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(siN's metal news) Drummer Zach Gibson (GUTROT), formerly of THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, who was removed from the band on the last date of their recent US tour, has posted the following message on his MySpace page:

"Yes, the rumors are true, I AM NO LONGER THE DRUMMER FOR THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER........I was asked to leave the band after our last show on the BTBAM/CEPHALIC CARNAGE/INTO THE MOAT tour 10/28/05 in Detroit,Michigan,our home...I was quitting anyways and they knew it,they just wanted to save face and beat me to the punch.I'm gonna sound like a total a**hole, but anyone that knows me knows that this is the truth and i'm very very far from being a dick head.....BDM is nothing without me,they were nothing until I joined.Had I not joined last year when I did, they never would've continued, and even if they did, half the s*** they did with me in the band would've never happened,and Miasma wouldn't have turned out the way it did,they know all of this is true as well, because i've been told by them many a times.[see full story for more] - Click here for the Full Story

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