Day In Rock 3/16: Guns N Litigation- Van Hagar Booked- Ramones Vs. Pearl Jam- Nu-Nu Metal?- AFI Hacked- Oasis Ringo- Taproot Corgan- Motley Spoofed- Latte Rock?- Indie MTV Boycott- Radiofinger- Alanis- Juliana Theory- Vines- Tuff- Rush Hall- Edguy- Nickelback Sweatshop- DMB- more
by Keavin Wiggins
The Day in Rock Tuesday antiMUSIC.com's look at Today's Top Rock News Stories From Across the Web

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Guns N Litigation
liveDaily reports: Long-estranged Guns N' Roses members Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagen have joined forces to file a lawsuit against Geffen Records, seeking to block the label's planned release of GN'R's "Greatest Hits." 

According to a statement issued on Monday (3/15) by Sanctuary Artist Management, Guns N' Roses "has not been given the opportunity to approve the choice of songs, the artwork, the release date or the re-mastering done on the tracks included on this compilation." 

The statement adds that Rose "is concerned that not only will their audience be misled into believing that the planned compilation is an authorized release, but that it will hinder the release of the band's long awaited new studio album 'Chinese Democracy,'" and claims that the band's fans "have flooded the offices of Geffen Records' senior executives with thousands of emails over the last few weeks expressing their dissent." 

Reuters had this follow up: U.S. District Judge Dale Fischer denied their request for a temporary restraining order, allowing Geffen to issue the album as planned next Tuesday. A hearing on a motion for a preliminary injunction was set for next month. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Van Hagar Booked
Blabbermouth reports: Billboard.com is reporting that VAN HALEN have signed a deal with Peter Grosslight, worldwide head of music for the William Morris booking agency in Los Angeles, for touring representation. The group's much-anticipated comeback reunion trek (featuring vocalist Sammy Hagar) is expected to kick off in the summer.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Ramone Vs. Pearl Jam
Rockdirt reports: Johnny Ramone scolded his friend Eddie Vedder after the Pearl Jam singer impaled a mask of President Bush and slammed it to the stage at a Denver concert last April. "I got serious with him and told him that he was alienating people," Johnny tells the Washington Times. "And I got him to see the point." The guitarist for the legendary Ramones has always been an ideological outcast in the left-leaning world of rock. The NRA-supporting Johnny calls Ronald Reagan "the greatest president of my lifetime," listens to Rush Limbaugh and Michael Medved on the radio, and watches 'The O'Reilly Factor' every night. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Nu-Nu Metal?
Chart Attack reports: Whether you love them or hate them, Linkin Park are here to stay. When ChartAttack caught up with Brad Delson and Phoenix of LP, the world's hardest working band reveals the inside scoop behind Meteora, the name Phoenix and the rise and fall of nu-metal. 

Is rap-rock dead?

 Brad Delson: I think great songs are alive and well and I think any group, no matter what style of music they play, if they write great songs — great parts, and great lyrics, and great vocals and great music — people are gonna like it. I think people like to look at who's writing good songs and then they like to speculate about a category of music that's popular, whereas I would argue that it really has nothing to do with category: it's really individual artists and individuals songs that are capturing people's imaginations. 

Phoenix: And if rap-rock's dead, that just leaves the door open for nu-rap-rock. Just like metal and then nu-metal. Make sure you use the umlaut. [see full story for more of the interview]- Click Here for the Full Story

AFI Hacked
Punkbands reports: The AFI site has been hacked, but it seems that hackers had good intentions. This is what it says on the website: Attention webmaster: Security hole. This site has quite a huge security hole in it that allows complete access to any user. As you can see no files were erased, if you wish to goto the real site here it is right here. I come to you not to destroy your site, but to help you fix it. 

Pull was here 
For jess, always inspiring me 
Lyssa, much love 
And everyone else, you know who you are. 

P.S: I fixed the hole for you. Look at tablature.php in the php comment, it explains all the details. Get well soon Davey 
http://www.afireinside.net/- Click Here for the Full Story 

Oasis Ringo
Aversion reports: Let's hope for Oasis' sake, Zak Starkey is better behind the kit than his old man Ringo Starr. 

