Korn Vs Ex-Korn

(Blabbermouth) KORN frontman Jonathan Davis has hit back at departed guitarist Brian "Head" Welch over his assertions that the only thing the members of the band care about is money.

"All they care about is money? What the f***?! I don't understand what he's on about," Davis tells the Swedish magazine Close-Up. "All HE cared about was money and all he does is still care about the money. He's got his solo career, he's going and doing all this, but oh, it's not for the money. Christians are the biggest f***ing con artists in the world and he's still gonna make money off that. I don't understand´┐Ż The only true way he can do that is to become a f***ing monk! There you go, that's a sacrifice for God. Give up everything and go, if that's what you want. It's bulls***. If he wants to go save kids in India, that's amazing. That's a noble f***ing cause, that's cool. Do your thing. The only problem I do have with him is that he's got this Jesus complex. You can tell by the way he's got his f***ing hair, Messiah down his neck, him with the kids in India trying to be holier than thou now, that he thinks he's Christ. It's kinda crazy, kinda cuckoo and it kinda weirds me out."[see full story for more] - Click here for the Full Story

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