Day In Rock 7/29: Idol Star Injured- Linkin Park Dis Ozzfest- New Bizkit- Mars Volta Double Album?- Big Screen Avril - Beck & Jack White Record- Good Charlotte- Priest- Velvet Revolver- Most Precious Blood- BSB Too Motley For Sixx- Jacko Trial Delay- Metal The Movie- Queen- Ashlee Simpson Beats Van Halen- Darkness- Beastie Tour- more
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Idol Star Injured
MTV reports: Diana DeGarmo is recovering from severe bruising after falling down a flight of stairs during Tuesday's American Idols Live Tour stop in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

The "American Idol" runner-up was taken by medics to a hospital, where X-rays confirmed she had not broken any bones. Doctors advised the singer not to perform Wednesday (August 28) in Detroit, but she has decided to sing her solo, "Dreams," which requires little choreography. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Macca Honors Bangles
MTV reports: The Bangles will be handed an honorary degree on Friday from the Liverpool Institute of the Performing Arts by none other than Paul McCartney, who helped found the school in 1996. In March 2003, the Bangles took time out from their European tour to conduct a master class at the institute, which was reportedly the highest attended and most popular session the school has ever held. [more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Linkin Park Dis Ozzfest
Rockdirt reports: Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington tells Launch Radio Networks he's not surprised that their Projekt Revolution festival tour is scoring better advance sales than Ozzy Osbourne's Ozzfest in almost every market this summer, and that he's not particularly impressed with Ozzfest's lineup this year. "It's just too much of the same thing," Chester complained. "Usually, Ozzfest is pretty diverse, especially with metal, 'cause metal is so wide-ranged, like you could pretty much go all over the spectrum with a metal show. But even their bands are kind of all along the same super-metal genre, and you're gonna draw a very pigeonholed kind of audience with those kinds of lineups." - Click Here for the Full Story 

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Good Charlotte New CD Rumors
Punkbands.com reports: Rumor has it that Good Charlotte's new album will be called "The Chronicles Of Life And Death" and the tentative release date is October 5th. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Priest Almost Done With CD
BW&BK reports: The official Ozzfest 2004 website (ozzfest.com) has posted the following chat between Metal-Exiles.com and JUDAS PRIEST frontman ROB HALFORD where he discusses the group's upcoming album, the recently released Metalogy box set and their plans for the future. Several excerpts from the interview follow: 

Metal-Exiles.com: What is the progress on the new CD? 

Rob Halford: "It is almost completed, after OZZFEST we are going back in and doing a little overdubbing and all of the mixing has to be done." 

Metal-Exiles.com: What is the direction that the CD is going in? 

Rob Halford: "It is difficult to put into words but the people that are eagerly awaiting it will not be disappointed. It has the speed and ferocity of songs like 'Painkiller' and 'Freewheel Burning', the passion and the drama of songs like 'The Sentinel' and 'Sinner' and nice slow ballad pieces plus a few new twists because the band always has its ear to the ground of the current scene." [see full story for news on a live DVD- Click Here for the Full Story 

Velvet Revolver Goes Platinum
BW&BK reports: Following the first rock album to debut at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 album chart (selling over 250,000 copies) in over a year, VELVET REVOLVER's Contraband has already been certified platinum. Notably, this marks the best-ever debut for a new rock artist in the SoundScan era. [see full story for new video news]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Most Precious Blood Drummer Departs... Again
IAYM reports: Not for the first time (nor the second, nor the third...), Most Precious Blood have parted ways with their drummer. Ryan who joined the group in late June is the latest casualty. [Think you have what it takes to be the next drummer? Click the full story to get the contact info] - Click Here for the Full Story 

New Bizkit
IAYM reports: Limp Bizkit are presently said to be in London working on their as-yet-untitled new album. A February release date through Interscope is reportedly being eyed for the effort. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Mars Volta Double Album?
IAYM reports: The Mars Volta have two new releases tentatively due out in November. One is a "self-titled" CD Single, whilst the other is a double LP which is expected to be the vinyl edition of their new album "Frances The Mute". - Click Here for the Full Story 