According to the NME the band has begun rehearsing with Starkey behind the kit. The band's drum stool has been vacant since Alan White departed earlier this year. 

The band hasn't made an official word on Starkey's work with it, though plans to be in the studio at the end of the month. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Taproot Corgan
Blabbermouth reports: TAPROOT recently collaborated with former SMASHING PUMPKINS/ZWAN mainman Billy Corgan on material for the group's upcoming third Velvet Hammer/Atlantic album. "We went to meet Billy hoping to learn how to approach songwriting in a new way," drummer Jared Montague told Billboard.com. "We ended up getting about a year's worth of music and life education in a week's time. Billy works amazingly fast. We would show him some ideas we had for a song and immediately he would suggest a couple different things for us to try." 

TAPROOT also spent time with DEFTONES guitarist Stephen Carpenter working on ideas the album, which is being produced by Michael Beinhorn.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Motley Spoofed
Blabbermouth reports: A special report from Swedish journalist Martin Carlsson: 

"High Chaparall", a wild documentary series on the Swedish TV channel Kanal 5, launched its second season on Monday, March 15 with a one-hour special on MÖTLEY CRÜE vocalist Vince Neil. 

It's a hilarious portrayal of a rock star that rivals "This is Spinal Tap" as a rock 'n' roll comedy. The show follows co-hosts Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson as they enter the gated Spanish Hills community in Las Vegas where Vince Hill lives with his fiancée Leah. Vince's parents arrive and the whole family is interviewed at the luxurious mansion. When asked if he's ever tried Viagra, Vince says, "I took one once and blew through $15,000 on hookers. It was in Atlantic City." Describing himself as "the last hold-out" and expressing no love for Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee or Mick Mars, the singer confirms that MÖTLEY CRÜE will indeed reunite. "2005 and 2006 I'm putting away for MÖTLEY, because negotiations are getting closer and closer. I think it will be a good way to close it," he says. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

DVD Bandits
RIFTrock reports: The RX Bandits will be releasing a two-hour DVD that contains live footage as well as studio and interview footage. The DVD will be released through the band's own label, MDBrecords on April 27th.- Click Here for the Full Story 

50 Million Served
AP reports: Apple Computer Inc. said Monday it has sold more than 50 million songs through its online iTunes Music Store. 

Apple's latest tally falls short of its one-year anniversary target of 100 million songs by April 28, but company officials said they weren't discouraged. 

"Setting that goal was a way to put the stake in the ground and say that we were going to be the leader," said Rob Schoeben, Apple's vice president of applications marketing. - Click Here for the Full Story 

States May Enter P2P Fight
Wired reports: Is California's attorney general preparing a legislative assault on peer-to-peer file sharing? 

A draft letter purportedly circulated by Bill Lockyer to fellow state attorneys general characterizes P2P software as a "dangerous product" and describes the failure of technology makers to warn consumers of those dangers as a deceptive trade practice. 

The draft document, dated Feb. 26, was obtained by Wired News on March 12. Distribution of a revised version to other attorneys general is said to coincide with the spring meeting in Washington, D.C., March 15 to 17 of the National Association of Attorneys General, of which Lockyer is president. The attorney general's office plans to release a final version publicly within the coming month, after obtaining additional signatories. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Online Radio Must Pay To Play
Wired reports: In a move welcomed by the recording industry -- and less warmly received by webcasters -- the federal government will require Internet radio stations to record their playlists and make royalty payments to artists and labels. 

The new rules, announced last week by the Copyright Office of the U.S. Library of Congress, are the culmination of more than two years of discussions between the government, music labels, and satellite and Internet radio stations over royalty payments. The rulemaking resolves one of the main points of contention: how much data stations must provide about the music they play. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Latte Rock?
NME reports: STARBUCKS is the latest superbrand to jump on the digital music bandwagon. 

The world's largest coffee shop chain is planning to introduce a service where customers can choose from 250,000 songs and then burn them onto CDs, reports BusinessWeek magazine. 

