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(antiMusic) Since the dawn of antiMusic our main purpose has been to expose great bands and artists. It has never mattered if they were playing arenas or the bar down the street. With that same spirit a couple months back Mark Hensch kicked off Hensch's Hometown Heros to showcase exceptional indie and unsigned bands from around the globe. As Mark says, "Rock is not dead, it's just unsigned!" Over the next couple weeks we will be highlighting a new HHH review each week day to help spread the word not only about this great new series but also the artists covered! Hope you enjoy and discover some new favorite new under that radar bands!

Mark kicks off with his first review of Ogre. As always we'll give you a sneak peak here but you'll have to click the full story link for more.

Ogre - Ogre Demo 2000

Ogre comes across as so much more interesting than their contemporizes as for the most part, virtually all of their peers in the underground rock/metal scenes have forgotten the existence of the music they joyously peddle. I think its safe to say that after hearing Ogre, there's no doubt in my mind that the 1970's rock scene never died, but rather was buried so deeply under all the competition it took a decade or two to claw itself out. This is where Ogre excels; like their namesake, they are forced to overcome vast odds simply by scraping past it with their unyielding sense of what constitutes rock.

The Church of Ogre worships at the altar of Black Sabbath, under the sign of the vintage Pentagram, and wearing robes of Deep Purple. Hymns include such classic fare as Cirith Ungol (a big one lyrically in my opinion, though probably not at first glance), and a tad of AC/DC, Rush, and Led Zeppelin. More contemporary favorites see the touch of Abdullah, Witchcraft, and maybe even YOB. - Click here for the Full Story

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