After Loudermilk
IAYM reports: Former members of Loudermilk have formed a new project dubbed Gosling. They will be releasing their debut EP under the moniker on August 10th, and you can find out more information at www.goslingmusic.com. [see full story for some upcoming dates and a link to an eCard featuring a new song]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Big Screen Avril 
NMC reports: Avril Lavigne makes a cameo in the upcoming film, "Going The Distance." Other musicians with cameos in the comedy flick include Gob and Swollen Members. Canada's MuchMusic produced the film, which lands in Canadian theatres on August 20. 

The "Going The Distance" soundtrack features Lavigne's song "Losing Grip," as well as new tunes by Gob, Jersey and Lester. Jet, The Darkness, Sum 41, Swollen Members and Sweatshop Union featuring Moka Only are also on the album, which is set for release August 3. [see full story for tracklisting for the soundtrack] - Click Here for the Full Story 

Beck & Jack White Record
Xfm reports: For his eighth studio album, Mr Beck Hansen has confirmed he's been hard at work in the studio with the cream of Detroit and one half of the White Stripes, Jack White. The diminutive hiphoprockaltcountryfunkster has confirmed that he's already recorded one track with White, although currently it's untitled and still requires a little more work. However, Beck plans to finish it in time for the October release of the record. 

Beck's publicist has confirmed that, in addition to finishing the Jack White track, Beck intends to put the finishing touches to the LP with help from producers the Dust Brothers over the coming weeks. [see full story for more] - Click Here for the Full Story 

Life After Pete
Xfm reports: Libertines drummer Gary Powell has spoken exclusively to Xfm Online about why he wishes people would focus on The Libertines' music and not the band's problems. "We were friends before we were anything. Friendship comes first with me.We have to stay together for all of us." 

"I enjoyed myself immensely [at T In The Park, the band's first gig apart from Doherty since the temporary separation]," Powell considers. "It was difficult because Pete wasn't there, but I loved playing with Anthony [Rossomando, guitar technician and Doherty's replacement]. He's a great guy, but it wasn't Pete. [Anthony's] a great guitarist though and an easy guy to get on with. What more could you ask for? [this is just a part of the interview, click the full story to read the whole thing.] - Click Here for the Full Story 

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Bad Music Taste Documented
Blabbermouth reports: [Double silly news for Today!]Do you have "bad taste in music?" 

An unidentified individual wearing shades and a German army helmet goes to various venues where certain musicians are playing (EVANESCENCE, LINKIN PARK, ADEMA, STAIND, etc.), and uses a megaphone to inform concert-goers that, you guessed it, they have bad taste in music. 

There's a whole collection of Quicktime movies showing his handiwork, and a nice touch is the plainly fabricated statistics used to back up his claims. Did you know, for instance, that 94.5% of people under the age of 20 have no taste in music? [see full story for links to these fun little homemade films, including an explaination of why Linkin Park's music is fraudulant]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Backstreet Boys Too Motley For Sixx
Blabbermouth reports: [some silly news for today]Irish Examiner is reporting that former MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx has finally understood how his outrageous onstage behavior must have appalled parents — after he took his daughter to watch a BACKSTREET BOYS concert. 

Sixx says he was watching the boy band when singer AJ McLean grabbed his crotch in full view of the audience, made up predominantly of young girls. 

And Nikki admits the experience made him appreciate just how bad his behavior once was. 

Sixx says: "I've taken my daughter to a BACKSTREET BOYS concert. She wanted to go and I wanted her to experience it from the audience perspective. 

"So we were in the tenth row, and they dropped this huge ramp out and AJ, who's the 'bad one', comes out and grabs his d*** with his hands, like, right in front of my daughter. 