Launching next week, the scheme will be rolled out to Starbucks' 2,500 outlets over the next two years. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Indie MTV Boycott
NME reports: THE WHITE STRIPES, PRODIGY, CRAIG DAVID and BASEMENT JAXX are among a huge number of artists set to boycott MTV in Europe in an escalating row over how much money the music channel pays to broadcast videos. 

MTV Networks Europe has set a deadline of March 31 for independent record labels representing artists to agree to a new rights contract worth less than half of the previous deal, reports The Guardian. If agreement isn't reached, the music channel could lose access to around 20 per cent of releases. 

And in a further twist for MTV, Sanctuary Records, the large-scale independent that represents reality TV star Ozzy Osbourne, is also set to join the protest. - Click Here for the Full Story 

NME reports: THOM YORKE's middle finger sensationally turned up on online auction site eBay last week. RADIOHEAD fans desperate to get hold of the digit went in a bidding frenzy until it finally sold minutes ago (March 15) for a staggering £248. 

However, on closer inspection, this "pretty unique item of Radiohead memorabilia" seems to have startlingly metallic properties and odd bronze colouring for a piece of frontman flesh. 

Measuring at just over two inches high, the finger is in fact the infamous middle digit from the singer's NME Award, which he broke off during the February 12 ceremony because it was "offensive". - Click Here for the Full Story 

Alanis Complies
MTV reports: Alanis Morissette has complied with radio programmers' request to change the opening line of her new single, "Everything." "I can be an a--hole of the grandest kind" is now "I can be a nightmare of the grandest kind."- Click Here for the Full Story 

Juliana Theory West
press release reports: THE JULIANA THEORY is taking a break from writing the follow-up to its 2003 album LOVE (Epic Records) to embark on a five-week tour covering parts of the US and Canada. 

The tour kicks off March 27 in Detroit and will mark the first time that the band has visited the west coast in over a year. 

The tour will focus on intimate, mid-size rock clubs, the smallest the band has played in three years. 

The Juliana Theory has already written 20-25 songs toward its next album, a few of which will get road tested on the upcoming tour. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Vines Vid
press release reports: Director Michel Gondry recently completed a video for The Vines' new single "Ride," a clip that features multiple bands performing the track in an auditorium-like setting simultaneously. What does this have to do with the song's lyrics? Absolutely nothing, which ironically, singer Craig Nicholls says the song is about in the first place. "Well, there's no story... it's completely abstract. It's just random, weird images strung together. It's just kind of like what the chorus is, it's just a ride... it's just a trip if you want to take it." The Vines' video for "Ride" is currently in rotation on MTV. 

a couple other tid bits were in the press release

 The Vines perform "RIDE" on the David Letterman show on 3/17

 MTV2 $2 Bill show PREMIERS on MTV2 on 3/21 at 9:00PM 

Album in stores on 3/23

 Europe and UK tour starts right after the "Aussie Invasion Tour" ends (4/14)

 The Vines will be the MAIN support act on the INCUBUS tour which goes across the US from 6/24-8/18.

 European festival tour to follow the Incubus tour starting around Aug 18th (details TBC)

 - Click Here for the Full Story 

Tuff DVDs
press release reports: It's 2004 and with technology moving along what better time than now, to add TUFF to your growing collection of DVDs. But don't add just one, add all four. That's right; RLS Records & TUFF are issuing all three of their original Home Videos on DVD and a new piece to make it an even four pack. 

