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(antiMusic) Mark's Hometown Heroes globe trotting continues today with a trip to Ontario to check out Anti-Hero's Unpretty. any band that combines the name of our site and Mark's series has be covered in this special! Here is Mark:

As more and more time elapses, the concept of gender roles is being slowly eroded away. Women have lobbied for better rights for the female gender, and as such, progress has dictated much more equality between men and women in general.

London, Ontario's Anti-Hero are an example of the positive results of gender equality. This four piece of socially aware rockers wear concepts like anti-conformity, female empowerment, equality, and personal betterment on their sleeves like safety-pinned punk band patches. Led by vocalist/guitarist/bassist Rose Perry, Anti-Hero strives to be just that; an uplifting, life-affirming, and strong beacon of social change and self-help that still trods on conventional ideas of heroism. Rounded out by Nicole VanHaverbeke (backing vocals, bass, rhythm guitars), Matty Cole (drums), and Jesse Tomes (lead guitars), Anti-Hero is a resounding clarion call in direct response to punk/alternative/grunge rock's traditionally prevailing nihilistic tendencies... see full story for more of this review!
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