"I cover her eyes, and she's like, 'Dad'. And I was like, 'Oh my God, I must have put parents through hell.' Because I would actually pull mine out. That's the difference. 

"That's why I covered her eyes — I was f***ing embarrassed because he's a wimp. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Jacko Trial Delay
Sky News reports: Michael Jackson's trial on child abuse charges has been postponed. 

The case will now be heard at the end of next January instead of September. 

The star denies charges that include sexually abusing a child, conspiracy to abduct a child and false imprisonment. 

Putting back the start of the trial, Judge Rodney Melville admitted he had underestimated the amount of work involved. [see full story for more] - Click Here for the Full Story 

Boned Perris
Metal-Rules reports: Perris Records is proud to announce the release of the debut cd from BONED. "Up At The Crack" will be released in August 2004. BONED is a band based in England and their sound is in the classic AC/DC vein. "Up At The Crack" features 10 original tracks of in your face, Balls to the wall Rock & Roll! BONED were originally called AC/DD but changed their name because they didn't want to be confused as an AC/DC tribute band. Tracks on their debut include: "Drain The Main Vein", Ain't No Talking With You Mouth Full", "God Given' Right To Rock & Roll", "Loaded On Love", "Tails Up Heads Down" & others. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Metal The Movie
Metal-Rules reports: The Story is About to Be Filmed... The feature length documentary "Metal: A Headbanger's History", to be released by Sanctuary Records in 2005, will begin filming July 30th in Oslo Norway. The film will take us on a global journey to understand the meaning of metal and its impact on society over the past 35 years. Interviews with musicians, fans, metal experts and detractors combined with rare stock footage will lead the viewer through the rich world of metal's exhilarating musical highs as well as its shocking controversial lows. This film will give us a unique insight into this often-misunderstood art form and will be seen as its definitive documentary for years to come. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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US Approves BMG Sony Merge
Reuters reports: U.S. antitrust authorities on Wednesday approved a deal for record companies Sony Music and BMG to merge, creating a rival to market leader Universal Music. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission said it would not oppose the combination of Sony Music, a division of Japanese electronics giant Sony Corp., and BMG, a unit of German media conglomerate Bertelsmann AG . - Click Here for the Full Story 

Queen Rock Vegas
Hollywood Reporter reports: Queen is getting ready to rock Las Vegas. 

The legendary group's stage musical "We Will Rock You," which has been playing to sold-out crowds in London since 2002, will make its North American debut at the Paris Las Vegas hotel on the Strip. Preview performances start in August, and the show will premiere Sept. 8. 

Similar to ABBA's smash "Mamma Mia," which now calls Las Vegas' Mandalay Bay home, "Rock You" intertwines the songs of Queen into a rock 'n' roll story line. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Ashlee Simpson Nabs No. 1, Beats Van Halen
Reuters reports: Ashlee Simpson may have followed in the footsteps of her singer/reality show star sister Jessica, but she's the first in the family to notch a No. 1 album. 

The actor-turned-singer's Geffen debut, "Autobiography," bowed on top of The Billboard 200 albums chart after moving more than 398,000 copies in the week ended July 25, according to Nielsen SoundScan data issued Wednesday. 

Sales of last week's No. 1, Jimmy Buffett's "License to Chill" (Mailboat/RCA), fell a modest 38% to 148,000 copies, forcing it down to No. 2. Veteran rock act Van Halen's latest Warner Bros. compilation "The Best of Both Worlds" entered at No. 3 with sales of 138,000 copies. The set pulls together highlights of the band's run with singer David Lee Roth and his replacement, Sammy Hagar. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Darkness Back To School
Ananova reports: The Darkness have made a surprise trip back to their old school - to open a new music centre. 

Justin and Dan Hawkins and Ed Graham turned up unannounced at Kirkley High School in Lowestoft, Suffolk. 

After a tour round their old classrooms, the rockers handed over gifts including Ed's first drum kit and two guitars. 

