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(OzzyHead.com) ...if you had asked Iommi two years ago what he hoped to be doing in 2005, he'd have said he wanted to be promoting a new Black Sabbath album, not a new Iommi disc. At the time, Sabbath were in the studio in Wales working on new material. But progress was slow, and by the time the bandmembers went their separate ways, they had ideas for about only six songs � ideas that have been gathering dust since then. At present, Black Sabbath have no plans to return to the studio to record those or any other songs.

"I've waited around a long time to do a Sabbath album, and it's getting frustrating," Iommi said. "I'm getting bored with the idea of waiting around any longer and I've got a lot of music to put out and I just want to do it. I wanted to go and really work on being in a band. So basically, that motivated me into making an album with Glenn and Kenny. It's a great band and a great outlet."
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