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(Press Release) WorldVibrations announced today that is shipping its WorldVibrations Radio Station, creating the first all-in-one broadcasting, streaming and podcasting appliance. The new WorldVibrations Radio Station & Podcaster (WVRS-P) is a professional-quality, studio-quiet device about the size of a VCR that allows users to develop content for, manage and operate a live or automated radio station over the internet, or over the air. The unit also allows simultaneous creation and uploading of content, such as podcasts, while the station is streaming in the background. (In most countries terrestrial radio requires proper licensing, transmitter and antenna.)

The WVRS-P makes it easy for people with no previous radio experience to program and broadcast performances, sporting events, church services or town council meetings, even create a professional 24 hour a day music or information radio station while publishing on-demand podcasts at the same time. The WVRS-P also enables terrestrial (over the air) radio stations to create entirely separate content for their streaming radio stations. [see full story for more] - Click here for the Full Story

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