The three hadn't been back to the school since leaving in the early '90s [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Beastie Tour
liveDaily reports: Beastie Boys have confirmed three West Coast stops as they continue to build the itinerary for a fall outing that backs their new album, "To the 5 Boroughs." 

The New York-bred hip-hop trio is set to play September shows in Long Beach, CA, San Francisco and Seattle; details listed below. Rapper Talib Kweli will open all three dates. [see full story for more including the initial dates] - Click Here for the Full Story 

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The Polyphonic Spree Big Show
Pitchfork reports: In the bleak alt-rock desert that was the summer of '95, Tim DeLaughter was still known just as the guy from Tripping Daisy, whose single "I Got a Girl" had exactly one redeeming quality: It wasn't The Presidents of the United States of America's "Lump". If you'd told someone at the time that in under 10 years Tripping Daisy's lead singer would be leading a few dozen people around in brightly colored robes, 20 bucks says they would have thought "cult slayfest," not "euphoric pop group." But here it is all 2004 and s***, and DeLaughter's resume now includes two (2) critically lauded albums with The Polyphonic Spree and zero (0) disturbing ritual murders (that we know of). Following a stadium tour this past April with David Bowie (okay, opening for Bowie), the Spree have secured TV spots on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn (aired July 27th), The Late Show with David Letterman (to air August 27th) and PBS's Austin City Limits (to air in November). In August, they'll undertake a very tightly focused promenade through a handful of American metropolises. If you think "more" is better than "less"-- and among Spree fans we must assume this is not uncommon-- Ticketmaster is offering discounted two-day passes for the Chicago and Boston sections of the tour. [see full story for dates] - Click Here for the Full Story 

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Metal Blade eBay
press release reports: Check out the new Metal Blade Records eBay store for all the latest and hard to find Metal Blade releases since the company's beginnings!!! The store is constantly being updated with CD's, LP's, cassettes, and more! [click the full story link to check it out]- Click Here for the Full Story 

The New Transit Direction CD and Tour Update
press release reports: The New Transit Direction's "Wondeful Defense Mechanisms" is in-stores now on Some Records. 

The Salt Lake City 4-piece will be on tour in August and Sept. and will play select dates with Mock Orange and Down To Earth Approach. 

Check out www.tntd.net for tour dates and to hear two tracks from the new release. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Josh Todd X-Games
press release reports: Just back from Japan where they shared the stage with Aerosmith and The Who, performing in front of over 100,000 people as part of "The Rock Odyssey" festival, JOSH TODD has been tapped to bring their hypnotic rock & roll and raw punk power to the X Games at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Saturday, August 7. The band will command the stage with songs from their explosive debut album, YOU MADE ME, in-stores now and available at www.joshtodd.com. 

After the X Games appearance, the band will head out on yet another leg of U.S. tour dates—including an appearance at this year's "Locobazooka! United We Rock! Music & Arts Festival" in Fitchburg, MA on September 26--having already logged six months' worth of dates in support of YOU MADE ME. [see full story for dates and more on Josh Todd's new CD]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Metal Blade Records signs Winter Solstice
press release reports: Metal Blade Records is very happy to announce that we have just signed the Virginia based metalcore act Winter Solstice. Starting in 2001 Winter Solstice has secured an underground following by playing with bands such as Norma Jean, As I Lay Dying, The Black Dahlia Murder, Between the Buried and Me, Living Sacrifice, Silverstein, and Bury Your Dead just to name a few. The bands most recent EP was recorded at Cloud City Studios (The Black Dahlia Murder, Walls of Jericho) by Mike Hasty of Wall of Jericho in January 2004. The band will head back to Cloud City Studios in Detroit, MI in October to start recording their debut full-length release that will be out on Metal Blade Records in the winter of 2005. [see full story link for more on the band and upcoming tour dates]- Click Here for the Full Story