There is a theme with each DVD and with over 6 hours of footage you can't go wrong when choosing these digitally enhanced clips. The newly added menu section and graphics are out of this world with sound bites, flyer collages, rare pictures and more. No more re-winding or fast forwarding to get to your favorite video, backstage clip or section of choice. These DVDs can be purchased each for $ 20.00 or the entire TUFF DVD 4-Pack is only $75.00. Please take a click on over to http://www.Tuffcds.com to find out more. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Rush Hall
press release reports: If you feel RUSH MUST be voted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame the help Classic Rock Revisited out! Rush has sold over 25 Million Albums. They have won tons of awards including being elected into the Juno Awards Hall of Fame. Why are they not in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame? Geddy Lee is in the Bass Hall of Fame for Guitar Player Magazine. Neil Peart is in the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame and has basically been banned from winning any more awards! Alex is in Guitar For The Practicing Musician HOF as well. It is time the band was given the honor they deserve. The band received a "Lifetime Achievement" award from Musician's Institute in Hollywood, CA on January 23, 1992. The band also received "The Seventh Annual Musicians of the Millennium Award" from the Harvard Lampoon. Rush has over 22 Gold or Platinum RIAA awards as well and as of 2002 this placed them in 5th place for the most awards. This band deserves to be in the USA's Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Edguy Meaning
Electric Basement reports: In an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Electricbasement.com, EDGUY guitarist JENS LUDWIG explains where the band's odd name came from, "No meaning. We were just very young when we formed this band. Fourteen years old. Back then, we had this stupid teacher with a similar sounding name. We just had this funny idea of changing it and making the band's name out of it. This stupid name has followed us for 12 years now. We've talked so many times about changing the name, but we can be sure that no band in the world will have the same stupid name as us (laughs)." Read the entire interview, including why they moved to Nuclear Blast and their new album, Hellfire Club, click the full story link- Click Here for the Full Story 

Nickelback Sweatshop
Net Music Countdown reports: Canadian network MuchMusic will air a documentary on sweatshops in Tehuacan, Mexico, and Dhaka, Bangladesh which features commentary by Canadian artists Nickelback and more. 

"Inside Your Threads" will air on March 25th and addresses the controversial issue of overseas labor, which is used because of the low cost of paying workers to make the garments. Other artists to appear on the special include Bono, Ben Harper, Incubus, Pink, and Nelly Furtado.- Click Here for the Full Story 

4th of DMB
liveDaily reports: The Dave Matthews Band may stage an Independence Day-weekend event in the New York City area, and is asking fans for input. 

Late last year, the group asked fans to provide their views about a possible Dave Matthews Band festival by filling out a survey that was posted on its official website. Among the questions the survey asked were whether fans would be interested in attending such a festival, and the time and location they'd most like it to take place. 

"As determined by the survey, the No. 1 choice for a festival location is the New York City metropolitan area and the July 4th weekend being a clear winner as a favorite date," the group said in a statement last week. "We are pleased to report that we are developing a plan for an event at a unique site in the NYC metropolitan area for the Saturday and Sunday of the July 4th weekend." [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

In Stores
RIFTrock reports: Here's a list of what will be hitting shelves on Tuesday, March 16th:
Godsmack, "The Other Side" EP
36 Crazyfists "Snow Capped Romance"
Black Cross "Widows Bloody Widows"
Little Yellow Box "Little Yellow Box"
The National Acrobat "Volume Zero: Complete Discography"
Haymarket Riot "Mog"
The Hangmen "Loteria"
A Day At The Fair "The Prelude"
The Horror "Insobriety & Insubordination" EP
Shortbus Boys "Night and Day" EP
Trauma "Solidarity"
In Due Time "Back to Basics"
- Click Here for the Full Story 

Tuesday Source - siN's metal news
Welcome to this week's edition of the Tuesday Source, where we look at one of the sites that is used as a source for The Day in Rock… remember without these cool rock news sources, there wouldn't be a Day in Rock. 

This week we look at siN's metal news (which is back up after a short downtime). 

Focus: Metal 

Online Since 2002

 Overview: A great source for the latest in metal news, from the big artists to the lesser known ones. All articles also feature feedback sections where fans can air their views on the stories. Apart from news, siN's has interviews plus reviews in the views section. And don't forget tour dates include a cool Ozzfest section that tracks all the rumors and news about the summer festival (they were almost entirely on the money with their 2004 predictions). 

Mission Statement: Our goal here at SMNnews.com, since our inception in early 2002, is to provide top quality, accurate, news reporting first to the metal community, but with a side of personality to it. The idea when first starting this website was to be interactive with the metal community, its fans, bands, and labels - a sort of 'For the fans...by the fans...' WebZine. You as the viewer fuel the fire to keep doing what we do here. A big thank you for those who continually visit and support us! We encourage feedback, thoughts, and input from anyone who visits the site. 

Click the full story link to visit SMNnews.com - Click Here for the Full Story