three readers that are interested in a Van Hagar reunion. 

Psychedelic Tour
Pollstar reports: '80s alt-rockers The Psychedelic Furs are heading out on the road once again. Their latest North American tour kicks off March 12 in West Hollywood. Three different House of Blues venues and four Hard Rock Cafes are on the itinerary, which runs through April 6. One of the most revered bands to come out of England's new wave scene in the 1980s, the Furs were formed in England in 1977 by brothers Richard (trademark gravelly vocals) and Tim Butler (bass).- Click Here for the Full Story 

Special Interest Hatched
Music Dish reports: Las Vegas-based Webcaster Alliance launched a new round of attacks against Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch today and is urging Americans to hold the Senator accountable for misleading claims about pornography on P2P networks while at the same time protecting the special interests of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The Senator recently introduced the Enhancing Federal Obscenity Reporting and Copyright Enforcement Act of 2003 (the EnFORCE Act), which requires the Department of Justice to, "report to Congress detailed information about the scope of its efforts to investigate and prosecute crimes involving the sexual exploitation of minors or intellectual property." - Click Here for the Full Story 

Mayor Of Sunset Strip Soundtrack
Press Release reports: MAYOR OF THE SUNSET STRIP, the new documentary film starring Rodney Bigenheimer - the radio DJ who helped to break the Sex Pistols, the Clash, the Ramones, X, the Go-Go's, Blondie, Devo, Van Halen, Nirvana, Oasis, No Doubt, and, more recently, Coldplay and the Strokes. The film features personal friends such as Courtney Love, Gwen Stefani, Brooke Shields, Kim Fowley, Brian Wilson, Alice Cooper, Keanu Reeves, Debbie Harry, MacKenzie Phillips, Neil Young, Nancy Sinatra, Beck, Green Day, Rob Zombie, David Bowie, Neve Campbel, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Cher, Sonny Bono, Davy Jones, The Monkees, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Doors, Linda Ronstadt, Joan Jett, No Doubt, Phil Spector, Sex Pistols, Coldplay, Chris Martin, Dramarama, Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Blondie, Oasis, Tori Amos, Kato Kaelin, Corey Feldman, Paul McCartney, and many more! MAYOR OF THE SUNSET STRIP begins to hit select theaters on March 26th, please visit the film's official website for all cities and dates (http://www.mayorofthesunsetstrip.com). 

The film's soundtrack (Shout! Factory) hits stores on March 16 and features rare tracks by David Bowie, Chris Martin (Coldplay), the Beach Boys Brian Wilson, and X. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Wasp Go Neon
Press Release reports: W.A.S.P. The name is legend, having become associated with such controversial and mind numbing releases as The Headless Children, The Crimson Idol, K.F.D., Unholy Terror, and the notorious self-titled debut. April 6, 2004 will see the band evolve further with The Neon God: Part One "The Rise, a conceptual rock opera that explores the tragedy and consequences of one boy's search for acceptance and purpose in his existence. 

Opening with the line, 'Oh tell me my lord, why am I here?', The Neon God delves into such deeply emotional (and personal) inquiries, such as where does one fit into the great cosmic enigma? How does love fit into the equation? Should I use my gifts and talents for good or for evil? These are the primary thoughts all people have regarding their existence at one time or another. When addressed by a youth and coupled with an extreme dose of fear, a lethal combination develops. 

Part One 'The Rise tells the story of an abused and orphaned boy who finds that he has the ability to read and manipulate people. By utilizing his gifts, he is able to build a following whose devotion and allegiance create a loyalty so intense that he is poised to become a dark Messiah for the 21st Century. 

Part 2 of The Neon God story will be released by Sanctuary/Metal-Is Records over the summer and will complete the awe-inspiring and jaw dropping story.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Taking Back The UK
Press Release reports: Taking Back Sunday have confirmed six shows in the United Kingdom in June! Kicking off the tour will be the Download Festival, where they will join Metallica and Iggy & The Stooges among many others for the event Kerrang! readers voted Festival of the Year in 2003. They will hit Glasgow, Manchester, Oxford, Birmingham and finally, London for highly anticipated performances of their passionate, incendiary songs from the critically acclaimed "Tell All Your Friends". 

United Kingdown Tour
June 6 Download Festival, Donnington
June 7 King Tuts, Glasgow
June 8 Academy 2, Birmingham
June 9 Zodiac, Oxford
June 10 Hop & Grape, Manchester
June 11 The Astoria, London - Click Here for the Full Story